July 5th, 2010

Sidewalk Style Off: Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk

Cristiano Ronaldo left Da Silvano restaurant in NYC’s Greenwich Village after having lunch with two women – one being his current WAG. Ronaldo, who is the proud father of a new baby boy, waited until both ladies were inside of a waiting SUV until he exited the restaurant. 5 July 2010. Photo by PacificCoastNews.com via Zimbio.

Cristiano Ronaldo Irina ShaykWe’re not here for more potentially unanswered questions, Kickettes. No, this time, we demand answers.

Well…maybe we do have one nagging issue to resolve: and the baby would be where exactly?

Ok, back to fighting crimes of fashion. Which one-half of this headline-grabbing couple had the better handbag – Ronaldo and his tightly strapped Louis Vuitton fanny pack or Irina and her goes-with-everything nude Chanel shoulder satchel?

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131 Responses to “Sidewalk Style Off: Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk”

  1. Nessa says:

    Ugh Criiis im dyin here!! Honestly.she looks like shes wearing a bright yellow towel and shes just stepped outta the shower..

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  3. lynda says:

    i feel sorry for irina now…

    she doesnt deserve a greaseball like ronaldo…

    and the baby news… i wouldnt be proud!!

    whoever the mother is,, your with a womanizer OHH!!


  4. virginia says:

    I think he is definitely gay. He paid a surrogate to have the kid, paints his toenails, uses lipglosss…..

    He is most definitely GAY andthat chick is his beard

    sorry ladies

  5. l says:


    what do you guys think –
    genuinely decent girl that is getting unfair criticism and really does care about ronaldo and keeping her life private?
    girl who is milking the role of cruelly treated by the media and playing the innocent card/just wanting the attention on here one way or another?
    bit of both?

    • jack says:

      I'll take the second option, because only now came Desmet who were engaged after so long, and if I had not the history of the bay for sure she'd still be talking about who was engaged to him, she lives the image and know that a negative critique would hurt her career because she is a model can even earn well, but is not a supermodel Gisele Bundchen and sort out the campaigns show never came to Irina in a fashion show or magazine cover important type vogue before when she announced on facebook "fake" 'which was engaged and so, for her career was good because she was in the media, now with the baby and the rumors that were not seen as being good for the image and her career still believe she Desmet is a sucker, because it is tired of paparazzi and so on, because he did pose for them, because in one of the pictures she poses with her friend to take the picture for the paparazzi??

  6. jack says:

    Look at this Portuguese newspaper article, it says that Cristiano was in a clinic specializing in surrogacy in Florida last year, allegedly at the clinic where he was paid to have the baby

  7. l says:

    sorry another update:


    from the sister of the player:

    "People might think they know everything about this but they don’t know anything at all yet."

    interesting, could it be possible that the truth behind this is so out there that no one has even though of it yet?!

  8. l says:


    the plot thickens – apparantly the architect who designed ronaldo's house in madrid was asked to add an off room nursery (i'm guessing by knocking through a partition wall to add a door to this new room)

    i don't get why he would spend effect in a nice way like that to provide the best for his child but flies off to ny for 5 days (and counting) almost straight after coming back from the world cup (barely spending time with his child if the baby is in portugal) – it makes zero sense.

    I'm also guessing that if he asked his architect to alter his house floorplan than he would of most likely done so when he bought the house/ moved in (though not necessarily as architects who design the original house are often hired again to design extensions (for original or new owners) for a home as they are the ones who best understand the building – but any adjustments to a home could take up to 6 months+ work depending on the work required) which i think was sept time so he could of known about the pregency from the get go, or very likely much longer than all of us thought – the guy may get an oscar yet ;)

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  10. LaNovena says:

    girls, still anyone here? i have found new pics….

    the guy in no.10 is almost dressed the same :O

    • l says:

      I think the pool ones are from the saturday/sunday visit to soho house.

      Those one's with his brother in law (http://bauergriffinonline.com/2010/07/christiano-ronaldo-gets-camera.php#comments) are from tuesday night in nyc

      If some of his family are now in ny does that mean that the child in still in the us somewhere to get taken back somewhere (though the child is unlikely to be based in nyc as the papps would of spotted something odd) or is this trip now turned from gf holiday to guys only family members summer holiday to somewhere in the us (usa guys summer holidays i think so far miami – 2007, LA – 2008, LA and vegas – 2009, 2010?)

      • l says:

        sorry had a look at those pool picks and he's wearing different shorts in some of them so i guess they are mostly from the 6th and/or 7th july. i'm guessing the gf had a modelling job or something!

      • LaNovena says:

        oh its his brother in law? phew! For a second….

  11. LaNovena says:

    girls, just found new pics. The dress looks great!


    • jack says:

      in the photo her face is ugly, nor is the model of magazine ads (photoshop does a miracle for her) and she seems very happy with her boyfriend epor is said to love completely, and another thing is that it respect the privacy boyfriend because she does pose for photographers and even winks at them? For me she is interested, and facebook fake she published a photo of a magazine that she is the cover of this month, the same agent returned to say that was the official facebook? Only I'm seeing this or Irina is only wanting to promote, because who had spoken before her dating Irina C. Ronaldo?

  12. Trish says:

    Weirdo will never admit he used a surrogate. Better believe it that when he has his next kid it will be under the same suspicious circumstances, he’ll again announce he became a father but will again NOT reveal who the mother(surrogate) is..And again will say that he has “full guardianship” over the child..

    • EvelinaM. says:

      I think the surrogate is unlikely. I mean think about it – would a man who wants a kid from a surrogate be living it up like a playboy with his WAG instead of being with his baby?

