February 26th, 2010

Serie A: Gossip Round Up

It’s been awhile since we caught up with all the vowels in the English alphabet, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to dish out some thorough reading material covering all the recent Serie A silliness, scandals and not-so-secret smooching sessions.

Two cappuccinos and a jar of Nutella are must-haves to get through all this juicy stuff:

Luca Toni and his fiancee of eternity, Marta, appear in a lovesick pictorial in the March issue of Italian Vanity Fair. In an brief interview, Marta reassures fangirls worldwide that despite being in love for more than a decade, she’s fine with her engaged-WAG status and won’t be rushing down the altar anytime soon. We advise taking her quotes with a grain of salt since 2 years ago she also claimed the pair were trying for a baby.

What keeps Marta by Toni’s side for so long despite not setting her WAG wedding date? If a picture is worth a thousand knit hats, we’d reckon it’s his we just did it in the car and it was so good my girl gave it a thumbs-up hairstyle.

Marco Borriello has a new, different babe in his life  – and this one happens to be a Serbian model/potential reality TV show contestant named Nina Senicar. Or Senica. The spelling of her name depends on which madcap Italian media source you’re reading.

And there’s more:

Nina and the AC Milan star shared a semi-proven kiss (if you’re inclined to believe a grainy photo claiming that the two heads in a window are theirs) and that she wears the WAG staple tracksuit with pride.

Is it just us or does it seeems like Borriello has a…how shall we say it… certain type? Unnaturally plumped in unfair areas, brunettes inflict the most damage on this man.

Luckily, these types of women share a tacky late-night-creepin’ habit in common: Nina left his pad at 3am with “her hair disheveled”.  This leads us to believe their “relationship” is nothing of the sort…and something along the lines of this.

Moving on.

Teammate (A) is in a serious, committed relationship with the mother of his kids, Model (A). Teammate B allegedly shagged Model (A) behind Teammate (A)’s back. Hmmm… now where have we heard this story before?

Alena Seredova has been dominating column inches recently to vehemently deny that she ever strayed from longtime partner, Gigi Buffon, in favour of his Juventus teammate, Amauri. While no one is too sure how or where this story originated, Alena gave an interview with Diva e Donna this week to clear the air. She stated:

1) She’s not a whore and there’s no truth to this story (even though awhile back she did admit her man was not the hottest member of the INT);

2) There was no training ground bust-up between the players because Gigi “never quarrels” and goes to church every Sunday;

3) She makes Gigi take his shoes off before he enters their house.

Just to clarify: Rumours run rampant across the country that you cheated on the current World Cup holders’ #1-choice goalkeeper two months after you had his second son… and you take the publicity opportunity to say your man best be going barefoot in the living room or else he’ll have hell to pay?

Priorities, people. Protect the marble. Then your relationship.

Talk about kickin’ a man when he’s already down. Some slag is claiming she had her way with Adrian Mutu recently in Florence. Somehow, we doubt it.

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20 Responses to “Serie A: Gossip Round Up”

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  2. Mel says:

    Marco is way to hot for her… I read somewhere he said that he prefers brunettes. And he said it's not his fauilt if most women in Italy want to be famous, and that being involved with him can raise their status…

    Guess he's living life. When is he gonna grow up and commit to one woman (preferably me, sadly I'm nt brunette, yet. Nothing a little dye can't fix)

    Marco is soooooooooo hot! Perhaps he has lowered his standarts.

    • juventina says:

      LOL! yeah i read that too! I think your going to have to get in line to marry Marco :P hahaha and from waiting in it myself I have to tell yah…its pretty long LOL! But yes Marco is gorgeous and he knows it, but I really don’t care cuz when you look like that…hahaha

      • aristeia says:

        I wouldn’t want to marry Borri… but to borrow a phrase from my dear, sweet, innocent MalinMrsTorres… I’d bang him like a screen door in a hurricane. ;D

        • juventina says:

          LOLOLOLOLOL! THAT IS THE FUNNIEST LINE EVER! I LOVE IT! I can see why you wouldn’t want to marry Borri. I don’t know though…he’s a faithful boyfriend…he never cheated on Belen. He is probably one of the nicest people you will ever meet if you got to know him unfortunately he’s gotten himself this playboy rep that he probably doesn’t deserve. He dated Belen for a really long time. Either way, Borriello should not be with the girl and I don’t think he is. I mean a few grainy photos of a guy who’s hair doesn’t even look like Borri’s are not very convincing…just saying LOL!
          p.s still laughing at that line. genius! kudos to your friend for comin up with it! haha

          • aristeia says:

            You know, you're right. He didn't cheat, her skanky ass did. I think she really broke his heart. I guess I wouldn't want to marry him b/c I'd be beating women off w/ a stick for the rest of my life, haha… it would make me intensely bitchy. Then again, who wouldn't want this and this and THIIIIS for the rest of their life?

            • juventina says:

              Your damn straight! She’s insane! WHO THE EFFFFF CHEATS ON MARCO FLIPPIN BORRIELLO?! Really, lets be honest, if I could wake up to THAT every damn day I would NEVER even be able to cheat because I mean what the hell is better than that? My life would be complete :) lol I hate Belen! She is such a moron! She really isn’t even that pretty IMO, but that’s just me…
              I would risk being insanely bitchy for the rest of my life if I could marry Marco. He is just too pretty, like really – that’s perfection right there LOL! :)

        • Teeeheee, Gosh Ali, you flatter me. “Dear, sweet innocent”? Oh I blush.

  3. LizB (Mrs. Vucinic) says:

    Novella! I love their very serious and important reporting :P and they’re penchant for taking nude pictures of people and placing them on the front cover of the mag…. talk about AWKWARD reading on the metropolitana.

    Sooo I should go get my lips plumped before I head out after Marco… lol kidding. But apparently he DOES have a type.

    I’m inclined to not believe that Alena-sleeping-with-Amauri nonsense. Oh you Italians and your love of Drama. I would hope that if she were to cheat (and I don’t really think she would) it would be with someone a bit more attractive. Amauri’s nice to look at if you ignore his head.

  4. Aisha says:

    Marco is my 2nd hottest footballer (after Ronaldo). I KNOW he can get better than that skanky piece of crap of a woman :/

    • juventina says:

      OMG AGREED! PLEASE HE IS WAYY TOO GOOD FOR THAT! has he learned nothing after Belen?!

      I just read an interview with him and they asked him about his personal life he said he was single and planned to stay that way for a bit because he wanted to concentrate on football. So I don't know how reliable all these pictures and sources are….if she is screwing him…lucky her :P haha but seriously, marco, you can do better than that:S

  5. shay says:

    Granted Buffon is not the hottest man meat around,but Amauri? Blech!

  6. Louise says:

    I can understand Alena a bit–she's jealous since Canna returned to Juve. They are soul mates.

  7. Lisa says:

    I'm sorry but there is no way that I'd wait around for ten years. You have to wonder at some point, is he just waiting to marry me because he thinks he might find someone better?

    And as for Gigi-I love him, he's adorable, and while Amauri is the hot bad boy of Juve-that's just skanky. Gigi can wear his shoes in my house anytime.

  8. tammyv says:

    Oh Serie A, you deliver like the Prem only with way more deliciously attractive people

  9. Molly says:

    Awww Luca. He's so gorgeous but I don't know about his fiance/girlfriend, in my opinion he can do a bit better. And poor Gigi, how could anyone cheat on him!!!