January 5th, 2011

Spotted: Sergio Ramos & Lara Alvarez

Images: Cuore.es.

When we first speculated about Sergio Ramos’ potential new love interest, many of you here (and us included) felt the relationship was innocent until proven with pictures.

So, does a corner image on the cover of Cuore magazine make this relationship real, now?

The scene: Sergio and Lara, post Champions of Africa charity match. Exiting an Italian restaurant in Madrid. After dining with his brother, Rene and his girlfriend. All four drove off into the sunset together.

Gerard Pique drinking game, anyone?

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128 Responses to “Spotted: Sergio Ramos & Lara Alvarez”

  1. zeze madridista says:

    i like lara alvarez a lot , she is so great with Sergio
    sergio Ramos is so handsome and she is beautiful girl….

  2. Maria says:

    Sara, Lara my gosh reporters are taking all the good ones! It's so close, both reporters, both dating footballers, both names only one letter different! I think the same about C16 I hopethey all run off into the sunset :) *swoon*

  3. LadyM says:

    Damn ! He is hot!
    What is going up with him and that Lara ?
    I think he could do better than her,cause he is Sergio Ramos ;)
    But this is not me speaking it's my jealousy xD

  4. irakli says:

    rogor miyvars ramosi neta icodet!!!!!

  5. natasha says:

    good luck for this couple, i hope she makes him happy and that they get settled down, maybe a wedding these year, and i hope his football will get better now, because he is less fit than in the world cup.you heart can be broken girls, that is sick.

  6. mamata says:

    lm happy for this couple, im a girl but my heat is not broken , how can you hard be broken, i love sergio because he is a good soccerplayer

  7. RamosYLara says:

    They are so dating, look at all of these photos. He's even hugging her!

  8. wipawan says:

    i don't think sergio Datting Real with Lara i think He only do some thing for have fun!!!!

  9. Looks innocent to me! Yep. Totally innocent. Nothing to see really. At all…. lasdfjnhbakaafkblja…
    that was me breaking down in tears…

    Ooooohhhhhhhh moc moc, bishesss

  10. Tania says:

    Well, I have good and bad news about this… I couldn't help myself and I bought the mag, because you know, I just had to… ;-) And the good news is that the pics show absolutely nothing; the one in this post is the "juciest" one. So if we only take this as proof, we can live happily in the beautiful land of denial…

    However, the bad news is that he is now following her on Twitter, which doesn't prove anything per se, but upsets the fangirl in me anyway… :-( Oh, our dream relationship will never be the same…

  11. Anon says:


  12. Mel says:


    JUST NO!
    I'm miserable now…. let's do that Pique thing!

  13. Cherry says:

    Don't worry girls Sergio isn't really the commitment type. At least not right now he's not. He likes to play the field. He is going to date, but he won't get serious yet. lol I laugh at some people on here saying he had to get a GF eventually; don't worry about Sergio, GF or not he is getting his. And even with a GF he will still be getting his from her and his b*tches on the side.

    But he has been in and out of form lately and I don't think he needs any distractions right now. A GF is the last thing he needs, especially someone like her. Any time I hear someone is an aspiring model, singer, actress, TV presenter, ect that always raises red flags to me. She may have had a job but she is still low level and is well aware of the benefits a relationship with someone like him will bring her. These guys can be so stupid its insane to me. Hopefully, that not the case.

    I don't care what he does in his personal life. I just want him to play to the best of his ability bc he is one of the best defenders in the world. I don't want anyone screwing that up! Or distracting him from his game with unnecessary drama in and out of the media. Especially, with him bc he doesn't like the media attention.

    Sorry that was long its 7am and I haven't been to bed yet so I am delirious. :)

    • bri_saldana says:

      god your sure right about him being one of the best defenders in the world….also i just love how he seems to honing in on his skill under "the special one"; I feel like Cris is doing so too! I love Serg thanks for the reality check…I WILL hold her healthily subject ;)

  14. swaggerhacjed says:

    @Whatevs, you are my new favorite chic on this site! Slore of the century….which just makes me love him so much more. His whorish ways are part of his charm, lol. No need to stress…just cause there's a goalie doesn't mean you can't score….shit, ask Adan, cause Levanthe punkd his fine ass last night.

