June 17th, 2010

Scan That Man: Michael Ballack For L’Oreal

YouTube Preview Image

Not fair that we weren’t notified for the airport security guard casting call. Additionally, we cry foul at the lack of bottom half camera close-ups as the print advertisement previously promised.

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14 Responses to “Scan That Man: Michael Ballack For L’Oreal”

  1. margheritina says:

    OMG … my former employer doesn´t shy away from anything …

  2. Monoonie says:

    LoL xD
    Ruud v Nistelrooy did exectly the same only then in a dutch ad of Loreal:

  3. Alex says:

    What? Only the belt?

  4. saraaa says:

    He looks sooo hot with short hair, he is definitly one of the best looking footballers

  5. Jasmine says:

    OMG! Ballack is not really my type but he looks really good!!!!!

  6. freddiegirl says:

    Cute commercial, Ballack looks great.. :) Such a shame he's missing the WC.

  7. Rani says:

    Oooh I miss him so much! I too hate Boateng for hurting him! This ad was just the fix I needed. So much hottness! Oh yeah, um…this is my first time commenting, EVER, but I’ve been coming to this site for a while now.

    Btw, does he say “Because I’m worth it.” at the very end (I don’t speak German, obviously)? You know…’cos it is L’oreal? Lol

  8. Kahlen says:

    Oh my God. He is so gorgeous. I’m drooling. It’s a shame he’s not playing. But wow I wish I was one of those girls. Soooo hot ;)

  9. Goosie says:

    jesus christ.

    that’s all.

  10. elnino says:

    I can’t believe he’s not playing. It broke my heart when it was comfirmed. I wanted to kill Boateng!!

  11. twistedthursday says:

    Gosh he's gorgeous. :D

  12. Maggi says:

    … Best post of the week…too bad we are missing that man in the world cup… lets face it… the german national team lost looooooooads of "hottness" points without him… and well Lahm isnt a good face for the "sexy/i like it rough" capitano image…

  13. Anita says:

    OMG!! i lovee him!! :P

  14. Eliza says:

    Daaamn, he is foine.