September 4th, 2012

Sex Tape Shopping With Gerard Pique & Shakira

Image: Bauer Griffin.

The arguably most talked about couple in Spain seems to be closer than ever to having their sexual interactions broadcast to the world. While Shakira’s reps originally denied, denied, denied the existence of any sex tape – blaming two of the Colombian singer’s former employees for winding everybody up – it’s being reported that a sex tape between the Barcelona ‘baller and singer does, in fact, exist.

And, according to Spanish magazine Invervieu, a renowned Barcelona talent agent was given a preview of what’s up for sale by a man and a woman who are looking to offload it if the price is right:

“The video lasts about 15 minutes….it’s filmed with a cell phone, which I guess, belonged to Shakira’s employee who was at the helm of the boat that night. The images are not steady and it’s out of focus, but you can certainly tell that they were on a boat.”

Yes, okay. But can we tell that they were having sex on a boat? Because there’s a big difference between being on one and fornicating on one, Mr renowned Barcelona talent agent man.

“It has low quality, the images move and are blurry…Shakira comes out from the lower cabin in bikini. Pique is by her side, you can also see some drinks and then they start to touch, romantically. Then let’s say things oveflow,” he added.

Full disclosure: this under-whelmingly non-descript (and possibly fake) source also said he wasn’t entirely sure it is Shakira. “I thought that it had been edited,” he added.

“Then, you can see a woman, who they say is Shakira, giving a man oral sex,” he said. “You can’t really tell, they wouldn’t let me grab the iPad where the video was being played. So, I started to suspect that the video had been edited, that it was all staged.”

Ugh. We’ve had enough of this nonsense. Wake us when something is available for us to view on the internet?

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29 Responses to “Sex Tape Shopping With Gerard Pique & Shakira”

  1. kayla benitez says:

    Gerard pique laughed nervously on a spanish radio show when questioned about shakira's pregnancy…am actually so excited for these two, and i hope their baby is as gorgeous as both of them. i bet it will be! cant wait to see the little bundle of joy!!!

  2. Molly says:

    If any man can 'last' 15 minutes of oral sex then he has some serious, serious control!

  3. drea says:

    Ok, it sounds fishy, like the people involved are trying to cover all their bases with the "it could be staged" business. But if it's real, then shame on the employee who shot it and is trying to sell it. Obviously that person was trusted enough to have been given that kind of access to them. Oh well, the pair of them have enough money to outbid the tabs anyway so the video, real or not, will probably never see the light of day.

  4. Thea says:

    Said it once and will say it again – Can she not get a proper job!!??!?

  5. Camille says:

    What a bunch of garbage to post. What is this first paragraph about? It's an attempt to say something new or to confirm something but literally all it says, is "the existence of a sex tape was reported, and denied, but it continues to be reported!!!" And this is why I rarely ever visit this site.

  6. Agnes Wonka says:

    I lasts only 15 mins? mmm somebody is quick!

  7. Beta says:

    Hi Kickette! Do you remember this "affair" story about Bar Refaeli and Piqué?
    Well she gave an interview for a journalist in hebrew last week and a fan gave the translation: asked about the rumor that Piqué or Alves would be her lover she would have said "Piqué and I are just good friends" Woow…
    Bar was in Barcelona last saturday in hotel W and guess what? A guy working there saw Piqué the same day…

    • Rainbow says:

      Oh she said GOOD friends, instead of JUST friends.. Oh yeahhhhhh….I wouldn't mine being GOOD friends with Gourcuff, Ramos abs, Hummels or Neuer's lips. either*wink,wink*

    • Maite says:

      I have heard gossip that definitely Bar is dating someone in Barca but I am not so sure. Who knows if it is really Alves or Pique, or someone else even? For the sake of pregnant Shakira I hope it is not Pique. I have read Bar has the reputation of being a glory hunter and she likes her image to be associated with famous men, even some athletes last month in the Olympics.

    • mags says:

      well, wasn't Pique and Shakira's relationship once commented as 'waka rumour'? And we all know how it ended. ;)

  8. Loninha - Brasil says:

    The most disgusting pair of Football! I'm not interested by this couple boring and bland!

    • Nicola says:

      If you weren't interested, why did you bother to click on the story and comment? Is scrolling a foreign concept to you?

  9. Leya_S says:

    *sigh* Gerard Pique, remember when I used to love you?
    I don’t really think its them, this is all too sketchy, but if it is, smh.

    For whatever reason, I can’t get on board the Piquira train. *shrug* no clue why.

    Also, have they STILL not confirmed that she’s pregnant?! It’s pretty obvi.

  10. Lovette says:

    This is a non story Kickette why post it? o yeah to stir the pot of a non story. I would like the story were she confirm that she is with child! Haven't we all already seen Shakira having sex? watch any of her music videos and use your imagination from there on!

  11. Kristina says:

    Much ado about a shaky, blurry, not-sure-if-it-was-Shakira cellphone video. Show it or shut up!

    • Kristina says:

      For the record, I'm not telling you, Kickette ladies, to shut up. I'm referring to the people who allegedly has something they want to sell.

  12. tammyv says:

    that is every shade of sketch barring Shak and Pique

  13. gin_in_teacups says:

    I'm confused. Those statements make it sound like someone filmed them without their consent. In which case – super gross, and it should really be illegal for the video to ever see the light of day. If they filmed themselves, well, I'd say it's stupid considering how famous they are, but they're adults and can do what they want. Either way, the fact that there might be a sex tape that other people might watch does not seem to have been their intent and this whole thing gives me the icks. Privacy – respect it. Decency – have some.

  14. IrishBlue says:

    Ha! What a description, good for a laugh if anything. Next….

  15. Miss_F says:

    Shouldn't believe anything until you physically see it with your own eyes :)

  16. bert says:

    atention whores…….

  17. D0li says:

    As I live and breathe, and read this during my forensic science class…. I hope it's not real because this would tarnish the reputation of both Pique and Shak. I'm no fan of Shakira but I still want the best for her since she is with Pique.

    I cannot say if I believe the rumors or not, but all I can say is this is a very unfortunate situation.

    • Kristina says:

      Tarnish? Someone is filming someone who they say they are not sure is Shakira ("probably staged")? In any case people having sex is not upsetting to me. People filming themselves having sex is not upsetting to me. I don't understand why they do it, but apparently many are doing it so i guess I have to accept it. They're not hurting anyone, at least.

      • Lovette says:

        Lol Kristina!

      • tammyv says:

        consistently the story, it is that THEY DIDN'T film themselves, someone on her staff filmed them on a private yacht. "The video lasts about 15 minutes….it’s filmed with a cell phone, which I guess, belonged to Shakira’s employee who was at the helm of the boat that night."

        they had nothing to do with the filming if they were filmed at all

        • Kristina says:

          Then they are just guilty of having sex. I don't think their reputation will be tarnished because of that.

      • D0li says:

        I never said it was wrong to have sex, I said the alleged sex tape would ruin their careers.