February 3rd, 2011

Sara Carbonero: Gone Glamping

After catching wind of Sara (Pastasauce) Carbonero’s latest drama-rama, we had an “EUREKA!” moment: this girl is giving us way-too-premature deep wrinkles, which will eventually require heavy lifting of our credit limits by way of expensive fillers.

No fun zone.

Therefore, we’re giving the Iker’s main squeeze her own “gone fishing” reprieve from Kickette – just in time for her 27th birthday! Really, it’s the only sure-fire way our staff can stave off the stabbie bouts of blogger burnout.

Since a GMG like herself can’t just vanish from plain sight, we’ve decided to give her an all-expenses-paid, luxurious camping getaway to any warm-weathered, non-football-participating country of her choice.

Ya know, we hear Greenland is beeeaauuutiful this time of year.

Until Sara is ready and willing to stop wreaking professional and personal havoc in the lives of some of the hottest and buff-est, she shall remain safely tucked away from our digital vantage points. You needn’t confuse this hiatus with the embargo Bigfoot got served; rather, we’re venturing back to our old ways and giving the gossip-mongering public a much-needed timeout.

For her temporary send off, here’s a Mourinho: En Fuego guide to her most recent sticky situ.

Level One: Rage

Last Monday, the pretty presenter took to the Italian telly airwaves to address some recent Real Madrid rumblings (she works as a club “expert” for RAI). First she mentioned how Real Madrid asked Mourinho to be more cautious with his public statements.  It’s debatable if the reprimand was public knowledge prior to Sara’s Freudian slip, but Mourinho was notably absent from the following two press conferences.

Level Two: Fully Fledged Fiery Flames

During that same broadcast, Sara also took aim at the club’s transfer targets.  Not only did the club captain’s girlfriend trade internal transfer target secrets (naming Miroslav Klose and Emmanuel Adebayor as the only players RM had eyes for), but also emphatically insisted that all other press reports to the contrary were wrong/diversions.

Level Three: The Glampsite’s On Fire With His Fury

Alas, the thrill of a poignant rebuttal proved too much for Mou.

Noticing that certain pieces of private information were make their way into the public forum, the sly silver fox declared there was a ‘mole’ in the Whites’ dressing room.

Now, the Spanish press are inferring that Iker and Mou are headed for troubled times together. Similarly, the very same publications that once came to Sara’s rescue are now holding her accountable for this “mess”.

Who’s ready for a log lie-about?


Jose is clearly shocked at the dramatic turn of events due to Carbonero’s foot-in-mouth syndrome, but are you surprised, Kickettes? Do you believe Sara is leveraging her pillow talk with Iker to her career’s benefit?

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96 Responses to “Sara Carbonero: Gone Glamping”

  1. Kat says:

    I know this is old news. But I just found this and wanted to share them. Quotes from Sara translated to English before she started dating Iker:

    "The most important thing for me right now is my job and getting credibility. The last thing that I would do is hook up with a football player."

    "I would not go out with a football player. Obviously, I prefer not to mix business with pleasure. If you’re in the sports business, the last thing you should do is go out with a football player. I’m not thinking about doing it."

    Even she knows it will not be good for her career to date a footballer.

  2. Guech Ly Lim says:

    Well seems to me like she's destablising Real Madrid. Mourinho is not going to be happy. She can say what she wants but if she's affecting the team she needs to shut up.

  3. C16 says:

    Gurl, just shut up about Real Madrid. I really don't mind her talking about Real Madrid but her image is really getting damaged. And even Iker's. And if the rumors are true, even causing problems within the team. Her bosses are really taking advantage of the fact that she's dating Iker but I don't know if that will be eventually good for her carreer.
    I really don't mind the girl, I even like her but yeah, I don't know if this is good for any of the people involved.

    LOVE the Mourinho: En Fuego scale Kickette!!! lol

  4. dance dance dance says:

    Gotta love how everyone went from these comments http://www.kickette.com/name-this-couple-iker-cas… to this.

    I'd like to see what everyone on here looks like and what makes you a better person and why the sun shines out of your asses?

  5. swaggerjacked says:

    I feel bad for her. Everyone seemed to love this chick in the beginning, kind of like Lara. I guess since Iker, actually is in love with her (or appears to be) and he's not dumping her ass anytime soon grls are going to go in really hard on her.