  15. Tania says:

    Oh Kickette, I had missed you so much over the holidays… And then you come back and drop this bomb on us! Don't you prefer to get some more rest, drink some more champers and come back with better news??
    Seriously, I'm a grown up woman, I don't want to admit that the whole Sergio-Lara thing kind of ruined my New Year's a little… Well, not really ruin but, you know, our fantasy relationship will never be the same…
    Now I have no other choice than to buy a place in the beautiful land of DENIAL because, believe me, I got there and I'm. not. leaving…

  16. Love_is_in_the_air says:

    Ramosa is getting married soon..
    good on him…

  17. Zahara (Spain NT, Barca lover) says:

    nooo sergio!how could you?i thought it was you and i forever! lol just jokes.

    this lara chick is actually really pretty and maybe shes a nice person.

    hope she doesnt go and get a boob job too behind poor sergios back!lol.

    sergio, i wish you the best and whatthehell, i still love you and wont stop!

  18. l.o.v.e. says:

    well…it's hard for all the fans but let's hope he has all he ever wanted..if we're true fans we need to be happy about him,not to think just about ourselfs…hurts but still makes me happy (:

  19. xoWinnie says:

    LOLOLOL died reading these comments, but let's be real ladies, most of us will never meet him, so let's just be happy for the man! imagine is this relationship works out for him! i want him to have babies! and it's obviously not gonna be by me so i might as well accept it.

  20. Anthony says:

    Oh my God! I have to go to Spain!! all the girls there are soo beautiful????

  21. I like when you can see great definition in the abs. It really shows dedication.

  22. xbabyshakesx says:

    Cute, cute, cute!
    I think Sergio definitely deserves some loving
    not that we can't give him what he needs but
    eh the man's got his needs!

  23. barcafan says:

    i still love you sergio

  24. Amber says:

    These comments are cracking me up.

    She's adorable, and I hope if they are dating and continue to they learn from some of the issues Sara and Iker have with the press.

  25. Gerard Pique Drinking game ? I´m in….
    where are the gallons of alcohol to get that out of my mind ?
    I want to wake up the next morning and tell myself: You only had a bad bad dream… apocalypse-like.
    But it´s over. The sun will shine again and The Ramos ist still Single."
    I refuse to believe that.
    It´s Photoshoped…. Some people are really good at that.

    Can someone please pass me a bottle of vodka and chocolate ??? :-(

  26. I don't know. I live in Colorado, US and Mexico sometimes. Right now, I am more worry on how to pay a career than how much flights cost! But I would say that Madrid is expensive, well that's what I heard!

  27. Crackers says:

    the coat can't be helped, it's cold. At least it's not a duffle coat, he'd look like Paddington Bear in one!

  28. Mariah says:

    Seems like the Ramos is taken..
    Is there any other hot Spanish football player left who’s single?!

  29. Jessie says:

    WHY??????? 2011 started so good and now THIS..

  30. Sara P says:

    She looks nice. I definitely prefer her to some of the "hoodrats" and "Gold-diggers" that he has dated in the past. She actually looks like she has a heart!

  31. loveu2much says:

    why is that whenever theyre is a post about sergio it has to be something dramatic he better leave her soon cuz when hes single again we can all go back to drooling over him

  32. sarakhatmi says:

    Lily: it was on some unoffical page, not his real one, that was written by someone that wanted to pretend to be Sergio. If you look at sergio ramos offical page on facebook, there is not such a message. The latest he said was congratulating Iker for the price of the best goalkeeper in the world for the third time.

  33. mamata says:

    im a big fan, but im not upset about this story, ramos will have soon a family of his onw, he canget any girl he wants, he is world champion soccer player, so i think he is meat for al lot of golddiggers,you know he would not stay single forever, and maybe it a good thing he did keep his relationship under wraps, i think media are some brutal about famous couples, im happy for him, and maybe his game will raise up for real madrid

  34. Lauren says:

    Girls, I can understand you all but maybe some of you are a bit overreacting. At first I was like OMFG CAN’T BELIEVE THIS but now I’m happy for him. I meal did you expect a guy like our Sergio to be single forever?! He needs love – that’s what everybody needs. And I think the fact the he’s not single anymore shouldn’t affect your lives. Yeah this comes from a girl who has a crush on him lol.

