June 6th, 2011

Sara Carbonero: Shy Smile, Swinging Chanel

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While their men were busy in Boston on international duty, Real Madrid’s queen bee, Sara Carbonero, played nice with Barcelona’s WAG du jour, Shakira, at the Colombian singer’s concert in Madrid. Quick poll: do you agree that Carbs ‘stole the show’ with her recent glam squad makeover – or do you feel a bit blaise about her predictably WAGalicious Loub-alikes and quilted Chanel? Image Source: abc.es.

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47 Responses to “Sara Carbonero: Shy Smile, Swinging Chanel”

  1. You totally don't get it! I used the lingo "hating on" which means I'm a little jealous of her but I still have to admit that she looks good. If I said I "hate" her leaving the "on" off then that just means I hate her because I don't like her. Seriously, are you like 90 or something? Even my mom knows what "hating on" someone means. If I go out with my best friends and one of them has an outfit that looks better then mine, then I might say "I'm really hating on your outfit right now". That means that I wish I my outfit looked as good but I still want to compliment her on hers. It's just a backwards way of giving a compliment. It's nothing to do with actually hating someone. I hope you understand better now.

    • Crackers says:

      You could have just answered Fiona's question without insulting her, esp. given that there are Kickettes who might not be 100% down with American internet slang or even have English for a first language.

      • Just like you could have chosen not to reply to a conversation that has nothing to do with you Crackers! Mind your Biz please! To Fiona: I'm not trying to be rude to you. My mind is very analytical so sometimes I don't have the patience for people who don't understand what I'm saying. I'm working on that.

        • Crackers says:

          I'd say rudeness to another Kickette – however unintentional – is kind of my Biz, even if you didn't like being called on it. And good luck with the analytical mind issues.

          • Thanks for wishing me well Crackers!!! Good luck with saving Kickettes one comment at a time because I'm sure you have never uttered a rude word to anyone on Kickette right? TTHR!

  2. sarakhatmi says:

    She looks amazing, i love her new look, she is just perfect. WHy wouldnt she steel the show of Shakira i mean come on Sara is way more beautiful and classy then a women that needs to make out with her tomboy as soon as a camera appears… Kickte forgot to mention nagaro, she is right infront of Sara :)

  3. colon says:

    I prefer the Zara-wearing Sara rather than Gucci+Loubs+Chanel-wearing Sara

    • catalina says:

      yeah I prefered it when she had more individual style

    • Crackers says:

      Same here, but she generally dresses in designer stuff for "events", and this is kind of an event. Hopefully she's not going to do this 24/7, even if it's nice once in a while.

      • Fiona says:

        LOL I don't think she would to be honest. Her normal clothes only involve Sandro, Sandro and Sandro and other. There was even that one dress she has both the colors, black and white, which she wore in separate events.

        Usually for me when it comes to events, she's a hit or miss kind of thing. When she misses it, she misses big time but when she hits the nail on the spot, she really does, like this one.

  4. cisarovna says:

    I am surprised she would want to carry the same bag as Shaky.

  5. numero nueve says:


    • Fiona says:

      I was just thinking of that! But then again, Nagore isn't looking at the cameras.

      But honestly the best thing about this is, Nagore and Sara are BFFs.

  6. iram says:

    well, i'll give her a B+. I like that her eye makeup is toned down…but I'm not a fan of the nude-lips-look. In my opinion it doesn't suit her. She has such full lips…glam them up (at least a lil)
    dress is okay…nothing out of this world. But at least she stopped and posed for the camera with a smile that's not forced.

  7. @DebStimson says:

    I agree…hopefully she sees that she really doesn't need all that makeup…it only distracts from her natural beauty.

    Well done Sara!

  8. JA7 says:

    She looks really beautiful.

  9. Maria says:

    The one in front of Sara is Nagore,Xabi’s wife. I saw the video of their arrival.

  10. Devilish-x says:

    Shakira really loves them spandex-style trousers..
    And Sara does look really goergeous in this pik, tbh I didnt even recognise it was her

  11. Thea says:

    She looks the best I've seen her – very glam and girly and softer than normal.

    • Wow says:

      Thea what have gotten into you? are you alright? you wrote such nice sweet words of Sara! I think this is a first!!!!!!!!!(:

  12. Fabiola says:

    She's so beautiful. Her eyes are gorgeous!