    Pastasauce and Lara are being set up to fail. I just hope Lara is smarter about working this than Sara has been. Iker said she's not used to the spotlight, so her behaviour makes sense. Lara take a lesson from Pastasauce. There is a serious conflict of interest with these two and their men. It is just sloppiness at its best, or worst!

    • Angie says:

      Lara and Sergio are just a repeat of this couple. Only difference with Lara is her personality she seems loose and outgoing/ goofy etc where as Sara looks more uncomfortable on and off camera. I can see Lara hanging around for a while they've been going 8 months strong and all seems like fun and games at the moment especially since she's the worlds favourite wag atm hopefully she treads softly cause I garauntee once the times get tough and the next it couple pops out she'll end up being treated like Sara is now.

  6. footieflu says:

    Hmmmmm……. How has this not happened earlier????
    Btw Kickette, I love the picture… :)

  7. bouncebackabilitrix says:

    Atletico Madrid blacksuits must be pleased that one of their fans, Agent Carbonero, is doing her job really well. :P

  8. Zahara says:

    what is UP with this girl? she has to relax in life..jeez, shes messing it all up

  9. freya says:

    why are people being soo hard on Irina? she actually HAS A CAREER – AS A SUPERMODEL. And for all of you that think that is not real job, well, you are wrong – try to be one and then speak. Irina had a very successful career as model BEFORE CR thing, she was model for Intimissimi and for a lot of other designers. Take a look at videos and interviews she gave a long way before she met CR.

    I dont see how Sara has career and Irina doesnt? Irina does not depend on CR, she got to covers of magazines way before him while no one even heard of Sara before Iker. Year and a half ago, did you heard of that chick? She read the sport news for TV station like a lot other girls do and she was nothing special.

    Irina doesnt undress to gain attention, posing for magazines and making commercials is part of her job as a supermodel, she earns probably more money than sara ever will and she does not live on CR account… if you dont get that, then check your mental state

    • someone who likes films and books says:

      I get what you mean about Irina. I think relatively majority of the people don't know Irina until CR dated her. The only people who know Irina are those fashion people who care about magazines/models/catwalks and all that hoopla. I guess people like you. She isn't famous household name in modeling. She's like Bar Rafaelli. Bar, like Irina, is a model way before they started dating famous people yes. But when Leo DiCaprio started dating Bar new opportunities opened. I think this is what is happening with Irina now.

      You can't really blame people who think this too. I mean not everyone is immersed in the fashion world.

      • Ally says:

        I second this as well. Maybe she was famous in Europe but she sure as hell was not worldwide known. She's no Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Miranda Kerr etc i've never heard who Irina was nor did several others until she started dating Ronaldo, just like no one's heard of Lara or Sara until they started dating Iker and Sergio and yes even though they had jobs and were supporting themselves before the men came around there's no denying that more job doors opened up because of being with a big name and now look they are big names themselves too and working for well known companies. Even though we all want to fight till we're blue in the face that no no they got big job oppurtunities themselves between you and the rest of us we know it had to do with being with a higher up. Before Lara was with Sergio she only had 130 people following her on twitter and now that number magically went up to almost 3000 in a week, coincidence? I think not

  10. suzie says:

    Looks like the powers that be at Real Madrid have already got their scapegoat lined up, just in case they win nothing.It's all Sara's fault. Seriously though, she's just doing her job and if she IS getting her info from Iker then shame on him for blabbing stuff that should stay within the club.

    Kickette, by saying she's Iker's MAIN squeeze you make it sound like he's 'squeezing' more than one……?????Do you know something we don't or are you just refering to Sergio lol.

  11. Jane says:

    I think I rather blame her network/show for making her the 'Real Madrid Expert' because that just points to a conflict of interest. Even if her 'source' is someone else, it will ALWAYS look like Iker is the one who told her. She needs to have a chat with her bosses because this could damage her career as well as her love life.
    I do not know Iker personally to say this but I honestly do NOT think he is the kind to snitch on his club (a club he's been at since more than a decade) and if Sara were to use their pillow talk to advance her career, he would've dumped her sometime ago; doesn't matter if he ''loves'' her, she is damaging his reputation too!

