September 19th, 2012

Shakira: The Voice & The Vexing Issue – UPDATED

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Images: @ShakiraTimor, @AnnaIvory. H/T to EC.

News broke this morning that Pique’s missus will be filling in for Christina Aguilera as a judge on US reality comp/show, The Voice, next season.

Earlier this month the singer appeared at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Milan wearing a modified muumuu (at left). Even more recently, Shakira sported even baggier clothes whilst out and about with her boyf in Barcelona (at right).

Moral of the story: we still don’t know if she’s up or the duff or not, which is killing us! UPDATE: Nevermind. She’s definitely pregnant. Best or worst kept secret?

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59 Responses to “Shakira: The Voice & The Vexing Issue – UPDATED”

  1. Lees says:

    Her being a first time mom and having wanting to have a child since long ago I would have thought that she would wanna spend all her time with her new born baby and Pique together as a family, instead of jetting halfway across the world to do that show, therefore keeping the "family" apart with Pique being in Europe..Its not like she needs the money..Prioritize family.

  2. Lis says:

    YEAH!!!!!! Happy for them!

  3. doug in sf says:

    Must be a tough time for him. She's obviously unavailable and Zlatan isn't around to take care of things ;)

  4. Donna C says:

    I think it was pretty obvious a few months ago. I just hope Pique is really ready and takes it seriously. I still don't know about that dude but only time will tell. I wonder what's in the water at Barca. The majority of the players are expecting before the year ends. I'll be honest when I say i'm a little surprised Cescs isn't in the mix yet but i'm sure we'll hear something sooner or later if they're still together even though his girlfriend already has kids of her own i'm sure he wants some and she wouldn't mind having one with him.

  5. XaviLover says:

    She finally came out saying she’s pregnant. What I’m thinking is that she probably had a miscarriage previous to this pregnancy and that’s why they waited to tell the news. Everyone reacts different to such tragedy and I know from the personal experience of 3 of my loved ones. I do wonder if she’s already signed off to do The Voice how could she separate the baby from Pique. It’s their choice, but the judges have to do promotions too. The beginning of the show is taped the rest is live. BTW, he can be mature and want this baby with all his heart but I assure there will be times he will need “alone” time lol Kids are hard to handle. Emotions go wild but he seems too lovable with strangers babies to not stick around for his own :)

  6. @_AngeLyca_ says:

    iFelicitaciones Geri & Shak! :) Cute celebrity couple will have a beautiful baby… *ovaries explode*
    They're stunnin' together, in my opinion, 'cause they act so natural even in front of the cameras.
    Their relationship looks so authentic to me and they seem to be so in love! <3

    Now, KicketteArmy, what about Dahveed Veeyah and his wifey, who are also expectin'…?! ;) *ovaries overload*

  7. Loninha - Brasil says:

    Give me the one ok new news!

  8. LizzyHS90 says:

    That baby is going to be cute. Congrats to them!

  9. jay says:

    It was so obvious but i am glad shakira confirmed it. pique dad at 25 though..thats just too young. i hope he can deal with it and stick by her unlike so many trampish footballers who leave their partners becuase they 'cant handle the pressures' of parenthood. if a guy is good enough to get a girl pregnant, he should be good enough to stand by her! good luck to both of them and im sure the child will be gorgeous like both parents.

    • Martinrhein. says:

      You are right. I don't know alot about pique but i hope he is mature enough,otherwise Shakira could not hv made such a big decision.

    • nessa says:

      ya i definitely feel like hes too young to support a child with a mature 35 year old international pop star, whose probably hopimg to settle down.

    • Carla says:

      He is 25 not 15-why wouldn't he be mature enough to have a baby. Maturity is not something that (only) depends on age.There are plenty of guys who are in their mid 30's(and older) and behave like teenagers and aren't capable of taking care of themselves let alone a child just like there are guys in their 20's who possess maturity beyond their years.It's something that depends on someone's personality more than their age

    • Lees says:

      I actually think its the other way around, that SHE wont stick with him long enough. I dont think they'll get married, a child is all she wants from Pique.

  10. Estelle says:

    Pique, I……uh…..I…….

  11. Frances says:

    ugh they are going to have absurdly attractive babies.

  12. Caitlyn says:

    Now that she is knocked up, does this mean she is finally going to stop assaulting everyone's ears with her singing? Hope so! FYI Just cause Daniella Semaan isn't pregnant doesn't mean shes not trying. After all that 's her meal ticket. Unlike Shakira she has no legitimate notoriety or has any career of her own except trying to make one off of the back of Cesc! Stay tuned for that one!

  13. kel says:

    I've said it before but it's surprisingly common that comeone will be in a relationship that lasts years and years (like Shakira was) with no babies and then they get into a new relationship and get pregnant relatively quickly.
    I'm surprised Daniela Semaan isn't up the duff yet too.

  14. Kristina says:

    Congrats to them both! Babys are lovely, there're a lovely couple, everything is just lovely! I wish them all the luck!

