July 12th, 2010

Spanish Shenanigans: Drunk, Disorderly and Barely Speaking English

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Be still our (barely) beating and hungover hearts.

There’s nothing we like more than to see than hot footballers messing around when under the influence of alcohol. Especially when those “certain someone’s” are Pepe Reina on the phone with his mum. FYI, Pepe’s sexy stock is rising faster than Sergio Ramos can down that bottle of Budweiser. The fabulous Cesc Fabregas, however, is a light weight and should be mocked accordingly. And then cuddled.

Speaking of Sergio, our fave pony has let fly with the English, rendering us incoherent with squee. What is it about broken English that sets our hearts aflutter?

For the Spanish Conga, embarrassed Iker and loads more cuteness, may we provide your afternoon with a little video pick-you-up?

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And, for the readers who are truly bored to tears whilst working, why not watch the players exit an airplane? We promised entertainment but we never guaranteed it would be nightly news-worthy.

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360 Responses to “Spanish Shenanigans: Drunk, Disorderly and Barely Speaking English”

  1. @_AngeLyca_ says:

    They're the most ador(k)able soccer team in the world, in my opinion! xD …'cause of them I'm such a football junkie and last but not least a new Kickette lady! ^^
    Hola, chicas! Viva la Selección Española de Fútbol!

  2. m&m says:

    Iker doesnt have a twitter account … the only ones from Spains National Team is

    Sergio Ramos – @SergioRamos
    Xabi Alonso – @XabiAlonso
    Andrés Iniesta – @andresiniesta8
    Carle Puyol – @Carles5puyol
    Juan Mata – @juanmata10
    Cesc Fabregas – @cesc4official
    Alvaro Arbeloa – @aarbeloa17

    & they guys from Real Madrid Alvaro y Sergio have all said Iker doesnt have an account

  3. Josh says:

    U can follow Iker Casillas on twitter! @ikcasillas

  4. Real Madrid says:

    @ikcasillas in Iker!

  5. Nikki says:

    Now after watching these vidoes over and over again I am having some very mughty dreams , some worse then the others ….but why do those dreams make me so happy ? The most decent one was Xavi proposing to me , wierd that . I cannot wait for Liverpool to win a trpohy so I can see Pepe like that again , andI can't wait for the next tounament which Spain will win , more drunkness , more hotness , more sexiness!

    I knew I should've learnt Spanish intestd of French , and I should , instead of becoming an Engineer become a memeber of the Spainish NT helper , who gets to go into the dressing rooms .

  6. menaka_barca says:

    i love this team mucho and i always will.i think im gonna move to spain if they keep making me love them like this.and hey it doesnt hurt that they define the word ‘hottt’…and that song has been in my head for days and still going strong…they are party animals! pintame la carita,de la chica mas bonita, dentro de mi corazon!im so glad i do spanish in school!

  7. how funny these when they are drunk lolz

  8. Kezia says:

    Do you guys know the blog conlaroja? It’s AMAZING, you can find pretty much everything to do with the shenanigans and the whereabouts of the Spanish national team…I’ve been following it since just before the world cup and it’s really good for fanatics like us lol…there’s so much behind the scenes stuff and videos you feel like you’re there with the players lol

    • zztop says:

      I love her. She's doing a great public service.

    • Kezia says:

      If anyone interested, it’s conlaroja.wordpress.com
      the blogger also does another blog following the real Madrid team…lots of insight into the roja! I should be getting paid for all this free press I’m giving lol

      • Steph says:

        Oh, really? Awesome. Definitely checking out that blog, then. Thanks. :) Can't get enough of these guys! lol.

      • linds1 says:

        thanks! great blog. does anyone know a good blog or board for Iker?

        • senora ramos says:

          she likes iker a lot, so she has pretty good updates. but no, i don't know anyone else.

    • senora ramos says:

      i love unamadridista. i started “following real madrid” the name of her other blog about midway last season. she’s awesome!!

    • m&m says:

      yes i love it …i too follow La Roja right be4 the WC … cause thats when I fell in love with sport…. their wives/girlfriends… are the luckiest women in the world… even though it hard to put up with all the lies the make up… & the lil time they spend at home…

  9. Valentina says:

    Does anyone know if these guys use twitter? I would have given ANYTHING to be there!!

    • Dru says:

      Puyi does, he posted a pic of himself with the Cup in the dressing room not long after the end of the final!

    • Steph says:

      I second this. :) This is what I’ve found out so far: Cesc’s sis has one. Iniesta, Puyol and Mata all have one, too. Supposedly Ramos has one, http://twitter.com/SergioRamos, but it hasn’t been verified yet. Anyone know if it’s the real deal? Same with Fernando Torres: http://twitter.com/f_torres09 Anyone know if those are the real deal? I’m following Ramos for now, but still not Torres cause I want to wait and see if it’s real. lol.

      • Steph says:

        That was a bit long. And a little stalker-ish. lol. I wish Cesc would get one. :P

      • Valentina says:

        Thanks a lot, too bad I don't speak spanish I wish I know what their tweets say.

      • Sharla says:

        After doing some searching around I think this is Ramos actual twitter page http://twitter.com/SergioRamos_4 everything on it seems to make sense you can just translate the page with google translater to read all the updates anyways check it out. Hopefully someone can confirm it!

        • Steph says:

          Thanks for that link! That one definitely looks legit, and he's following his teammates and stuff. And that he said on it that they couldn't use Twitter while they were in South Africa, which is what Iniesta said on his FB, so idk. It does look real, though. Supposedly his fansite says @SergioRamos is his, but idk. I wish he'd get verified, already! Anyone here know which is his real one?

        • Steph says:

          Oh, and I forgot to mention, supposedly Iker has one, too: http://twitter.com/icasillasf
          Can anyone shed some light on these accounts, please? Real or not? :/

          • Sharla says:

            Agreed, looks like Puyol is the only verified one. I sent them all a tweet hopefully they get around to answering. Iniesta and Ramos said in one of their tweets that it will be hard for them to get around to everybody but if they don't they still thank their fans for tweets. I also found Ronaldos his is verified http://twitter.com/Cristiano. I saw one for Forlan but I don't know if it's real or not since he was on straight through until the end of the WC that is kinda how I narrow it down to who is real or not besides who they are following and what their tweets say.