  12. Irena says:

    I think I rather blame her network/show for making her the 'Real Madrid Expert' because that just points to a conflict of interest. Even if her 'source' is someone else, the first person they'd think who is the mole would be Iker Casillas. I think the right thing for her to do is talk to her bosses about this otherwise she's ruining her career and possibly her relationship as well.
    Ok I do not know Casillas personally but he doesn't seem the kind to be ok with a woman who uses their pillow talk to advance her career so if this was really happening, I am quite sure he would've dumped her sometime ago.
    Argh, I hate the fact that so much internal crap is affecting Real Madrid :( first was Mou and Valdano and now this -.-

  13. Susana says:

    I knew the minute the kiss happened at the WC that this would end badly.

    I'm not sure of her journalistic ambitions here. If she is considering the information she gave the Italian network "scoop," then why didn't she report it on her own station?
    She seems to be going out of her way to make herself an enemy of RM. If you're reporting about the one you're sleeping with it is definitely a conflict of interest. Whether he is giving her insider information or not (it's looking like "yes" to me, unless she's sleeping with someone else at RM…), the appearance that she is will always be strong.
    If she's bucking for a better job (with ESPN, as someone noted) then she's going about it in the wrong way.

    Maybe Pastasauce and JokerFace should go into business together…they seem to have the same tactics.

  14. maianna says:

    OH grow up all of you jealous girls and guys SARA is an amazing girl and i think IKER thinks so too i never saw a guy kiss a girl on national tv for the whole world to see, an you can see the way he looks at her with such love theyre a great couple love them both!

    • missbubbles says:

      maybe you should grow up…cause in here itb not issue their kiss or romance or anything, We talk about fact that she is using off record information (that came from him) to improve her career… and last time i checked, that is being very inprofessional….so leave the way he looks at her with love and kiss for some other heartbreaking story

  15. shari says:

    some of the girl-hating in these posts is seriously gross. grow up.

  16. rubyqueen says:

    can i ask if sara was this famous before she started dating iker.??because i had never heard of her.!!! she is clearly using him to make herself more famous and she's using all the gossip iker is giving her to seem to others like a brilliant know it all journalist.!!!you've all seen the pictures where iker is cuddling and kissing her and she just could not give a damn.!! as a for a break maybe she could try australia right now.??i heard the weather is just perfect.;)

  17. Ashley says:

    Please this girl does not love Iker. She is working on getting on ESPN and when she does so long Iker.

    • Thea says:

      Yes – but as the ladies who work on Sky Sports could say it's not necessarily a cushy number – I always think they should try for more mainstream TV work – Bleakley is able to keep her nose clean.

    • D0li says:

      I read another comment that said she was trying to get on ESPN. Since when is ESPN a big deal in Spain? I thought it was an American channel. I highly doubt that they would hire her now seeing as she is not only banned from talking about Cristiano but i'm pretty sure most of Real Madrid.

  18. dontaskmetosmile says:

    The Adebayor/Klose rumors were public knowledge even before Sara spoke about them on RAI, so Kickette got THAT wrong. My bigger concern was the point regarding Mou, though. If he was indeed asked by RMCF to be more cautious about what he says in the press, this is the first time I heard of it. And, knowing Mourinho and Madrid, if the information was indeed meant to be public knowledge, it would have been all over the Spanish and European press with such provocative headlines as "Mourinho issued gag order" or something like that. Marca/AS and all the other Spanish sports outlets would have been all over it, as they all are over any news about Mourinho and any rift with RMCF management. Sara Carbonero (or any other TV presenter for that matter) would NOT have been the first to break the news under normal circumstances, and at a foreign TV show, at that. So I'm inclined to think that Sara did divulge privileged infomation, information that she obtained by virtue of being the captain's girlfriend, and not in her capacity as a journalist… too be continued…

    • dontaskmetosmile says:

      This is different from Ronaldo-gate, since we're talking about facts here, not her merely voicing her opinions. I'm all for her being able to do her job and all that (despite my snarkiness to the contrary), but a line has to be drawn between the information she gets as Iker's girlfriend and what is "on the record". Divulging anything that was told her in confidence is not only a betrayal of Iker's trust but also grossly unprofessional

      I want to give her the benefit of the doubt here, but I can't think of any other source of this scoop than Iker. It seems like she's the only one who knew about this in all of the Mourinho/Madrid crazy Spanish media, so there seems to be only one conclusion.


