August 19th, 2009

Short Tents: Robin Van Persie

Robin Van Persie. His Shorts. Our Eyes.

Sometimes, in the midst of posting images (like this one of Robin Van Persie in training), we stop and think: we went to college for this?

Then the moment passes and we happily carry on.

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13 Responses to “Short Tents: Robin Van Persie”

  1. Rida says:

    his name is the bomb.. "Rob IN van persie ;) "

  2. Eboue says:

    Is kickette being condescending to rvp?

  3. But Kickettes, think of the joy your spreading to millions.

    What a lucky wife he has.

  4. Genghis says:

    As a guy, I feel strongly that I must correct the misidentification. That is a banana. He will eat it later to replenish the potassium that will be lost from sweating. No guy will admit that is his. It is thin. I remember a classmate who has a thin one. He nearly killed us for calling him a needle d**k, beetle f**ker. Good for us, we were able to get out of the gym shower faster than him.

    I might be the only rose among the thorns here. As we guys beg from the ladies all the time, please be gentle with me. I bruise easily.

  5. rvp says:

    i wanna know what he was thinking about

  6. deb says:

    OOOOOOOOO i say…v v nice,shame they didn't fall down lol mwahhh…

  7. Mariam says:

    this was a nice pick-me-up!! good job kickettes. keep the shorts tents pictures ;)

  8. Dutch says:

    Damn kickette u never fail to amaze me…he's got a lucky wife….and traore's legs are droolicious ;-)

  9. mauritian says:

    What a sexy schlong. His wife is lucky.

  10. i says:

    Im doing a BSc in pervertology with a minor in horn dog

    His wife is lucky i had the biggest smile on my face looking at this pic

  11. Lolinha says:

    You know, with every short tent/manpile/ TTO, you're spreading a little Kickette pixie dust around the world. Bringing moments of joy & amusement to the everyday life of global warming, economic crises, violence, working, studying, crazy old ladies elbowing people in clearance sales, etc. So thanks for that.

    What muscle group is Robin stretching?

  12. aristeia says:

    Good morning!

    Lol, my comment was too short… ironic, I usually write too much.

  13. DaniMrsPepeReina says:

    LOL yes you went to college and learnt how to perv,

    who is it bending over next to RVP and his Short tent ?