September 21st, 2012

Sergio Ramos: Sofa King Hot Or Not?

ugly couch the ramos el ramos sr4

True or false, Kickettes: jorts notwithstanding, that love seat’s ugly upholstery doesn’t stand a chance against El Ramos’ metrosexual prowess. Image via Handbagfootball.

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63 Responses to “Sergio Ramos: Sofa King Hot Or Not?”

  1. Absolutely looking very hot! Sofa king title Sergio Ramos is well deserved. For excellent promotion no ways could be better than that. Thanks and keep up informing.

  2. tabletalk says:

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  3. Morgan says:

    Absolutely looking very hot! Sofa king title Sergio Ramos is well deserved. For excellent promotion no ways could be better than that. Thanks and keep up informing.
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  4. amitris says:

    this picture is beautiful thanks,ilove sergio ,but his shose is ugly

  5. Ash Menon says:

    It's like the man is consciously trying to turn me off of him.

  6. My God, I could find Sergio Ramos sexy or hot neither if i was drunk. Amazing player and good person, but hot…if i have to be honest, for me he's even ugly.

  7. skwonto says:

    Hot. So hot! I love that he is sitting on such a ornate couch. It lends to his persona – care free. Love it!

  8. Green 4 says:

    This picture was taken in a hotel lobby. I have seen the bigger picture else where.

  9. xoWinnie says:

    LOL oh Sergio…I will never not love him <3

  10. Dr. Heidi says:

    I just love this picture….he just seems to be motioning to me "come here my love, and sit next to me". If nothing else, less of that horrific couch would be showing…..

  11. Molly says:

    I live in England, and I can say that in all the races in England there are very pretty women, but I have found that in Spain the 'pretty' women are beautiful. Sergio's new girl and his old ones are very beautiful, and take Iker's girlfriend too. I must say that if I were a man, a young, handsome, rich pro footballer at that, I would be in no rush to settle down, there's plenty of time for love and true committment to one person in the future..and a better choice of sofa!

  12. Dee espinoza says:

    Tbh,i never understood why people hated lara alvarez so much!!!like seriously..i need some1 2 explain 2 me what was so wrong with her!!my point,well u guys used to complain about her and he ditched her 4 some1 even worse!!!careful what u wish 4 bitches!!!*evil laughter* lol!!

  13. clare says:

    he needs to ditch the old bag pilar rubio :) and concentrate on his football and his family then the right girl for him will come later

  14. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Yeah, I know she was, just saying if he is with them for public exposure, Lara fits profile more, actually could be the "next" Sara, for me even better! his relation doesn't make sense!

    • Donna C says:

      I'm disappointed in him for bringing around trashy girls. I tried not to judge his choices but I found some rather interesting photos of this new girl including some reason nude shots she took for a mens mag.

  15. Donna C says:

    Exactly! how many people still talk or post about Lara now that she's out of the picture? Even all of her fan page blogs deleted their accounts or have gone dry. Goes to show you that without him she really is a nobody despite being linked to him for almost 3 years. What she going to do once motorcross has reached the end? Let's face it Sergio compared to the world isn't all that famous when compared to Kaka,Ronaldo or Messi who are wordly known. No doubt that he's big in Europe but in other countries you bring him up and not many people can say they've heard of him unless they follow the sport. That saying there's only so much he can do for a woman with a dead end career. Look at Elisabeth and Amaia where are they now none of them made it big despite being with him.

  16. kstarplayer22 says:

    can someone please tell me the new gf's name please and thank you

    • kstarplayer22 says:

      nvm i found her she looks scary as hell :O sergio go date a girl with some shape man im begging you

  17. Star says:

    This picture was not taken at his home and it's not even his sofa ;-) This picture was taken at the hotel in Polen were they were staying during the Euro Cup.

  18. Nayet21 says:

    I think he's a nice guy and has a beautiful smile, according to the interviews I've seen, and I don't know how to feel about his haircut yet…
    BTW, the couch is HORRIBLE! The only good thing is him on it…;)

  19. Lisa says:

    I will still love Sergio forever <333333 He makes everything wrong seem right… I wouldn't be surprised if everyone in Spain owned a couch like that after seeing this picture :) He is just so hot. And i don't care what his couch looks like as long as I'm on it with him ;)

  20. Hack twitter says:

    That is one ugly sofa,even for him! :D

  21. laala says:

    he is so weird! he's not pretty anymore maybe a nice person but not pretty anymore!

  22. Anna says:

    I can't stop laughing LOL. I really like him, he seems so nice, but I will never ever find him sexy. The way he dresses is such a turn off.

  23. Green 4 says:

    I love Sergio for just being himself.!

  24. DrStrangelove says:

    Nobody under the age of seventy should own a sofa with a pattern like that.

  25. Donna C says:

    Can we address this creepy new girlfriend of his first! I'm glad he's moved away from Lara but this new woman looks like she can put a hex on someone if you piss her off. I never thought that would be Sergio's type of girl but I guess he's willing to test them all.