  19. whitmeredith says:

    The only thing good about pastasause is her hair! She talks entirely too much about the details of Real Madrid. I only see this as driving a wedge between herself and Iker. A camping trip is too easy. Send that chick to Siberia for exile.

  20. someone who likes films and books says:

    Noooo don't ban her! I want to read more about her and the comments in Kickette because it is very interesting and revealing and makes me laugh out loud! Pleaaase please keep on talking about her please! I like controversies not boring topics :(

  21. D0li says:

    to be honest Kickette I feel kinda sad that we're not goign to be talking about Carbs anymore. I mean who am i going to make fun of to make me feel better about myself?

    • total carbs says:

      That's what I was saying! Just think about what we'll have to read Monday mornings.. some WAG whose more than average looking dating then men we'll never meet. Atleast now we can hope that when these men realize they need more than a stick figure they will appreciate us.

  22. BarceLisa says:

    So kickette is basically imposing an E! Heidi and Spencer type-ban on anything Pastasauce-related? While your at it, can you do the same to Irina? If I had to choose just one, I would stick with Pastasauce. Irina is just annoying and besides Cristiano has dated wackos before.

  23. Jen says:

    Iker needs to stop spilling all the dirt….it's unprofessional, and of course she has no morals and will use whatever she can get to advance her career. I don't really think they are in love at all….and Iker could get in serious trouble if this doesn't stop. She is totally manipulating him, which is sad because he is such a good guy.

    • swaggerjacked says:

      WTF are they going to do? Fire the CA of the Spanish National Team, LOL? Really? Really? All that is going to happen is people are going to keep talking shit about her, and then they'll slowly find a reason, besides her arm hair *rolls eyes* to break Lara's spirit.

      Um, ESPN? Has this chick covered any other sport besides footy? Because um, I don't see that happening at all.

  24. Zinny says:

    Ahaha. Oh Sara, you are the best thing that ever happened to Barcelona fans.

  25. Fionaaa says:

    Finally! Thank God! Maybe you can do a permanent hiatus? Because as much as haters are already tired of the drama she supposedly brings, people who actually like her that read this site are also tired of the unreasonable amount of hate she’s getting. I am starting to lose faith in humanity but you know Kickette? It’s very welcome to do hiatus about her, she probably doesn’t want the attention anyway. I hope Lara can suffice this time around.

  26. tina says:

    USA Coach Bob Bradley's brother, Jeff Bradley, is a sports reporter for ESPN. He voluntarily took himself of the National Team beat because of a conflict of interest. He wrote a nice article about their relationship here ->

    There has got to be a way she can do her job and not report about Real Madrid.

  27. Sahar says:

    The issue isn’t freedom of speech. Sara’s career has taken off because she is dating iker. Let’s be honest. She is entitled to say anythig about real Madrid however if she is getting inside info from Iker she should not be discussing it.

  28. L.V.B says:

    She's needs to take a step back. If I was her I switch or stop reporting about football. Because slowly she's getting more and more blame about being a mole.
    Getting together with a journalist interested is always hard and she's really not helping Iker, I'm sure at the beginning people told him to stay away from her.

  29. Ally says:

    First off isn't Sara turning 25? Apparently they keep getting her age wrong. Second I like Sara and it's funny how 7 months ago everyone was loving her and she was the favourite wag of the majority and now that Lara boarded ship everyone wants to run Sara off a cliff. What much do we know about Lara other than she's with Sergio, appears to have a bubbly personality and works in journalism. Personally to me they are very similar other than Sara doesn't have twitter and does seem a little rigid in personality. Like someone else said pr is going to try their best to cause tension between their relationship once that's over they are going to target Sergio and Lara until the next "it" couple comes out of the shadows

    • xoWinnie says:

      really? people LOVED Sara? i think the majority of Kickettes were just about ready to drive her off a cliff with their more fierce stilettos in hands as they chased her, and a cute mini dress in-purse so they could comfort Iker after his "loss".

      what i'm trying to say, the hate on Pastasauce bandwagon is nothing new here.

