August 26th, 2011

Sophie Anderson: Plain Faced Or Plastered?

Image above taken at Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport on 23.08.2011; below shot is from 19.08.2011.

Not like it really matters to her, but we vote Sophie Anderson goes au natural more often. You feel us, Kickettes?

Keep in mind that we have an ulterior motive here. The real reason we’re showing you the many sides of Charlie Adam’s fiancĂ©e is to see where her engagement ring falls in our WAG ring rankings. By our best estimates, Sophie’s ring has above average cut, clarity and colour – with size being scaled back a bit to prevent arthritis developing in her hands from all that heavy bauble lifting.

Smart money savings strategy Mr Adam, and way to plan ahead!

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9 Responses to “Sophie Anderson: Plain Faced Or Plastered?”

  1. Vendela says:

    Her hair is luscious

  2. jen says:

    wow. she's so beautiful in the "au natural" picture, why would she do that to herself?

  3. Hot4Spurs says:

    Charlie has done well I'd say! I think she's very beautiful when she's natural! When will women learn that they are lovely without all of that. I'm not saying that we shouldn't wear it, but do we really need to gob it on like there's no tomorrow? I'm so sick of fake tans, fake beaver teeth, and bad hair color.

  4. littlegreenpea says:

    au natural all the way!

  5. Yo. says:

    She looked orange and trashy with make-up and classy without that stuff on her face.

  6. AC_USA says:

    After seeing how huge Toni's rock was, I am amazed her finger is still attached to the rest of her body! lol…I love SAophie's though. Its normal size but really cute and good quality. :)

  7. elsebethynwa says:

    Seriously, his name is Charlie Adam! Not Adams, it's not that hard is it?

  8. FootyCookie says:

    she does have a nice face, even better without makeup (lol bottom looks like Snooki's cousin).

    ugh, this displeases me.