      • Trish says:

        There's nothing normal about him so its possible. Just cause he's living the playboy lifestyle does not mean he does not want kids. He could have paid a surrogate to avoid gold digging hoes taking his ass to court to get rich quick, get a free meal ticket. And yes he should be home with his kid instead of partying it up with those paid hoes.

      • Violets says:

        THANK YOU.

        I don’t know how many people here spend a lot of time with mid-twenties aged guys, but I do. Having kids is seriously the farthest thing from their minds.

  13. Kylie says:

    Ok, I have decided that I am going to go on pretending none of this is real. The alleged baby is allegedly in Portugal being cared for by people who are probably much better able to do so than Cristiano. Most celebs have nannies raise their kids, atleast his is with actual family. Often, children who are adopted don’t meet their parents until later on and they generally bond just fine.

    I still stick to what I said earlier, this is NOT the behavior of a man who was so desperate for a baby that he hired a surrogate. This is some bizarre mystery that I don’t think will be solved anytime soon.

    • Lola says:

      Who knows if he'll admit to it, time will tell but maybe his male personal trainer/domestic partner will clear things up as time goes along..

  14. rubyqueen says:

    when all these baby stories first came out i didn’t beleve a word of it.!!then when his sister confirmed it all i finally beleved it.but now i’m seeing pics of him covorting around new york with his hoe i’m not beleving a word of it again.!!:(it’s very bad behiviour from a new father with a new born.!!

  15. jack says:

    trajectory dating Irina and ronaldo
    A-twitter Irina who is single and will spend some days in italy in search of a new love
    fact: Irina paparazzi taking pictures of the boat with Ronaldo, who warned? facebook it is still real
    2-Ronaldo goes to world cup and Irina already talking about marriage, engagement, dress and bla, bla, bla?
    Ronaldo fact around the world cup does not assume the dating, and she is now referred to him as a boyfriend (first I thought people were after brides and dating) but it seems to Irina you first becomes engaged and then you dating. facebook it is still real
    3-Ronaldo has announced that it is the parent (so that he forgot to tell you that Irina did not want to have children with her)
    fact: Irina announces that her boyfriend is the father of a boy-facebook is still real
    Irina makes her little drama (oh he did not tell me anything, etc.) realizing that remained in the background on the news and gossip pages, post their drivel on facebook, now facebook is fake
    4-lap behind and Irina says love Cristiano Ronaldo and that will take care of the child, (because everyone knows that she will want to be the parent who does not know the $ $) now facebook is real
    5-When everyone was chasing Cristiano agent in Europe it was keen to speak to the player were in New York with Irina (if play was even the agent who took the photo of the player and model out of the restaurant).
    Conclusion: there is that facebook is fake and yes Irina, noticed how she always makes a point after the player was seen with her, appearing in the media

  16. toots says:

    How do they communicate, why his English is passable in her video also is not very good, will they use sign language he looks through her body and she for his money?

  17. Pam says:

    Why isnt he home with he home with his surrogate child? Instead he prefers to be out and about with his hoes in NYC. He had a kid just for the sake of saying "I have a kid" but he's not gonna raise it or spend time with it.

  18. toots says:

    The funniest part of this story did that while Irina (self-serving), spoke about marriage in the same faceobok Ronaldo want to be with her son, engagement, dress and bla, bla has no official speaking deny that it was fake and facebook etc. but after the idiot instead of staying quiet and and talked about his son did drama, turned fake facebook for me this is a lie I think she even spoke up without thinking, for the moment but one thing is certain she felt desolate because of son and surrogate motherhood, etc., and spread the news because it not logical that she would now remain in the background, but then thought well into the bank account of Ronaldo back out, and told him I loved him very much and that would help create the son (not that the agent told us it was fake), why people in good and much easier to get a child than a boyfriend Rich. Irina bitch knows that.

  19. toots says:

    This was certainly the worst marketing strategy Cristiano Ronaldo, now he must think everything is cute and funny with your sucker girlfriend, without even connecting to the child because that will take care and talk with the family to let go is not to take dating parenthood, now let’s see how this will reflect in his image, will that nike and etc will continue to sponsor the player? why she wears fake hair? because the image of the boat her hair looked much smaller? and another man paints toe nails? to me now Ronaldo is gay and is the model with just a front? compose other girlfriends because she is very thin so it is like to be a self-serving.

  20. arsenal lova says:

    To be quiet honest, I think that this is all a lie. I mean come on guys. Only last week when Portugal were knocked out of the World Cup, he was seem spitting in the camera and talking bad to the press. This is just a way for him to be FAMOUS again. I was a HUGE fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, but I deffinetly think fame has gone to his head. He thinks he always it, but he actually not!

    Wake up Ronny!

    • l says:

      problem is that he can get away with it – for yrs he’s been involved in some dodgy situations and sometimes his fans are outraged when they first hear the stories and think less of him but within a few hrs and days they are all excusing his behavior and making out that he’s acted in a perfect manner/the sun shines from him. Problem is people in this world who are physically attractive and possess a desirable talent can get away with hypothetical murder and act in a undesirable way.

      It’s ronaldo’s choice of how he lives his life and most people will only care how well he plays on the field and not how he carries out his private life and perhaps we have no right to judge him like many of us have – but it still doesn’t shake the feeling that as this story keeps on developing that he is getting to a point where some of his actions off the field can be turned by a blind eye and forgotton/excused/ even praised. Humans lose their way sometimes, that’s unstandable, but surely some choices should be human instinct/common sense for the majority of us? – unwritten rules for certain situations?

