August 13th, 2010

Sergio Ramos: Taking Shorts To A New Level?


Image via ontd_football

We feel the term ‘short tent’ seems somewhat inadequate for what appears to be nesting in Sergio Ramos’ undergarments here, does it not? First Xabi, now this. Apparently, squad morale wasn’t the only thing boosted by a World Cup win.

In other news, the Ramos appears slightly perturbed that a fellow Twitterer has accused him of looking like Val Kilmer. We can’t imagine why.

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140 Responses to “Sergio Ramos: Taking Shorts To A New Level?”

  1. Michelle says:

    Pique's is known as el piqueton. I have dubbed Sergio's as el toro!

  2. This white makes her look just a bit thick. Or maybe just a simple ribbon belt would have been better than that chunky leather do.

  3. lulu says:

    I am so totally moving to Spain.

  4. Queen B says:

    Well, Iker is standing directly infront of him, no surprises there then ;-)

  5. Beth says:

    Xabi is in this photo and that’s all that matters.

  6. Vivi says:

    I think they took Viagra, seriously, this is not a joke.

    Not only with Sergio Ramos, see the other players in this picture:…

    They Played at the Azteca Stadium which is located at 2,400 meters altitude.

    Viagra has been studied to improve the performance of athletes at altitudes that are not used because it improves blood circulation and some football teams think about using it and some already use, This is not considered doping yet …. anyway it was quite interesting. hahaha

    More fotos of the match at Getty Images:…

  7. Lorihanna,Morales To says:


  8. anabela says:

    I think that we shouldn't discuss about his shorts situation anymore! So Sergio, I know that you're well informed about the existence of this site, so I am inviting you to take off that shortes and other close and clear us all doubts!!! Are you agree with me, girls??? I gotta tell you, after my towel situation with him, I assure you that this man have so much to show and to be proud on his ….. Speaking about hotties, here in Budapest I just clashed on one amazing creature, my new sexual desire – swimmer Camille Lacourt!!! You Freanch people, I don't know what is it with your athletes, they are soooooo irrestible! First Yoann, now this guy! So, Yoann is busy and imposible mission and that's why Right now I am going to atack my new victim!!! Wish me good luck!

    • loveu2much says:

      WHAT! u saw sergio ramos. in real life. in a towel. was it a dream or reality?

      • anabela says:

        Honey, I saw him without a towel! Just read my comment on the second page of this site, Where is a an article about Fernando Lollerente!!!

          • D0li says:

            I just read it… why was he the only one there? hmm.. it seems as if he was trying to get you in bed, but you resisted.. WHY!?!

          • loveu2much says:

            when i read it i literally screamed ur one lucky person. i would pass out if i saw him in person let alone naked. i would have pulled out my camera phone and start snapping away (thats if im still conscious). its kinda funny how you think it was intentional.

            • D0li says:

              hmm.. I have no idea how you would be able to control yourself, then again since your uncle is working with them you might not want to get to comfortable to prevent any scandals from forming.

        • nicole says:

          i can't seem to find the comment you are speaking about.where may i see it.

  9. Iker'sMyMan says:

    LMAO @ Llorente's clown face! Oh Iker…Sergio's tent has got me all distracted but you are one muy caliente hombre. Just let me love you!!

  10. loveu2much says:

    ohh sergio you are too beautiful for words. even though im pretty sure its the jersey that hes got tucked in his shorts that makes it look that way im gonna imagine otherwise.

    • senora ramos says:

      Oh My RAMOS! thanks hun! that makes me all kinds of happy :D

    • gin_in_teacups says:

      I literally can't think of anything to say that isn't absolutely dirty. God bless photogs who get right the right angle.

  11. DebC says:

    Oooohhh my. Come to mama!

  12. sarrible says:

    It’s the proximity to Jesus Navas. I know it gives me a (lady)boner.

