December 13th, 2011

Steven & Alex Gerrard: Protecting Their Privacy, OK!?

Don’t act like you didn’t see this one coming. Image Credit: OK! Magazine.

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21 Responses to “Steven & Alex Gerrard: Protecting Their Privacy, OK!?”

  1. Nikki B says:

    On the positive side Lourdes has Stevie's beautiful brown hair ! And Lexie ( I think ? ) lost a tooth , how cute !

    But I agree with ya'll he seems more like the quiet home time sort of guy , I think family business should stay in the household and amongst friends and family not on magazine covers.

  2. Solida says:

    God! What a gorgeous, wonderful, beautiful family! I’ve never seen such loving family before. Oh Stevie! When r u gonna be back on the pitch? I miss u like hell! N those 3 sweet girls! How adorable! Wonder how many drops of sunlight god had to give to make such beautiful golden blond hair for the 4 girls?

  3. Ella says:

    She does a column for Ok! so it makes sense that she would let the magazine she works for do a cover of her and her family. The makeup is heavier than I would do, but if that's what she likes then that's her personal choice. She goes to Stevie's games occasionally with the girls, Stevie does shoots with her occasionally with the girls.

    I think they're a lovely family, and the little one is just as darling as the other two.

  4. April says:

    Am I the only one that thinks that Stevie looks like he'd rather be anywhere else? Not that he doesn't love his family, clearly he does as he participates in these photo shoots. But I saw that special on him from 2006 or so and he didn't seem to care much for the photo shoots then and even mentioned it isn't his thing but it makes Alex happy. He must be smitten with her. I never hear/read much good about her but I hope she feels the same for him. If so, then I can't really criticize, I guess.

  5. lone- Brazil says:

    She wants to be like Victoria Beckham in every way, but really she'll never get in the end is shallow and unpleasant, has the lowest value for fashion, fotoshop would also be less ideal, her skin is horrible!

  6. IrishBlue says:

    Whaaaa???? Hold the phone, stop the lights, stall the ball…….they didn't do a magazine deal did they???????????????? I would never in a million billion gazillion years have seen that coming……………………the shock of it all…….:O :O :O :O :O

  7. Miss Lampard says:

    Thank you Kat 22 for your support, of course she has obviously misunderstand!

  8. Gladys says:

    Sorry to be so catty…but it's like SG and those three adorable girls are posing with a plastic mannequin. Would be nice to see her as casual and natural-looking as everyone else.

  9. kel says:

    Don't like this selling of baby pics but their family is cute

  10. linvinnaar says:

    I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous. Such a beautiful family tho (Alex might be the only one looking a little too tan to fit in). Stevie’s hat-trick of daughters are so damn lucky.

  11. Carolina says:

    This photo could be their Christmas card!!

  12. Miss Lampard says:

    I l love them, they are so cute and stunning…But I want a four Gerrard and this time I would like to see a baby boy…Stevie deserves finally a male!!

    • Miss Lampard says:

      You can speak for you in this way, 'cause if you haven't understand, you're very superficial, and I don't want to say anything else. I think that about Stevie and Alex you can compare their situation to Victoria and David Beckham one. They, before Harper had 3 boys, and was quite normal that Vic would have liked a little girl. Harper was born. So I hope that they will have a baby boy at last, I think that both have desired a male, but of course they were both pleased when welcomed their third girl!
      Think, please before judging.

      • giggles says:

        Why are you assuming they're even bothered? Is having three children of the same sex, and none of the other really a problem for most parents? I'd hope not!

    • Ladlenne says:

      Well, then it's up to Stevie to try hard and give Alex a boy.

  13. FootyGirl says:

    Can't say I'm surprised. Her baby shower was in the magazine too.

    I love Stevie G and his family all the same though.

  14. Zoraida says:

    my poor stevie.. trying so hard to please alex's wag needs…

    • Catie2838 says:

      Whenever I see him in these kinds of stories I always get the feeling he would much rather be home alone reading the paper or playing with his kids. Quietly. Without cameras. He must love her, cause she sure is running the show.

  15. Hadley says:

    I’m surprised that Stevie goes along with this and agrees to be photographed in the magazines. I don’t think it’s classy to “pimp” pictures of your family out to the highest bidder and I wish Stevie was above it.

  16. Natalie says:

    Pretty girls but the whole privacy request thing only lasts till reasonable offer from magazine is made!

  17. bri_saldana says:

    I worship this man and his lil glam family!!!!