  21. l says:

    me again – those portuguese media sources who claim that he is back in portugal are wrong for now as he was seem shopping in nyc:


    look like the 2 wk holiday mentioned on the guestofaguest article was correct.

    do you think the child is in portugal, or still locked in paperwork in the us (which is why he's there prehaps, or prehaps even that there may not be a child at all (unlikely but anything is possible with this imo)

  22. Kylie says:

    No one who goes to the trouble of hiring a surrogate would then leave the baby with their family and go on vacation with friends/gf. It doesn't make any sense! This is not a man who would go out of his way to have a baby with a stranger and then give it to his mother to raise. It's a ridiculous theory. Maybe even he didn't want the baby but had it with some skank and neither of them wanted it so his mom said she would take it and raise it. WE DON'T KNOW and probably never will. All this speculation is making my head hurt and it's a waste of time b/c until HE speaks the truth from his own mouth, (Which it seems like he won't) we're just going to remain in the dark.

    • toots says:

      I do not think the child is an adventure that he did get caught by surprise because and only stop to think the mother would earn much but getting the drinks, because Ronaldo would have to pay pension until child be of age and only stop to think, and no judge would take his mother's baby, at least not right now since he has one month and child, and just think the mother would earn much more staying with the child if the interest is money, I still believe in surrogacy.

  23. Homeskillet17 says:

    OH MY!!!! He has awful dress sense! awful awful awful! AWFUL! there’s no other way to describe it! lol. but i love Chanel! i want a Chanel handbag so badly!

  24. Ana;) says:

    Erghh Cris has the worst fashion sense!! I like Irina’s Chanel bag, but the rest of her outfit looks horrendous! She looks like she’s wearing a yellow towel!

  25. Lila says:

    people i’m truly starting to believe there is NO son…he knows this news would shock everyone and all eyes will be on him,so why would he show himself lunching and sunbathing in newyork with his girlfriend while baby is in portugal,this image would be damaging to him showing that he doesn’t care about baby a women is more important to him. I believe this is to take the negative publicity off of him for his very poor performance in world cup,soon someone from his team will come out to say his accounts have been hacked not true no baby…thankyou!

    • l says:

      i think all this would create more negative publicity than a bad wc tbh. Unless the child is in the US and not in portugal and he’s hanging around in ny/miami over the next couple of weeks whilst the paper work is finalised so he can be at hand and be their to take the child home (unlikely but his family has already said some untruths that we know of) than photo’s like these are eventually going to do permanent damage to his image and i can’t imagine that people like real madrid, nike, etc… are the happiest right now (surely they would of congratulated him on their websites if they were happy about the situation by now)

      this is so out there now that nothing can get ruled out – any conspiracy theory could have some truth in it!

    • Bria says:

      Imo there is a kid. However, I somehow don't believe it is in Portugal or America. I think it is in Madrid and he is actually sorting stuff out legally while on vacation with his Big Bird (dress looks hideous on her…..shudder). A voice in my head keeps telling me that his ppl are trying to hide something and if it comes out, things could get very messy indeed. I still don't believe that it's a Ricky Martin style surrogate. I think she was thinking of getting rid of the baby and he paid her to keep it, on advice from his mother, turning her into a surrogate. But my heart and brain is telling me that the mother is between the ages of 16-20 and not a 40 year old surrogate as some sites are saying, and she is just so young that she can't see herself being able to handle being known as CR9's baby momma. THEN AGAIN…….I could be wrong about all of the above since my brain is like scramble eggs trying to understand and keep up with this story!!! Must admit that it is as good as any book I've read or any soap opera I've watched. :)

      • l says:

        I think the sun has hit the nail on the head with their big story this morning (it was my first gut feeling on this when i first read his facebook page):


        i know it is the sun but this explains everything and probably correctly reads between the lines of the statement on saturday night.

        I won't post my thoughts on this (in a long rant) till tomorrow as i'm tired and kickette may start a new topic but i think he obviously values his commercial image value and rep more than anywhere else and will go to any lengths to make himself look good (the perfect product within football and beyond) and not have to suffer the consequences for any mistakes that he makes within life (everyone makes mistakes but you learn from them, not cover them up and pretend that you did nothing wrong – how can a person grow and move forward in a positive direction that way?)

        Whatever happened to that sweet teenager who held his mothers hand to cross the road when he first came to manchester? yes he has matured positively in some areas of his life but in other area's he has changed into someone unrecognizable, and not in a good way. I hope he takes a step back and looks over things and how he can improve his life for the future but looking at all the stories and pictures that have come out over the last few days it is clear that he has not learnt a thing from any of the shocks that he has experienced in the last few years (not just this). i hope something or someone opens his eyes and clears the sleep out of them because though may opinion of him alters daily, i do find myself feeling sadness and fear for his present and future – it's human nature not to see anyone potentially go down a slippy path that you can't make your way back from (not saying he will neccessarily but i would not rule it out happening to him)

        sorry that that was a little dramatic – got strong feelings/opinions on this subject area (not just the subject area for him!)

