December 28th, 2010

Shacking Up At The Sheraton: Marco Borriello & Nina Senicar

We’re 60% convinced that these two are doing it. Image:

Showbiz & sports. More and more, famous parties from either camp are joining forces, possibly destined for print publication purgatory.

Marco & Nina are not a new piece of news, but rumours of these two coupling up are making the rounds again. Because long-winded stories are weirdly becoming the norm during our week off, here’s the Kickette rundown of this supposed relationship, plus/minus style.


- The pair has been going steady for three months. MINUS 24 for the amount of twice-weekly visits Senicar has already made to Rome by way of Milan.

- She enters through the back door, which nets her PLUS 3 for engaging in hilariously shady business. But the fact that she does it to avoid paparazzi deserves a MINUS 5 because she thinks she’s more famous than she really is.

- PLUS 12 for Novella2000 catching them in the act, but MINUS 3 for grainy pictures, Marco’s awful hair and atrocious sweater.

Marco Borriello's new WAG Nina Senicar- Borriello rents a room at the Sheraton instead of purchasing a sweet pad in the winding streets of Rome? MINUS 6 for being just plain weird and MINUS ANOTHER 3 for lack of economical efficiency.

- However, we give a PLUS 13 for Borriello NOT renting a room at the Hilton and a PLUS 1 for Sheraton lobby creepers.


- Remember this? PLUS 1 for each repeat viewing.


- Sneaky Senicar eats dinner and breakfast with Borriello during his Rome rendezvous. MINUS 1 for missing a food group that could potentially make her fat (and subsequently, undesirable).

- We’re throwing up some positive deuces with a PLUS 1 in honour of maturity, as we support one of the commenters from this article comparing Senicar to a callgirl. And, just because we can, we’re giving ourselves a PLUS 1 for speaking Italian well enough to giggle at the aforementioned snark.

- Big ups to Momma B., who scored Christmas alone time with her son and a PLUS 2 from us.


Borriello/Kickette (since we’re on the same team in life):+19

Senicar: -27

Thx Liz!

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46 Responses to “Shacking Up At The Sheraton: Marco Borriello & Nina Senicar”

  1. Kristina says:

    I think they look like a match.

  2. Pam says:

    I had heard about this story reading the italian media. It seems that they had been hooing up sine he was living in Milan.. Anyways, He could do much better than her, she is only 25 but looks like 40.

  3. Tish says:

    She is "dating" Marco, not his brother. But it seems she gets along with his brothers too. They go out and dine together, thats why she has been seen with his famiy too.

  4. C16 says:

    So is she dating Marco or the brother?
    And get it girl, Eros Ramazzotti!!!

  5. manuela says:

    Well, I'll also add that this is just a rumour-they aren't together! As some girls said before, Nina is with his younger brother Fabio and Marco is in love with her girl friend, so maybe Nina helps him to win her although I don't think that this eye candy needs any help in that! Untill that eventual hook up, he's a free man- so relax, ladies!!!!

  6. Aurrie says:

    ThAnk the heavens that is his brothers gf

  7. shaquita says:

    filed under random rambling:

    I wish we would live in a world in which it takes some more merit for a woman to get attention than just taking off her clothes. I wish women like her would set a positive example and value education more than taking the "easy" way out and make money by turning themselves into leeches, well paid "victims", and baby momas. I wish the sort of women who cling to a famous guy to get their 15 minutes of fame would disappear altogether. Most importantly I wish men would see through the scam and realize that it is not their person that makes these women stick to them like flies on sh*t. Oh, wait, that would mean men would think with their brains instead of theri tools below the waist line…. too utopian.

    • @Di_Elle says:

      well she's a wonderful woman but she's not just that. she has a degree – maximum with laude at Bocconi University in Milan in Marketing or something like that. so taking the easy way is even more "degrading" if you think of it… :/

  8. @veryx92 says:

    She's is the girlfriend of Fabio Borriello..Marco younger brother

  9. lorena_yGp says:

    This girl is from my country-Serbia…First she was with Eros Ramazzotti,and now the press in Serbia is saying that she is with younger Boriello NOT Marco :-) )) but she is " actress" who by coincidence dated only famous people so far….You understand what I mean

  10. Liz says:

    How old is she? She looks in her 40's :)

    Is it summer yet? I can't wait to see more of his hottness in just swim trunks.