            • Steph says:

              Yeah, so far, Puyol and Cristiano are the only verified ones. I'm pretty sure Iniesta's is legit, it's linked to his official site, though his tweets are basically what he posts on his official FB page. lol. And he's on one of the Twitter World Cup lists. Diego Forlan? Yeah, I think he's on there. Just found it: http://twitter.com/DiegoForlan7 And it's verified. Yeah, there's a lot of tweets sometimes! Though it's funny how one of the Ramos accounts has 4,000+ people. lol. Oh and Iker is on the Twitter World Cup list, too. So guess it's legit? Then why isn't he verified already? Here's the Twitter list if anyone hasn't seen it yet: http://mashable.com/twitterlists/featured/world-c…

              • Sharla says:

                Thanks. The one for Torres is also legit his tweet says he sent a verification email to twitter. I found one for Abreu too http://twitter.com/el13locoabreu seems pretty legit he tweets about his family a lot and just uploaded a new picture. I sent Ramos a tweet but he didn't answer :( He told the previous girl that he can only answer a few how depressing.

                • Steph says:

                  No prob. :) Yeah, read that tweet yesterday. Hmm, I’m still not so sure, but let’s see if he gets verified. Oh, cool. Looks like he doesn’t tweet so much, though. lol. He didn’t? Aww. :( Yeah, it’s just that there’s SO many tweets! You should try again. He’ll probably reply to you when he can. I just want to know which is his real one. lol.

                  • Sharla says:

                    Lol I noticed he mostly responds to people who talk about his charity with UNICEF seems like it means a lot to him. I’ll try again at this point I feel like a stalker this will be the third message I sent him ahhh lol

                    • Steph says:

                      Yeah. That one is definitely looking like it could be his real account, but who knows? Wish he’d get verified already. It does seem like it means a lot to him, though, which is great. :) Third one? That’s not so stalkery, I’ve seen worse, but maybe you should wait until he replies back. lol. I hope he does!

  10. Emily says:

    Does anyone notice the side eye Ramos gave to the woman in the Spain jersey around 2:43 in the second video?

    • Steph says:

      LOL. I JUST noticed that! Too funny! Look at her smile. haha.

    • Kylie says:

      LOL I saw that! And I'm almost sure that girl is Cesc's sister, Carlota. Could be wrong, but it really looks like her.

    • VeNia says:

      I JUST DID!!!!!OMG that is sooo hilarious!!he is like “i’ll deal with you later…” and she’s like “OMG The Ramos is going to do me later!!”haha so funny!

    • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

      That's the same woman I was asking about in some other post. I said I had seen Xabi grabbed her face with his two hands and gave her a big kiss… on the cheek though. But who of us wouldn't want that. It was after their win against Paraguay.

    • Susi says:

      Since there were only journalist and the players on the plane, for me that woman seems to be Irene Junquera from the Punto Pelota Show (a Show con Josep Pedrerol). During May he interviewed Sergio in his Show (see here for example Part 1 of 3)


      • Steph says:

        Can't really tell, but it looks kinda more like her, actually. Thanks for the link. :) Too bad there's no better angle in that video. lol.

  11. VeNia says:

    can i just ask something??is it normal to like Sara next to Iker??i mean when i first saw her i was stunned but now i don't know,i kinda want her to be with him…hmmm….

    • Dru says:

      No it’s not abnormal at all….they are my fútbol OTP. I mean, I would like San Iker for myself :D but he really does seem to adore her so I completely ship them. And in more private moments, i.e. when they’re not in front of TV cameras or when they’re in slightly private places, they both seem REALLY into each other (otherwise she seems a bit reserved), which I find really sweet.

      • VeNia says:

        so you’re saying that i like her because she makes Iker happy??you might be right after all,we all want Iker to be happy so we could be happy with him right??:D

        • Dru says:

          Yeah, that's what I meant to say- if he's happy, and they're happy together, then I support that relationship. :D

          And he seems like such a sweetie, I can't help but wish them good luck. I'd feel like I was being mean if I didn't.

          • VeNia says:

            yeah that's exactly how i feel too!!thanks!now i know i'

            m not crazy!!

            i wish them both to get married so he can settle down in the end!:D

  12. livergirl says:

    [...] I’m just gonna save this link for future [...]

  13. Eebza says:

    looking for the vid of reina “introducing” all the players… where he mentions navas and the mental thing etc.
    the one that saniker has translated further down…
    come on! help a girl out!!

  14. Barcelista says:

    OMG I have been celebrating (and drinking) for a couple of days now thanks to my lovely WC champions – like everyone else around me ;) – and therefore havn't had much time to read kickette.. And I'll never do it again! There's so much info!! How did I miss all these wonderful celebration vids?? I'm so not leaving Kickette again (+ I'm SOOO saving this link on my laptop!)!!!

    viva la furia roja!!! campeones del mundo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Torres's wife. says:

    does anyone know where to see pics of the nightclub the spanish national team went to? :D like inside the club :D

  16. Lorihanna,Morales To says:





  17. zztop says:

    I do have to say that I like the players' rendition of Pintame way better than the actual version. Merengue should only be sung drunk and slurry.

  18. Zeenabi =) says:

    Damn I love all those videos. Pepe Reina is 1 hell of a party animal if only I was on that plane.
    But I was lucky enough to get a hug from Sergio Ramos is Johannesburg, love him.

    Btw if anyone wants to see The Pepe Reina Talk show with English Subtitles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhNF_C40KrU

    The subtitles are in the description box . Enjoy I certainly did.

    • Meoldy says:

      OMG…you got a hug details of the encounter, please, please, please. What did he smell like? Did you touch his hair? OMG!!!!

      • Deb says:

        Really! Do tell!

        • Zeenabi =) says:


          Okay well this was prior to the final. I was waiting outside the stadium entrance, like every other seeking supporter, but unlike them I am unique, I screamed out "No catalán, vasco no se estaban unidos como un solo español.

          Viva la furia roja"

          which translates to "We not catalan, were not basque were spanish united as one.

          Viva the red fury "

          Then david villa gave me a thumbs up, Pique cracked a smile but Mr. Ramos who's hair is a silky as a giorgio armani gown, came up and said "los encabezados Bien por usted, bien en ti, los partidarios mujeres son siempre el nivel, te bendiga."

          Which translates to "Good on you , good on you, the female supporters are always the level headed ones, bless you."

