September 26th, 2011

Staircase Style Off: WAGs Leaving Sheree Murphy’s Going Away Party

We’ve performed some astonishing acrobatics throughout our drinking tenures, with about half of all slippery spills involving steps of some kind.

Okay, we’re lying. We fall all the time – intoxicated or not.

But as repeat offenders, we know how falling down the stairs is no laughing matter.

Unless it happens to someone else. Then it’s funny.

Luckily for the trio of English wives seen exiting Sheree Murphy’s going away party in Liverpool on Saturday, all successfully slid down 60 Hope Street restaurant’s stacked steps without incident. Some may have been speedier than others, but each made it to the ground safe and sound. In their own unique styles, to boot.

Stair Stepping Squattage: The guest of honour (she is off to Australia with her hubby Harry Kewell, and their kids, after he signed for a football team there) took every measure necessary to avoid her head tumbling over her black heels, using her strong quads to overcome the shallow series of heights. A true Jill of all trades, Sheree eventually latched onto a guardrail that matched her nail varnish, close-toed pumps and telephone receiver(?) in her left hand.

Subconscious style, Kickettes. You better be taking notes.


Sideways Stair Shimmy: With her body twisted at roughly a 45 degree angle, Stevie’s missus slowly but surely sashayed down the steep steps, one leopard Charlotte Olympia heel at a time. Alex has reason to be cautious, of course, with the precious cargo she’s carrying and did a fine job of multitasking her belongings whilst taking flight.


Stair Master: Coleen Rooney’s boxing workouts are doing wonders for her posture and balance, it seems. With her Chanel bag securely fastened beneath her left arm, she was the only WAG to confidently navigate the staggered steps of stone unabated. Want the 411 on Col’s dress? Hit up The Style Files.

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6 Responses to “Staircase Style Off: WAGs Leaving Sheree Murphy’s Going Away Party”

  1. Sara P says:

    Geez….its pictures like these that really make me wish I had my own personal stylist, unlimited cash flow, and personal trainer. JEALOUS!

  2. Miss Lampard says:

    I want Alex heels!!! She's stunning and fab in this pic..

  3. FootyGirl says:

    Alex looks very pretty here. I would love those heels and judging by that picture, unless you knew you wouldnt think she was pregnant.

  4. Lex says:

    Can I please just have Alex's heels already? Honestly, one of my favorite WAGs. She's so beautiful!

  5. Hot4Spurs says:

    They all look lovely! Coleen's dress is really cute.

  6. JCJ says:

    Coleen Rooney looks so nice! And Alex is rocking some killer heels!