September 13th, 2011

Sav Watch: Partnering & Professional Footwear

Robbie Savage hid his disappointment well when it was revealed that he would be partnering former boxer and contestant Joe Calzaghe in the new series of Strictly Come Dancing.

Aw, we’re just funning with you, Kickettes. Sav and Joe were larking about after an England Legends XI played a Wales Legends XI in the John Hartson Foundation Charity Match last week. Although the producers of Strictly Come Dancing are possibly ruing a missed opportunity here.

As it turned out, Sav was partnered up with professional dancer and significantly more aesthetically pleasing Ola Jordan for his foray into Spandex during Saturday night’s opening show. That was about all that happened. No one fell down, or slipped in a puddle of fake tan or anything.

Monsieur Savage, it seems, is coping admirably with his exciting new challenge;  he broke from practice yesterday morning to share a few keepie-uppies in his smart new dancing shoes. He looks disturbingly capable in them, no?

Tune in next week for more coverage of Robbie Savage & The Series of Strictly Shambolic Saturdays!

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One Response to “Sav Watch: Partnering & Professional Footwear”

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