December 2nd, 2011

Sara Carbonero: Skirt & Man Envy

A feverish exchange went round Kickette HQ this morning when we saw a photo of Sara Carbonero in this skirt at a media fiesta in Madrid two nights ago. It’s the perfect holiday party season skirt, is it not?

The exchange between staffers included thoughts on life’s injustices, which was further compounded by the sight of these two crazy kids making out in his car.

So yeah, we’d say life’s pretty unfair.

P.S. Sara’s skirt is by Basix Black Label and her blouse is Gucci.

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50 Responses to “Sara Carbonero: Skirt & Man Envy”

  1. sarrible says:

    Goddammit, I want her life.

  2. Ashley says:


  3. keane1995 says:

    *Jaw Drop* Simply Gorgeous x_x

  4. Kat says:

    I think a little part of me died at the sight of that second picture. *siiiiiigh*

  5. Anastasia says:

    The skirt is by Arden B, I have the exact same one.

  6. Eli_aka_NC says:

    Did she oil her right leg?

  7. HoneyBee says:

    She looks stunning!Love the skirt,great legs,pretty face,fantastic boyfriend!

  8. Marina_Isabella says:

    man face

  9. JA7 says:

    She has it all eh?

  10. Anita says:

    there's something about her that does not quiet convince me………….
    anyway, good for Iker he seems happy :)

  11. Por Dior says:

    i want that skirt !!!!!!!

  12. Taz says:

    chica has upped her style game in the past year right? i've gotten quite used to her, they're like an old-time couple to me now, quite cute

  13. sıla says:

    I tihnk, she is very beatiful…

  14. Catie2838 says:

    You know, she's kind of growing on me. I don't really know why, but she is (I know, half of you will hate me for saying that). That skirt is awesome, but it is a bit sheer… oh well, if the lights are dim! Anyway she looks great here.

  15. jelena says:

    how is it possible people still walk around without nylons (or pants) at the beginning of december?? is it really not that cold in spain or are those girls just super cold resistant? she is pretty (lucky), i must say.

  16. Caitlyn says:

    She doesn't look old. But god does she look older than actually is!

  17. Maria says:

    I love them and that skirt!

  18. Lauren_BCN says:


  19. ChefDi says:

    oh bugger. Every week that Kickette doesn't report on them feels like "no news is good news" but alright, I have to say, they are quite beautiful together and so oh well.

  20. black widow says:

    first the EURO 2012 draw, then that second picture … UGH. are you trying to kill me today??

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      I know righttttttttttttt!! The second picture is just no words!

      As for a draw! Out of the teams, me and my friends were like no Italy no italyy and we got it!!! As for group A and group B, a mix between these two wouldn't have hurt anyone no? One group is dead and one group is of death.

      Someone should share pictures of ozil, cris and co when they got drawn since the boys were watching together!!

  21. rossanera says:

    Love the skirt! Anyone know where it's from?

  22. Hmph. Eyes on the road Ike. Sparkly skirts and Casillas – she's a lucky girl. I hope she knows it.

  23. xoWinnie says:

    she's still looking a bit thin in the face for my taste
    but damn does she have a killer pair of legs on her!
    good job, Iker!

    • kel says:

      Really? I've always felt they were too skinny, at least from the knee up. There's just not a shape to them that I like, personally

      • xoWinnie says:

        i think they're in porpotion to the rest of her body! and they look nice! i have bigger thighs and scrawny calves and i hate it! :(

        • Catie2838 says:

          I have total Sara Carbonero leg envy, too. They're the perfect length for her body. I've got a long torso and short legs. I'm 5'6'', need all my pants altered and my feet can't touch the ground when I sit down. I'm like an overgrown child.

  24. Kat22 says:

    Doesn't actually look like she had a boob job. Good for her!

    • Anonymous says:

      Clearly you did't see her in a bikini this summer…

      • Kat22 says:

        So she did have one then?

        I can't remember any bikini pics and I was just going by the photo above.

        • Kat22 says:

          I suppose if she did have a boob job at least it was done with her proportions and body frame in mind, unlike Olalla's which quite frankly is dreadful.

          • kel says:

            If she was going for the natural look then her surgeon really failed.

          • Anonymous says:

            She's so skinny that although they may not be that big, they still look ridiculous on her

            • kel says:

              Just saw the bikini pics and have to agree. They actually make the rest of her body look skinnier by comparison which makes everything look worse.

          • Ninanoir says:

            Wait WHAT?! Olalla has had a boobjob? Here I was thinking she was just, well, blessed.

            • April says:

              Happened around 2008, I think. My take is that she was a figure skater, supposedly… like gymnastics, you typically train hard and end up not very blessed up top as a result, and keep a very small figure. Maybe now that she is done with that, she wanted a chance at having boobs. She probably didnt consider that having children would influence them further, which is a shame, because now they look too big. But whatever makes the girl happy, because clearly she didn't do it for anyone in the general public.

              • kel says:

                She was a figure skater? i've never ever heard that. I think it's just her body shape to have small boobs naurally. She doesn't have many curves and her boobs were right at the front and quite high. Most straight up and down bodies are like that. It's what people term athletic when the girls are that shape and really thin

                • April says:

                  I've read more than a few things stating she studied figure skating for a period of time. I can't really attest to the accuracy of those sources, but having had friends that trained in it for some time, her figure isn't far off. I think she looks great for her age and 2 children… I mostly commented given that people like to throw her in the yucky WAG category for having had a job done.

                  • Kat22 says:

                    I wouldn't throw her in the 'yucky WAG' category for having a boob job. I simply think hers doesn't look natural at all. Having two kids probably didn't help matters, but if you look at photos from her Miami holiday in 2008 you can see that the breasts are clearly too big for her small frame. She has a fairly boyish figure, apart from her boobs.

                    But I wouldn't dream of judging her, or anyone else for that matter. Don't know them personally, so how could I?

                    • April says:

                      Oh, sorry- that was more a general comment. I didn't take yours to suggest anything bad of her, as it is a pretty fair assessment… I've seen some others totally slight her in the past for it, as if having the procedure done put her in a similar category of other WAGs, or that she is somehow a lesser person for it.

                      I don't think Sara or Olalla needed boobies, but if they think they do, I'm no one to judge them for it. So long as they don't start going all "spring break girls gone wild" on us.

                    • Kat22 says:

                      Lol! Now there's an image… ;-)

          • Kat22 says:

            I stand corrected.

          • April says:

            Funny, I think they look better in the bikini top than in the picture in this article. They're hanging kinda low up there, and her skirt (albeit really cute) doesn't do much for her hips/waistline. But then, maybe it is just the way she is standing at that moment. She's really pretty any way you cut it, though.

          • HoneyBee says:

            They don't look nice,I think it's better to have small boobs than to have a boob job!And with such a gorgeous face and fantastic legs,she doesn't need big boobs as well.

    • Catie2838 says:

      She hasn't really flaunted her boob job, with the exception of her bikini shots (and it's a bikini so that happens regardless). With clothes on she looks normal (going back to what you said, proportions). Which makes me think this wasn't a "oooh I'm famous look at my big boobs" kind of boob job, but a "i'm insecure about the size of my chest" boob job. I still don't think she needed one, but as long as she's happy with it.