January 12th, 2011

Snow Day Salutations: Yoann Gourcuff, Bordeaux

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Spotted on our Facebook page. Perhaps this is reason to check it out more often?

To give your inclement weather spirits a little pick-me-up, why not listen to the foreign language stylings of Yoann Gourcuff?

Seems that due to the snow in France, he and his teammates experienced some hardships whilst en route to training. Don’t panic – his mascara is all natural so there’s no smudging in his lash game.

In the above vid, Mr. G explains how he kept busy during the 1 hour commute from Bordeaux city center to Le Haillan, where the training ground is located.  As he recounts an earlier car accident, which required police assistance,  Gourcuff admits his delight (and subsequent gigglefest we imagine) as the policemen slipped and fell.

Naughty boy, Yoann.

We approve.

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40 Responses to “Snow Day Salutations: Yoann Gourcuff, Bordeaux”

  1. dendrobiem says:

    Now, wait a minute. Are they trying to tell us that he was driving that Kia? seriously…

  2. Kaaya says:

    He is so sweet. Can I just eat him!

  3. trustarsene says:

    Kickette, this is from when he was at BORDEAUX!
    But I can seriously never get tired of it. Ever.

  4. ridiee says:

    This is from last year btw. When he was at Bordeaux…

  5. rainstarmcgee says:

    i have absolutely no idea what he is saying, but i have never heard anything as sexy as this…oh God his voice is like silky smooth chocolate caressing your body…..oh man his smile is perfection

  6. lonelySTARSHINE says:

    this is from last year o_0
    I mean, I love Yoann anyway (very much) <3, but kickette could find something "newer"….

  7. Yum yum yum!!Yoann I still love you no matter what the others in here are saying!

  8. MadameGourcuff says:

    i knew those 4 years of french would pay off, i love his accent

  9. balicious8 says:

    Old video but it's a watch very worthy! I mean….he is so GOR-GE-OUS! Damn…i guess in person its even better hear his voice, see him smiling *.*

  10. Alik says:

    He is just so cuuute and adorable!

  11. sarrible says:

    Mon Dieu, I just want to slather him in Nutella and pour red wine in his navel and lick him.

  12. Rossanera says:

    He's so adorable! I love how impish he is! And he was so cute how he flat-out admitted that he was like "… and I laughed, oh how I laughed!"

    I'm so glad I was born in Quebec to Italian parents … I can understand both Marco AND Yoann !

  13. Bri says:

    Awww that was me! I’m glad you enjoy it as much as me. I had debated about posting it since it is older. But definitely a classic that makes me smile when I am down.

  14. C16 says:

    Aw, this video is a classic!! Lovely <3
    I so want him to do great this year and show his potential.

  15. Wow says:

    It's a good thing that you're over him Leya, since it means more Lashes to enjoyed!

  16. meh says:

    French people are crazy hot.

  17. ruby says:

    This video never gets old. He's so delicious. I also love that he turned up in that car rather than a Ferrari.

  18. he has the most gorgeous accent I love french guys :)

  19. the oldest video ever (from when he was at Bordeaux), but still a good one!

  20. Lily says:

    This video does things to me. I had never heard him speak before and oh my God I need a fan or something.

  21. ArsenalFan says:

    Yoann he is so gorgeous and that was adorable, what's not to love??

  22. SoccerLoverrr says:

    i want his babies.

  23. lisette05 says:

    He's pretty, but I'm never certain if I'm attracted to him or want to steal his absolutely awesome, wonderful and beautiful eyelashes. Or both. (Now I'm confused.)

  24. celeste says:

    he is so gorgeous.

  25. R says:

    OHhhh yoann

  26. Fangirl says:

    He is the reason for me to still take French classes.

  27. Leya_S says:

    He's adorable, but…..


    I'm so over him…

    • Thea says:

      I think that because he keeps under the radar a little….there's not much dirt on him, so he often precieved as boring!

      • Alik says:

        As far as I am concerned, this under the radar thing only adds to his mysterious allure. We can let our imaginations run wild and wicked!!!

  28. Poppy says:

    Gorgeous video!! Ahh I watched it for hundred times. I hope the children are good tomorrow in nursery school so that I can watch it a" few" times more:)

  29. Thea says:

    My you tube favourite – thanks kickette…..now have to start packing for work! UGHHHH.


  30. LuvinBale says:

    I loved his little laugh. Lord that man is GAW-GEOUS!!!

  31. YouNeverWalkAlone says:

    Ahh Lashes. Thats all I can say XD

  32. lorena_yGp says:

    Ohhh girls trust me- I've watched this video soooo many times that I've learned every single word,without even understanding it :-) ))

    • lorena_yGp says:

      P.S. around 24 seconds when he start repeating- ci so,ciso miso ciso – sooo cute :-) …sorry for bad spellings :-)

  33. Haha I love this video I've seen it too many times! I have a Bio GCSE tomorrow, Gourcuff is much appreciated.