      • Ally says:

        hmmm you might want to go back to the l.a post and read all the comments, just saying.

        • Crackers says:

          Winnie's right- there has never been a shortage of Sara haters on Kickette, just look at the comments about her pre-World Cup, when she and Iker had just gone public

          (the Great Post-Win PDA and subsequent cuddly pics with Iker did get a lot of people on her side, but before that and after that…people really went to town on the girl)

  30. Wow says:

    What do you went Sara to do? Do you ladies preferred that she doesn't do her job? I really don't see the huge crime in what she did there. How can it be a secret when clubs have a lists of players they're intrested in signing,she's a part of the football media and have to talk about these things. It's possible that she's getting such info from Iker, and if he doesn't like her doing her job; he can go ahead and break it off! Iker retire or get yourself a new Girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!! One last thing, You guys may not like her and what she's doing, but some of your readers(1-3) would like posting of Sara C. Readers who doesn't like Sara can just go ahead a pretend she doesn't exist by not clicking on her post simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Missy Manchester says:

    This is what you would call Romancing the Source in Journalism 101.

    Her intimate relationship with Iker is a clear conflict of interest that compromises her integrity and independence as a sports reporter.

    Her bosses should never allow her to report on anything about Real Madrid. If Sara had any ounce of professionalism or journalistic ethics, she would never have made those comments public.

    (If she does think of herself as a serious journalist and a devoted girlfriend, perhaps Iker WANTED her to make this information public…in which case…she allowed her independence to be compromised.)

    • L.V.B says:

      She's going to make it hard for reporters I think, especially if they get involved with a footballer. Because the club bosses might not trust them then.

      I would switch clubs if I was her.

  32. sarakhatmi says:

    Sara is a journalist, it is her job to find things out before everybody else and repport about it and to say the things she says, i can tell you one thing everthing Sara said on that Italian TV show was already presented in the marca and as the monday morning…everybody knew that real had two opptions, klose and abedayor and that abedayor was near, he got hsi real madri deal on the next day, dumies. And reguarding MOu and VAldando, everybody was talking about it sins the weeknd before…she did her job…and the medias repporting about itis pointless stupid bloggs and mini sites that no one really reads. I think Iker just ask everybody to shut up when someone says something about Sara, he loves her, she is the love off his life.. and just like MOlly i have lost every pleausre i had to come here, you are so jellous of Sara having Iker so u act so bitter…

  33. Leya_S says:

    I understand that Pastasauce might be privvy to a lot of inside info, and she is a reporter, and if she weren't dating Iker, people would just be like "oh she's just doing her job." Her comments would be a non-issue.

    Does anyone know the types of stuff she reported about BEFORE she began dating Iker? Was she an insider before that? Did she make the same kinds of comments before she was dating Iker and we just didn't know bc no one was paying attention then? Just sayin'. As for what she should and should not say in relation to how it effects her relationship with Iker, really, that's on her. I personally might be a little cautious, but to each his own.

    • Crackers says:

      I agree with you on this- Kickette has never exercised caution where this girl is concerned, but it wouldn't hurt to wait for the truth.

      Also, I would not mind this being a Carb-Free zone for a while. Because it feels like everything that gets written about her is a veiled excuse to bitch.

      • Leya_S says:

        Hahaha, Carb-Free! I love it!
        I think everyone can appreciate the benefits of a Carb-Free diet, lolz.

  34. TuTu says:

    I think some people are taking this seriously…you can obviously tell they do this out of humor and sarcasm. they are reporting what OTHERS are saying in a laughing way. No one can honestly hate someone they DO NOT know. that would be plain weird and this website would have no purpose.

  35. Angela says:

    Yes, Sara is a reporter, but she is also Iker's girlfriend and that will always conflict with one another. She should have the discretion to know what and what not to talk about, especially for her career & relationship. If these rumors about problems between Iker and Mou are stemming from her reporting, she should tread a bit more softly. The comment about there being a mole in the White's locker room is a warning.

    Do I think she should give up her career? Absolutely not. But should she be more careful about what she says on some issues? Yes.

  36. Thea says:

    She's a train wreck! My goodness, she makes Heather Mills seem rational and logical! Good too see media training in Spain is payed off, what's next??? managing the PR for Newcastle United?