  35. diana says:


  36. rubyqueen says:

    my heart really goes out to all the fangirls out there.i too know what the pain of heartbreak truly feels like.:'( i'm sorry girls.. but remember he does get bored really fast and dumps girls and fast as he picked them up.so this time next week you will all look back at this and wonder what all the crying was about.??*hugs*

  37. SoccerLoverrr says:

    nooooooooooononononono :( i saw it coming and all…buh styll *heart is broken* </3

  38. Ohh Esta noticia me a roto el corazon! =( This new has broken my heart!
    Now, let's think about this situation. I have a plan!!!

    1) Learn spanish, english, or whatever language you have to learn for your footballers.
    2) Get a career and a job as a Sport Reporter (specially soccer).
    3) If mother nature was not too kind with you: Get fake boobs, nose, etc. (p.s. I have to get boobs and nose).
    4) Move to their Country or at least go to the games in your City.
    5) Stalk your favorite footballers!

    I don't know about you, but I am sticking to this plan! Si se puede chicas!

  39. Tephy says:



    Now excuse me as I rush to the convenience store next door and buy a big-ass Toblerone. And probs a beer.

    • Rachel S says:

      haha this comment made me smile…but in all seriousness, I totally feel the same way. Beer and chocolate is the only remedy I can think of at the moment. And i agree, it's GOTTA be an optical illusion, I refuse to believe in such a fuzzy picture!

  40. @AgnesWonka says:

    she looks good, like Sara. Hum…Cesc…hello, can you learn from Iker and Sergio?!!!

    • Sonia says:

      she does look good, very pretty indeed like Sara … to those people who gave thumbs down, you are all such a jealous bitches! very funny if a footballer shows up with a plain girl, they will say she is very pretty because they are all as plain ugly and hoping they will hook up with one too! but when a footballer shows up with very pretty lady they get nasty and accusing her as a bitch, unnatural looking etc. Get a grip bitches, you think that footballers with big money should date a normal and plain girl????????

      • @AgnesWonka says:

        some girls hate me coz I hate Carla (Cesc's girl) and is very funny to see that they react to this girl in the same way I react to Carla's last post in this site!!!

      • @DebStimson says:

        Sonia, I believe the "thumbs down" are for the insult on Cesc's girlfriend, not on Lara or Sara.

      • tinka says:

        But a lot of these girls follow footballers around to gain their money, fame etc, or to forward their careers. It'd be nice if Sergio settled with a girl who was normal, (not ugly, just normal) who didn't crave the spotlight, or money. I don't know these girls or their intentions, but something about someone who is an aspiring tv presenter kinda smells fishy to me in that is she using his fame to boost her own career? I'd just like to see Sergio with someone normal, but pretty people do gravitate towards pretty people.

  41. Whatevs says:

    Why are half of you ready to send wedding gifts and the others about to jump off the ledge. I love Ramos and thx to my time in Spain I love Spanish men ;) but this guy is the biggest Slore (slut+whore) in la liga and that’s saying a lot. Even if this is his woman.. Btw a pap pic does not a GF make.. remember this is the same guy that said in an interview times are diff now u don’t have to have to be in love with a person to have sex. Can’t turn a whore into a housewife (refering to Ramos).. Tiger anyone haha oh yeah IMO ;)

  42. i think she is pretty and seems like a nice girl ( but im not sure dont really know much about her) anyways its a good thing that sergio's got himself a girl i mean we do want him to at some point get married ( with a nice girl that loves him for who he is inside and not a football star) and have little sergito ramos running around.
    ( kinda jelous but o well)