          He smelt like a Calvin Klein smell, strong yet masculine, I was so eager to touch that hair but security forced him away from me, he left me with a wink and his over masculine smile.

          And Miss Pasta sauce, was also their trying to get pre match interviews, shes too flirtatious to be a reporter, its sick.

          • Melody says:

            OMG, thanks a million Zeenabi for the details, bless your heart and that you could speak Spanish too!!!! Oh, it makes me love Ramos even more, what a kind man!!!! Too bad none of his hair fell off on you for you to keep it as a souvenir, lol!!! Thanks again.

          • senora ramos says:

            i am so beyond green with envy right now! but that is so awesome for you!! i hope someone got a pic for you to keep of such an awesome occasion.

            oh sergio, swoon, i love you so much! you are such a great guy!

          • Steph says:

            OMG, that's awesome! Lucky! He seems like an awesome guy. :)

          • Eebza says:

            strong, masculine smell… oh lord!!!
            thanks for sharing that experience and good on you for getting reactions from them!
            and words and a hug from the ramos… wow.
            i think you may be my role model… lol
            p.s. im curious, did u enjoy south africa?? :)

          • Dru says:

            Aieeee you're so lucky! (masculine smile, indeed- I hope he doesn't actually cut his hair as I heard he promised to do if they won, it's too beautiful)

          • Rossanera says:

            The best part of that was “silky as a Giorgio Armani gown.” Best usage of similie ever.

          • Rossanera says:

            Also, Zeenabi, I think you’d enjoy this article from Vanity Fair, it references what you were talking about (Spanish unity):


            I thought it was an interesting read. Let me know what you think.

            • Zeenabi =) says:

              My time in S. Africa was brilliant, it was of colour, and love. You felt safe wherever you went because everyone had the same mantra to enjoy, support & love football. So this is the greatest holiday Iv ever taken, its simply beautiful and the spanish victory made it all more sexier. lmaoo

              That article in Vanity Fair, is somewhat Biased in a way. Im a catalan, but Im spanish. I support the national Spanish team, I love them they feel like family. Not all catalans are extremists, yes we want independance but were still spanish, we are still in spain. As everyone saw after the final whistle carlos puyol and xavi were running around with a catalonia flag, yet their still playing for NT. Every section, Basques, Catalan, Madrid, Galicans they all have their own pride, and 3 of the 4 want indapendence, theirs a minority of them who are extremists and hate people from Madrid, I dont hate just love.

              • KatiGaray says:

                OM OMG OMG!!! i'm so jealous i only got to see him, like he was 3m away from me, so so jealous i wish i had plunged myslef infront of him and knew some decent spanish!!! wow, Ramos is man, and his hair, those eyes and it is only fitting he smells manly, he totally redefines the term 'man' wow, i could fall over…. but i'm happy for you for getting a hug, like i could live vicariously through you.

                And i'm glad you found my home country to be amazing:)

                Kiss kiss

              • Rossanera says:

                See, I couldn't tell if it was biased because I am not Spanish. (Well actually … my mother's family is originally Spanish, from Cadiz in Andalusia, but she was born in Italy, and my Dad's Italian, so me, my brother and sister were raised as Italian-Canadians. But that is besides the point, other than VIVA ESPANA!).

                If everyone thought like you, though, there would be so much less suffering in the world. I think that's what I love most about the World Cup and what people who aren't fans of the beautiful game fail to grasp – it's a celebration of humanity, of unity, not just sport.

          • sek-c biatch says:

            I don't think that story happened in real life because the Spanish doesn't make sense (sounds like it was from Google translator) and Pique wouldn't smile at you if you were bagging out Catalans.

  19. LaNovena says:

    Sara in intervie with Capdevila after the game! This is just too funny!!!


    • Eebza says:

      thanks for the link…
      i wish i could just follow him into that room lol
      damn! i knew i should have applied to be a fifa voulenteer!

    • Steph says:

      Thanks for that. :) LOL at him trying to give a semi-serious interview with that bucket on his head. Love it!

      • VeNia says:

        you know what?i actually think that Capdevila is not that ugly…i mean people say he is but i don’t think so…think he is kinda cute!XD

  20. zztop says:

    Here is a really weird video of Navas’ hero’s welcome home. Church is one of his first stops!


  21. Villa MaraVilla! says:

    I don’t know if Kickette posted these or not, but these are some amazing shots of the Spanish NT landing before the World Cup. Do the guys sit with their friends or are the assigned seats…? I think it’s funny that Navas is next to Ramos. And who does Iker sit next to in business class?


    • Steph says:

      Thanks for the link. :) Ooh, Pique is a BB user, too! :D lol.

    • zztop says:

      They're both from Sevilla and played together at Sevilla FC's youth system. Total childhood bromance. Awwwww.

      Thanks for the link!

    • Villa MaraVilla! says:

      You’re welcome! I wish I was sitting next to Villa on the plane :) . Or then again, any one of the Spanish NT on that plane!

    • mari says:

      thx for the link, I guess they choose the seating order themselves

      Pique&Sex combination makes sense on all the levels :P P

    • It seems Navas and Ramos were inseparable throughout the World Cup!

  22. Sylvia15 says:

    Awww!!! cute cesc!!


  23. gossip girl says:

    Pepe Reina es el mejor…

    Es solo sacar Carbonero que el video se pone perfecto.


    • Johanna says:

      Pepe siempre ha sido un loco! haha I feel bad for his “victims” but he sure is entertaining. Que Viva España!

  24. sandy says:

    Reina is amazing and how funny him and Villa singing Pintame to Iker lmao

  25. mari says:

    the second video is addictive. :D
    Reina is the man.

    • elnino says:

      It so totally is! Can't stay away from it for more than an hour. You gotta love Pepe after this XD

      • mari says:

        :D he absolutely won me over :D

        "his little show" even made me physically attracted to him XD

  26. Sylvia15 says:

    watching them come out the plane and onto the coach is definitely the best video ive ever seen. highlight of my day!! -_-


    haha drunk pepe is funny!! 3 man spanish conga!! woo!!

    david villa looks tired near the end..:)

    ..i wish i could speak spanish…so i dont have to spend hours tryna translate everything..:'(


  27. LaNovena says:

    just talking about a drunk Arbeola. He almost fell from the bus! Incredibly funny!!! LOL


    • Molly says:

      OMG thats hilarious! Poor Alvaro! Thanks for sharing that video!