  37. Nat says:

    It has always been this way. I’ve never liked her anyways, but I tried my best to. After all, she’s making our beloved captain happy.. (i guess she’s supposed to). No one really listens to what she says for what she is saying, but who is she saying the story about. Ah, its all RM, coincidence or just another clue that shows how manipulative she is? Poor Iker!
    I’ll break her into pieces if she breaks his heart. Hopefully, Kickette Army would join me :)
    It does seem weird though how she can ‘extract’ all that info from him. I think Iker isn’t that kind of person who lets his personal life be invovlved with his career. Well, it sure isn’t Pastasauce’s point of view.
    Sara, dear dear Sara, just quit already you suck at it. And please stay away from Iker, we’re watching

  38. Amy says:

    I think it's messed up. With both having such profile jobs, they should know that business is one thing and pleasure is another and what is said off the record cannot and should not be used on it. That being said, if she's taking what he says off the record and using it in a report, I've lost respect for her. And if he's allowing her to do so and trusting her over and over again with private business matters, then I've lost some respect for him, too.

    • Amy says:

      I guess it's also worth noting how unprofessional it also is of her network/show/whatever to make her the Real Madrid insider expert. Like, GEE, I WONDER WHY!

      • stephanie87 says:

        Totally agree!! I still believe she shouldn't have been in South Africa. There are plenty of sports journalists and you send the one that just happens to be dating the Spain captain??!!! It's all becoming a bit too pathetic. Hopefully the gorgeous Iker comes to his senses and well, kicks her to the curb. lol

  39. Poppy says:

    She seems very intrested in career,what I think is cool that she not only be "The wife of Iker Casillas" and do the whole day shoppping and going to the hairdresser! But if I would be her I would be a bit more careful about what I say!! In order not to create problems, because Iker must carry the can (that´s sound strange sorry but I come from Germany and use sometimes Google Translator).
    Poor Iker!

    • I think in English we would write, Iker is left "holding the bag" when Sara's mouthing off, but we understand what you're saying Poppy. I used to defend her, but I think she has crossed a line. Iker is so emo though, I don't know if he could break it off.

  40. black widow says:

    can't stand her and am thrilled for the reprieve. and if you wanted to make it a permanent hiatus, i'd give you my mcqueen skull purse, nude patent leather stilletto louboutins and chanel earrings.

  41. SoccerrLoverrr says:

    She bothers me.

  42. Molly says:

    My god, you guys have gotten bitter. Between your bitching about Sara doing her job and Irina actually having a heart, you have completely lost why I enjoyed coming to this website.

    • Dru says:

      Irina having a heart? Where was that? (no, seriously, we've rarely had a good word to say about her for a while now, I'd like evidence that she isn't a raving loon)

      Also, I agree about the bitchiness towards certain people on Kickette. It does take away majorly from my enjoyment of the site, and I don't understand why you're getting so thumbs-downed for saying so.

    • chay says:

      molly, the only two wags i'm remotely interested in are sara carbanero and sylvie van der vaart, but you're right–the times i have glimpsed at posts about the other WAGs, it is a real cat fight, i'm not sure why.

      I don't love or hate sara. a part of me is very happy she has the guts to speak her mind, another part wonders what sort of a mess this is going to come to and what is the point of her saying all these things.

      And anyhow, why is everyone blaming her? if she knows inside info about RM, then surely it must be from iker. and hopefully iker will learn to not tell her so much. but if he is going to take a back seat, then at that point it is on him. And trust me, i adore iker v much. these things always have two sides, remember.

  43. Nikke says:

    It is her job to report on sports. However, if I went around talking about the inner workings of my boyfriend's place of employment, saying things that were not common knowledge he would likely be fired as a leak, and that, to some extent would be my fault. There is a right time and a wrong time to do and say things.

  44. Jenn says:

    She's only doing her job, simple as that. It's kinda annoying that you guys keep on 'bitching' about her. She has every right to speak about these things and I don't get why you dislike her while you keep kissing other WAGs asses. At least she has a proper job and doesn't need Iker to be sucessful or 'famous' unlike many other players' girlfriends who have to pretend they're 'supermodels' or who need to run around half-naked to get some attention.