  26. barca says:

    i have dis funny feeling that cristiano is goin to come out of his closet soon like wats up with the clothes

  27. mimi says:

    It is all good and well having a rich father but no amount of money in this world will ever replace the love of a mother and that feeling of inadequate that child will carry into adulthood. He will grow up seeing his friends with moms and wondering where is mine? It’s not like CR can lie to the little boy because he's famous and the boy will read all about it sooner or later.This is the ultimate show of selfishness in my opinion. His mother Dolores is going to be left holding that baby. He has only been with Irina like a minute so she isn’t exactly mother material. I am actually going off him now. Just because you have money and can have what you want doesn’t mean you should put a child through that. It isn’t fair. His mother /the baby's grandmother and his sisters will never be mother to that baby. And he can’t keep introducing all.his hoes to the baby to call mom. Any girlfriend of the minute he has is going to be put in front of that baby as mommy! That is very confusing and will psychologically fuck up a child! For life! He seems very immature and spoilt to be able to raise a baby, no matter how much support and money he has. That poor baby. As much as his intentions to have a kid may have been sincere in the beginning, he really didn’t think it through.Having a baby as a couple is hard enough with all the money in the world. Being a parent is the most difficult job in the world and it just feels like with the kind of family he comes from, he would have had a better understanding of what family is. Smdh!!!!!!!I am very very disappointed in him. But I am nobody to him so hey.if i were a family members of his i would’ve told him like it is. Seriously!

  28. elnino says:

    Those. Trainers. Are. Hideous.

  29. Adriana Valentino says:

    I am so sick of the way the media esp. British media keep referring to this as a surrogate birth. It makes it sound as if it was some pre-planned test tube thing which I highly doubt, and yet so many people are quick to believe it like he paid same random woman to have a baby because he felt like having one, like some kind of pet.

    I think he obviously had some kind of a fling when he was in the U.S, she didn’t want to have the baby so he stepped up and paid her a huge amount of money to keep the baby. Why the woman didn’t want to keep the child, who knows? Perhaps she is just a gold-digging, cold calculating ho? Or maybe she was married and wanted to avoid scandal?

    Either way CR did an honourable thing – most footballers pay women to have abortions, not pay them to keep the baby. But being the decent guy he is, he took responsibility for his son even though I’m sure it wasn’t his dream scenario – when he ever pictured having kids I’m sure it wasn’t like this.
    I rate him even more for this, it can’t have been easy knowing how much scandal this would create but he did the right thing by his flesh and blood and proved what a real man he is by not turning his back on his child.
    That to me is the mark of a real man.

    I just feel so bad for the baby, he will be loved by Cristiano and his family for sure, but to have been willingly abandoned by his mother and having to grow up without one will be so hard.
    Being a single parent is the toughest job in the whole world, no matter how much money or family help you have. I really hope CR ends up with someone really nice who will be a true mother to that baby and a supportive partner to him because he will need it.
    When kids grow up you miss having someone to share their first words, steps etc with and it will be so nice for him to build a real family unit with someone genuine.

    Unfortunately I really feel Irina is not that person. She comes across as fame hungry, superficial and shallow, and he obviosuly is not that enamoured with her if he didn’t even tell her about the baby.
    It says a lot about their ‘relationship’ and to be honest the pics of them on the yacht said it all.
    Maybe he met up with her to tell her face to face about it all as he felt he owed her that much? He got slated for ending things with nereida by text, so maybe he’s trying to be more mature this time? Who knows.
    Either way, good luck Cristiano and baby x

    • Violets says:

      Well said, and I totally agree. CR just signed up for the most difficult job in the entire world. I hope that he's up for it.

      I also really doubt that it's a surrogate. I think that the media needs to hang out with more guys in their mid-20s, because if they did, the idea of a surrogate would not even seem like a possibility–I have a lot of friends CRon's age, and having a baby, let alone paying a surrogate mother, is the farthest thing from their minds. Based on his lifestyle, I think that the most likely thing is that he accidentally knocked the girl up, she wasn't in a position to take care of the baby, and he decided to take it.

  30. G says:

    My theory is that he’s arranging some legal things about custody and just making the most of it by having Irina there. The baby is probably with his family. Btw what’s up whit his sneakers???

  31. Lila says:

    OMG! Ladies check out Ronnie at guestofaguest.com sitting with Irina and her sister at soho house rooftop… he has black nailpolish on his toes!!!


  32. um yeah says:

    Wow, just after giving him a pat on the back for being a stand up dad, he turns around and jets off to NY to f*ck some chick……wow, that’s all I got.

    The surrogate rumors are definitely dead now. He’s still a hoe. No way he wanted a baby.

  33. toots says:

    Sincerely Cristiano Ronaldo is proving a good parent, let the son of 1month with his mother and sister for a walk with his girlfriend? Ny were the same as to solve the paperwork and took the opportunity to be with his girlfriend, after scandal should not be walking with her helicopter showing off instead of staying with the child? Irina That to me is nothing more than a sucker, because it was a decent woman would support it needs and encourages caution you now, but she is interested in but it appears and helps him to spend Money, and honestly can aperece but 20 children of tomorrow and Irina Ronaldo will be with him, because it is not fool and is behind the fame of it, for me it sucks and then comes with a history of caring for the baby as a mother and so on, hehe another account. aho faciil but she look after Cristiano Ronaldo's money than his son.

  34. tammyv says:

    C-Ron is in NYC because C-Ron comes to American on summer vacay… Always has probably always will.. Hence, baby momma being American (either way baby was created)

    Kickette, baby is where baby will always be with grandma…

    • l says:

      i just read the last article i posted (guestofaguest one):

      “GofaG even manged some talking time to find out when he flew in (“Yesterday”) and how long he was here for (“Two weeks”). He is in NYC for another week, then off to Miami. Wonder if he will bring home a bouncing bundle of future hotness on his return flight back to Portugal?”

      seriously, what the hell!

      • tammyv says:

        After that he goes to LA for Madrid Training… They play the Galaxy on Aug 7

        • L says:

          i thought the team was meeting up in madrid earlier? or is cris joining them on the tour from LA?