    • Steph says:

      OMG. LOL. :P At least he's ok, though! Poor guy. Thanks for the link. :)

      • Johanna says:

        That fall made him stop for sure. Thanks for the link! I noticed Pique was trashed early in the parade. At times I wondered if he would eventually jump from the bus into the crowd. He had a heavy hand in play fighting with Fabregas and threw beer at everyone.

  28. sandy says:

    Does anyone know a good Iker forum?

  29. Inés says:

    Villa and Pepe dancing with Elvis Crespo salsa music was lol! ahhh what drunkness can make!

    • zztop says:

      I've watched that video so many times! I wonder if Pepe Reina is available for parties and bar mitzvahs.

      • Steph says:

        LOL. I'd totally love to have him at my party! He'd be tons of fun, for sure. :D

      • Inés says:

        lol! Villa’s very entertaining too, but you need alcohol to make it work!

      • D0li says:

        hahah.. I don’t really know much about him, but I would deffinately enjoy having him around.

  30. Gunner Girl says:

    OMG!!! I so wish i was there with them. I saw them coz i am south african, but indian. lol. I so wish they had more of cesc fabregas. OMG!!! did u guys see what Pique and Puyol did to him, They put a Barca shirt on him. lol. I hope he doesnt leave. BTW!!! Do any of you guys no the name of that spanish song that Pepe and Villa is dancing too? Its so cool and in my head on way. Please tell me.

  31. LaNovena says:

    here some of the players promises to be compleeted after the WC is won;


    • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

      Ha ha ha I would love to see them all come true after all its like a promise for something in exchange and they got it now its time to pay up though I hear lots of ladies crying to Ramos not to cute his hair. I myself find hard to do is not drinking CocaCola for a whole year. I'm a devoted fan to that brand of soda and I can't and won't drink anything else! So does anyone know what Pique promised?

  32. Jessie says:

    i’m gonna have to go over there and teach sergio more english,lol

  33. Chanel says:

    Love these videos! I met the Spain team outside their hotel in Johannesburg on Sunday morning…Best moment of my live ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Melissa says:

      Can you elaborate….details PLEASE!

      • Chanel says:

        Was waiting to see them outside their hotel and I almost fainted when they walked out!!! Villa, looking utterly pocket-sizedly delicious, jus gave a wave and ran quickly into the bus. Met Fabregas, Capdevila, Alonso, Pique, Torres and Silva. Silva was the most friendliest, he just kept chatting to me (even tho I don't speak spanish and had no idea what he was saying haha). I can confirm this…they are just as gorgeous in person, I resisted the urge to jump one of them :)

        • Iker's my man says:

          Oh please say u went *snap*snap*snap* all the way. And pleease say u'll share them with us?

          • Chanel says:

            YES off course I went camera happy :D got too many blurry pics tho from the excitement, dropped my camera twice lol, will sift through them for the best ones.

        • Steph says:

          Ahh, lucky! :D Can’t wait to see the pics! haha, you tried SO hard to restrain yourself, huh? ;) idk if I would’ve had that much self control. LOL.

          • Melissa says:

            Thank you, thank you, thank you Chanel…absolutely wonderful, you've made my day! I'm glad you were able to contain youself becaue I certainly wouldn't have been so calm! I've been to Joberg before, and am curious what hotel were they staying in while they were in town? Thanks again for sharing.

            • Chanel says:

              No problem Mel! They were staying at the Da Vince Hotel in Sandton…lol I should have jumped them hey…oh the regrets I am having :(

              • Melissa says:

                Thanks! That is a new swanky hotel in joberg…..your not alone I would have liked to jump them too!

        • Nikki says:

          AHHHHHHHHH , OMG , that so awesome you lucky girl , you talked to David Silva ! And y0ou saw them all in a flesh !!!! I'm so jealous you you right now !

  34. Nikki says:

    Why do I also find a very drunk Arbeoloa and Llorente incredibly turning on ? :D

  35. LaNovena says:

    LOL!!! Girls, did you see that?


  36. Rory88 says:

    SPANISH NT THE BEST!! Reina, Ramos and Villa are party animals!! So funny!!

  37. Molly says:

    Oh Iker, please, please, please marry me! You look so hot coming off that plane with the WC in your hands!!! I forgive you for Pasta!

    Begging aside how funny is Pepe!? I can't stop watching that video of him in the plane! He's hilarious!

    • Molly says:

      And once again CONGRATS SPANISH NT!!!!!! I LOVE ALL OF YOU! YOU NEVER DISAPPOINT ME!! *Moving to Spain*!

  38. tResa says:

    Oh good Lord…

    love me some Pepe for dinner. And breakfast. And lunch. And little snacks in between. ;)

    Still happy that Spain won, they deserved it! :)

    There’s going to be some fantastic championship games to come between Spain and Germany…they were both awesome teams this WC!
    So sad the WC is over! What am I supposed to do now???? :(

  39. [...] Spanish Shenanigans: Drunk, Disorderly as well as Barely Speaking English … [...]

  40. Iker's my man says:

    in the first vid where Villa and Pepe share a joke, what do they say? It must be funny cuz Villa’s eyes went all MIA, laughing.

    THANK YOU so much for the videos. I can’t get enough and so I’m going on a hunt for more of these on the Internet. Wish me well. :)

  41. Tabby "SaucyAus says:

    These spaniards know how to PAR – TAYY!!! :D in their SPANISH WE JUST WON THE WORLD CUP B*TCHUZZZ faces :D LOL i love these guys + pepe reina you dog ♥

  42. marie says:

    Pepe rocks…i luv listening to him despite the fact that i don't understand a word in spanish!

  43. Mokarie says:

    Oh, Sergio, I would paint your face..

  44. nando says:

    i wish i saw more of Torres.
    OMG pepe and ramos are PARTY animals. lol

  45. Wonderful video! If only Nando wasn't such a shy boy. :(

    Also, why I wasn't on that flight? Why?????

    • sounderslove says:

      THIS SFM. why did my flight have to be the late, delayed, boring one rather than the one that got home on time and was filled with hot spaniards that had just won the world cup? the universe hates me, clearly.

  46. Deedz says:

    What I would’ve given to be on that plane.

  47. nando says:

    i wish i saw more of Torres.

    is there a video where i can see torres celebrating?

  48. Villa MaraVilla! says:

    I wonder when someone will post the video of the on field antics after receiving the cup. ABC cut away to commentary :( . I would have rather seen the team running around the field, posing for pix, Cesc dancing…

    Also, any video footage of Cesc, Puyol and I think Pique interupting the Iniesta interview with beers in hand?

    The entire Spanish NT is so hot. Casillas, Villa, Pique, Alonso, Navas, Ramos, etc. I even love Puyol and Iniesta for scoring those goals!

    • Liz says:

      I have been scouring the internet since yesterday looking for ANY footage of the immediate celebrations but CBC also cut to commentary … hopefully it'll turn up in a few days! I missed it and I'm dying to see it too!

  49. Elina says:

    Can you please translate what they say ??

  50. ElNino'sNina says:

    I would be the first one to order the dvd box set, but id prefer the uncensored edition ;D

    thank you SO much Kickette!!!!!!

  51. Ana;) says:

    Hahaha love the videos kickette hahha reina! I want him at my party he’s obv the life and soul
    iker and pastasauce seemed so embarassed! Hahaha
    if only I knew how to speak Spanish!

  52. DC says:


    the boys are amazing. i love them all.

  53. CescFan says:

    Adorable! Well except the jersey forced on Cesc :(

    • Eebza says:

      I didn't even see cesc!! I need to rewatch this… but quite frankly I'm no longer phased if he moves…. more yumminess to la liga… as if we didn't already have enough! lol

  54. nadia says:


    first video subtitled in english.
    could someone tell me if it’s right??

    and holy crap at what pepe and villa say. they are great.

  55. Violets says:

    This might actually be the single most amazing thing I have ever seen on the internet. Adorable embarrassed Iker + plastered Villa in the same video is just too, too much for me.

    Also, what would I give to be Sara Pastasauce right now? More than I’d like to admit.

  56. Joey Cole's Girl says:

    i love that they are listening and dancing to merengue by a Puerto Rican artist!! Que Viva Mi Isla Bonita y Que Viva La Madre Patria!! These men have made all people who are spanish and of spanish decent very proud.

    side note, i wish i was on that plane! and i can’t believe the world cup is over, what am i going to do with my self till the community shield?!

    • Johanna says:

      I'm also Puerto Rican and proud that they won. It was a nice surprise to hear them enjoying a song from Elvis Crespo and going nuts on the plane. Gotta love em'!

  57. iheartfootballnotthe says:

    effing brilliant! all the videos are fantastic. i <3 this team and all the ladies who make sure we can see the ongoings of the hot spaniards!

  58. elnino says:

    If you notice in the second video (yes I am most addicted to that one) Pepe manages to dance around without spilling a drop of his drink?? He is such a good, cool drunk =]

  59. Karen says:

    Ahhh I can't get enough of this video <3

    No hay nada mejor que ver a los Españoles celebrar.

    Oh how I wish to be on that plane with all those hotties. ;D

  60. rubyqueen says:


  61. zztop says:

    I missed the live telecast of Pepe introducing them all, where can I see that? Please please!

  62. C16 says:

    OMG! Pepe Reina is The Man! Hilarious…

    And poor Gerard was barely standing there. Not sure if he was too tired or too drunk, probably both. LOL

  63. [...] Spanish Shenanigans: Drunk, Disorderly as well as Barely Speaking English … [...]

  64. Nikki says:

    Can someone please translate Pepe Reina introducing the players please please please .

    • Saniker says:

      i can translate but it’s soooo long! any specific player??

      • Nikki says:






        Thank you , you are an angel if you translate it !

        • Saniker says:

          1.33: An with number 1…the 20th of May of 1981…a saint was born in Mostoles (Iker's hometown)…he stops a penalty kick to Paraway in Quarters…he blocks everything that goes above against the germans…he stops with his foot a Robben's ball in the finals…he stops with his hand a Robben's ball in the finals…Iker….Casillas.

          5.50: "Truffles"(they call Arbeloa "Truffles" lol)…let me catch my breath…Truffles is going to introduce himself…we call him The Spartan…why?"…..(and Arbeloa answers shouting)…"Spartans…which is your job?"…(and everybody answers)…Auh,Auh,Auh (I guess this is in reference to the movie 300)…Alvaro…Arbeloa.

          8.15: and with number 23…with a terrible headache that I can't stand anymore…this modest Speaker…that is with you with all his heart…(all the players run to him).

      • DJ says:

        Oy! If I may request:


        • Saniker says:

          ok, here you go. It's difficult cause somethings he said doesn't make many sense, lol.

          2.35: With number 5…the head of Spain…he took us into the finals with his head and his african Tarzan hair…the man who eats shinbones…Carles……Puyol”

          3.08: With number 8…the baton…the baton of Spain…by here…by there…now I steal it(the ball)…now i give it….Xavi…….Hernandez.

          3.18: With number 9…Everything started 2 years and 13 days ago…scoring the goal against Germany…he made us dream…he made us believe…and thanks to that we have won this Cup…Fernando….Torres

          3.32: With number 10…He doesnt want me to call him “empanao”(like absent-minded)…let's see…where is Cesc?…Come here…an applause for him…With number 10…he has a heart (they interrup him)…let go (to Pique and Puyol)…With number 10…the future of Barça…the future of Spain…Cesc Fabregas…

          4.06: With number 11…the owner of the left-hand side….the unwearying…the phenomenon…the f**cking ugly one…Joan…Capdevilla…

          5.03: With number 15…the Cama's indian (Camas is Sergio's hometown)…the lung of the right-hand side…he goes up (to attack)…like our manager says, he is a little bit nervous when he has to center…where is he?…..but he does it very well….Sergio…Ramos

          • DJ says:

            That is incredible, thank you so much!

          • Nikki says:

            Thank you Saniker you are awesome ! I have one more request …. what does Arbeloa say ?

          • Eebza says:

            "the f****ing ugly one…" hahaha, capdavilla is hottt!!! ;)

            im gonna rewatch this, now that i know what it all means!!


            i cannot stop dying over sergio ramos. oh em gee.

          • senora ramos says:

            you are a goddess!! millions of hugs and thanks!!

          • Sher says:

            LOVE what he said about Torres. The fact that they continue to stand behind Nando when everyone else is calling him a disappointment speaks volumes about this team! Love Pepe – I love them all!

      • zztop says:


        • Saniker says:

          7.47: with number 22…ohhh…there is a problem here…he got away from a mental hospital…you will see his face…and he got away running…so they are not going to catch him cause he runs so fast…the little Woody Woodpecker…the nerves of the NT…Jesus…Navas.

          • Zlatanista says:

            Did he really say that about Navas!? Wow, they seem to be really relaxed about mental issues then. Thank you so much for translating!

          • zztop says:


            You made my day! Even though I wish Pepe hadn’t mentioned Navas’ mental health issues.

            • Eebza says:

              guys, i know im very delayed but what mental health issues? hectic!

              • zztop says:

                Navas famously suffers from an anxiety disorder. He suffers breakdowns and seizures when he leaves Sevilla and his family. There have been calls for him to play for Spain for years which he refused.

                • Zlatanista says:

                  It´s fantastic that he did all this with the World Cup and all. A year ago i never would have thought it. Good for him!!

                  • Elleya says:

                    Fifa says that these mental health issues are behind him. How else would he travel to USA and Africa?

                    Seems like he didn't really mind Pepe mentioning it, either. ~

                • Eebza says:

                  i really didn't know that! :(

                  glad he made it to SA this year!! good for him!

                  they're really chilled about it, hey? or blame it on the alcohol! lol

      • Maggie says:

        Any chance for Xabi? Thanks so much!

    • Eebza says:

      In which video does reina introduce the players???

      whats going on here? im so confused!!

  65. Steph says:

    And the boys are leaving. :( Sad it’s over, but it’s late over there now! Some of them were looking a bit tired, already. lol.

  66. Stacy says:

    Dear lordy that was cute. I love watching how happy they all were. I would have loved to be on that plane. How much would you have payed for a ticket? Hmmmm…that’s one I’ll have to ponder.

  67. zztop says:

    What are they singing? I like the tune!

  68. EternalDreamer says:

    These are great vids! Seeing these guys so happy makes me happy. It doesn't hurt that many of the hottest men in the World Cup are in this video. Their drunken elation somehow makes them even hotter. :-)

  69. Yasmeen says:

    pepe reina is the love of my life. that man is so fun and crazy it’s unbelievable :P iker is so sweet all red and embarrassed and cesc is so adorable passing out with the cup :) drunken spanish footballers are what make my day

  70. beri says:

    I'm in love with the Spanish NT! Ah yes…..sexy, drunk, Spanish NT players make my day, night, week, year, decade etc…

    Yea….I'd jump into that congo line anytime…rarrrr!

  71. Tash says:

    lol pepe, ramos and villa were so hammered…i don’t know why i find that sexy?

  72. lacota says:

    Are they just flying regular commercial plane with normal passengers? If so I am so jealous of the other passengers.

    • Saniker says:

      it was a special flight for all the players, people of the federation and journalists…imagine if it was a comercial flight!!lol

      • Steph says:

        Yeah, it's a special flight, I'm sure. If it was a regular commercial flight, that would've been insane! lol. I don't think they would've been able to make as much noise as they did if it was a regular flight. :P Ahh, I wish I was on that plane with them!

        • Zhenya says:

          Did you see the guy with the sleep mask in the second video with Pepe and the guys singing! We’d kill to be there and he’s blocking it all out! Crazy!

          • Steph says:

            haha, OMG, no! I had to go back and re-watch it! Wonder what he's thinking? lol.

          • Eebza says:

            that is EXACTLY what i was thinking when i saw that… WHO THE EFF WOULD EVEN TRY AND SLEEP? and more importantly, WHY would you want to??

            • Steph says:

              Right? Why would you even WANT to sleep then? You KNOW it's going to be a nonstop party for a while! ;)

          • Tabby "SaucyAus says:

            LOL reina then goes to rape the guy with the sleep mask :D he takes it off the guys eyes :D ah reina i love you , you deliciously bald man :D

      • Villa MaraVilla! says:

        Is Iker not in business class because that way he can sit with Sara?

        • Saniker says:

          he was sitting in the front at the beggining with the others, but it was more than 10hour flight. so he went to sit with her later for a while…to try to sleep a little bit, or they said that…impossible to sleep with reina/ramos/villa on the same plane…lol

  73. IrishBlue says:

    Haha I’d say they would be so much fun on a night out!

  74. iida says:

    These videos are perfection! I just wish there were more of them.

    I watched the entire live stream today, it was exhausting and so much fun. Pepe is wonderful, absolutely hilarious. I love the team to bits.

    And I screamed when PK and Puyi ambushed Cesc with the Barca jersey. This must mean Cesc is coming to Barca. It MUST.

    All in all, I have a hellish World Cup hangover and I still can't believe we won. Life is good.

  75. Nadia says:

    What's pepe saying on the phone??

  76. JamilaRamos says:

    Sergio Ramos’ voice is sex in my ears. If I was on that plane I would’ve grabbed him by the ponytail drag him into the toilet and celebrate with him. Oh and he’d be a bit angry coz I dragged his ”precious” hair!

  77. HJ says:

    ladies, i missed the whole thing because i had a class ( :( ) so please, can you share links to:

    1) sexy cescy dancing

    2)pique flirting with blondie (apparently a random, damn nuria's gna be mad!)

    3)ramos leading the conga dance


  78. Briel says:

    For some reason my computer refuses to show any videos posted on this site! I’ve looked all over youtube and can’t seem to find these either. Can anyone let me know where they were originally from or somewhere else I might be able to watch them? Thnx

  79. Meji says:

    I’m a guy but these are cool videos.

  80. Linda (Gooner till I says:

    That Barca-Cescy thing was pretty low from them. They are all drunk and happy, but some of them still lacks class…

  81. DJ says:

    Could someone pretty please translate the Xavi-Iker-Sara exchange from the second video?

    • Saniker says:

      they are jocking but it's difficult to understand all the words.

      iker jokes with xavi saying him "go away, dont come here" (something like that) haha.

      and sara says "i didnt say anything, i didnt say anithing" joking as well.

      and xavi says to iker something like "u are unbeliavable…"

      and iker says "come here and give me your drink"

  82. senora ramos says:


    just when you think espana winning it all couldn’t get any better!!!
    there are no amount of words to convey how i feel after watching those videos!! i love those guys <33333333

    • senora ramos says:

      i’ve recovered thismuch to say sergio’s sexy broken english is all that is right in this world. that’s all i can function for now.