  11. Missy Manchester says:

    Leave it to Kickette to always think naughty thoughts. I'm sure this little rendezvous was entirely innocent. Marco and Nina were probably just filming a new video for Pit Bull……

    …We at the hotel, motel, Sheraton…

  12. juventina says:

    Everyone realizes that the guy in those photos is his brother Fabio, right?

    • LizB (Mrs Vucinic) says:

      lol, yes. She's apparently friends with both of his brothers. Not sure if that is a product of her and Marco dating or if they were friends to begin with, though. I think the grainy pic is from a different issue of Novella… That and she and Marco have been careful (thus the eating meals in the hotel and sneaking in the back door).

  13. @Di_Elle says:

    that's grainy pic is old, like 10 months old and that's fabio not marco.

  14. Susan says:

    Oh holy hell! A Boriello brother? To go along with the Casillas, Alonso, and Cannavaro brothers?

      • WAG2BE says:

        i like….. A LOT
        all those in favor of an "i would tap that" button say SICURAMENTE …. thats italian for definitely….yes i used google translate

      • Rossanera says:

        Da dove sei? I'm guessing you are Italian and I love meeting my fellow tifose, I feel there's so few of us here :(

        • @Di_Elle says:

          si, sono italiana. sud italia, romanista :)
          their loss, our gain, less people to share the goodness with ;) (kidding)

          • Rossanera says:

            Sono Milanista, ma i miei genitori sono da Campania … sono cresciuto in Canada, pero. Piacere di fare la tua conoscenza!

          • Liz says:

            Yaaaaay più italiane!

            La mia famiglia è siciliana però sono di Australia.

            • Rossanera says:

              I heard there's a huge Italian community Down Under to rival Canada's! BTW, my name is also Liz (well, Elisabetta, Elizabeth, then Liz, but your probs get that, LOL). I've always wanted to go to Australia, I've heard such great things.

              There's quite a few of us here, not as many as the Roja lovers … still it's nice to see my compatriots here :) My heritage means so much to me, I'm always really excited to meet others who share it!

              • Liz says:

                There are sooooo many Italians here in Australia, especially in Sydney and Melbourne. Compared to the Spanish fans, we outnumber then 1000 to 1, Gli Azzurri are so well supported over here although most Aussies (the ones who support football every 4 years because we have Rugby and Aussie Rules) hate the Italians due to "that penalty"

                • @Di_Elle says:

                  oh, that's sad. I supported Austrialia in that WC back in 2006 (I support any Hiddink NT, he's great) beside Italy of course, and I was so sad that "the penalty" happened. but… gave me the occasion to make a great Vid for my Capitano – Totti – and his comebck after the injury – sorry :)

                  • Liz says:

                    Io faccio al tifo per gli azzurri, per me non importa! Non mi piacciono i Socceroos

                    • Rossanera says:

                      The day Team Canada qualifies for the World Cup is the day pigs fly so I have no such conflicts of loyalty …

            • @Di_Elle says:

              hi there!!! o/
              piacere di conoscerti :)

  15. Rossanera says:

    Kickette, the dude in the grainy picture is Fabio Borriello, Marco's younger brother.

  16. Liz says:

    That… is the sound of my heart breaking!

  17. Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

    What…is he wearing?

  18. She looks like she had bad plastic in the main picture. Marco can do so much better, she looks like a cougar. GOD! He can do so much better, he is such a beautiful piece of Italian man. Yes, I am jealous. But who isn't on this website?!

    • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

      I'm not, actually. Yes, I'm hereby coming out as a not-so-keen-on-Borri girl :) .

      • WAG2BE says:

        WELLL GET BACK IN!!!!!
        borri hate isnt welcome here!! *goes and sobs quietly in a corner as realizing the possibility of actually meeting borri is 1 in a million*

      • Tish says:

        Lotte, if you dont like Borri dont bother even posting. I've noticed that in every single Borri article you always have to mention how much you dont like him. If you dont like him keep it to yourself, stop spewing your venom…I dont like Zlatan(like you do) but I'm not going off a out how ugly I think he is or about his huge nose. Get me?

        • Kristina says:

          Peace be with you!

        • Rossanera says:

          The girl's entitled to her opinion, she expressed it in a respectful manner, and you need to tone it down. Just because she doesn't worship at Borri's altar doesn't mean she's not allowed to join in the discussion.

    • Pam says:

      I'm a lil jealous too..and Yeah I think he could do much better than her.

  19. Emily says:

    I’m sure Marco appreciates that you’re blaming Novella2000 for his inexcusable fashion and grooming decisions. ;)