    • missbubbles says:

      no, she is just using him to make career of her own…she deserves bitching…but since he is allowing her, i dont blame her that much.

      • Jenn says:

        I don't think she's using him for her career but I won't discuss that now. But at least she has a career, unlike many other WAGs.

        • Caro says:

          I don't dislike her, I just think she should be doing some other job (presenting some other kind of program perhaps?). With the job she currently has she will always be in a difficult situation, deciding about what she can't and cannot say. It creates problems for Real Madrid and that is what counts to me.

          So conclusion, no problem with the girl, just please let her get another job!

          • Ally says:

            Agree with this either change the topic or pick another team to cover. I know there's talks in Spain about her being the most hated woman and sleeping with her past bosses just to get by but you got to ask yourself if this is jealousy from other people talking cause I recall last year everyone was like "oh Sara is professional, she's not using Iker she does her own thing bla bla" yet those same people now are calling her a gold digger and tramp I really don't understand women. They'll attack and attack and judge as if theiir shit don't stink but I bet half of them are prob sitting at home waiting around for their husbands paycheques too. Sorry but wag or not it's not uncommon for women to stay home with the kids during the day while the guy works it's been happening since the beggining of time!

      • xoWinnie says:

        even if she IS using him to advance her career,
        at least she HAD a career to speak of BEFORE he came along.
        which is more than i can say for most other WAGs.
        and if using him was her master plan,
        it sure seems to be backfiring since she's being called;
        opportunistic, unprofessional, and basically a gold-digger
        among many other things.

        why is this happening to her? because she's doing her job.
        it seems like her TV station is using her relationship more-so than she is.
        which would technically mean, that she's the one being exploited, no?
        i wouldn't want to be in her situation, i doubt anyone else would, including her.

        she may be frigid,
        but that doesn't mean she doesn't love him.
        we don't know whether she does or not, it's all speculation.
        i'm not all lover-dovey and outspoken about loving my boyfriend
        but i do. i'd just prefer to express it in private.
        or maybe i just wanna be the rugby captain's girlfriend.
        since rugby players are clearly my first love…

        • Ally says:

          Unless you or I or anyone else on here is Sara we will NEVER know her intentions whether it be good or bad end of the story. I don't recall there anything about her being frigid?

          I guess moral of the day is if you have a high profile job then don't date people with a high profile job either. Although it may be all fun and games at the start it's always destined to fall hard with exceptions of some couples like the Becks.

          • xoWinnie says:

            her "frigidity"is in her manner.
            she tends to look very severe in pictures
            and not smile very much, in other words; she looks like a bitch.
            people said she didn't love him,
            when Kickette posted pictures of Iker hugging and kissing her
            and she seemed to be uncomfortable and unresponsive.
            i don't think that means anything really.
            i hate public displays of affection
            and my boyfriend is quite fond of them.
            it doesn't mean i don't love him,
            and it doesn't have to mean Sara doesn't love Iker either.

            i don't agree with your last statement
            about high profile people not dating each other though.
            it can work in many instances
            Iker and Sara's situation is unfortunate
            not only because they're an "It" couple,
            and people have access tons of access to them
            because it's easy to point the finger at her
            and call her every name in the book.
            it's seems to be mostly fueled by women's salacious feelings for Iker.

            • Ally says:

              Okay so "rigid" then. Yes I see that too even during interviews she doesn't look as relaxed or bubbly i've never really seen many videos of her looking upbeat like other Spanish journalists. I don't know who said Sara doesn't love Iker? So don't know where this is coming from or why it's being brought up, but I will agree and say that pda doesn't mean much either. I'm not a fan never was and never will I just don't see the need to make out infront of an entire city. What are you trying to prove? If you're secure in your relationship then let it speak on it's own, but then again it could also mean you're proud of the person you are with and want to honor them in public. Either way don't care just don't have sex in front of me.

