February 25th, 2010

Say What? Frank Lampard v. Christine Bleakley

You know the scene well: after some summer lovin’ and sad goodbyes, Sandra Dee and Danny part ways. When they bump into each other by surprise at school a few weeks later, Danny plays it cool ‘cuz the T-birds are a step up from the Pink Ladies.

Or something like that. This whatchamacallit has happened so fast our mascara hasn’t even had the proper time to set without clumping.

Frank Lampard declared he’s a single man over the weekend much to the suprise of Christine Bleakley. Either they’re friends with benefits or she is having quite the enjoyable imaginary relationship.

A summary of their statements to cast your opinions is below.

21st February 2010
- On Wags: ‘Listen, if I’m chosen to go, then the World Cup is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you say that for those four to six weeks I have got to be away from my girlfriend, then I’ll take it. I don’t want the women staying somewhere round the corner, so I’m thinking, “Does she want me there today? I want to rest today, I don’t really want to go out and see her, but the other players are going, so should I?”

- Frank on his relationship status:  ‘I’m still a single man.’
[Ed. Note: The cleaner's bag proves the validity of this statement]

- On Fabio C. wag ban: ‘It is definitely, definitely a good thing. If I’m honest, I felt this at the last World Cup.’


With Christine, Frank’s friends are apparently worried that she’s using him to increase her profile. Note: her quotes begin much earlier-on in our make-shift timeline than his. Discuss.


16th November 2009
- On their coupling: “We are an item and I’m loving it.”
[Ed. Note: One of Christine’s “friends” was quoted for this probably not fact-checked story. With friends like these, who needs enemies?]

16th Nov 2009 at 3pm
- On being coy: ‘When you start seeing someone and it’s early days, you need to get to know them a bit before you come out and say you’re dating.’

12th January 2010
- Bestie Amanda Holden calls her refreshingly undemanding and says she won’t be a stress to Frank during the World Cup. She continues to flap her gums by saying Bleakley is not impressed by a footballer’s glitzy lifestyle.

20th January 2010
- Her “friends” were at it again: “It is early days, so we are trying to be low key. But I am very happy,”

12th February 2010
- Her friends on their own dillusion: “He’s best pals with John Terry and they hang out all the time. After all that’s happened, her biggest concern is being left a laughing stock if Frank were to betray her. She was apprehensive about getting any deeper into the relationship.’

23rd February 2010
- Christine speaking about the various figments of her imagination: ‘Everyone thinks we’re getting married but it’s still early days. We’re just having fun.’

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27 Responses to “Say What? Frank Lampard v. Christine Bleakley”

  1. Ella says:

    My only thoughts on CB are that I personally don’t find her that pretty. BUT, I didn’t think Elen was attractive at all either so IMO, Frank just has kind of weird taste. However I am impressed that he chose an intelligent woman with a real job.

    I LOVED the article about him and the pics of him in the suit are some of the best I’ve ever seen of him.

  2. aps says:

    She talks too much

  3. yumi says:

    YUCK! leave that disgusting woman Frank!

    sorry about my words but i really think that's the best way to prevent Frank be used by this woman.

  4. yumi says:

    YUCK! leave that disgusting woman Frank!

    sorry about my words…but i really think that's the best way…

  5. Bec says:

    Don’t worry about her Frank, come to Australia :) i’ll have you :)

  6. carly says:

    It’s official, Frank likes women with a strong insane side.

  7. FootballerChick43 - says:

    Oh my, lol. Round and round it goes…

  8. Andre says:

    I do not understand the alarm about the statements of Frank, he can be “friends” or even a “special friend” and why not tell everyone, he has little girls and have to respect them.
    I hope never again to Elen, it is agggg. She says “my 34 years where I will find another husband, I will try again with Frank” = Is that love?, Sad, very sad, she wants to be a WAG at all costs and is aggg. Also, the girl is not particularly pretty, especially his “style” to dress is hideous.

  9. Riya (Come on you Reds!) says:


  10. kil says:

    Good Grace!

  11. Missy Manchester says:

    OK…first things first….Kickette is right by questioning the use of the word “friends”.

    Christine is working the media. These so-called “friends” who are speaking to reporters…they are either people she has “greenlighted” to say certain things in the press …OR “they” are actually HER. By attributing the quotes to her “friends”…it gives her plausible deniability.

    She DEFINITELY wants a ring on THAT finger…but I don’t think Frank likes “it” enough to put a ring on it. LOL (I’m not even sure he wants to put a “Hold” tag on it!

