June 18th, 2010

Spanish Press Sounds Off: Go Muck Yourselves

Sara Carbonero English spotlightKnow this, Kickettes: We may hate on Sara Carbonero’s ill-chosen footwear, but we certainly don’t put words in her mouth.

You may be surprised to learn that some tabloids do not employ story fact-checkers. Others take stories seen on blogs or forums and re-write them using Google translate with quotes that were never said.

Whatevs. Let’s get to the dramaz. By now we’ve all read, seen or heard something about our beloved “Pastasauce” and her “connection” to Spain’s loss to Switzerland. If you’re like us, you probably gave the story an eyeroll or two, made a joke or two about carbs and kept it moving.

Well, after The Times featured what we believe to be a poorly translated interview on the front page of their print edition yesterday, (taking shots at Spain’s more popular sport reporters), the country’s legion of journalists took notice.

In case you didn’t get the chance to glean the original story and/or are too lazy to sign up to read TheTimes.co.uk, the Spanish press is calling the newspaper out for:

A) Blaming Sara Carbonero for the SNT loss;

B) Claiming that the Spanish press were the ones who originally blamed Sara Carbonero for the SNT loss.

Now, Spanish outlets are openly naming and shaming the writers behind The Times’ original piece beacause it emerged that their “Sara C. is a distraction” information was lifted from internet forums and applied as the story’s sources.

A very valuable lesson for all of our Kickettes readers out there (especially those at the Daily Mail…): watch what you say on the wild world wide web. A few of you believe this media firestorm is just nonsense, a mere figment of the tabloids’ imaginations. ’Tis perhaps true because without English WAGs to slag off, how else are the gossip rags going to fill their column inches?

Finally, we’d like the Kickette Court records to state that ABCNews is the first outlet that we’ve read which *correctly* translated Sara’s interview question. No, she didn’t berate him…nor did she “grill him”…or even “accost him” on live telly. Or use the line: “How did you muck that up?”

Regardless of the fact that we find her interviewer skills to be uninspiring and the entire situ to be awkward, Sara was doing her job.  All the while resisting the urge to caress Iker’s sad Spanish face. And that is certainly no easy feat.

In summary, we may not want to be her BFF, but we do know a ‘bish, please’ when we see it.

Can we get back to the fun stuff now?

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53 Responses to “Spanish Press Sounds Off: Go Muck Yourselves”

  1. agree: "it is crazy to think she had anything to do with the Spanish performance on the field and the loss"

  2. Christina says:

    For sake of God, why people have such ill bitterness against Iker's girlfriends?! Realy guys, it's just freaking sick… Let people love what they want to love. OK, there is a conflict of interest, but did you ever fall for someone you know you shouldn't? Unfortunately, such is life, just deal with it! And if you can't…well, I suggest you to visit a psychologist because it's about time to treat your manic persecution…

    • Senora Sonrisa says:

      Love? Whats love got to do with this? When two such persons hook up it is more like a carrier move.

      footies needs to have wags to boost their ego

      and carbonieri has goot loads of publicity (and you know all poblicity is good pulicity) throug this.

      but sometimes even the smartest gets too clever – like iker loosing in front of his trophy woman, and loosing in the most whimsical way.

      i would say 1 -0 to carbonieri who obviously knows how to play the system and use the monumental ego of a footy to her own advantage.

      • Thea says:

        Right on sister!!! Why are all the European team falling apart, France, England , Spain and now Italy.

  3. blogging says:

    Heey i like thoose pics kindly up-load more !

  4. Guest says:

    I don´t think she is to blame for the goal and all this talk is ridiculously out of proportion

    I don´t follow the spanish media, I have no idea how good she is – she looks very young to me and pretty in not-really-spectacular way but nothing special. Is it really a good idea to have her following up the world cup?

    I want the reporters presenting to me their views to not actually be sleeping with the people he or she is supposed to report about. If she wanted to be taken seriously as a sports reporter, sleeping with (1) football player(s totally destroyed how professional she looks. Maybe it´s a feminist issue, but I sort of got zero respect for that. You can not be a football player´s girlfriend and a sports reporter following that player at the same time, did nobody ever told her that?