      • Eebza says:

        am i being dumb? in which one is there ramos and the broken english?

        or is just THAT broken??? lol

        • senora ramos says:

          LOL! it's THAT broken. when he's getting the cake.

          • Steph says:

            OMG, that was it? haha, I almost missed that! His broken english is pretty cute, though! :P

          • Eebza says:

            maybe all the vuvuzela’s in south africa are getting to me…
            all i hear is the guy handing over the cake saying “you did well guys, you did well” and then he continues “…johanessburg, south africa, are proud to serve you the world champions”.
            …ah… when i puts his finger into that cake

            and let’s not get started on the second video… omg

        • dcubetcha says:

          hahah i didn’t hear it either!

          • Eebza says:

            found it!! hot hot hot

            i'd be more than willing to provide english lessons for the ramos and other…err… services!

  83. C16 says:

    OMG! Pepe Reina is THE boss! How awesome is he? Going through the plane with that Elvis Crespo song waking everybody up… Too awesome! And The Ramos too.
    I watched this on TV but I can’t have enough. I’m watching them go through Madrid on the bus right now.

    • Steph says:

      OMG, I know! The Elvis Crespo song! lol. I’m a little surprised he didn’t sing Suavemente, but this one is still appropriate. haha. Too funny. :D

      • senora ramos says:

        omg! that would've been PERFECT as i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that song :D lol!

        • Steph says:

          haha, right? I know! And it would've been a little more LOL-worthy, but this one was good too! :P Imagine them singing that to them and maybe making kissy faces or something. haha. I would've died! And again, still wishing I was there with them now! *sigh* lol.

  84. Goosie says:

    I officially LOVE Pepe Reina.

  85. Eebza says:

    who is with me???
    what i wouldn’t have given to be one those people giving the cake or whatever
    flip man!!
    hot hot hot hot hot hot

    • Steph says:

      This. haha. I'm so with you there! Those guys are just hilarious, especially Pepe. I'm loving it! If I was on there, I'd so be going up and down the isles singing with all of them, too! :P And who else wouldn't love to be part of that conga line? ;)

      • Eebza says:

        conga line, yes yes yes!!!!

        oh my soul they are so hotttttt

        • Steph says:

          haha, YES to both. :D They're absolutely gorgeous!

          • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

            LOL loved it. I’ve seen some of the stills from the videos but watching a video us much much MUCH better. And as for the conga line, I’ll get behind, in front and/or underneath Xavi anytime. Him and Pique are my favorite but of course Pique comes as a package w/ Cesc. Still Pique is just a cutie wish he were singing drunk with Reina. Xavi you can be the life in my party anytime!

            • Steph says:

              lol, YES. The video is SO much better! :D Right? Pique should’ve been in there, too! And Cesc! That would’ve been pretty funny. But Villa was, so I’m happy. :D haha.

    • Best ever! Pepe is the life-of-the-party. Now we need the video of him being the showman in Madrid

  86. Bamm85 says:

    The celebration is going on right now! you can watch it here!



  87. Steph says:

    Anyone else watching the guys in Madrid right now? Reina is hilarious right now. He's like, going through and naming all the players and their numbers. I wonder, is he still a little drunk? lol.

    • PepaCandela says:

      Watching from the US, but yes and I'm loving that they wrestled a Barca jersey onto Cesc!!!

      • Steph says:

        Yeah, watching from the US, too. :) Wish I was there, though! And haha, I know! That was just too funny! :P

    • Erin says:

      Pepe did the same thing after they won the Euros. He's a star and the absolute heart of that team!

    • elnino says:

      I watched it with my mum and my sis. Hilarious! I love Pepe and his drunk self!

    • Briel says:

      I think Pepe should consider a career on the stage when he eventually retires! That man can certainly work a crowd! I get the feeling he’s not even drunk and that this is just how he always is.

      • Steph says:

        Yeah, now I'm beginning to see that. haha. He should! He'd be pretty hilarious to watch! :)

    • mamaly says:

      i am Dutch and i love it. Most of all Nando, on the open top bus he was having is own party, hugging the world cup for half an hour.

      Right now the dutch team are having their party, but so far it is pretty glum.

  88. Eebza says:


    we need to find the FULL LENGTH versions of these videos…

    anyone know where to start?

    And someone already suggested a DVD box set… so im thinking… let's do this!

    still not convinced? notice how in video 1, they cut off the bit just after ramos speaks… surely we want to hear a bit more spanglish, right??


  89. Sia says:

    Can someone point to me where Sergio starts speaking english?

    • crazymadam says:

      I can't seem to find that bit either. Can anyone else?

      • Steph says:

        It's like, right when they're handing them the cake. It's a pretty blink and you'll miss it kind of thing. lol. It starts at around 0:31.

  90. Molly says:

    I love the drunk Spanish NT *BIG HAPPY SIGH* I <3 them! I want to be there to help them celebrate.

  91. Nikki says:

    I wish I was on that plane , everyone seems to be annoyed with Pepe and co . tbh I'd be totally thrilled to spend 12 hrs with the Spanish National Team wasted on a plane . Pepe is a legend an dI love a guys who like to party , to bad Nando was injured to be dancing , but he doesn't seem like the guy to get drunk on a plane . He and Xabi were so dignified just sitting. I wouldn't be surprised if Sergio Ramos hooked up with some skanky stewardess or passenger lol .

    • JamilaRamos says:

      Haha you sure know THE RAMOS well ;) He'd tap anything with a pulse on that plane!

      • Eebza says:

        hahaha, before the match even ended my sister and i were like

        "if only we were flight attendants on that plane"

        yeah… thats totally ramos style…

        but like i don't blame the skanky stewardess for going along… i mean who wouldn't???

      • Nikki says:

        Don’t you also wish you were on that plane ;) , I do not have a thing of Ramos , but I’d do Pepe in a heartbeat , if he wasn’t such a family man ……f**k it , I’d do him because of that …. But that would’ve been a dream come true if I was on that plane , intelligently conversing with Nando ( and begging him to stay at Liverpool FC ) and then partying with Pepe and Villa .

    • Bamm85 says:

      I'm with you Nikki! I would have been the happiest girl in the world if I had been on that plane!

    • senora ramos says:

      what i wouldn't give to be said skanky stewardess. lol! as if the ramos had any problems getting laid, he sure as heck doesn't now. lol!

      and yes, there would be no point to avoid saying sex to that man. it would slip out eventually anyways. can't be in the presence of all that hotness and not blurt out whatever you are thinking. lol!

