July 30th, 2010

Sebastian Giovinco: GQMF In Training

Perhaps you should pick up a copy of GQ Italia this month for some open-mouth newly-sprouted chest hair photos? Baby Sebastian’s also joined by Milan boy Ignazio Abate, who is doing his best sexy face whilst posing next to a nearly empty bottle of milk. Image copyright GQ Italia, via ASA

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35 Responses to “Sebastian Giovinco: GQMF In Training”

  1. lulu says:

    Purrrrrrty hot!

    So, anyway women get smaller as they age; as long as he's tall enough, it's okay if he's small… if you catch mah drift, sistas

  2. pammy says:

    wow. he is REALLY cute and HOT!

  3. juventina says:

    OMGGG SEBAAAAAAA!!!!<3<3 My gorgeous little elf! I adore him! He's so talented and yet is wasted on the Juve bench :( Sadly, he will most likely not be in a Juve shirt this season. I love that he was included in GQ! Amazing :)

    • Johanna says:

      Cute pictures of the guys! I would also be sad to see him leave Juve but if he’s going to team that’ll use him, it’s fine by me. He needs to show his talent on the field.

  4. Zinny says:

    WOAH. Who is this again? Wow, he can score a goal with me anytime.
    On the other hand…I’m not really diggin’ the flower tats but I can just ignore that. His face is rather nice.

  5. Mrs Puyol says:

    Wow! I mean… wow!!

  6. aristeia says:

    Elfling = love.

  7. tigerS says:

    Oh, hello there!

  8. Claire the Forest Fan says:

    pleasepleaseplease move to Forest! i need some eye-candy! there’s a few houses for sale across the road from me ;) please seb…seeing you makes my heart beat really fast

  9. Goosie says:

    he’s cute! but looks really young.

  10. Amanda says:

    he´s 5 ft 4, you guys can have him

  11. Michelle says:

    Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!! Less of the boring, brainless skanks, please, and more cuties like Sebastian please! Those eyes! Mmmm…

  12. Maria says:


    And who are you and where the hell have you been hiding?? :D

  13. tiliana says:

    he is cute lov the tats but he is so small his only like 5ft 4, i need my men 2 b like 6ft does that make me a (heightist????)

    • Leya says:

      haha, you're not a heightist, just an i-want-my-man-to-be-taller-than-me-so-i-can-wear-heels-and-not-feel-like-an-amazon-ist. It's cool.

      But he's yummy, and EXACTLY my height slash approximately 345 days older than me so i will love him and his 64.5 inches and wear flats forever!

    • aps says:

      Nope. I'm with you in that I want my men to be in the 6ft and taller range.

    • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

      Ha ha ha he is cute but I was shocked to read that he is only 5'4", how old is he? Maybe he can still grow. I'm barely 5ft tall and I don't tend to like short guys and compare to me almost everyone is a giant. My tallest bf was 6'3 and he grew (from 6'1") while we dated and he was already 21 yrs so Sebastian can still have a chance.

  14. ASM says:


  15. He looks a little like Jack Rodwell. I suggest a tat-off.

  16. Steph says:

    Pretty hot. :D

  17. ItaliaLoveJuve says:

    I see my bb is growing some chest hair..aww! Out of all of the ballers in the whole wide world, Seba is BY FAR my very favorite! Sexy, Italian, tatted up, crazy talented, and a juventino. Does it get any better? Ummm only if he marries me This WILL happen.

  18. RedAne says:

    such a cutie!!

  19. Liz says:

    I can't take my eyes off the picture, HOT!!!…lol

  20. Whitney says:

    Nice. Real Nice.

  21. zahara says:

    hmm.. :)

  22. Amanda says:

    i want him

  23. Dee says:

    Very pretty.

  24. senora ramos says: