September 7th, 2012

Sergio Ramos: Sleepy Sounds For A Special Person

Image: Of Headbands & Heartbreak.

If you found yourself wondering why in the hell would Sergio Ramos be tweeting links to the song “Heaven” by Bryan Adams before going to bed last night, wonder no more.

Take it away Google Translate!

Time to go to sleep. Tomorrow match against Saudi. I leave this topic of Bryan Adams dedicated to a very special person. Good night.

Note the emphasis, Kickettes.

The Ramos™ and 80s music. It’s what we’ve always dreamed of, and now it’s come to life. As a guessing game nightmare.

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68 Responses to “Sergio Ramos: Sleepy Sounds For A Special Person”

  1. Cec says:

    The girl is probably for the old woman he's been seeing since cheating on Lara A. He is such a jerk to cheat with an ugly old woman who has no class!.

  2. mori says:

    He is dating Pilar Rubio.

  3. kayla benitez says:

    love ramos, but it would be nice to see him settle down with a GIRL ;) . Cant wait for shakira and gerard pique to become parents!!!!!!! xxxx

  4. slav4mou says:

    "very special" + Bryan Adams fan = Jose Mourinho

  5. Feline says:

    I reckon that Sergio is Bi but not gay… And yeah, I hope whoever he dedicated that video to, it wasn't Lara! Eurgh. I would rather it be a new girl than her… I hope the truth comes out soon, the sexy little attention whore! ;)

  6. Ana says:

    Yes, and then he said 'more tomorrow' and posted a picture of him with his arms round Nando…LOL!

  7. hmm says:

    He really loves attention, doesn't he?

  8. Celia says:

    just wait until 2023.
    when he will stop playing football. and then you'll see what all these were about

  9. Donna C says:

    For some reason i'd feel a bit better if Sergio was really gay. As much as I love Sergio I will say it. For someone who claims to love privacy so much he sure is doing the most by constantly drawing attention to his private life in this past year. If he's back with Lara then the timing is about right for them seeing as the last few years they resurface a month into the season and then break up come May-June. I think it's time to break the cycle and confuse us all with a different time to break up and get back together again. The cycle is too mundane and predictable at this point. I could use some money right now. Could someone please tell me where I can sign up for a pr arrangement? On a happier note I still would love to believe that tweet was for Torres ;)

    • mina says:

      I honestly think, Sergio is one of the footballers out there, who are gay. He dated some girls in the past, but it seems, that no one of his relationships was really serious . And no, I don´t think he´s with Fernando or Jesus or some other team mate. He actually could be sweet with Nando, but I don´t think Torres is gay.

      These are just my feelings about the whole private Ramos situation.

      • pola says:

        The fact that he hasn't found the right girl yet doesn't mean he is gay. Maybe he's not ready to settle down. Pipita and Benzema are the same age and they're single too.

        He has the reputation of being a womanizer. So I think this whole thing with Lara is just a way to clean-up his image.

        • Martinrhein. says:

          Benzema is single ! Thank you for your information.

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          benzema is not single, apparently he is dating his cousin who happens to be a model xD! Pipita is single though, the same reputation came over Pipita because he is single that he is gay! I don't know, why would people care about this, gay or not, their own personal life!
          Some footballers who date openly also has been labeled as gay, again non of our buisness

          • mina says:

            No, it not just about dating openly or not. For me Sergio seems to be a little bit "campy" at times. It´s just my feeling about him.

            But no matter he´s gay or not, he´s very attractive man.

            • Sarah, Madrid says:

              Ramos is known to be more of a womenizer, he is quite young I think to be committed in long term relation, yeah I get that it seems like with Spanish players make you feel like men settle down @ young age, but it doesn't have to be the case.
              His relation with Lara could be only because he is a RM vice-capitan that needs to be presenting a certain image more than him trying to hide his sexual perference, anyway all I am saying if he wants to be open about it or not, it is his decision.