          • tammyv says:

            I don’t know but he is heading to LA soon… He might fly to Madrid hook-up and fly out or just meet them in LA

            • lalalala says:

              the internationals have vacation till August 8th, so he won't be joining them

  35. l says:

    The website accidental sexiness has got exclusives of ronaldo with firends(?) holidaying next to a pool in ny (i think that's irina on the sunlounger) don't know whether photo's were taken today gmt time, yesterday or earlier – sounds like if their was a serious chat it happened days earlier (i'm guessing she already knew for a while though imo)


    • Maria K says:

      http://www.lux.iol.pt/moda-e-social/irina-shayk-c… didn't her agent say that her FB profile is FAKE? =/

      • L says:

        yup, her PR confirmed it was fake.

      • l says:

        i don’t think the nyp mentioned the facebook posts:

        anyway us magazine have there own spin on his trip to nyc:

        perhaps i am being too judgemental but from what i’ve read so far he is not really acting like a single father of a newborn (or it’s bad acting) – sounds like he’s still doing the international playboy thing. some may think all this is fine and good that he seems to be getting irina buttered up for the step mother role (and that she is fine with it) but a parent should first get to grips with being a parent – if that means slowing a relationship down or taking a temp break from it then so be it (esp if irina has only been in his life for 2-3 months – surely it’s best for him, her and the child if they at least take a short break and introduce her to the baby slowly and after he’s got to grips with the whole thing – they seem to be acting slightly like students on spring break (abet not so much questionable activity) and even if irina would make a good step mum, then now is not the right time for a relationship to get too serious, last thing you want is the child to get attached and the relationship ends like all his previous ones – there’s a reason way a lot of newly single parents do not get themselves into a relationship that could be serious and for some time after the birth, so they can concentrate solely on the child) – sorry if that sounds critical, prehaps i am too critical of irina as i have never thought her intentions were good but i don’t know why she’d want to get between/detract attention from a newborn and it’s father! – but that’s me!

        • Amanda says:

          you type A LOT. O_O

          • l says:

            too much free time – plus typing/posting is a good way to vent ideas/frustrations out and prompt other people around the net for their opnions on things!

        • L says:

          and i dunno, i just don’t think irina’s that excited and willing to be a stepmother. her modeling career is still in pretty early stages and she could go far! i hope that when cris settles down, he settles down with someone more ‘normal’ and from the same culture.

  36. jade says:

    well i hope its all some weird joke…cause were all confused here…
    and yeah Irina Shayk…not the dress not the bag not anything is nice on you…she doesnt suit him… i dont think there relashionship is gonna last shes just like the other ones…ronaldo needs a proper lady that can take care of hes house him and hes baby not some model!
    what you guys think?
    and ronaldo looks upset there maybe they had some fight???

  37. Merit says:

    Ronaldo was a new lust find to me, and this weekend's news kind of blew my mind. I can honestly say that my attraction to him has already waned. He has a baby, and then flies off to NYC to hang out with a girl he's been dating for two months? Talk about skewed priorities. Until Cristiano understands that he will never have an authentic relationship with people whose very job is to be famous or photographed, that child is doomed.

    Irina looks like an excellent role model. I can't ever remember a time when my friends were biting my ass in public for pictures. She may be a model (let's cool that "supermodel" talk), but girlfriend has no style. None. First the ugly cat suit, and now this? The dress just does not fit her. It looks like the only cleavage she's got is the lump above the chest band on that thing. Terrible. Also, the bag doesn't match, honey. I know it's nude, and it should go with everything, but it doesn't. I get that Europeans have a different sense of what's hot, but in Cristiano's case, I'm just going to pretend I didn't see that garbage.

    I need to get back to my happy place. Someone hand me a half-nude pic of Iker Casillas, please.

  38. shay says:

    I am sure he is in the states to finalize sole legal custody of the child. He would have to do that after the birth so he probably had no choice but to make a trip to the states.

  39. Arlene Chase says:

    Chris gay? Naw can not be

  40. Amanda says:

    I just hope it's not surrogate. Cuz let's face it, that just means he's scared of vaginas.

    • shay says:

      Maybe he just did not want to pay someone 10 million dollars to be the mother of his child. Let’s face it, with the kind of girls that he likes to date the child’s name would have been meal ticket!

  41. Eebza says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Irina looks gorgeous? It’s low key… summer chill vibes. I’m loving it… her bag ain’t bad either…
    But C-ron… those jeans? really? and what is on his feet? he’s just not doing it for me anymore. there are plenty of sexy dads out there… learn from the likes of beckham and villa…

  42. JogaBonito says:

    Christiano. But I may have just picked the person I’d like to bang… What bag?

  43. Maria K says:

    Oh God i’m starting to get pissed off from this whole story i don’t know what to believe now i’m totaly lost & to be honest i’m starting to hate CR what kind of father let his newborn son alone to go to have fun with his GF who lives so FAR AWAY that sucks =/

  44. MissAnthrope says:

    From now on Ronaldo is the Micheal Jackson of the sports world.

  45. Pam says:

    Its easy for him to have a child when others are the ones taking care of it..He has enough money to buy 20 of them and will have other people raise them..Look now, the kid is less than a month old instead of being with him he prefers to jet of to NYC with his hoes..

  46. Miss D says:

    Who the hell leaves their new born baby to be with their 2 onth girlfriend who lives half way around the world?

  47. Maria K says:

    http://cristianoronaldofan.net/strange-facts-behi… !! there is something strange going on but i don't think that they would go that far in trying to rescue his reputation =/

    • l says:

      It all started with that ‘exclusive guardianship’ quote – shared or sole (with paternal benefits) for the birth mother and i think most people would have it down as an unexpected result of a ons/short term relationship which happens to many of people and just unfortunate and people would still praise him for taking an interest/manning up and going over for a few days to see your gf would be more understandable.

