July 27th, 2009

Shacking Up: Teddy Sheringham and Kristina Andrioti


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12 Responses to “Shacking Up: Teddy Sheringham and Kristina Andrioti”

  1. Wazza's Freckle says:

    I know nothing abut her, but she looks elegant and very beautiful in that picture and he looks very appreciative. I'm sure a woman as lovely as her has plenty of opportunities to date men her own age, and if he is interesting enough to grab her attention, no quarrel from me.

  2. Lolinha says:

    Oh gosh, it’s creepy alright! I can’t imagine shacking up with a 42-year-old. Guardiola and his chin dimple, maybe. But he’s “only” 38. The son and the fact that he had it off with Dani Lloyd equally creep me out. Yuck!

  3. Erin says:

    Creepy. "Old manwhore" does nothing for me.

  4. striker says:


  5. reggie_br says:

    oh my gosh!! one of these days the kickette girls are gonna have me killed!!! i was having lunch and checkin' the news out when i got to the line, and i quote, "Teddy, (who used to play for the England National Team back in the 1700s), is 43." and i choked because i couldn't control my laughing… aaaaaah!! what would make my tuesdays funnier than you, girls??? tks :)

  6. carly says:

    You should have said: Teddy looks like he's 63.

  7. HiL says:

    To be honest, it creeps me out. Especially the part that his son is only 2 years younger than her.

  8. MrsXabiAlonso says:

    It would take a lot of Louboutins to get me in bed with this man. The age gap doesn't creep me out, just the thought of being with him.

  9. Becky says:

    that is weird, the fact that she is only two years older than his son :| and well its him, yuckk!

  10. suzie says:

    I wouldn't get comfy if I was her. He's totally the type that gets a new model every couple of years- never wants to grow up. Saying that she is very pretty and could do a lot better than him.

  11. Julia says:

    She's got nice legs…

  12. lose that girl says:

    Creepy<span class="wbr"></span> *maybe*<span class="wbr"></span> but<span class="wbr"></span> I<span class="wbr"></span> think<span class="wbr"></span> it<span class="wbr"></span> says<span class="wbr"></span> more<span class="wbr"></span> about<span class="wbr"></span> the<span class="wbr"></span> skanky<span class="wbr"></span> chicks<span class="wbr"></span> that<span class="wbr"></span> are<span class="wbr"></span> lining<span class="wbr"></span> up<span class="wbr"></span> to<span class="wbr"></span> date<span class="wbr"></span> Teddy.<span class="wbr"></span> Famewhores,<span class="wbr"></span> all<span class="wbr"></span> of<span class="wbr"></span> them<span class="wbr"></span> and<span class="wbr"></span> a<span class="wbr"></span> cesspool<span class="wbr"></span> for<span class="wbr"></span> STDs.<span class="wbr"></span> Ick!lose that girl