              • Donna C says:

                Here's an eye opener for you just because you're a womanizer doesn't mean you're straight. Have you heard of men that marry women and have kids with them and then 12 years will come out that they're gay? I know a couple of guys who went through their teens and twenties going through women like I go through water bottles and everyone just thought they were man whores but later they revealed they were gay the same goes for women too. Now I am not saying Sergio is gay for all we know he can be as straight as a pin and just loves sexing his women but don't assume that cause someone is labelled as a womanizer that they are completely straight and there's no possibility of them going the other way. 26 in general is not too young for a long term relationship. What happens if you find the right person and you want to be with them forever at 26? I do believe in the world of futbol they shouldn't be settling down so quickly and popping out kids like they are but what can you do.

          • pola says:

            Yeah but i'm not sure if they're still together. I haven't seen pictures of them since last summer.

      • xoWinnie says:

        i love Sergio TO DEATH, but I actually have no problem with the notion that he might be gay. I'm not going to pretend I haven't pondered it, but I'd rather ignore that possibility and press on with our wedding plans ;)

    • sassychicks14 says:

      oh well…gay,bi or straight..whatever, I don't care as long as he's Sergio Ramos

  10. Elle says:

    My first thought is that it was for his niece Daniela. But really, how good is his English? He may not even understand what the song is about. ;) (Not hating, just trying to be rational and not jealous! lol)

    Maybe he heard Lara is dating someone new (no idea if she is or not) and wanted to mindfu$k with people.

  11. Star says:

    I mean Lara.

  12. Star says:

    It wasn't for Laura…I know. So ladies don't you worry ;-) )

  13. Angie says:

    Sergio is back with Lara! We will be seeing her soon….

  14. pola says:

    He knew what he was doing when he dedicated that song to a "special person". He totaly wants to draw attention to his personal life whoever he is dating. It screams PR to me.

  15. Angie says:

    He’s back with Lara!

  16. camille says:

    i need to know if this is for a girl or not
    help me out kickette, i'm dyinin here!

  17. rubii says:

    oh Ramos, you didn't have to reveal our secret!!
    at least you didn't say the name! oh boy..

  18. Catie2838 says:

    Oh Sergio, you gigantic goober, you. I love that his twitter is littered with links to really random and hilariously goofy songs, and that you know without a doubt that he legitimately loves them. It's like his green pants, penchant for bizarre tattoos, and weird hair (the shorter hair is FINALLY starting to grow on me), without any of it he wouldn't be The Ramos.

    Here's hoping that, if it isn't a shout out to his love for Nando/Navas and all things cute that begin with N, its to a lady who fully appreciates all the pieces that make up The Ramos.

  19. cella.xx says:

    ohh sooo sweet

  20. Sour says:

    Maybe there is no girl… maybe it is just someone he knows favourite song, like his sister he heard it and dedicated it? It would be weird to dedicate a song to a girl on twitter considering how public his life is.

    If it is to a girl, lucky lady, hope she deserves him ;)

    • Dr. Heidi says:

      I choose to believe it's his sister, his dog, Nando, Ronaldo…..anyone but another woman. I plan to live in this state (universe more likely) of denial as long as possible. Say it isn't so Sergio……

  21. Dr. Heidi says:

    Geees, warn a girl before posting a shirtless Ramos photo….I spit water all over my monitor, and now my motherboard with probably short circuit! How sweet of my Ramos to think of me….mucho besos my sweet! *yeah, if only*

  22. tammyv says:

    The Ramos is trying to cheer up C-Ron, so he know that he is loved…

  23. Nissan says:

    Short hair… it! (sorry wasn't a fan of his longer locks)……Most important is shirtless and looks like sex on legs…….Spain here I come!!!

  24. mina says:

    Maybe it´s not for a girl, but for a man. ;)

  25. rachael says:

    Lyrics include “nothing can take you away from me we’ve been down that road before but thats over now” so I’m guessing an ex or Nando!

  26. Miss_F says:

    Whoever she is… Lucky girl indeed! :)

  27. gin_in_teacups says:

    Thank God you posted about this before I have to leave for the airport for a nine hour flight! In these difficult Sergio gf times, I rely on Kickette!

    Dear Sergio,

    I love you, and think you are basically flawless. But don't you think it is a bit rude to start up with someone new before any of us Kickettes (read: me) have gotten a shot? Will you never think of us?!? I suppose I will forgive you as long as you continue to take your shirt off with regularity. And your pants sometimes too. Still love ya!