      One or 2 here have suggested that he is just in ny to divert attention away from the child – but the paps are apparantly camped out outside of the home in which his family is taking care of the child and catching him in ny in a situation that doesn’t look great (esp as his sister has seemed to of lied to where he was the last few days). there are more than enough paps/media in the world to put both father and son on red alert (it’s like spliting 1 mil paps in to 2 sets of 500,000 – the expose is still extreme and doesn’t feel like less because of the huge amount to start off with) plus he’d have to go back to the location to pick up your child at some point – now the media knows both of the locations he is just putting off the chaos and perhaps even making it worse as the papps have time to organise their armys.

      My gut feeling is that this is and never was a straight forward result of a ons/fling which would be pretty straightforward to deal with as accidents happen and it wouldn’t be so essential to hide it as footballers probably get caught out with this sort of thing all the time. With everything that is out on this so far, perhaps the press are winding themselves up, but i have a nasty feeling that their is a bigger scandal to all this that no one is talking about or found out about yet and this initial shock is just the tip of the iceburg!

  48. Olga says:

    Yeah i was wondering who this other woman was too…

  49. sarrible says:

    Oh my WORD, ladies. Da Silvano is one single block from my apartment. And I was stuck on a bus on the highway all day!

    But I must set the rumors to rest: I am not the baby mama. Sorry.

  50. Violets says:

    Er…that dress of hers is making me wonder who, exactly, had the baby. However, I’m experiencing some Chanel bag envy at the moment. Much better than the Murse–isn’t that supposed to be more of a messenger bag thing, not that tightly strapped?

    I wonder if he flew there to beg for forgiveness? Hopefully he goes right back to his kid…

    • l says:

      his bag is more my style if it was in plainer colours!

      let me see if i got my maths right on the last wks timeline (all in GMT estimates):
      - thurs 1st july morning – back in portugal from the world cup
      - lunchtime sat 3rd july – starts 10(?)hr plane trip from portugal to ny area
      - late evening sat 3rd july – arrived at the smaller ny area airport (according to some fans)
      - a few hrs later – baby story breaks
      - evening mon 5th july (lunchtime ny time?) – spotted with gf

      i don’t know how much irina knew about the whole baby thing as i’m sure she could of gone to him if she knew, but those photo’s suggests that he has spent more time in the us with her than spending time in portugal for the 1st time with his newborn. Unless his family has fibbed again (wasn’t he meant to be seeing to business in madrid for the last few days according to his sister?!) and the child is not in portugal, these photo’s don’t suggest the greatest things really (irina not helping her argument on being a nice decent girl who isn’t using her superstar footballer in any way either – just my thoughts!)

      • beri says:

        well said…

        • l says:


          OT but no one has actually mentioned how real madrid feel about all this as they sound as much out of the loop as we are – kind of ironic that one of the big reasons why they bought him was for his public image which is put kindly being brought to the foreground esp in the last wk – paris&kim, las vega, the car window, rafa (aka the 'virgin'), naya (aka 'pizza girl'), 2 red cards, the injury, no titles won, maria jose pregnancy rumors, irina (that may be a little mean), not great at the wc and now all this? – bad karma for rm perhaps? – manchester united might be feeling a little better about selling before the last 13 months happen – you know how saf hates his players in controversy (i love that dude sometimes so much!)

      • Ella says:

        I love how much thought you’re putting into this! My brain is turning to mush trying to understand it all! LOL! I have a feeling the baby might not be in Portugal and maybe they’re saying that to throw off paparazzi. I also think that the mother being out of the picture is also possibly not true for the same reason.

        P.S. I’d take Irina’s bag over his every time. :)

        • l says:

          what can i say, i like (trying to solve) mysteries and puzzles – but this whole thing and all it’s “developments” are getting more flabbergasting (hope that’s the right word) by the hr

          i’ve always been a jeans and t shirt girl – probably why i prefer messenger type bags :)

      • Violets says:

        Yeah, I agree.

        I wouldn't be surprised if the baby isn't in Portugal, though. Tabloids, even when quoting directly from the family, don't exactly have the best record of telling the truth. I hope for the kid's sake that they're wrong, at least…

  51. Ella says:

    Well now we’ll know why he has a bag, it’s a DIAPER BAG! God, I wish I could rewind and go back to Friday before all this weirdness, back to a simpler time when my head didn’t want to explode trying to make sense of all this baby-mama-drama! LOL!

  52. Carolina says:

    I think that Irina’s bag is better.
    Honestly, I’m starting to think that Cris is gay :(

  53. Lisa says:

    oh C-ron tsk tsk I am so ready to cut you some slack but then you go and pull this crap? *sigh* I guess time will tell what kind of father you will be but early signs are not looking good ladies. I always thought no matter how big a douchebag some guys may be, as soon as their child is born (especially sons) they'd want to spend every single moment by their childs side. At least for the first month. Look he obviously wants to be a good dad but he is totally going about it the wrong way. The first thing he needs to do is cut out all the trashy women in his life, starting with this bedsheet-wearing Lindsay Lohan lookalike. To answer you question Kickette, C-Ron had the better handbag. I'm guessing that he paid for both his and hers.

  54. Miss D says:

    The two girls at the restaurant are Irina and her sister

    He is definitely in New York and his baby is in Portugal with his mom

  55. mena says:

    I'm not too upset that Cristiano is in NYC while his baby is supposedly in Portugal. It's not ideal, but these are highly unusual circumstances. Cristiano was able to protect his baby son through pregnancy, birth and as long as he could, but now that the story is out, Cristiano has to know that they are both huge paparazzi targets. So, if Cristiano has to stay away from his son to keep the papz away from his son, then that's fine by me.