    • Senora Sonrisa says:

      I agree with you, but casillas (or some one in the organisation) could have prevented this faux pas. The TV station (and their presenter, she seems to be a shrewd gal) is only in it for the money, that is the wiever numbers and of course the notion that these are lovers does of course bring in mor viewers.

      But as i said before, casillas is the big looser since his cred drops for every mistake he makes, wether it be bad wag handling or bad ball handling.

      • Word. says:

        I agree so much with both these comments. The articles were uncalled for, but generally not surprising at all.

        Iker is definitely the one who looks foolish with all these reports.

      • Guest says:

        Maybe, but I don´t think Casillas looks particularly bad on this story. How could he have avoided the story? refusing her an interview, and de facto punishing her for their relationship? Quit the NT? Put pressure so that she would not be reporting about him?

        I find it hard to get any fierce feminist indignation about somebody who is sleeping “on the job” so to speak. Feminist tip – if you want to be taken seriously on your job, do not have sex or relationship with bosses/clients/patients etc. Or maybe it´s Ok for some sort of jobs, but for jobs where a code of conduct is expected it is just weird. And if she wanted to be sports reporter then do not sleep with football players, or make it so you do not have to report on team/league/etc. Yes the national team and the world cup is the biggest story of the last 4 years, but the professional thing is not to cover stories about people you are sleeping with. If she wants my feminist indignation on her behalf (pfh) she could have some professional principles.

        • MrsNesta says:

          Pasta did an interview with Hola a few months ago and here is a quote from her when asked if she would date a footballer:

          "The​ most​ important​ thing​ for​ me​ right​ now​ is​ my​ job​ and​ getting​ credibility.​ The​ last​ thing​ that​ I​ would​ do​ is​ hook​ up​ with​ a​ football​ player.I​ would​ not​ go​ out​ with​ a​ football​ player.​ Obviously,​ I​ prefer​ not​ to​ mix​ business​ with​ pleasure.​ If​ you’re​ in​ the​ sports​ business,​ the​ last​ thing​ you​ should​ do​ is​ go​ out​ with​ a​ football​ player.​ I’m​ not​ thinking​ about​ doing​ it."​

          Errr whatever!!!!! :)

          • D0li says:

            People are saying that she –unlike most WAGS– actually works! It does go against her cred to be dating a player she has to interview.

            I can only imagine how ackward it will be if they break up and she hast o interview the national team, or Real Madrid.

            How are they handeling it behind the sceens? Atleast they were professional enough to smile for the cameras.

  5. Senora Sonrisa says:

    Well, I think iker has made a lot of mistakes concerning this wag, first it was sooo totally tacky to make love in public, secondly it was even more totally tacky to have his wag parading on the side line.

    i thought he was a clever cat but now he seems to have lost it, on all fronts.

    not to mention the silly goal, it wasn't evem a green it was the most siliiest goal during the cup so far.

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  7. Nikki says:

    This is ridiculous , I thought I'd only see these headlines in European countries , there is even a picture or Sara in my country's newspaper Times of India , seriously that goal was a mistake but we can't totally blame her , players have to be men and take a stand and say " yes I made a mistake " .

    • MrsNesta says:

      I think everyone knows she wasn’t to blame and its just poor journalism, but look at how much coverage she is getting, think her dating Iker just paid off!!! :) :) :)

  8. Amber says:

    She wasn’t a distraction before but this whole mess of a situation seems to be quite the distraction to the football community (fans, reporters ect) now.

  9. aristeia says:

    If Iker cannot handle the "distraction" of his girlfriend standing on the sidelines doing her job during the game, then Iker cannot handle being the #1 keeper for Spain. Point being, it's absurd to think that a professional such as Iker would fail so.

    Also really irritated that so many English journos reported that "muck it up" quote as if it was gospel. So obvious they miss writing about their own WAGs so they found others to cause problems for.

  10. Ana;) says:

    I guess they were going for if all fails blame the girlfriend! Lol, I feel so sorry for her now. The thing is the press are doing this on purpose just to take away the fact that the NT should have realistically won the game. Stop playing the blame game, and leave her alone. I feel sorry for her, I know if I was her I wouldn’t feel good right about now. And yes, I do think it wasn’t good that she interviewed him. Yes it is her job, but- on a professional level especially because this relationship is sensitive (for Kickettes of course/many women all over the world)they should have got someone else.

