March 14th, 2011

Sirius Bizniz: Marseille’s Brandão Accused of Rape

Olympique Marseille L'OM footballer

Image: EQ.

We live in dangerous times, Kickettes. In today’s world, snark plus sirius bizniz can be a minefield. Our infamous office might be packed with women experienced in the arts of explosive management and/or removing stubborn mudstains from cotton mix, but even we know that when bad news breaks, waiting until the full story/truth/both sides are revealed is the only way to avoid the backspray.

Today, we aim to test this theory to it’s limits by examining the unhappy case of Olympique de Marseille footballer, Brandão (full name Evaeverson Lemos da Silva), and his recent indictment.

Last Tuesday, the 30-year-old Brazilian player was arrested at his home after a 23-year-old female accused him of  having ‘raped her in his car’ at a motorway rest stop some days prior.  According to conflicting reports, the pair either spent the entire evening of 2nd March together at a night club in Aix-en-Provence before departing in tandem or Brandão was merely being a good Samaritan by offering to give the stranded stranger a lift home.

Events since then have been hectic, to say the least.

So we can help us sort fact from fiction for you, humour us by reading our surprisingly user-friendly bulleted list story synopsis thing. At least one element of this post is consistent.

Weekend of 4 – 6 March

- Although the alleged victim claimed that the incident in question occurred on 2 March, she hesitated on undergoing a medical examination for a few days. She explained to investigators that she didn’t think her version of events would be taken seriously, and therefore, was wary of coming forward.

Tuesday, 8 March

- Brandão was formally arrested at his home during the early morning hours and detained on suspicion of sexually assaulting the woman.

Wednesday, 9 March

- Well, whatever was discussed during routine probing was apparently enough to extend the Brazilian striker’s stay with authorities for a second day. An investigating judge eventually filed preliminary charges of rape against him before B. was released on bail. Under judicial supervision. Whatever that means.

- How’s a guy supposed to find a way home after barely seeing the light of day for 48 hours? By way of OM’s Sporting Director in a luxury SUV, that’s how.

- Piggybacking off the player’s release from custody, his lawyer (at left) disputed the girl’s claims by telling Reuters that yes, the two had sex, but “not in the conditions she describes…To him, this intercourse had nothing abnormal because she agreed to it.”

Image: AFP.

Thursday, 10 March

- Onto to Thursday, which proved to be a busier day than usual.

- First, murmurs and false reports about the alleged victim supposedly withdrawing her complaint surfaced -  something the woman’s lawyer, Olivier Grimaldi, adamantly denied to AFP: “She was shocked to hear that she had withdrawn her accusation”.

- Grimaldi then revealed a relatively new piece of this perplexing puzzle: “She lodged a civil action this morning. She considers herself to be the victim of rape.” Her action was a “way of assuming her capacity as a victim judicially”.

- Two words of caution: all of the charges B. faces are, to-date, pending until further legal notice. The prosecution must now assemble a dossier of evidence to present to the presiding justice. From there, he/she will have three months to rule on which type of criminal complaint B. will face during a jury trial (for sexual assault or rape – the latter carries a punishment of up to 15 years in prison). Either way, this case is currently on track to see the inside of a French courtroom in the distant future.

- Elsewhere, reactions from his squad’s manager and higher-up decision makers were abound. Olympique Marseille club president, Jean-Claude Dassier, was especially critical of the player’s unprofessional behaviour: “What shocks me especially is that it was five or six o’clock in the morning of March 2, four days before Lille v Marseille and a training day…”.

Image: AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau, 23rd of February.

- Shall we pause to recall how Marseille lost 2-1 at home to Ligue 1 leaders Lille on 6th March?

- At some point during this confusing timeline, the footballer had a face-to-face sitdown with the Marseille’s head honchos, including J-C.D., where B. requested a week reprieve from his professional duties in order to spend time with his family in Brazil.

Friday 11 March

- If you’ve been keeping up with this story then you won’t be shocked to hear that the player’s request to seek solace in his home country was granted.

- As for the rest of you…are the words “flight risk” suddenly flashing in front of your eyes? We can’t quite grasp how the court officially lodged charges against the footballer, placed him under judicial watch, yet failed to confiscate his passport. 

- Deep breaths, peeps. We’re almost over.

Brandao rape allegations- During an exclusive interview with, the club’s presz discussed Marseille’s zero tolerance policy for “these excesses and abuses” – among other things (behavior/financial sanctions, how senior management plans to balance the situ with“necessary firmness but also of solidarity because the accused is a member of the OM family”).


Saturday, 12 March – Today

March 11 vs. Rennes- Taking J-C.D.’s words to heart, Marseille’s Brazilian deputy goalkeeper Elinton Andrade saved a spot on the bench for his absent team-mate as a show of ‘solidarity’ during the Rennes vs Marseille match.

Image: FRANK PERRY/AFP/Getty Images.