  56. beri says:

    Way to go CR! Leave your newborn to go hang with Irina in NYC. Yup….Dolly is definitley raising that kid! Sigh…my respect for him continues to diminish…

  57. l says:

    OT, but this is really funny (good advice for ronaldo, though he'll probably do the complete opposite):


    and yes that dress is horrible, she needs something to create curves as her figure is a bit boyish/straight up and down

  58. imhereforthenando says:

    I am usually not one to comment on women's fashion here, but I have to say something. Irina, your dress looks like a tarp. Please, no.

    And as for you, C Ron, fanny packs are reserved for children in the nineties and old people on vacation. Seeing as you are neither, you need to ditch it asap.

  59. SunnyK says:

    Oooooh, girl. That dress is not doing your chestal area any favors.

  60. EternalDreamer says:

    Um, yeah, aside from where's the baby, where's the pic of the second lady friend and is she the baby mama? This is weird and an oddly entertaining distraction from the lack of World Cup action! Also, did the WAG (can't remember her name) lose her luggage and decide to use a sheet as dress?

  61. Pam says:

    Why would he choose to have a child, the child is barely a month old and Ronaldo is already off to NYC to screw other hoes..shouldnt he be his with new baby instead..yeah this shows he much he cares..

  62. zztop says:

    safe to say the child will be raised by his mother. Probably for the best. And not so unusual.

  63. Lila says:

    See this proves what i was saying earlier…he is in newyork visiting his lady instead of portugal bonding with his new son…what new father leaves his son after a few days…this really upsets me!

    • l says:

      it’s official – his pr all have the same malaria bug that cheryl cole (ps, get well soon)!
      seriously, what on earth is going on at their offices?!

  64. Jasmine says:

    I agree. With all of these tabloids and newspapers saying different things, I don't know what to believe anymore. Ronaldo's in Portugal, he's in New Jersey, he's in New York, the baby is in Portugal, the baby is in the US, the baby is with Ronaldo's parents. I'm not even sure if there is a baby anymore. I'm just going to wait until Ronaldo says something himself or there are pictures.

  65. Lola says:

    He doesnt need to admit that he's gay, his questionable behavior speaks for itself..If he just announced to the world that he became a father then its not the smartest thing to quicky jet off to the other side of the world with his bimbos.

  66. Lola says:

    The kid is in Portugal whith his family(Kickette reported on that earlier). He has no business in NY than pretending to be a Playboy. He should stop pretending to date those models and just come out of the closet already. And get back home to his newborn which would be his #1 priority when you become a parent.

  67. Kylie says:

    What gay guy sleeps with this many women?? Can you think of one?

  68. Lola says:

    One who is trying to cover up the fact that he’s gay. Its been done before where high profile men have sex with women to cover up that they’re gay.

  69. l says:

    i’m not going to type a lot as i’ve been criticized for coming off as judgemental on some of my comments.

    but no way has this ever been a surrogate situation – that would mean that the child has been planned and he and his family knew about it for the whole 9 months. And also it is only the us who think that he’s gay after that rumor, english papers like the mail and sun on their sites have their readers praising ronaldo for cutting out the middle man and the chance that the mother is of a very questionable nature and will sell their story as he could of hired a surrogate that wouldn’t put him in any scandal and check their background before making the leap. If he was in his 30′s, couldn’t get a long term partner because of his job and wanted a child than a surrogate would be an excellent idea from him and i don’t think he would of hid it from people for more than 3-5 months.

    The only reason that i can think of of anyone keeping something like this quiet from almost everyone, and not just the media is if he was embarassed about how the whole situation come about (no the child obviously) and didn’t want to say anything until he was covered by all neccessary legal stuff so only to experience an initial controversy but no scandals (such as the mother selling a career damaging story). Him and his legal team said what they had to in the facebook statement – providing an edited version of the truth so that to put a positive spin on the controversy so only to experience an image knock at worse, not a full blow up. Though i think the sun’s story has got basic outline of the story correct him and his management have obviously worked very hard to keep the mother out of the picture permanently and always keep theories as speculation – one of the media was always going to find out the basic details to this and get their story without having to make the mothers name public (they’d get sued anyway). A story like the sun’s if ok for people to read if it is just one of their theories, if ronaldo confirmed it though than it be bad for his image as it beats the objection of keeping this hush hush – this type of truth would only be seen as bad if he admitted it, as proven as no comments that i’ve read find that story bad and understand it, i don’t think people would be so forgiving if it came from his mouth (for eg… if a footballer has an affair than if a paper like the sun reported it a large majority would put it down to the sun being gossipers (unless something like the john terry case happened) and untrue even if true and people would forget after a while and that player would get away with it even if the truth was revealed.