  11. d0li says:

    WOW THIS IS INSANE! I actually feel bad for her! I mean no one seems to like her! Are there any other Spanish WAGS who went to the world cup?

    It’s just sad and unfair.. Iker really needs to step up his game before someone attacks her!

  12. Inés says:

    it's ridiculous that they're blaiming her (who was just doing her job!) because they lost! they could'nt have a worst excuse!

    hello, they played badly, they lost, that's it!

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  14. Sylvia15 says:

    …..i dno about every1 else but….i blame her for spains lost!!!
    iker is sooo cute..lucky woman…

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  16. spanishigirl2010 says:

    I just don’t think she needs to be there period…if she wants to support the team great but please sit in the stands like the rest of the wags! not right behind the frickin goalkeeper who happens to be your boyfriend! shame on her bosses and spain’s bosses for allowing this! she is unprofessional to then interview her own boyfriend! Please put Pepe reina in or victor valdes! please don’t ruin it for the rest of the team and all the spanish fans around the world! soo selfish!

    • d0li says:

      YES! Victor is a mutch better goal keeper, I was saying this from before.. but no one agreed.

      And he looks so much better!

      • Ana;) says:

        Hmmmm???… that's debatable! Haha yes he's hot.

        • Nikki says:

          Girl , in the goal keeping department Pepe walks all over Valdes , I think Pepe is the best goalie in the World and I think he deserves to be the first choice goalie . But I highly doubt Del Bosque will drop Casillias , but in my personal opinion I thin Pepe is better goalie . And I don;t think Del Bosque really gives a hoot who's better looking . Spain are blessed to have so many good players in their team . At least 2 world class players per position and the fact that he couldn't make that work , the fact that he got the tactics wrong is his fault , and the players fault for not deploying it. And the fact that Del Bosque , a man who is so famous for his tenure at Real Madrid working with many stars and making them click , has not a different situation when managing Spain . I hope next time he gets his tactics right against Honduras , who will be easier to break down that the Swiss . Sorry if I went off-topic here ladies , please delete this comment if you feel so .

          • d0li says:

            No you did fine.. Do you think they will replace Iker in the next game? I'm seriously worried about her safety! I mean EVERYONE HATES HER! Are the other WAGS at the game? AFter this they seriously might not show up!

            I dont know any spanish WAGS –except her– so I'm not sure what they look like.

  17. Einah says:

    I’m not blaming Sara if it means La Roja will win the WC. Couldn’t even care less if they smooch upfront.

    JUST WIN!!!

    PS – I’m now in no caring mode as I focus on Viya’s hotness (I converted my non-football friends with just the bitchface appeal during the Swiss game) and slowly converting to the Sexy Eyes Navas camp :D Got to know when you’re fighting the losing battles ladies :D


  18. Alexandra says:

    Blaming the defeat on women? What else is new? England has been blaming the WAGS for everything since Capello was appointed and now that’s the big mantra is the English team. It’s just the Latin way: women are responsible for everything! ¬¬

  19. Key says:

    Nonsense, Kickette didnt blame the gf..it was just hilarious the way she said: “hasta luego”! and i agree with Mariam, if Sara is the distraction Iker is responsible for that cuz his team is more important than a girl. Ppl is laughing cuz of that akward interview b/w them, but not blaming her! come on ppl!

  20. C16 says:

    I'm sorry but just LMAO!!!!

    That's all I can say… Oh God! lol

    It wasn't the brightest choice to make HER interview him though… But what do I know.. TV rating.

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  22. Ella says:

    This is hilarious, I didn’t realize anyone was actually, seriously blaming Spain’s loss on a girlfriend! That’s absurd. Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see if Sara is on the sidelines in the next game.

  23. suzie says:

    LOl, who knew a lighthearted post on a internet forum (*cough*kickette*cough*) about pair of ugly boots and a awkward interview would cause such a sh*tstorm. Ladies remember “with great power comes great responsiblity”….or something.

  24. Thea says:

    Hey Kcickette – never let the truth get in the way of a good story! You KNOW we love the drama!!

