May 31st, 2011

Scott Sinclair & Helen Flanagan: Moving Up A League

Scott Sinclair gets into the elite football spirit by donning a ridiculous hat and performing a crap celebratory dance. Good to have you aboard, Scottie! Images: Getty Images, Photo Agency/Zimbio.

As we woke from another long weekend and blindly reached for our laptops in the hope of finding out what the hell happened during our ‘downtime’, we learned that our first duty this morning should involve congratulating Swansea City. Having not played in top flight football since 1983, the Swans beat Reading by 4-2 in the Championship Play-Off Final, held at Wembley yesterday and will play in the EPL next season.

It so happens that yesterday’s hat-trick hero, Scott Sinclair, is currently stepping out with Kickette’s favourite fashion pioneer, Helen Flanagan, or HelFlan, as we have inexplicably taken to calling her. This means, of course, that the couple will now be promoted to the upper echelons of football royalty and shall enjoy all of the scathing criticism and/or gushing adoration the current members of this exclusive group have come to take for granted.

You might think that we would be grateful for this perfectly formed Kickette story just dropping into our laps. But we’re not. We now have to deal with the nagging issue of whether we stick to calling them Scott Sinclair and HelFlan or decide upon a new, EPL style moniker. ScottFlan? SinFlan? Our addled brains simply can’t cope.

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14 Responses to “Scott Sinclair & Helen Flanagan: Moving Up A League”

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  11. Cymraeg_Ddraig says:

    I'm trying to be happy about the welsh representation in the premier league. But as a Cardiff fan I',m understandably a little…whats the word? Jealous? Yes, thats it. seriously though, they deserve it. They've been so consistent this season.

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    Congratulations to Swansea! Season's just ended but I'm already looking forward to the new season :D

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