    • fatima says:

      I agree… Please continue to take off your shirt and flaunt those fabulous abs at every available opportunity ;)

    • Utd Girl says:

      I agree! The most I ever got from him was a smile after I kept screaming his name and he turned to me. I almost died! My gosh at least if he were to get back with Lara or another girl, he should just walk around shirtless ALL THE TIME to make us all feel better! Better yet, can they just clone a Sergio for each of…and a Nando too?!

      Is it weird to say that I prefer him with a man rather than a woman? It'll make me feel better that I didn't have a chance with him that we play on the sam team rather than him just not being interested period.

      Enough with my ranting! Hope you have a safe flight! 9 hours on a plane is brutal…unless of course there's a hottie sitting next to you.

      • gin_in_teacups says:

        I leave the Nando clone to you, I just need a Sergio. As long as the clone comes complete with that unique Sergio personality and sense of style :-)

        Thanks! I plan to drink as much wine as the flight attendants will allow me, and watch movies that I would be too embarrassed to watch any other time, but somehow find acceptable on airplanes.

  28. Céline says:

    Isn't he still dating Lara Alvares?? They seems so serious he even dedicated the euro cup to her when they won

    • sarakhatmi says:

      No they broke up very very much out of the blue the day after the eurocup after he dedicated everything to her and she just a few days erlier talked about sergio and her becoming parents one day..but i think they are back togehter now, the lyrics of this song is bascially screaming Lara or an ex girlfriend. And we al know mister ramos and miss Alvarez love for on/off thing.

      • laligagirl says:

        Maybe he got back together with Elizabeth or the gf before her. Thats what I'm hoping. I loathe LA, anyone would be better than her.

        • pola says:

          He broke up with Lara 3 or 4 times so i don't think they were meant to be. But he didn't have any chemistry with Elizabeth and Amaia. I hope he's dating a new girl.

  29. gin_in_teacups says:

    Oh thank the good lord you posted about this before I have to leave for the airport for a nine hour flight and get disconnected from the world. As always when there is a possible development in the world of Sergio girlfriends, I rely on Kickette to pull me out of my sadness hole.

    Sergio, I love you. But don’t you think it is a bit rude to start dating someone new before any of us Kickettes (ok but me especially) have gotten a chance at you? I mean really! Will you never think of us?!? I suppose I can forgive you, as long as you continue to take your shirt off with regularity. Maybe your pants too from time to time. Deal?

  30. thelovehater says:

    I screamed when I saw this photo…small animals on the other side of the world probably heard me. The Ramos should have a warning label.

  31. Dr. Heidi says:

    Gees! Warn a girl before you post a shirtless picture of the Ramos! I spit water all over my screen….now I’ll probably short out my motherboard!

    How nice of Ramos to dedicate a song to me….mucho besos baby! :-)

  32. Amy says:

    i don't know what's more alarming – that sergio is back to having a special someone, or that sergio listens to bryan adams. he's supposed to be my happy place!

    • gin_in_teacups says:

      1. And who says the special someone isn't Fernando? (ignoring the rules of Spanish grammar to feed my denial)
      2. The fact that he cops to listening to cheesy crap like Bryan Adams is what makes him so damn lovable!

    • chay says:

      Bryan Adams is cheesy and wonderful! :-) "Heaven" is pure cheese but the lyrics are really sweet. The fact that Serg is dedicating that song to someone is rather telling!

      Be more alarmed than he's back to having a special someone and dedicating a love song to her … and not to you :-( *hugs you with empathy*

      • Dr. Heidi says:

        I am completely gutted if this is true…..*boo hoo*….all this Ramos idolatry down the drain…..

    • laligagirl says:

      Does Sergio know enough english to know what the lyrics mean though?

      • DebS says:

        lol I was wondering the same thing!

      • sarah says:

        it's not a big deal he can get a translation of it ..i really don't get this ramos thing he isn't hot or anything he is average and less than average ..

        • mori says:

          Different strokes for different folks. He is not your typical good looking guy, but he's very sexy, has a great body and a beautiful smile. He also seems like a really nice guy.

          Which football player do you find attractive?

  33. laligagirl says:

    Rumor has it he's hittin' a girl from Rome who used to "know" Nadal. Bonaventure, I think is her last name and she's supposedly 19 years old.

    Haven't confirmed it but thats I've heard.