  43. Pique_Xavi says:

    True, they could just be good friends… but she looks too dressed up to be going to dinner with just a friend. I don't know why but just from the picture I bet she smelled really nice, LOL… As a woman who has crushes on football players I can be happy for them and I can't really say if the women they are dating are "not good enough" for them. Truth is that if she were "normal" many would say he deserves someone prettier who will be glamorous all the time, if she was that way some would say she is trying too hard. Today though, I see many "heartsbroken" Sergio lovers and still so many good wishes for him. And if the way they began their courtship was by her saying that line about the shirt sounds to me she has a sense of humor and to me that sounds like the type for Sergio. Sorry to say this but… guess Sergio "got over" the hairy arms right away didn't he? LOL Although, I think I will be more sure that are a couple if I see pics of her and his sister because if he's serious about a woman I would imagine his sis will have to approve first :)

    • diana says:

      I know we are supposed to be congratulating him BUT, i recently started to like him, he's my latest crush so i hoped he'll stay single a little longer.That's just so unfair…..i guess i took it way too personally lol

      • Tania says:

        I totally understand how you feel, sister… Up until the WC, I had been immune to his charm; and then over a few weeks I was like: "wow, this guy is so HOT. And so adorable. And this did I say he's SO. HOT?"
        So I also feel that there's only been a few months of Ramos daydreaming and fantasizing and it's just not enough… :-(

      • Pique_Xavi says:

        Yes! You should be happy. Now, what I'm about to say will be sad but oh so true… the day will come when Xavi finds his football loving gf/wife and then I will be the one who will be heartbroken. Its always easier to see the glass half full when you're not the one who is chockin on the water that's missing. Pique and Xavi, Xavi and Pique are my favorite Spaniards. So right now that they are both single I'm content. But I don't want to think about when they find that one girl that will make them forget about twitting or watching football nonstop like Xavi loves to do. But you can always hope they are still in the honeymoon stage and maybe they will both realize they should move on. That's what I thought of Pique's ex and for whatever reason they are not together anymore. Wishful thinking can come true :D

  44. Pique_Xavi says:

    lol… the coat thing.. I think its a thing with football players because Xavi and Messi have one and they wear them all the time.

    • Kristine says:

      Those coats are very common here on the east coast of the united states…

      • Pique_Xavi says:

        Well I live in Cali and even though we die of cold whenever the temp goes below 70, we don't see many giant goats like that here, lol.

        • bri_saldana says:

          i'm from texas and every time i step on cali soil my blood freezes….how the hell do you guys survive in that 75 degree weather!

  45. JulieFromParis says:

    I know Im grumpy tonight but didn't we discussed the subject at lenght last time so by now we should call it done??? Why do we have to put ourselves through this AGAIN????? WHYYYYYY?

    • Leya_S says:

      Bc any SR news is worth telling, plus this news gives us a (somewhat) legitimate reason to drink HEAVILY for the next 3 hours….scratch that, WEEKS….

  46. Guest says:

    I am now officially heart broken. Sergio……….. why?
    *pulls our shot glasses*
    So when does this drinking game start? Now, I think, would be a good time

  47. simone says:

    he'll dump her before you know it

  48. Moonzi says:

    This jst Broke My Heart </3

  49. Lulu says:

    WHY? WHY? WHY? Ugh! So lameee

  50. hearts_the_ramos04 says:

    Seriously kickette, WHAT A GOOD MORNING this is-NOT!!
    Hmmmmm one picture, that's it??! I need more and pictures that really show they're boyfriend and girlfriend…this is too platonic for me.. nothing is going on here! nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing….(Denial Mode)

    a bottle of vodka and a box of chocolates please!

  51. L.V.B says:

    I WAS having a good day….until I saw this.

    Media we dont want to see Sergio Ramos being taken, fangirls dont do committed Sergio (unless its one of us lol).

    • JulieFromParis says:

      Actually, there is kind of a rule (not really official but appreciated by the comité) for the winning Miss France stating she should be really quiet about her lovelife because she "has" to be French people's little fiancée during her big year. Hmmm… Sergio, could you consider the offer??? Would you pleazzz be our little fiancé and stay all single and smily??? pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  52. senora ramos says:

    sigh. one of my resolutions was to not be too upset if this was true. 5 days is a long time for a resolution to last right?

    off in search of mind-numbing alcohol.

    hope he's happy at least :S

  53. soccergirl154 says:

    This picture means nothing! they could be just friends going out for dinner. Right? RIGHT????????????

