March 1st, 2010

So Earthy: Environmentally-Friendly Footballers

Whether they’re jetting around the world for matches or engaging in ‘Mine’s bigger than yours’ vehicular contests, footballers are rarely accused of being environmentally friendly.

However, Nike recently demonstrated that even the must humble of household objects can be utilised in the battle to reverse climate change.

This got us to thinking. A little research (conducted in a totally carbon neutral environment, natch), indicated that while some ‘ballers should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves in the global warming department, a few surprising faces are taking baby steps in the crusade to save the planet.


Cristiano Ronaldo

Environmentalism is nothing new for C-Ron. After all, he can usually be seen demonstrating his support for a decrease in cotton production by wearing alarmingly small shorts. And as evidenced in the above photo, Cristiano is considering a move to a smaller home, a great way of lowering one’s carbon footprint.

Iker Casillas

Iker Casillas has been a staunch recycler for many a year. One glance at his wardrobe confirms he buys nearly all of his clothing from rummage sales.

El Hadj Diouf

Let’s not forget El Hadj Diouf, a man regularly apprehended and detained by the Fashion & Sartorial Elegance Police (Bling-Bling wing). Full props to Mr D – as you can see here in this completely un-doctored photograph – for recently taking delivery of a new SmartCar.


The Beckhams

Boffins have concluded that between them the Beckhams are single-handledly responsible for all climate change on the planet today. (Well, that’s not quite true, but let’s go with it.) Therefore, we have decided that we are going to kidnap Dave & Vicky and lock them in the Kickette broom cupboard until further notice. Global crisis solved. Can someone call Oprah?

Yoann Gourcuff

Yes, we love him. (Really love him.) But come on, Yoann, luv. The production of mascara often requires a lot of tiny fluffy creatures to suffer so that you can stare lovingly at us in photos with those beautiful, long, gorgeous, lovely, long… Where were we? Oh, yes. Eyelashes.

Above image copyright L’Equipe.

Anyone else we’ve left off the environmental kudos/killers list?

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17 Responses to “So Earthy: Environmentally-Friendly Footballers”

  1. FootballerChick43 - says:

    LOVE the new kits. So smart!

    On the rest of the article, LOL!

  2. Thea says:

    Don't diss Yoann, as he will be the number 1 in the F5 soon enough (time is on his side Kickette – he doesn't need Rogain!) When is comes to crimes against fashion – but enviromentally friendly clothes you have to go a long way to beat Iker's Lumberjack shirt a few weeks back

    • Molly says:

      Who needs rogain?????!!! Iker will always be NUMBER ONE in my life!!!! And Kickette will be betraying the Iker Love if they bump him out of the number one spot. No one can surpass him!!!

  3. Einah says:

    LOL on C-Ron's move to a new house ahahah :)

    On Iker love, I stay devoted despite his thrift-influenced fashion :) Would have him that way than overtly fashion-conscious. Makes him more manly and gives a new meaning to "ruggedly" handsome ahahah


  4. sounderslove says:

    Lashes…unf. I'll probably see him live this summer in the WC…not sure I'll be able to focus on the game though.

  5. Aud says:

    I don’t think C-Ron would fit in that house alone, let alone when he’s got about a million girls with him!

  6. TammyV says:

    I am here for my beloved Duce. Thanks kickette

  7. Rosey says:

    How will Ron-Dogg fit all his famewhoring-skanks in that small house? :-)

    Iker needs a stylist. *raiseshandforjob*

    Lashes (Yoann)…he is so yummy…I think you should post something about him at least 3x a week :-)

  8. Louise says:

    Iker is saving a ton of energy by not using his electric razor to shave off that beard.

    I stand at the ready, of course, with shaving cream in hand if he wants to take care of it the old fashioned way.

  9. Melissa. says:

    Smaller house. HA!

    oh and Dempsey looks pretty good, I must say.

  10. Sinbad says:

    Oh Kickette, your wit makes me laugh, day after day after day. :D

  11. saucy jade says:

    lmfao @ Fashion & Sartorial Elegance Police (Bling-Bling wing). would you be willing to form a joint task force with the Society for the Prevention of Crimes Against Couture and Coif? (and yes it doesn exist ;D)

  12. Zo.acm says:

    Erm… Fernando Torres and his freckles make me melt. Surely that's an offence. :P

    • sounderslove says:

      yeah I was thinking that…but my brain melted before I could figure out how it was related to the environment.

      • zo.acm says:

        if it can make us melt, surely polar ice caps are no big deal. hence nando's charm and good looks result in global warming. and i'm saying it like it's a good thing. :P