  13. LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

    Let’s be honest girls, as a mexican person and knowing and seeing many mexicans in my life we tend to be of short height and we like our clothes to fit us as best as possible so its small… By my conclusions 95% of that its all Sergio, LOL….. Kidding aside, the game was okay. Some exciting parts but I think Casillas should have not gone… I know his lovers will want to kill me. But nothing against the guy but he seemed a little sad to me. Maybe he wasn’t too happy being in that game so soon and in fact he said something like that in an interview.

    What I hate is that in the trasmission I watched I missed Pique taking his shirt off but did enjoyed so very much the Ramos moment. Ladies of the Ramos… niiiiice. I did see the little interview of Cescy calling Vela an ugly guy and laughing hard which was a little scary because I had the volume really high and caught me offguard. Even though the spanish guys had little time to get back to their level as a team I did notice that the one that was like he was still in the WC was Xavi. I find him very attractive and I think most of the love for him is because he’s so good at his job no matter who he plays against or how little time he had to prepare. Love him, but Pique is my reason to drool not only for his good plays but his handsome face. By the way anyone else noticed he looked sad and wasn’t his usual self?

    • DJ says:

      oh cesc looked soo good in that game. that tan is suiting him soo much, i couldnt help but drool over him :)

    • Steph says:

      Yeah, Iker wasn't playing his best that day. He looked pretty tired. :/ OMG, there was a Cesc interview? Ahh, where was it? The only one I saw was at the beginning with Iker. :( And yeah, Pique didn't look so happy. I saw pics of them when they were getting to Madrid to then leave to Mexico and he was looking pretty pissed in all of them. :(

    • ASM says:

      yeah i noticed that too..wonder why he looked it because he can’t be with cesc? :(

  14. Leya says:

    Two words:

    “Danger Zone”!

    This team is seriously sexy…

    As for the debate over Sergio’s junk…I’m gonna ignore the jersey, and the stance, and have not a shadow of a doubt that its all him there!

    Btw, Kickette, when is Jesus Navas gonna bless the front page?!?! He’s too gorgeous for words!

  15. HermosaChica says:

    I’m starting to think that maybe these shorts are just baldy tailored..naah these boys are all-rounders!! ;D

  16. M says:

    Dear Kickettes

    Check out paragraph five, I am not shitting you. And I know I want it to stay there for-freaking-ever. ♥ P.S. Doesn't Xabi's photo look like he's saying, "My nose was chiseled by the gods themselves, Frank. My body was sculpted to the proportions of Michelangelo's David. You, on the other hand, well, you're a pit of despair. Frank, you disgust me. You disgust everyone, and you will never EVER be on that billboard."

  17. Amandinha says:

    Kickettes… If you're not satisfied with only one Gerard Piqué in this world, I may have another one for you:……

    His name is Henri Castelli, and he's a brazillian actor.

    I know it doesnt have anything to do with this post, and I'm absolutely delighted by Sergio's penis, but I love you guys and I really wanted to share this with you! :)

  18. Liz says:

    Oh Serg. How I love you so!

  19. Please stay on topic, Kickettes: this is a post about short tents. Head on over to the community area to chat further on Real Madrid and other such loveliness, cheers! x

  20. robin says:


  21. Nando_Lover09 says:

    Who’s the shortie who took Nando’s #9 there? :(

    • DebS says:

      OMG! I noticed the same thing in the Spain/Mexico game. I mentioned it to my daughter when we were watching it. "Mom, there's more than one #9", says she who claims to be a huge Fernando fan. I tell her there is only ONE #9 on Spain's team!

      • Nando_Lover09 says:

        Haha yeah, I was just jokin with ya, but in my world no one “takes” ferns # lol.
        And yea all respect to Carlos ova there ! :)
        any of you guys pumped for liverpool vs arsenal tmr?

        I kno I am!!!

    • G says:

      That's Santi Cazorla. Fern is in Liverpool recovering/getting fit

    • neenyah says:

      He didn’t take or steal Nando’s 9. That’s Santi Cazorla and he’s been in the Spain NT squad before. He was part of Euro 2008. Besides, Torres is recovering from injuries and let’s admit it, not in his best form right now.