    The child either is already in portugal by the sounds of things or miami (that is where CmD say the birth mum is from today and that pool photo article say that he is going down to miami next week so perhaps final legal work is going through and he is picking up his child at the end of his fortnight holiday. I’m not so sure that the birth mum was a ons as unless ronaldo is a huge judger/hypocrite and the suggestion that that mum was not someone who he would want to settle down with because they were unsuitable and a ‘party girl’ he must of known her for a while (met her at least 2-3 times) to come up with that judgement than come to that conclusion after one night (even a lot of stand up decent girls let their hair down once in a while – doesn’t mean they have a party girl personality – just bad timing in first impressions, the other 99% of the time she could be someone who works hard in a normal job and spends 99% of their free time watching films at home, reading books etc…). obviously i can’t tell for sure, someone who was a friend with benefits (someone who he could fly in/go and see when he felt like it so to avoid the small talk of pulling in a club all the time) could be likely – someone who is good enough to have sex with but not settle down with (guys that i know always say that their are girls that you sleep with and girls that you settle down with and have a family – totally separate from (a lot of people only sleep with people that they wouldn’t be too upset with having a child with to withstrict a difficult situation but many people don’t even think about getting caught out with getting/becoming pregnant with someone unsuitable until it happens, naivety/ignorance really – which i think is what someone like him does, only has relationships with girls he’d want to settle down with but if he wants some using a ons type girl as he gets the quick fix and they are easier to get rid of and harder to hurt (there’s a reason why you hardly ever have sympathy for kiss n tell type girls) if the mother is where thay say she’s from than i have a feeling that we may of already read about the mother before all this (giving ronaldo stout/reason towards paying her off if it is who i think it could be). it doesn’t make paying off her loads right as he is still depriving a child from it’s birth mum (which unless a judge rules her as mental unstable and unsuitable can never be excused as right or in the child’s best interest) however if the above is the case then it is at least understandable at his point of view.

    however i don’t think that spending longer than a day (perhaps 2) away from a newborn (esp if you are their only parent) can ever be justified and no matter where this child is located you can not justify spending a week away from it out of choice (missing the child’s first 2 wks was due to his job which is understandable but if the child is in portugal than he has only spent around 48hrs with him in what sound like the whole of its 1st month or so of life, and if still in miami it sounds like he would not even met the child till almost his 4th wk of life) i know that the child won’t remember his first yrs of life but it is a well known fact that babies form the basics of their lifelong parental bonds in their first 3 months of life and with pre season in the us, etc… wc, and this probable holiday he is missing at least around half of that vital period, not just doing the child a disservice but also himself.

    he is obviously in the us to be with his gf (perhap make things better) whom i personally think that she should be giving him time with his child or at least spending time with him where he wasn’t far from the baby, which makes me wonder if his family don’t like irina and would rather he was aboard with her and away from the baby than joining in with the celebrations with the rest of the family. Though i don’t know how long ronaldo himself has know about this (depends on what the mothers motives was, anytime from the 2nd trimeter i’d imagine – though if rumors are true from madrid that he was leaving the playboy lifestyle still until near the end of the season than i’d guess he found out from early april onwards) i wouldn’t be surprised that he found out before he got together with irina and this relationship may of been set up by his management as putting in early foundations of a clean up job for all this (it is going now to look much worse him still acting like a playboy when he has a child to take care of than when he was a young man with no real responsibilities like a wife or kid as lots of guys/girls do so when they are young and don’t have other things to worry about, it’s accepted behaviour then – it is going to help him now in pr terms if he is seen in some sort of a serious relationship from now on in PR terms and cut out the number of true kiss and tell stories that would do more damage to him now he has a child and in a footballers world, models, esp victoria secret type ones seem to be the jackpot, not just for him but also his pr. I don’t know how long irina has known but it’s likely she may only have been a few hrs ahead of the rest of us. I know that many think that irina is a nice decent girl that will never do anything questionable but i get the impression that she is not dissimilar to the nereida types but because she’s got a legit job and is intelligient enough to keep quiet (as i don’t believe she needs to blab to take advantage of this relationship) and no matter how questionable she is, as long as she keeps her mouth shut (at least in the initial stages) then she is making both herself and ronaldo appear to look good. But ironically a lot of models are known as ‘party girls’ and i don’t think she is any exception (prehaps not the ‘life of the party’ but best friends with one) i wouldn’t be surprized if she was similar to the mother but because of her job and how she has to present herself publically because of it she is seen as better by everyone. I find it a odd move that he is not even trying to hide the relationship like he has done with his past relationships (he split up with nereida partly as she gave up their holiday location to the papps and has said in the past that he wants to keep gf away from the media pressure and now he is not even bothering to hide at a time that him being in ny could be viewed as negative) – it just sounds like pr and public image is playing a part. no matter when she found out, even if she does love him (which i don’t think very possible in a very long distance relationship) she is now the one who has the least baggage and scandal and will therefore look the better than the 2 and more believable – the last thing he will want is her breaking up with him because of this and talk to the media about how he ‘betrayed’ her trust (we’ve already seen the chaos with the fake facebook – official magazine interviews would do massive damage) – she’s got the upper (morality) hand in their relationship now and they both know it and considering how much time he seems to be spending with her in the situation she’s already started using it (to me making her look very dislikable) – i don’t think he will break up with her unless she does something really bad and make them ‘even’ or give him back the ‘upper hand’ so expect the perfect step mum stories over the next yr.

    Though people have criticized to PR in all this i think they have been much cleverer than we give them credit for as people in a few months will only remember this as ronaldo becoming a father in an unplanned son, which will be evened out in a image friendly way of taking on the responsibility of being a single parent. no one will ever remember the rest. Though i’d imagine that his personal life will be even more under a microscope than before to catch him out and respin this story again at a later date. Him and his PR are going to have to be much smarter and careful from now on. i just wish ronaldo luck in this new stage of his life and hopes he makes the best success possible with everything in his life and future from now on

    lastly please note that the above is just a personal opinion and i only mean to put forward my thoughts, not be judgemental so i am sorry if offend but everyone has the right of free speech (we just need to be thoughtful of that right) – sorry about the length again

  70. Gunner Girl says:

    Wateva! I still agree with you arsenal lova! Plus i love arsenal too