October 19th, 2011

Steven & Alex Gerrard: Lunch & Leopard Prints In Liverpool

There’s much to be discussed about this couple venturing around town earlier today, but we’re a bit stuck on where to start.

Is it with the leopard-on-leopard style statement that Alex and her bump are making? The plausibility of the LFC captain picking a wedgie whilst walking? Or should we turn our attention to issues which have a direct impact on ourselves, such as when will the folks who hoarded all those Four Loko cans finally bust open their stash and share with us?

We just don’t know, so instead of getting this whole snarky thing wrong and pissing off our readers in the process, we just won’t go there. Or anywhere but under our duvet covers for that matter.

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8 Responses to “Steven & Alex Gerrard: Lunch & Leopard Prints In Liverpool”

  1. FloraJane says:

    Stevie is like Frank Lampard- they just look good without even trying. And while I don't like Alex's bag, nor her shoes, she still looks fab and it's my personal belief that you just rarely go wrong with a leopard print scarf.

  2. Alessandra says:

    damn, her face in the 2nd one is…o_O! x_x!

  3. Brielle says:

    I love Stevie G, but i have to say, never had a good impression with his wife… she’s so *how to say this in a nice way?* shallow! :) sorry…

  4. Miss Lampard says:

    He's THE CAPTAIN..There are both stunning and fab..Stevie YNWA, there world of football needs also and especially men like you!!

  5. Jen says:

    Stevie G is so amazing!! I think he is perfect too!! AND for once I like Alex's outfit(except the purse)

  6. Rachel says:

    I read the title too quickly, and thought it said leopard print pants. needless to say I am much relieved. leopard scarf + pants +shoes would've been atrocious. Otherwise, I tend to like small animal print accessories on other people, but I never wear them myself for whatever reason.

  7. Maria V says:

    Stevie G, you're perfect :)