      • Eebza says:

        i'd even be part of the bloody catering company… as that guy said

        "Proudly serving the World Champions"

        hell yes.

  92. Vanessa says:

    Anyone know what Ramos was saying when he was "speaking english: ? :)

    • JamilaRamos says:

      Well he said ''This for all people?'' but of course it sounded more like: ''thirs forrre ol pipil''. Ahhhhh…Mhm just imagine trying to speak to him in English and him being unable to understand…you can say as many naughty things as you like. Avoid using the word SEX…He definitely knows the meaning of that ;)

  93. Vanessa says:

    Anyone know what Ramos said? :)

  94. zztop says:

    Navas is such a good boy. Just sitting there quietly.

    Do they keep Pepe Reina around for his entertainment value? I can see why.

    • Erin says:

      That, and because he's an outstanding goalkeeper!

      • Nikki says:

        Say it Erin , us Liverpool girls gotta show these real maridistas that Pepe is an amazing goalie and he is undervalued in Spain as a goalie .Iker is also an amazing goalie but do NOT underestimate Pepe in his sportsmanship and goal keeping skills .He a team player and to show this joy and commitment and engery makes him a truly superb person and football player .

        And his baldness is also very attractive too ;) .

  95. LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

    Seriously, the girl who put THE CUP on the stand before they gave the medals to the second place and then Spain had to wear white globes because according to the rules of FIFA no one can touch it unless you are part of the winning team or like Canna the captain of the previous winner. Now on the plane everyone seems to want to touch it and since the players are so happy and generous they let them hold it and take pics with it. More reason to love these guys and Iker seriously needs to know that he invited the cameras to follow his every move right at the moment of him expressing his love showing to the world that it only matters what he feels about her not what other say or said about her. Love you guys and when you play Mexico on our anniversary I hope I can go and see some of you!!!

  96. VeNia says:

    broken english along with drunk Spaniards is the best thing God ever made!!

    now i have more reasons to love Xavi and another reason to adore Pepe!!

    but really Villa,Ramos,Xavi and Pepe shoul make a band!!everyone would die to see them!!!XD they should call it "The Iker Harassment"XD

  97. Lisa says:

    Is it just me or is Nando not in any of these videos? They better not be giving him the Yoann treatment! In the dressing room thread, his was the only picture holding the trophy by himself. Lucy, you've got some 'splainin' to do!

    • Erin says:

      Torres injured himself at the end of the match (groin apparently) and so isn't running around celebrating like the rest. He gets along very well with his teammates.

    • pamplemousse says:

      Torres and Xabi chillin’ 0:40 =)

      • DJ says:

        Damn, I almost got teary when Villa indicates the star on the jersey. To think that forever, they will be the ones responsible for bringing that simple but meaningful badge to their national jersey.

        So much dust in my eyes!

    • Torres and Iniesta are the shy ones in the team apparently. And from all reports, he gets along fantastically with the rest of them.

      • Cymraeg_Ddraig says:

        I have now found my perfect job. Has anyone seen this random woman who popped up every now and again during the WC? She gave the players a hug everytime they were subbed. Now she's n this vid having a pillow fight! Ok, how do we apply for this job??

        • Steph says:

          Don't think I've noticed her, but THIS. lol. I'm in! :P

        • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

          again, this is the woman i’m so jealous of because she gets kissed and hugged after each game. They don’t seem to do it because they are somehow force to act friendly towards one another. They smile look at her straight on and the kisses on the cheek. I hope she doesn’t have a bf or hubby because he would be soooooooooooo jealous. Do you have to be a spanish national to get that job? I mean i already changed my citizenship once for that job i’d gladly do it again! :D

          • Steph says:

            Seriously. Hopefully she doesn't have a bf or husband, cause he'd probably be SO jealous. I mean, practically every guy on the Spanish NT is gorgeous. :D If you have to be Spanish for that job, I'd SO do it! lol. I want to move there, anyway.

  98. Jules says:

    Did you see the video of Puyol and Fabregas drunk wandering onto the field after the match? It was hysterical, they came out with beers in their hands and just chilled on the bench until they were swarmed by people wanting autographs.

  99. Tesa says:

    Drunk Pepe Reina singing with David Villa, Xavi, and the Ramos is AMAZING!!! Iker's embarrassment is PRICELESS.

  100. dcubetcha says:


    don't even feel like i need to say anything about the rest of the videos. THEY SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.

  101. Erin says:

    I worship at the feet of Pepe Reina. He is a god amongst men!

  102. Anastasia says:

    Broken English alludes to the fact that they might understand your pick up lines?

    The singing in the second video made my day.

    • Catie says:

      Haha I've decided I've must learn Spanish, so that somewhere in that broken English/Spanish r-rolling mess of a come on (aka me jumping on one/all of them), bliss is achieved ;)

      • Steph says:

        LOL. Well, if you don’t know, I’m sure some of them would be more than happy to teach you. ;) I speak spanish, but I can teach some of them english, so it works out! :P haha.

  103. Innocenza says:

    Ahahahaha Villa and the vuvuzela!

  104. Lisa says:

    can we turn this into a TV series? or at least release it as a DVD box set? I cannot get enough videos of drunken Spanish footballers who just became champions (copyright since Euro 2008 final). Oh Cesc where have you been all my life? You can pass out drunk on my couch anytime you like.

  105. rubyqueen says:

    oh i'm loving these video's.:)keep them coming i need a release from my boring day.i wish i had been on that plane.:)their's nothing better then happy drunk sexy guys.:D

  106. Eebza says:

    I CANNOT STOP WATCHING THESE VIDEOS… i thought the first one was good but the second one…whoo

  107. elnino says:

    Pepe+Villa is just awesome!!! Sergio, as if I needed a reason to love him more put his finger in the cake, how adorable!

    Second video: is Pepe really That drunk??? OMG. So cute! Reason #4865 to Love the Spanish NT: They know how to PARTY!! Esp. Pepe. Awww, Iker & Sara were deprived of privacy!

    Sigh…I love this team.

  108. Seniorita Iniesta says:

    These guys will be the death of me someday.

    Drunk Arbeloa is love.

    And why did they fly on an ordinary plane?

    Or more precise … why wasn't I on that plane?