    • mori says:

      I don't find her attractive at all but she looks like Elisabeth Reyes. I think she's Sergio's type : tall, brunette, long hair, famous, tv presenter… She's a bit trashy but i guess he likes that. After all, he slept with Nereida.

      • Donna C says:

        By type I meant lifestyle. This woman is a hard core rock singer and all her friends including her are into the heavy metal scene. Wears skull and cross bone outfits etc. Sergio seems to go more for the girl next door look. They asked her yesterday if she was with him and she never confirmed nor denied it which to me means yes their bumping bodies. I don't think Sergio will ever date someone out of the public eye I also noticed all his girls have the same build all tall and thin no hips or curves of any sort and I thought men loved more feminine figures. I'm looking forward to seeing this relationship though. I was getting a little sick of Lara and I guess he was too.

        • mori says:

          All his girls were tall and skinny with fake boobs. He loves the attention so that's probably why he only dates famous girls. Pilar and him do seem really different. I find it kinda weird that she left her long time boyfriend for him. Her carreer is a complete disaster. Every program she hosted was canceled. So maybe she needs publicity. People in Spain are really surprised that they're dating because they are polar opposites. They also think she's bringing him bad luck lol.

          • Donna C says:

            I know it's not my life so I shouldn't be concerned about what he's doing but it's such a shame that he can't pick someone out of the spotlight. He's almost 27 isn't it time to grow up a little? By growing up I don't mean he has to settle down or anything not at all cause he's still young in the world of futbol but come on start making better choices. It's so obvious that all these relationships of his are pr I guess his new job is to help these women with broken careers get back on their feet again. I guess if the girls are famous than it keeps his name out there as the settled down man where as i'm sure he wouldn't get that if he picked an every day college or banker girl etc. from Spain or elsewhere in the country. About the bad luck part that woman looks like she practices voodoo on a daily basis so not surprised! lol

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      I don't like her at all, I think she might also affect his performances even with his team, people say she is the next " Sara" but as much I don't like Sara, she get nothing on Sara!
      Him and Lara were the perfect fit, anyway I don't think I would believe any of Ramos public relation are real anymore, but to be with Pilar is not PR at least for me.

  26. Mila says:

    It first I was literally blinded by the sofa and didn't see him there. :)

    Aside from that ugly piece of furniture he does look kinda nice. A very winning smile (do people say that in english?) and finally a decent haircut.

  27. serene says:

    everyone on earth is beautiful because god made them ..but u call this man attractive ?? hot ?? .. huh no i don't think so !!
    god bless iker casillas :)

  28. Jayy says:

    Jus' sayin' ;)

  29. Kristina says:

    Like the new haircut, but not the beard. The sofa is really distracting. And the clothes. Better take them off.

  30. Agnes Wonka says:

    Sergio looks soooooo hot!!!!! Sofa? which sofa? I'm not looking at anything but sexy Sergio :P

  31. Miss_F says:

    I quite like the sofa :)

    And Sergio… Those legs!

  32. Kimmunism says:

    He’s not my usual fare, but seriously, if given the chance, I’d hit that HARD. I’d probably feel guilty afterwards, but I doubt I’d regret it.

  33. bugarelle says:

    Would not mind if he laid me out on that couch at all. The stars he'll make me see will make that couch look infinitely better!

  34. Isabel says:

    that's one ugly sofa. solution: me and Sergio will have sex on the floor

  35. Thea says:

    No, No JUST NO!!!!
    I swear that him and Iker are in a contest to see who can look the worst!

  36. Sherry says:

    This is so wrong, its right. That pose, those shorts, that couch. I can't.
    I keep looking at it and laughing.

  37. Carvivlie says:

    I always pictured him in black leather or tiger print but I'll warm any cushions he wants!

  38. German_Girl says:

    He's growing on me. I never saw his appeal, but with the new haircut he really looks good. As for his style of clothes – I think that's one of the things that make him likeable.

    • @marynootoo says:

      the haircut, nose job and scruff have gone a long way to make him look more like a MAN. that's why i'm in. this couch, though. i'm not so sure.

      • laligagirl says:

        To be fair, when he started at RM he was just 19 years old. He still had a lot "baby" in him. As he's matured into a man he's become very very hot. The nose job helped too…..

  39. gin_in_teacups says:

    What what what?!? Someone needs to give the proper context for this photo. Is it wrong that I desperately want this to be his couch? Although I always imagined his home filled with all sorts of leather and animal print monstrosities. I'm also going to need a better look at that outfit, which from what we can see here is clearly cracktacular. Why is it that the more ridiculous he appears the more I love him? And the most important question of all: is it possible for The Ramos to ever sport an outfit or hair style or home decor so hideous that I will stop wanting to jump his bones and bear his babies? Doubt it. Never change, Sergio. Never change.

  40. Sarah, Madrid says:

    All I know that I need to bein his lap sitting right now! This picture is Euro old xD