  22. !ees says:

    Actually ladies if u look closer they all have taken shorts to a whole new level, horny spaniards!! :pp

  23. anna says:

    **this comment has been deleted so we don’t get sued :-P **

  24. Amandinha says:

    who's number 9? He's so little. He looks like Gerard Pique's son.

  25. aps says:

    what cup is that iker is lifting?

    • Liz says:

      the cup is in honor of the 200th anniversary for mexico's independence, which is why they played this friendly game. since the game ended 1-1, spain took the cup.

      • ASM says:

        why spain??the game didn't have the winner,isn't it?

        *so clueless coz i missed the game*

  26. Jules says:

    Jesus Navas is trying to catch Villa’s eye to show his extreme pleasure with the situation in Ramos’ shorts.
    And I thought I was excited to see Iker raise the Cup. Apparently, I had nothing on the Serge.

  27. tracy765 says:

    Despite all of the great things going on in this photo (Iker's bitchface!Pique's hair! Navas' side eye! Xabi's towering above them all!) I cannot look away from The Ramos. He's like a snake charmer!*

    (*I am aware that the myth in his pants has been debunked. Let a girl dream, already…)

  28. Angie says:

    Val Kilmer is like Ramos’ down-on-his-luck Ghost of Christmas Future. Val recently opened a local fair here and I’m sad to say that he’s a long way from his former glory days. He never did anything for me, but I could see it. Not so much anymore.

    • JV says:

      LOL at "down on his luck Ghost of Christmas future".

      I see the resemblance (maybe Val from Batman Forever) but Sergio is light years better. He looked great today vs. Bayern.

  29. Amandinha says:

    best looking team EVER!

  30. zahara says:

    holy mother of god jesus mother mary


  31. freddiegirl says:

    I never noticed but yes, he does look like Val. Just think the hot young Val who played Jim Morrison… ;)

  32. Apples says:

    I dunno about y’all BUT this pic: shows not Just Sergio’s.. but Navas’… Xavi’s ahhh Dios mio! What was up in Mexico??

  33. Camila says:

    that’s right. it’s the green vest inside his clothes. unfortunetely. but nando’s picture posted by miss torres… well… there’s no good explanaition. it must be true! oh my god! i hate olala.

  34. RedGirl says:

    I just loved when Sergio said on twitter that Val Kilmer was more handsome than him.. bless him, he's so humble =P

  35. M says:

    Jesus Navas' expression in that photo says it all. Oh, Sergio.

  36. Lisa says:

    My guess is he’s looking at himself on the giant screen. That’s whats causing the larger-than-normal short tent. Oh that Sergio.

  37. Tashinka says:

    Ha. I spent several minutes staring at this, trying to see what was going on in front of Piqué. There appears to be a disembodied arm holding a water bottle… unless that’s his? Looking at the feet, you can’t see anyone else standing behind Navas…

    • Ilse says:

      It’s both of Pique’s arm, he’s applauding, that’s why you can’t see his right hand. So it’s his right arm and his left hand you’re seeing.

      • Tashinka says:

        OH! I see it now. You’re so right – the right hand clapping against the left wrist because he has a water bottle in that hand.
        Phew! Thanks, ’cause that was disturbing!

  38. Leá says:

    If only Sergio looked as good in the RM game today as he does in this picture…

  39. zahara says:

    anyone watching real madrid vs bayern munich?

    • senora ramos says:

      only iker has looked good this match! man we look lead legged. bastian is shredding us!

    • DebS says:

      Ehh…not the best of game for Real Madrid. Ball possession was terrible. Loved Sergio's bicycle kick but it really wasn't a good clear.

      Iker…man of the match…hands down! He was HUGE!

      Higuain..dude…put those in the net already!

      Cris…poor guy can't buy a goal. Glad he made the PK though!

