October 6th, 2012

Sergio Ramos & Pilar Rubio: Keep Calm & Hate-Read On

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This morning’s footy left us with much to be desired, so here we are. Barely pissed on a Saturday, with something to offer everyone interested in the lucky bish having naked sleepovers at casa de Ramos™.

The latest gossip is below, in usual Kickette recap style…


“Rubio, asked about her relationship with Sergio Ramos”
They say: When asked about the relationship on Spanish programme Territorio Commanche, Miss Rubio said she doesn’t like to talk about her personal life.
We say: Thanks for telling us nada.


new relationship real madrid WAG girlfriend wives presenter footballer cougar“HELLO! Exclusive Pictures: Pilar Rubio & Sergio Ramos, Romantic Dinner In Madrid”
They say: Sergio and Pilar “have become inseparable…” except when exiting public (dinner in Madrid) and private establishments (Sergio’s home, previously reported 19.9.2012) separately.
We say: Zoomed-in-trickery-dependent exclusive that’s a bunch of HOLA! SCHMOLA!


“Continuing the celebration of Sergio Ramos & Pilar Rubio, it will not end in marriage”
They say: Reporter Rosy Runrun, a self-professed ‘friend’ of both prior to their budding romance, claims the relationship is not serious and won’t progress further than f*ck friends. While the public can expect more stories and salacious headlines, don’t be surprised by the lack of photographic proof of the pair who’s been doing it for a month now, RR also lets slip.
We say: Take a chill pill and pray they use protection.


“Pilar Rubio joins Sara Carbonero, Irina Shayk and Shakira in the other classic”
They say: There’s a chance Pilar Rubio will be at tomorrow’s Clasico, either in the stands, in a private box or reporting via satellite from a TV studio.
We say: Might be real, might be fake. And basically we’ll find out tomorrow.

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60 Responses to “Sergio Ramos & Pilar Rubio: Keep Calm & Hate-Read On”

  1. KerenMadula says:


  2. KerenMadula says:

    If he marry her i will be upset and cry forever

  3. cherrin12 says:

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  4. mahshad says:

    pilar is old for ramos ,ramos is better

  5. Meghane says:

    I prefer Lara but Pilar is a rock'n'roll woman so I like her ahah :P

  6. mirela says:

    dunno this…. Pique and Shakira also were "f**k friends"…look at them now

  7. Marie04 says:

    I don't like her for Sergio!!! she looks so old and tacky(just sayin')… Damn! I don't like any other girl for Sergio other than me. LOL! (with him – I am selfish! ;p)

  8. Nikki says:

    “Pilar Rubio joins Sara Carbonero, Irina Shayk and Shakira in the other classic"

    Was Irina and Shakira even there?

    I so missed Sergio and Lara breaking up. I thought they were still together. Single Sergio is the best Sergio.

  9. lostaloneandafraid says:

    I'm a bit delayed here… But when and why did Sergio and Lara break up? After Euro he tweeted something loving for her o.O

  10. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Well, let him have his fun, this won't last anyway…

  11. Miss_F says:

    I'm sure he's had that tattoo for a while?

    • aqui_kai says:

      Rubio is his dad‘s name,right? On his left hand it says “paqui“ -mom‘s name

      • Heyguys says:

        You’re right for the most part, yes his mothers name is Paqui. But no his fathers name is Jose María..

  12. tammyv says:

    he did have his ring finger taped yesterday a la the wedding band reminder and then take it off as he walked off the pitch.

  13. kel says:

    So, what is her job then? Is she a TV presenter?
    That seems to be the way to get a footballer these days.

    • @Stripp3d says:

      she was a tv presenter & actress. most of her tv programms got canceled…for lack of audience. she works curently at telecinco (same as lara& sara)

      • Dr. Heidi says:

        working at the same company as the ex? Can you say AWKWARD?????

        • @Stripp3d says:

          telecinco looks like a hooker company for fotballers right now :) )))

          • Sarah, Madrid says:

            jajajajaja this made me laugh so hard, must score an internship there for anything

        • Donna C says:

          Both awkward and tacky. I guess there's no other options in Spain for him besides whoever is at Telecino. I know he loves older women and i'm positive there are a lot of them out there in Spain but he's always gotta go for trash then whine on twitter that he really wants to settle down. Sorry you aren't going to get that with those women unless it's for ulterior motives. Wasn't Romina there too? They were also bumping bodies last summer for a brief amount of time. Too bad Sergio couldn't save her so Guti stepped in just in time mind you no one has been really paying much attention to them either but i'm sure just knowing she's having Guti's baby is good enough for her.

          • Mary says:

            WAIT. Ramos' ex is having Guti's baby? Oh my god, how cold I miss this?

            • Donna C says:

              Well I wouldn't really consider her an ex since they were basically just **** buddies for 2 months but shortly after she got with Guti and now they're expecting a baby. I'm glad everything worked out for them.