  12. Alisha! says:

    I don’t like Frank but if he is actually dating her, he can do so mcuh better!

  13. Dutch says:

    Ouch! Noooo he didnt *snap’s finger* looolz wooow am actually cringing for her right now! lol

  14. SweetVito says:

    My God, some of these comments! She's a successful prime time presenter on the BBC. The BBC, people! Not some late-night "Guess how many balls in the bag" game on satellite.

    I know it's easy to portray a false image on TV, but Christine really seems like one of the genuinely nice ones. When I first heard that they might be a couple, my thoughts were "Nice one, Frank!"

    I don't understand some people. They have a go at the WAGs who have no career and little or no brains for having no career and little or no brains, and then they have a go at the ones who do!

    Who knows what they're doing. Maybe Frank's trying to keep quiet because of his girls. Maybe Christine's getting a bit over-excited about what he considers to be a fairly casual relationship. Either way, some people are really showing themselves in a bad light in these comments.

    I hope they're both happy. Together or apart.

    • snowy says:

      No kidding. The Mail in particular has totally downgraded this woman from actual successful working woman (on the beeb! as you point out) to just another clubhopping, shopping, dopey wannabe-WAG. As soon as a woman is linked to a guy like Lamps she's just an extension of him; it's too bad. I have no dog in this fight – I've never watched CB's show and think these manchild footballers are pretty but no real catch – and figure Lamps and CB are probably rolling their eyes and laughing at most of these stories, but this still seems to me totally unfair.

      • Lamps' babe says:

        Sorry but I don’t get this one.Ok,she has got her own work,and she was working and famous before meeting him,this is clear.But I really don’t get him,he’s going out with her,he went to meet her parents,as the papers say,he introduced her to his family and now he says:I’m not seeing anyone?Well,does he think that we are all stupid?Or maybe he thinks that CB is the stupid one.Is he worried for her girls?C’mon I don’t think that they do read the papers,and this woman is always seen hanging around his house.And mostly if they are a couple,would it be so hard to decide together what to tell?I’d be a little upset if my boyfriend was telling around “hey I’m single!!!” while I’m telling “we are so in love”,he doesn’t show respect for her.

  15. laura-8 says:

    How embarrasing for her, I bet Elens loving this right now. in his daily mail interview (LOVE HIM IN A SUIT) he mentioned her alot and said he was to blame for the split, being moody with her, Christine is fame hungry. nothing more nothing less. and Bestie Amanda 'botoxed to the eyeballs' holden is no better. Run Frankie Run (preferably back to the mother of your adorable daughters)

    • Lamps' babe says:

      I totally agree with you,I LOVED HIM IN A SUIT TOO,I think that he should run away from Christine but not back to Elen…he should look for someone else,I think he needs freshness in his life.

  16. snowy says:

    Man, people sure do like being nasty to this woman – in these comments and everywhere else I've seen this stuff reported on. Aren't CB's "friends" just figments of the journalist's (and I use that term loosely) imagination? She wasn't born yesterday. I imagine the tabloids are structuring this story just the way they want it and salivating at the prospect of the breakup – another scumbag chelsea player and the lovelorn tv beauty.

    • laura-8 says:

      Hardly a beauty and have u seen the pics with no make-up and manic grin, at least Elen looked good in the face all the time, not all ways with the dress sense but hey ho.

    • Aleksis says:

      Well said. These haters need to GTFO; it’s kind of pathetic how they coddle the footballers and automatically take their side whilst bashing the “WAG” and assuming she’s just lying or attention-seeking or whatever.

      Christine seems totally lovely. She’s the face (well, the pretty side of the face) of one of the country’s most-watched daily TV programmes. She doesn’t need her profile raising, so I don’t get where people are pulling that argument from.

  17. Lamps' babe says:

    Honestly I don't like Christine,and mostly I don't like all her friends speaking about this relationship,looks like everyone wants their 15minutes in the spotlight.It does happen often that after some time inside a man's bed a woman starts considering herself as a girlfriend whilst the man doesn't even know her name..but this story is even more odd to me..they've never,just once,been seen together,and they both have paps following them all the time,is Frank hiding?and if he is dating this woman,why denying it?I may understand his desire of privacy but everyone knows about it

  18. kitcat says:

    Not interested in footballers glitzy lifestyle? Pfft…. We're not born yesterday, love..

  19. tammyv says:

    Classic case of Relationship-Opps. he is thinking none committal fun, she is thinking ring.

  20. SheilaLampsy says:

    Desperate woman!