  54. Niina says:

    I am still kind of hoping that Sergio will run away into the sunset with Iker, leaving their journalistas to bite the dust. But that's just me. And I am staying put in the land of DENIAL.

  55. sugarlips says:

    Hey she looks like a nice woman! The fact that they both tried hard to keep it under wraps shows Sergio may for once like his girlfriend instead of looking bored not to mention it shows that he has matured a lot. I understand it's a coincidence that him and Iker are both captains and dating beautiful reporters but who cares. Only time will tell what ends up of these two and he actually seems serious about making it work. I will admit though the fact that they BOTH said they don't want to comment on the matter was a dead giveaway that something was up.

  56. C16 says:

    I have a theory that Sergio just wants to be like Iker and that's why he got his sports reporter gf (Hello??? Sara & Lara, alike)! Ok, just kidding…
    Anyways, I hope this works out for the Ramos! :D

  57. canederli says:

    Feh. She reported on the game and they had dinner together. They could be friends, who knows? The press likes to pair up people. I just think it's a bit fishy that they have supposedly been dating for a year and the press is just now getting pictures of them together right at the time when there has been been much ado about the Iker-CR7-Sara bullshit. The Ramos getting a girlfriend will sell many more papers and put the other story to bed Who's going to care about teammates potentially getting along/not getting along when you've got a big fat juicy maybe romance with an international heartthrob hunk to speculate about? Nice timing. ;-)

    That said, I'm feeling bad for my Ramos-loving pals. I tend towards the slash so this doesn't impact me (no woman can get between Sernando, IMHO), but I know many of you are bummed and you have my sympathies. I'll be playing the Picque drinking game with you. A bar/restaurant in my neighborhood has a drink called the Ramos Fizz, so you're all welcome to come on down and have a few to commiserate. Strength, ladies. This too shall pass.

  58. Kristine says:

    Come on ladies! Let's be happy for our boy! He seems so sweet and genuine..I want him to experience love.

  59. Sheck says:

    I wish I could join you, but unfortunately there is NO way of hiding from these flashing images of him and her doing… God, I feels sick even attempting to write it! Wouldn't you want to be all snuggled up , with your arms on his back, inside the giant puffy coat?
    The man wears something that ONLY ever should be worn whilst skiing, and manages to look scrumptiosly adorable, is there no end to this guy's talent? He commits every fashion faux-pas there is and STILL want to do him, I have no shame!

    • bri_saldana says:

      "…….He commits every fashion faux-pas there is and STILL want to do him, I have no shame!" I KNOW!!! And when he wears ultra tight button down long sleeved shirts that refuse to cover his pecks with greased up slicked back wet hair & aviator glasses…. I feel like "GOD, he must be the SEXIEST PIMP ALIVE!!"

  60. Lily says:

    Didn't he say on Facebook that they were just friends or something? I don't even know what to think anymore, all I know is that he shouldn't pull the hood up like that, it looks weird.

    • Sheck says:

      It would be nice to have some clarity amidst this confusion, I presume we'll have an official statement sooner or later, I'd personally like him to publicly state he isn't seeing her. =)

    • Kristine says:

      He never posted anything on FB. It was a fake.

  61. Poppy says:

    It feels like my heart breaks!! But I have to say I´m happy for Sergio he was too long single he deserves it the woman acts a lot like sara!
    Sweet Iker and Sara + Sergio and Lara yes it hurts to write that but I have to get used to it so I congratulate them very much!!
    And begin with my BFF the Gerard Pique drinking game good idea ;)

  62. Sheck says:

    What a way to welcome the new year, my Sergio is no longer single! I now know how heartbreak feels like, SHIT!
    If I ever was granted one wish, it'd be being with senor Ramos, for life I might add. I'm sorry to say that one fantastic night with him wouldn't satisfy my appetite for the man, I mean, how could I have a deliriously pleasurable night beyond my dreams with him, and be expected to just walk away the following day, c'est pas possible!
    How am I expected to continue on with my nightly imaginary dreams, without having Lara lurking in the shadows ready to rain on my parade?!
    p.s if someone opens up a sergio ramos rehabilition center, I'd be the 1st one to check in, I've got a bad case of the Ramos.

