May 26th, 2010

Sarah Brandner: That’s Not Your Boyfriend

Germany WAG

Inopportune moment caught on film via Getty Images.

Well, this certainly has us scratching our heads.

Sarah Brandner, longtime girlfriend of Bastian Schweinsteiger and recent body paint model, was seen drunk cuddling/harassing his Bayern Munich teammate Holger Badstuber at their club’s Champions League banquet.

Note: that is Schweini passing them by in the background, but we’re sure it’s nothing. And we’re positive he totally understood the open-bar, Patron-on-the-rocks circumstances.

Hey, we’ve all been there, sister.

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19 Responses to “Sarah Brandner: That’s Not Your Boyfriend”

  1. fieryheart says:

    Sarah, leave Badstuber to me and go back to your boyfriend please. Hehe..

  2. Meji says:

    Germans are overly friendly like that you know though.

  3. elylovesfootball says:

    the pic is funny :D

    i think nothing's happening, well it's a bit weird to see her hugging holger with bastian in the back of the pic o_o but still i think that there's nothing going on..

  4. Deffo-Nando says:

    I saw this pic on daylife and i couldn't stop grinning like a fool. I understand Sadah though :D Holger is so damn fiiiiiiiiine!!!! But i like her with Schweini better. They're such an awesome couple.

  5. Julia says:

    I can understand her. Holger is by far cuter.

  6. Rory88 says:

    Soooo funny!!!!

  7. C16 says:

    It's a funny picture :D

  8. CR9 Hater says:

    She asked if badstuber wants to spent the night in their hotel-room, as schweini was too afraid of holgers answer …

  9. Anna says:

    yeah, just friends hanging, but duuuuuuude, this picture is way too funny LOL, specially cause schweini is in the back

  10. elle says:

    i like sarah, but that body paint thing was so tacky

  11. Thea says:

    LMAO!!! Wonder what the end of season party is like at Bordeux, and if Yoann is able to get out alive!

  12. Ana;) says:

    What?!! That's the first thing that came to my mind

    That's right kickette thats not her boyfriend! He doesn't look too bothered lol I guess it's no big deal

  13. batso says:

    "partuza".. nice…. xD (greek word)

  14. LaGrace says:

    Schweini and Badstuber are pretty good friends, I am sure its nothing at all. And with Schweini being there, I am 100% sure he would have a word with his teammate ;)

  15. Anastasia says:

    If Bastian is there and not doing anything about it, then I'm sure its nothing.

    However, if Bastian finds himself single anytime soon…I'd like to put my phone number up for grabs.

  16. hp says:

    Yeah maybe just a friend… and if its more than friends, I can understand, he is cute in a robotic masculine jawline kind of way, he's just a few months younger than her too.

  17. Merel says:

    Probably a good friend.