  15. camille says:

    hottest dad ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
    good for them:)))))

  16. Alê says:

    She has confirmed she is pregnant. Hope everything goes great to her and her baby… but I still can't get over why she lied in the first place. Yes, she could lose the baby, but you can lose a baby any time, even after birth, so why deny it if you will have to knowledge later?
    Any way, congratulations!

    • Nicola says:

      Maybe it's because after a certain amount of time– I've read that it's 12 weeks–, the risk of losing the child decreases & she wanted to wait until she reached that mark?

      • Alê says:

        Well, I used to think that untill I lost mine at 34 weeks… I hid untill 12 weeks for nothing.

        • Wave says:

          I hope you will be well, <3 my aunt went through a rough time with a couple of miscarriages and eventually had a wonderful baby girl!

          • Alê says:

            I had a miscarriage before, but nothing compared to this stillbirth 2 years ago. I still haven't recovered. Give birth to my son and never seeing him breath was the hardest thing that happened to me. We had everything for him: nursery decorated, car seat, stroller… And the day after his birth, a funeral. Don't wish this on anybody. That's why I don't think that wainting to tell really matters. Anything can go wrong at anytime, even after birth.
            Thank you for your kind words! Maybe I'll be lucky like your aunt and have another baby next year!

        • Nicola says:

          I can't imagine how painful that must have been. I'm so sorry for your loss.

    • Kristina says:

      It's pretty common that you wait til after 12 weeks of pregnancy when the worst dangers of miscarriage is over. You only tell your family and close friends. I definitely understand why. Plus, she has no obligation to nobody.

  17. iram1982 says:

    i'm sorry if i'm sounding too old-fashioned, but since they r expecting a baby, isn't the next "natural" progression in life is to get married?

    *I do hope it's healthy and beautiful kid. :)

  18. tammyv says:

    I just realized… Victoria's queen WAG title just was passed along. Shakria must be considered Queen WAG. She is A-List on her own and combined with him blows EVERY other WAG in history out of the water

    Congrats by the way

  19. Monica says:

    I'm so excited for Shakira and Pique's baby!! That will be one gorgeous and beautiful child! If the baby has Pique's eyes, that'll be so beautiful! Ah hell, it'll be beautiful with any eyes, hair, or body type!! Congratulations to my favorite celebrity couple, and may their baby be born healthy and beautiful!!

    Can't wait until pictures of the bubba are released! Ahh!! Pique as a dad!!

  20. abby says:

    OMFG that baby is going to be beautiful! My favorite Barca Player and my Favorite singer having a baby together makes me so happy it should be illegal! LMAO Congrats shaki and pique <3

  21. debsen says:

    There’s a bubba explosion at Barcelona! Messi, Villa, and pique! Congratulations!

  22. Sarah, Madrid says:

    I can't believe Shakira and Pique are having a baby! anyway congratulation

  23. Mrs p says:

    She’s just confirmed it via Facebook

  24. Keah says:

    she just confirmed she was pregnant on Facebook.

  25. Miss_F says:

    It's true! Shakira herself confirmed it on facebook! What a beautiful baby they'll have! :)

  26. IrishBlue says:

    Come on now, that's a bump, and Id be showing it off if I was her.

  27. Donna C says:

    That doesn't make sense though. She's due early next year and I don't see how it will work out when the baby's dad is in a different part of the world. I'd imagine as new parents they'd want to be with their child on the daily.

  28. Chef Di says:

    maybe she's just gained weight from too much out on the town?? And quite possibly while she's on The Voice, she will be sitting down and they can camouflage her belly if she really wants them too, that is if she's in LA now doing the show …

  29. Jane says:

    But do they tape episodes of the voice ahead of time? and Pique would be super-busy with the season anyways. Also where would she have the baby? When Kaka's daughter was born in Brazil, they gave him some time to travel and then was back playing in Madrid a few days later

  30. Fernanda says:

    I find it hard to believe that she would separate her newborn baby from it's father… They'd be half a world away. It just seems like an odd decision, if she is pregnant of course.

  31. tammyv says:

    The Voice makes perfect sense if she is pregnant…

    It is a relatively easy gig with no traveling since everything is shot in LA, exposure to US/world without having to doing a full promo tour because it is shown all over. Most likely if she is pregnant, she would have just given birth so working in a studio with a controlled environment where she can have the baby with her while working

  32. guest says:

    She's not going to be on "The Voice" until next season, so that would mean that she could still have her child (if she's pregnant) before the show starts.

    • anon says:

      But next season is in spring already. and even if she has had her baby, that's a lot of work if you have a newborn and I find it strange she would want the baby and her to be separated from Pique so soon

  33. anon says:

    I was so sure she was between her clothing outfits and Pique's comments but I'm not so sure anymore. I can't imagine she would have signed up for the voice is she is pregnant. That doesn't make any sense. And isn't she supposed to have an album out soon?

  34. tammyv says:

    no, no, we do know… there is no way she is not

  35. hdot says:

    Considering that baggy clothes are not her usual style, neither she or Gerard have denied it (which they usually do with rumors that get out of hand) and her 1st cousin straight up said she was pregnant, I’m going to assume she is and just doesn’t want everyone all up in her private business.