March 29th, 2011

Sirius Bizniz: Paolo Maldini Indicted For Corruption, Tax Spying

For months we anxiously waited for an excuse to post this throwback Paolo Maldini picture from 2004 (taken at Macy’s in NYC’s Herald Square). Unfortunately, though, the circumstances surrounding today’s archives publishing are far from selfish.

Yesterday, the former AC Milan star was indicted on charges of corruption and illegally accessing information systems (aka ‘spying’). The retired Rossoneri ringleader, according to investigators, bribed a lifeline within the Italian revenue department to help him conduct an illegal tax investigation of another man involved in a Tuscan property transaction back in 2009. Maldini, of course, has denied all accusations.

Yeesh – ’tis a bit heavy for a Tuesday, no? Well, there’s more, but we’d rather focus on turning our readers’ frowns upside down with a pleasant twist in photo fate: Andriy Shevchenko, also at Macy’s in 2004, sporting some seriously hilarious hair and an equally-ripe for mocking tracksuit.

Our archives are nothing short of a cowlicked miracle, we tell ya.

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17 Responses to “Sirius Bizniz: Paolo Maldini Indicted For Corruption, Tax Spying”

  1. GourcuffLover says:

    And THATS what he gets for taking smack about Gourcuff!! hahahah

  2. rockerita_coati says:

    ****! Here's hoping that's not true!

  3. JA7 says:

    He's still soo hot.

  4. mamaly says:

    EYES, eyes , eyes

  5. Rossanera says:

    He will always be Il Grande Capitano to me.

  6. nanananaaa says:

    he is an italian!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thats not surprising!!!!!!!! they have it in their genes!!!!

    • Khomala Ramal says:

      they have what exactly in their genes? this ranks up there with some dumbo with a fat beer belly and disgusting BO declaring "all women suck at driving"

  7. Sarah, Madrid says:

    What?! whatever. I didnt read anything, I am just lost in this gorgeous eyes

  8. Linda says:

    Mamma mia!!!!! (drooling) :)

  9. ashmenon says:

    Why on earth would he need to bribe someone else to find out about tax matters? He can simply use those electric eyes and bore the truth out of them, if it's a guy, or mesmerize the jebeezus outta them if it's a woman….or a guy.

  10. Rory says:

    His eyes….his eyyyeeees. Drool. Um, what were you all discussing?

  11. SunnyK says:

    No. I don't believe it. I blame Berlusconi! Yeah, it was TOTALLY him. Much more believeable that way. The prosecutors can just add this on to the looooong list of Berlusconi's offenses. I'm sure no one will notice! Problem solved…moving on!

  12. diana says:

    No No No No Nooooooo don't want to hear this about my capitano not listening nanananannanan annanananann

    • GigiSantaCruz says:

      I'll join you on the not listening girl!! This simply can't be true!!

    • Gen says:

      Yep I’m with you on that… Maldini is sitting very comfy on his pedestal… let’s just leave him there…. gosh how I miss seeing that god of a man on the field…