      • JV says:

        THIS! It seemed like Bayern had the ball/ turned RM over every other second. If Iker hadn’t been on his game things would have gotten out of hand quickly.

      • senora ramos says:

        yeah, the match wasn’t a great one. too many people still out of form, and they haven’t all practiced much together. bayern ran straight through us. just glad they didn’t score :D

  40. crss2001 says:

    helloooo lil daddy (or big daddy, either or sounds good to me jijiji)

    sweet dreams to me…..

    i swear the heavens have opened, light has shined and the angels are singing

    papacito!! i absolutely LOVE this man <3

  41. Tash says:

    Love how El Ramos is always close to the silverware!!

  42. Cammie says:

    Nice bugle..Sergio

  43. caitanya says:

    all i can say is if that is really his tent: "Nice one, Serg!"

  44. Mrs. Navas says:

    oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!!!!! look!! there's my husband right next to him!!!!! oh my gosh!!!!

  45. Jamtart Heart says:

    Roughly a hundred years ago (read: somewhere between 'Willow' and 'Top Gun', and when he was arguably his leanest/hottest) Val Kilmer totally had Sergio-like qualities. That must be where whoever was teasing the Ramos was going with the comparison. Otherwise it's just plain cruel and borders on the offensive, haha.

    I'm going to persist in ignoring the green shirt hanging from the waistband of the shorts, and all will be right with the world.

  46. senora ramos says:

    i'm just going to pretend that's alllllll sergio! lol! and i use to have a thing for val, but i don't think they look alike.

    "i don't like you because you're dangerous" lol.

    • Lisa says:

      lol I'm already picturing Sergio and Cris playing beach volleyball together all oiled up, wearing jeans, high-fiving each other for no apparent reason.

      • senora ramos says:

        ahhhh! thank you lisa for that funny (and sexy) scene playing in my head right now. LMFAO!!! that’s awesome!

  47. gin_in_teacups says:

    It's the shirt, but I'm going to pretend like that's not true and just enjoy this for the rest of the day.

    Oh, and I saw Val Kilmer up close in person once when we were at the same play. Granted I have only ever seen the glory of The Ramos from far away at the Galaxy game, but I'm pretty sure I can say with confidence that they look nothing alike. Though Kilmer was wearing a hat that would put even the most cracktastic Sergio outfit to shame.

  48. tammyv says:

    He totally looks like Val Kilmer… it is what I kept thinking when I saw him in person. He is huge but looks freakishly like Val Kilmer in the glory years

    • Lisa says:

      personally I don’t see the resemblance, except maybe in the mouth. They both have that cheeky smile.

      • tammyv says:

        I did not either until I saw him in person

      • DebS says:

        Just watched the clip from Top Gun with Kilmer…I’m not seeing the resemblance. And DEFINITELY not now!

        Kilmer never did much for me….Sergio on the other hand…

        btw…not sure that is the shirt. Sergio tends to tuck his shirt in his shorts after removing it and I’ve never seen it look like this. He HAS to have the tucking down pat by now, no? :P

  49. zztop says:

    It's just the mexican player's shirt tucked into his shorts 4 G's sake.

  50. MissTorres says:

    Looks a bit funny if you compare him with Jesus Navas and Xabi… :D D

  51. Maral says:

    So I love the fact that we're eyeing this, trust me, oh Sergio haha…but I can't fight the feeling that it might have something to do with the jersey he's got halfway tucked into his shorts…and his stance lol. Love Kickettes!

    • coco says:

      I agree.. after looking closely I think your right. And the twitter comment of Val… I have said it before..especially in the movie

      • Sara says:

        So, I totally agree with it being the shirt tucked into his shorts, but…it has me thinking….does he or doesn't he pack the heat? What are your thoughts ladies?

        I am going to go with a BIG yes! :)

    • rslkdl says:

      Oh man. That is entirely no fun! LOL Alas, I agree. *sigh*