December 6th, 2006

southgate v ronaldo

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Middlesbrough manager Gareth Southgate is in some sort of girly hissy fit drama because he said Cristiano Ronaldo was a diver after winning a penalty in United’s 2-1 victory last Saturday.

On this we have several questions:

When did Gareth Southgate become a manager? Wasn’t he playing football like, 5 minutes ago?

Wasn’t he the guy who totally f’d up the penalty shoot out with Germany in Euro 96? Didn’t that lose England a place in the finals?

Should you really be allowed to comment on penalty kicks ever again, in the history of your life, or should you not just look into a nice cashier’s job at Boots?

And oh yeah, even though we know Cristiano’s history of “fair play”, we also are familiar with his face. And hot bot-tay. So, who’s side do you think we’re going to be on in this one?

Link: Southgate – Ronaldo’s A Cheat
Link: Ferguson Hits Back At “Naive” Southgate

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