  25. missbubbles says:

    it is crazy to think she had anything to do with the Spanish performance on the field and the loss but i agree with Mr.Nesta – she knew it will draw attention, especially cause of the media hunt on her and Iker back in Spain…she had like the whole rest of the team to talk to, not him!And she should stop showing off on the field line, i havent seen other reporters doing that. Girl you are a reporter who reports on the football match, you are not on catwalk , do your job (she does it well, btw) and try to be less visible. Maybe then you would not draw so much attention and ppl would actually leave you alone

    • missd says:

      To be fair, Iker is the captain and you would expect him to be the one interviewed. As I’m not familiar with this Tv station I don’t know whether someone else could have done it instead of her to avoid such awkwardness.

      Agree re. the sexism of “blame the WAG” stories.

  26. MrsNesta says:

    HAHAHAHAHA This is hilarious! Kickette can't be blamed, but now we know how so called journalists get their ideas, fact checking has never been a strong point of the British Press and I don't see it changing anytime soon. As I said yesterday they haven't got the English WAGs to focus on so they need to find an easy story somewhere!!!! Although a point to make Pasta didn't have to interview Iker after the match, she knew it would generate attention!!!!


    • Thea says:

      Completely agree Nesta – she should have NEVER been allowed the access that she got, and it was all VERY predictable as soon as Spain lost. Mind you Telecinco are not the brightest people, they hired me remember to represent RM!

    • suzie says:

      LOL It's a very sad day for the British press when it's mocked for it's lack of journalistic intergrity, by MARCA of all papers.

      • senora ramos says:

        suzie, i totally agree with you. MARCA calling out another paper is so laughable. they are just glad they didn't come up with that angle 1st.

        oh, i don't like this, now i'm feeling sorry for pasta sauce of all people. she is doing her job. i think it would've been smarter if they would've had someone else, but it's not the poor girl's fault. AHHHHHH!!! FEELING SORRY FOR PASTA SAUCE MAKES ME ANGRY!!!! ALMOST AS ANGRY AS THE REF FOR THE US V SLOVENIA MATCH!!!!

        • MrsNesta says:

          You should feel angry, remember the last El Clasico match with Pasta wearing the RM and Barca flags, she knows what she’s doing PR wise but in terms of journalism?????? puhlease!!!! And not going to talk about any matches that were played today!!!!!

      • MrsNesta says:

        Yeh they’re just gutted because they didn’t print the story first!!

  27. Rob says:

    AHAHA. Seriously, journalists in glass houses (ie. all of them) shouldnt throw stones. Im betting that the Spanish media have written similar things – did Marca not butcher Pellegrini relentless last year? Didn't Marca write on their front page 'THIS IS ANFIELD…SO WHAT?' before Liverpool smashed Real Madrid off the park? Perhaps we should name the journalists responsible for that particular gaffe?

  28. imhereforthenando says:

    Thank you for posting this. I'm really tired of girlfriends (or in Robert Greene's caste, ex-girlfriends) being blamed for what goes on on the pitch. The press needs to take responsibility for what they say, and put blame where it belongs. They need to be called out on their sexism.

    • Zlatanista says:

      You are so right! Blaming the woman when the man don´t perform is a classic.

  29. Mariam says:

    this is bull, complete bull. i may not like her because she is with iker, but she is definitely not to blame. she was doing her job and if iker can't handle that, he needs to find his balls. literally.

  30. senora ramos says:

    have these "writers" never heard of slander or libel? or does that just not exist over there? i mean, i'm all for blaming pasta b/c it's fun, but this could turn into a serious legal matter.

    • Thea says:

      Don't bust their B#lls Ramos, everyone knows that's how the Media operate – she (and him) put themselves up for this stick, too late to argue about the rights and wrongs of it now.

      • senora ramos says:

        yes, they shouldn’t have made things easier for everyone about this by dating and having her cover, but at the same time, this is illegal, at least in my country and if i were her, i’d sue the f out of them for putting words in my mouth.

  31. juventina says:

    Totally unrelated, but today is Marco Borriello's birthday! Happy Birthday post maybe? :) Because we need another excuse to stare at him haha