  13. Maria says:

    Lets not say Real Madrid WAG or Barcelona WAG … let say … LA ROJA WAGS!!!! Spanish NT WAGS ….

    Sara & Shakira … are two of my fav WAGS …

    & Sara was very stunning!!!! love everything she was wearing!!!

  14. Caitlin says:

    I think she looks really pretty. Like her outfit and her make-up.

  15. Kristine says:

    She looks beautiful here.
    Gotta say the designer everything ensembles bug me though. I get that designers make nice things, but the lack of originalty is boring. They all wear the same things, have the same hairstyles…

  16. Fiona says:

    This isn't my most favorite ensemble of hers, but I love it nonetheless. Someone here said it best (and I mean it without the pregnancy joke part), she looks glowing. Must be the tan.

  17. Kat says:

    Finally. Sara has learned not to apply eyeliner with a shovel. I think she used only a little teaspoon this time around, with much, much better results. And as much as it pains me to say it, she looks great. The hair, the tan, the (smaller amount of) eyeliner, the dress all come together quite nicely.

    I find it strange when women (not just Sara) are dressed this nicely (and in white, too!) and in sky-high heels for a pop concert though. But then again, she's probably seated in a private box and won't be mingling with the throngs.

    • I thought I was the only one privately begging her to step away from the heavy black eyeliner! Kate Middleton is another one who shouldn't line her eyes so heavily. It only makes them look tired and older. I'm shocked that I'm actually admitting it, but I'm gonna stop hating on Sara and actually admit that she looks great in this photo.

      • Kat says:

        Yes! All the Middleton ladies, actually, have a penchant for eyeliner, even mum Carole. But Kate seems to be the worst one. I keep wondering how much fresher and lighter she would've looked with less (or even light brown) eyeliner during the wedding. She was gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but the eyeliner was and always is too much on the Duchess.

      • Fiona says:

        You hate her because she wears too much eyeliner? Just a question.

        • Umm Fiona, To "hate on" someone does not mean you hate them personally! Please learn modern lingo. It means that maybe I'm a little jealous (mainly because she's with the gorgeous Iker) so I very reluctantly pay her a compliment.

    • essjay says:

      I don't really like her, to be honest. I never really thought she was all that hot either… But I totally agree with you. That dress. That hair. That makeup. She looks amazing!!! If she continues to look this good, I might have to reconsider my opinion on her…

  18. Summer says:

    She isn't wearing a pair of Louboutin's shoes…Definitely a Chanel, but these aren't a pair of Louboutin!

  19. Rachel says:

    Wow she looks great!

  20. black widow says:

    man, you guys really know how to kill my buzz from the previous post by following it with this, don't you?!

  21. Emily says:

    she looks great, I love her dress!! maybe she should leave iker more often. i'm sure us girls are more than capable of taking care of him

  22. Crackers says:

    Is it just me, or she's put maybe a few ounces of meat back on her bones? Her arm is looking less skinny than it did towards the end of last year (which is a GOOD thing).

    I won't hold the bag against her, at least it's not ridiculously huge like Frankie Sandford's bag from a couple of weeks ago.

    • Wow says:

      Yes Crackers i agree she put some meat on them bones, thank God No? She look much healthier and V. pretty here!!!!!

  23. aurrie says:

    she finally looks different in this photo..inner glow….pregnant ? hhahahha i joke

    • Crackers says:

      Holiday tan, more like.

    • Fiona says:

      Girl are you trying to give people some good heart attack?

      Tsk tsk. That's not quite of a good joke tbh, especially since Iker has been all I want to have 3 kids, 2 girls 1 boy and the names are Martin and Alba in his facebook.

  24. @AgnesWonka says:

    why did she stealthe show? because she is waaaaaaaaaay more beautiful and classy? I dunno why she's hanging out with that grossy woman anyway….

  25. xoWinnie says:

    she looks weird with the nude lip, or maybe it's just odd to see her smiling for once.
    but then again, i'v never seen it work that well on people with more beestung lips like her
    hmm :S

  26. Sarah, Madrid says:

    This is Sara?!! She looks so weird! I am not used to her smiling to be honest.