- Although he was publicly accused and charged of the crime (but a long way from being convicted guilty), B. declared his innocence today during a conversation with Brazilian newspaper Jornal da Tarde. He also spoke of his plans to return to OM, something many are betting against.


Whew! Kickettes, if you made it this far, surely you have something to say on the touchy matter?

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21 Responses to “Sirius Bizniz: Marseille’s Brandão Accused of Rape”

  1. ashmenon says:

    I don't know what would be worse, if this were true, in which the gruesome crime of rape has occurred, or if this were false, in which thousands of actual rape victims will have their cases doubted because of the schemes of one woman.

  2. Winnie Mata says:

    anyone spotted out wearing that horrendous monogram fedora with that outfit certainly deserves to be arrested for SOMETHING lol

  3. hereforthenando says:

    While it's nice in theory to wait until all the facts are presented before judging as to whether he is guilty or not, this doesn't exactly work out in practice. Rape has the lowest successful prosecution rate of all violent crimes, and additionally, rich people can circumvent the law in ways that most people cannot. I'm always shocked when a famous person is found guilty of rape– it almost never happens. We will never really know what happened, but it is worth mentioning that false rape charges are extremely, extremely rare (about 2-8 % of all filed charges). It isn't shocking that the victim was hesitant to file charges because she thought that no one would believe her; victims have often said that this experience is like being raped twice, the second time being in the court room. Honestly, my thoughts are with her.

    • Lisette says:

      "Rape has the lowest successful prosecution rate of all violent crimes…"

      Actually, if you look at the cases that are taken to court, then the conviction rate is over half. Not great, but it's certainly not the lowest.

      I'm disturbingly happy that the commenters are pointing out that the man in question was an idiot. I hear so many people claiming that women should have known better than to wear that dress/go to that party/have that drink. It's nice to see people pointing out that life gets a lot easier for men if they zip up their mickies and take responsibility for their own morals.

      • ashmenon says:

        As a guy, I'd like to thank you for this. While every woman owes it to herself to practice some personal safety measures when out partying, it's certainly not her fault if a guy sexually assaults her.

    • LoveMeSomeIker says:

      I came out of Kickette lurkdom just to heart you for this. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  4. lufkingunner says:

    I definitely feel that this entire situation could have been avoided if he hadn't been doing strange things with strange girls. I remember my mom telling me, so many of life's problems can be avoided if you just keep your pants on!
    I don't know who is telling the truth in this case, but that girl better be telling the truth and not wasting the time and damaging the credibility of the court system and real rape victims.

  5. mochara says:

    Ughh I hate these situations when you don't really know what the real story is, she could be lying as she does seem a bit suspicious or she could be completely innocent and clearly upset about the whole ordeal. I don't think it's fair for people to judge unless they know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

  6. Soon2beWifeOfNAsri says:

    You may have your opinion, but wouldn't it be best to back it up with facts rather than dismissing the girl in question. And in this case no one knows what happened there are 3 sides to this story her version, his version and THE TRUTH and sooner or later it will all come out in court, then we know who has been lying and who has been telling the truth, Until then i think it's best to refrain from accusing people of something they might totally be innocent from.

  7. Jules says:

    Wow, that's amazing. So you were in the car? You know for certain what happened? Are you completely omniscient or only in cases of alleged rape?

  8. I lost one hour of sleep last night (stupid time change thingy in the states) and I had to read this twice to let it sink in. If this is true, then I hope footballers around the world are reading this and reevauating what they do in their free time. Sure, everyone has the right to party like a rock star every now and then, but I just wish these ballers would take the time to actually think with their real brain when they are out in the wee hours of the morning and decide to be alone with strange girls. I'm not saying that her report is false, I just think that some of these things can be easily avoided.

  9. Crackers says:

    I don't think there are words for how awful this is. All I can say is, I hope that justice is served- that's the best one CAN hope for.

    Also, how can courts be stupid enough not to take an accused's flight risk into account? Does the Roman Polanski case teach them nothing? No matter what, parties shouldn't be allowed to leave a country where charges have been filed against them without the court's permission.

  10. Leaaa says:

    well i hope it's not true otherwise he's a complete idiot and doesn't deserve to play professional football

  11. Soon2beWifeOfNAsri says:

    I don't want to prejudge both parties in question but he was foolish of even being out that late with a random girl, nothing good comes from being up to naughty things. And i hope the girl in question is not telling porkies because it would damage the REAL rape victims (not saying she did not get raped btw) but because false charges of rape mean that innocent people have their lives destroyed, and real victims of rape will be discredited.

    I think cases such as this should not be made public until all the evidence is gathered, because rape is such horrific crime by accusing a person especially someone in the public eye could create mass hysteria and mob mentality before he is even charged or sentenced. What if he is innocent hes name will forever be tainted. And also nowadays journalist will do anything to get an 'exclusive' which means they could potentially track down the girl in question and plaster her all over the newspapers which means that she could be in danger too from people who are against her.

    I sincerley hope he didnt do it, but you never know nowadays! I do know one thing this story will get uglier.