December 16th, 2009

Season’s Greetings: Real Madrid

Real Madrid for Xmas luncheon/children's charity

Season’s Greetings from Sweat-stains, The Undertaker and Mighty Mouse!

So, we’re thinking Cristiano may have wrapped his own present this time around as that is some shoddy workmanship right there. But you know what? We’re not even going to get at him, because he chopped the highlights. He did good.

(Btw, homie in the middle is a b-ball player.)

What are the lads up to? They were out after their traditional Christmas luncheon to visit different hospitals and give presents to children. Lovely stuff.

Random extra: watching Sergio and Guti throwing down vocals in the booth is your win-win situ of the day.

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30 Responses to “Season’s Greetings: Real Madrid”

  1. IloveSlavenBilic says:

    Why is Cris always wearing shirts which are stopping his circulation??? by now the whole world knows he´s got stunning torso, he could let his body breath and buy bigger shirt!

  2. Nandia says:

    In the middle its Felipe Reyes,he’s the RM bball captain and 6.9 (2.06).Something isnt right here….

  3. Rachel says:

    they are too cute singing lol… ramos is just so sexy, he could sing/speak whatever he wants, i could listen to him all day…. i dont sing but i would if i was that girl and he had his arm around me =)

  4. ignaiad says:

    holy…do my eyes deceive me? CRon is almost…pale!

  5. Cristiano Ronaldo is soooooooooooooooooo HOT!!!!! Talk about Cesc FAbregas. I LOVE THEM!!! <3 <3 <3

    If any of you guys love soccer, Arsenal, Cesc Fabregas go to My friend made it and its AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  6. FootballerChick43 - "Mrs.Ballack" says:

    God, that is a horribly wrapped present. Wow.

    On a side note, I think Raul is perfection.

  7. Ella says:

    Ok, glad I’m not the only one who liked Cristiano’s highlights! LOL! And how is it that someone SO beautiful can have such horrible fashion sense??

  8. Julia says:

    I must say: Raul is by far the best looking, even though he seems a bit tiny next to those guys. C. Ronaldos face is like, really squished together. Just, no. I’ll stick with the Captain.

    • Mel says:

      Totally agree. No one beats Raul! Because he is the captain. Or… Is it possible to pull rank, when it comes to looks :D

      Maybe The Ramos is hotter than Raul.

      But Raul is so good looking, because he doesn't try to be. He just naturally is. I love him! I don't think anyone can hate him, he is just a fantastic person.

      Whereas Ronaldo tries very hard to look good. (I really don't think he is hot……)

    • Posh says:

      I don’t think tiny Raul with that Ginormous nose is hotter than the God Christiano!

  9. liv4footy says:

    what is the Ramos doing with his arm around that girl? who is she?

  10. jane says:

    okay ur proberly gonna hate me saying this, but in a way i loved the highlights lol x

  11. MissChelsea says:

    If you belive (Wikipedia); CR9=184cm, Raul=182cm, (IMDB); CR9=184cm, Raul=180cm, hmm…somthing isn’t right….I’m with you on this one Venice…

  12. tiktok says:

    First sentence had me laughing out loud :D

  13. rory says:

    one question who is that girl in the vid?

  14. Mila says:

    Someone was telling me the highlights were for the new Armani ad campaign. I wonder if it's true. I can't wait for those pics to come out! :D

    • Mel says:

      In the video? That would be conflict of interest, since Real Madrid's suits are Hugo Boss….

      • Mila says:

        Kickette: "We’re not even going to get at him, because he chopped the highlights."

        I was referring to this and speaking of CR9, not the Ramos. :P

        • Mel says:

          oh sorry my bad! I didn't think about the mutible meanings of highlights……… Must be the blonde hair on my head.

          Still, when Real Madrid has a contract of some sort with Hugo Boss, that their wear Hugo Boss suits, isn't it contradicting that Ronaldo works with Armani.

          Or is it ignored because he is who he is…….

  15. Venice says:

    Ha, surely CRon is standing on a box or something…

  16. Mel says:

    Of course Raul is holding the biggest present… He is the captain.

    He looks so small next to that b-ball guy!

    It would be over the top amazing to receive a gift from Raul!

    Dear Santa,

    I wish for a Real Madrid win on saturday,

    and a Barca loss this round :D

    Oh, and possible a goal by Sergio Ramos :D

    Promise I won't wish for anything else.

    • carly says:

      Barça have already played this round, earlier because they had to go to the Clubs world championship or whatever it’s called. And they won, so I’m afraid it can’t happen. Maybe next round though.