            • Ally says:

              That's why I said there are EXCEPTIONS there will always be exceptions and if your really really willing to put in the effort than power to you, you have a chance. But in all honesty how many famous people and how often do you hear them being together for longer than 10 years? I mean both partners are very famous and in the public eye, sorry but there's not many in our generation. It's bad enough now a days the divorce rate for average citizens are at 50%

              • xoWinnie says:

                frigid, rigid, whatever you wanna call it.
                i not only meant she is stiff, but also meant she looks cold and distant.
                that's what i learned frigidity was in school,
                it doesn't always have to be used sexually, so that was the word i used.
                anyways, i brought up the "loving" because anyone who says she's using him
                in therefore implying that she most likely doesn't love him.
                and most people on this site who have said that,
                are also the people who have claimed those photos as "proof".
                therefore, i guess what i'm trying to "prove" here,
                is that things aren't always what they seem,
                and that just because her body-language towards him is awkward in public
                that doesn't mean that's how she is when they're alone.
                simple really, if you just read what i said objectively.

                and anyways, i believe relationships succeed and fail because of the people
                who are involved in said relationship at said time.
                not because of whatever career they may hold.
                now, you can argue that once people are in the public eye,
                they may change and become self-centred, etc,
                and think they can do whatever they want, which is what ruins the relationship.
                there's also people who don't lose themselves and can make it work.
                it can become a factor, but i don't think it's a reason.

    • Lily says:

      She has no right to disclose private information. Casillas is also at fault, he should know better than to tell a journalist inside information about Real Madrid, no matter how good of a fuck she may be.

  45. naylovee says:

    Sara might as well quit her job if she's still gonna be with iker. It's not making them look good, especially not on Iker's part as captain of real madrid. Could you imagine what Mourinho thinks of her?

    • D0li says:

      Just because Iker is her boyfriend doens't mean he's the one telling her the information. Seeing as Iker is Captin and has been with Real Madrid for most of his football career I highly doubt that he would ruin his reputation with the club and its members ot help Sarah with her career. Could it be that she's getting her sources from someone else? Or fabricating them? I do'nt remember Real stating that they are interested in buying those players so she could just be making blanket statements based on the players performance and knowing (like everyone else does) that RM buys the best.

      I don't agree with what she is doing because she is making it bad for Iker and his connection with the team.

      • naylovee says:

        ^ Good point there but I still think Carbonero needs to watch what she say, if not for the sake of her career than for her relationship with iker.

        • D0li says:

          I really hope shes not using Iker seeing as hes so in love with her. If he breaks up with her now it will make all female journalists who date players look bad as if they are only using them i.e. Laura and Sergio.

      • Susana says:

        RM buys the best? I'm not sure having the "best" and Adebayor in the same sentence is true. He's made a mess at every club he's been and at this point, RM was desperate for anyone to "replace" Higuain. Klose does very well for his country but is not a star with his club.
        You don't think it's hinky that she mentioned this and then they bought Adebayor?

  46. Tricia says:

    What is it going to take to make you give up the Pasta Sauce thing, Kickette? A case of Mumm's 1998 Brut R. Lalou Cuvée Prestige? Iker's mobile number? Because it's getting really old.

    • Crackers says:

      I know, it is, a little bit. Wouldn't mind her being called the Carb though, her last name is too long to type.

  47. Sahar says:

    Sara has a right to say anything but the fact is she is saying stuff because she has personal access to real Madrid via iker. No one would care about Sara’s opinion if she wasn’t iker’s gf. I think a lot of rm players are getting sick of her and I can’t blame them.

  48. hereforthenando says:

    I've said it before, and I will say it again: as a reporter, Sara Carbonero has the right to basically say anything that she wants about Real Madrid, whether it is complimentary or not. Should she not be allowed to speculate just like everyone else just because she happens to be dating the captain? What does everyone want her to do? Stop offering her opinion or speculating, or just covering "fluff pieces" relating to Real Madrid? The fact that she is dating Iker Casillas should not affect her work.

    Casillas is a professional. Especially because there have been suspicions that he has shared information with Sara before, it seems very unlikely to me that he would continue to do it.

    • Crackers says:

      I agree. Most if not all of what she says is stuff that has been reported/commonly speculated about, I've been on football forums over the last few weeks where they've been talking about possible Real transfer targets and this is nothing new.

      I think her employers really capitalise on the fact that she is dating Iker, but Kickette is getting exceptionally bitchy here (boob job? Where's the bigger bust then? Evaporated maybe?). The way it looks now, the media will literally not stop going after her until she and Iker either break up or one of them quits their job.