    • Mel says:

      Right there with you in rehab, this is very hard to cope with!
      But I'm not fully believing anything untill further proof.

    • candy says:

      My comment would be THE SAME!!! I'm opsessed with him, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr I'm so angry now :( (((((((((((((((((((((((

    • Leya_S says:

      "deliriously pleasurable night beyond my dreams with him"
      See NOW you're putting thoughts in my head that i was trying really hard to not think about…I'm trying to be happy for him!!! You're making it difficult, lolz.

      I think I'm ready for Sergio Rehab….no wait, bc that would mean that I would have to try and kick my Ramos habit, which is something I'm not ready to do.

    • @AgnesWonka says:

      that's for you to see how awful it feels….

    • Rachel S says:

      I feel you!! One night with him wouldn't nearly be enough!

  63. meh says:

    I've had a bad day, and this just to top it off OHHHARRGHHH, whatever i'm fine (i keep telling myself lol)…and yes to anything to do with Pique ;)

  64. Anjali says:

    Don't care who she dates as long as she remembers to wax those arms before being photographed!

  65. Delilah says:

    As long as he's happy with her and she's not a b*tch who only wants fame..
    I'm a Sergio Ramos fan and I have to say that this girl doesn't even bother me like it does many, many fangirls.. Lol! Grow up, girls!

  66. JEAH!!!!!!!! says:

    Sergio you are my HEARTBREAKER, but I think that unfortunately I've to accept it!! :( …I'm deeply upset

  67. Céline says:

    There goes my heart :( ( loll

  68. Suze says:

    Will have to learn how to say "I am devastated" in spanish class tonight. Sigh.

  69. Girls Thread says:

    [...] laut Kickette kommen Sergio und Lara da nicht aus dem Stadion, sondern aus einem Restaurant. Zitat von [...]

  70. kristine says:

    I believed it was true from the first rumor. Im really happy for him, I hope he gets to experience love.

  71. luna says:

    i hope she sticks around too. i want him to have a long term wag i can crush on/stan/envy/etc.

  72. Cammie says:

    Long as she doesn't have a personality like Cristiano's girlfriend..Iam happy for Sergio..

  73. Mel says:

    Does the Cuore text say somethin like: though there have been no picture proof, we know the two have great chemistry….

    They can't state something like that witouh proof. I wonder how they came upon the statement…..

    One picture does not mean there is a relationship. During summer the Spanish press linked Sergio Ramos with some singer, and posted pictures of him on vacation with his sister, claiming it was his new gf……

    I need more pictures/info before I'm willing to accept, that he is no longer single.

  74. luna says:

    isn't Rene's girfriend sergio's ex? ~awkward

    • Linya says:

      Is she? O.o Where's that from?

    • L.V.B says:

      For real?? Where did you find that out! O__o

    • Lily says:

      No, Rene's girlfriend is Vania Millán, who won Miss Spain in 2002. Sergio's ex-girlfriend is Elisabeth Reyes who won Miss Spain in 2006.

    • Guest says:

      NO. Rene's girlfriend is Vania Millan. Sergio's exes were Elisabeth Reyes and Amaia Salamanca. Your're mixing up the Miss Espana tags, which both Vania and Elisabeth were.

  75. Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

    Oh, a Gerard Pique drinking game!? What a good idea! Or not. That thing would never end, would it?

    • Sheck says:

      What's all this about "The Gerard Pique drinking game"?

      • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

        Kickette are referring to Pique's strange habit of writing "oooooohh" in every tweet. I think it's kind of a inside joke between him, Puyol and Cesc. So everytime he says that we are supposed to have a drink. And that would put me in a state of total oblivion pretty fast :) .

    • Liz says:

      Ah but we can't forget Cesc and Puyol in the game!

  76. Thea says:

    Really is just Iker and Sara – 2011 version!

  77. Maria !! says:

    well I'm not a Serjio ramos fan but really GOD be with all of u dears!! =(

  78. JulieFromParis says:

    Desesperada?? oh the hell with that, this day ans this news are both crappy as hell.