  14. @Stripp3d says:

    in my case, she is better then lara anyway. at least she is allready a celebrity in Spain. :) )) probably Sergio likes helping poor women that were just kicked out from presenting their tv program, so he helps them find a job. so nice & sweet of him.

    • laligagirl says:

      I totally agree. I'm so not a fan of LA. While I don't think this will last, what I love about it is she's like 10 years older than him. The Ramos likes older women too. Means I do have a chance! But by the looks of it, he likes TV presenters who dress like teens.

  15. Kristina says:

    What's so wrong with her? She looks perfectly harmless.

  16. Carla says:

    Omg, he can't be alone for too long…. WHEN WILL THE RIGHT GIRL COME INTO SERGIO'S LIFE?!?!?!! *Packing suitcases*

  17. Donna C says:

    Come on for the girls who are upset. This won't last and i'm not taking this seriously in fact I won't even take any of his next girls seriously until she is someone who has not seen 20 seconds of fame. Sometimes I wonder if this guy really just doesn't know how to pick a woman or if he does but feels sorry for the ones who don't have as good of a career as he does so he's trying to give them a leg up to get them back in the game even though after he leaves they don't stay afloat long enough anyways. I can't say any of his exes have really made a name for themselves around Spain or the world once he's left them though. Has anyone even heard of ANY of the women he's been linked to today since he's joined real madrid after he was done with them? Didn't think so.

  18. mori says:

    Look at her smile. She seems happy to be back in the spotlight. I wonder if Sergio really cheated on Lara with her…

    • Donna C says:

      LOL that comment reminded me of a recent picture I saw of Rafalli or whatever that rats name is. Huge smile on her face walking the streets thrilled to be knocked up by some footballer who never wanted anything to do with the baby at first. We all know they smiling cause of $$$

      • Katie says:

        Or ya know. She could just be having a good day, a get together with her friend, or had just farted.

        • Donna C says:

          Oh i'm sure everyday has been an excellent day for her since the day she found out she was knocked up once again 18 years of $$$

  19. Loninha - Brasil says:

    I want to tell you all that I will participate in this bolg until next summer, then there is no sense to live as Mario Gomez possibly going to marry another woman, OMG I'm gonna kill me for real, I swear, I speak of truth that, my God I'm so desperate, please do not be mad at me, I'm dying inside!

  20. Loninha - Brasil says:

    Sorry to all the fans of Sergio, I am sharing the same pain that you guys, sorry girls but my life just really, this is not just a response of a fangirl but a woman who loves a man who is marrying another !! My life is over, I'll kill myself next summer!
    see my drama
    I think Mario Gomez is getting married next summer! I'm devastated I'll kill myself next summer, so he says yes at the altar I will be cutting my wrists, I say it really is no joke, the love of my life is getting married and I see no more sense to continue to live!

    • C_C says:

      Do not do it! There is so much to live for. I'm sure you have people in the world who love and care for you. Don't give up!

  21. gin_in_teacups says:

    I think the tattoo thing amused me so much it overwhelmed my urge to hate (I mean really Spanish media. When 13 year olds on Tumblr can easily prove you wrong, you've sunk to a new low. Get it together.) and I kind of can't take it seriously when the press is trying to make it seem like a much bigger thing than it appears to be.

    That said, if this thing gets serious I reserve my right to hate her face for reasons.

    • Dr. Heidi says:

      Hey G-I-T…my fellow Ramos lover…..we have to stick together on this one…..we need to lure Mr. Gorgeous away from Pilar and over to us…..although I've never been know to voluntarily share, I would make an exception for The Ramos. How does M-W-F work for you, and Tues, Thurs, Sat. for me? Sunday the poor man will just have to rest.

  22. Leya_S says:

    My darling Sergio…you know what, until the day that I see pictures of his wedding to some woman, I refuse to be upset.
    God love him.

  23. camille says:

    she's gross. i'm not happy. this better not laugh

  24. hbandshbreak says:

    Before the Euros.

  25. OhDear says:

    I have no clue to who she is, but I like her already for trying to keep things private.

  26. Dr. Heidi says:

    *BOO HOO HOOO* No Sergio, no!

  27. Hot4Spurs says:

    She looks like Frank Lampard's lady in this pic, no? Or do I need my contacts in lol

  28. LovetteJ says:

    Good for them, fuck on Sergio and whoever that woman is!

  29. Martinrhein. says:

    Let them fuck, fucking is healthy.

  30. Carla says:

    Yeah i figured. She doesn’t look like a keeper.

  31. Agnes Wonka says:

    Who is this Pilar Rubio? When did Sergio Split up with Lara and I didn't know?
    So many questions…..

    • Sour says:

      He's supposedly dating her, though it cannot have been for long, Apparently they're kinda together kinda just a fling, no one knows. Papers are pointing to the RUBIO tattoo saying it is for her, (it'd be stupid if it was considering how little time they have been dating,) but it is in fact a tattoo for his father, who goes by that name as a nickname. He has a Paqui, his mother on the other hand.