December 29th, 2008

Steven Gerrard: Arrested for Assault


Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard got himself into a spot of bother over the weekend and ended up getting arrested.  Who knew he had it in him?  We always saw Stevie as the easy-going, “I”m above this” type of rabble rouser. But it looks like he can throw down with the best of ‘em.

A police spokesman said: “Merseyside Police is investigating an assault that took place in the early hours of Monday December 29 on Bold Street in Southport. At around 2.30am this morning officers attended a disturbance at a licensed premises on Bold Street.  Six men were arrested on suspicion of section 20 assault, on Lord Street.“

The spokesman added all six currently remained in custody.

Since we know nothing about what actually went down, we’re going to make a wild assumption and state it as fact: Steven Gerrard was out with a bunch of gobby mates who started something with the wrong waitress. Cut to massive girls against boys food fight. Restaurant manager a hardcore Everton fan. Calls police with coleslaw stinging his eyes and presses charges of assault while Gerrard gives out vicious head locks/nuggies/figure four leg locks. 

Side Note: We know violence is wrong, but the idea of Stevie bitch slapping someone into submission is strangely attractive to us.

Link: Gerrard Arrested in Assault Probe; via The Spoiler

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40 Responses to “Steven Gerrard: Arrested for Assault”

  1. Kat says:

    Given the picture, I'm not surprised if he ended up knocking someone's lights out with his fists.

  2. Becca says:

    It was all because the DJ wouldnt play Stevies favourite song, he should have learnt one lesson from this .. when Stevie G asks you to play a song you do it. :) .. and also anything else he asks for if you know where im coming from ;) ha

  3. klyn312 says:

    my mouth is watering for the juicy details already!!!

  4. The Fourth Official says:

    Sounds like Roy back in the day. This is the only thing that Steven has ever done that has made him remotely interesting to me. :D

  5. The Fourth Official says:

    Brawling boozing stupid footballers are nothing new, on any team. What makes this delicious is how saintly Steven makes himself out to be, and how many scousers buy it. But, like LTG says, he’ll get off. *shrug* Best line I’ve read today: Jamie Carragher is getting a map of the prison tattooed on his back. ;-)

  6. mrs carragher says:

    nice one stevie!! probably some manc or blue shite haha

  7. LizB (Mrs. Vucinic) says:

    Sadly all the BBC had was a picture of Gerrard before the fight… Well I'll just wait and see. I still love Stevie though, a fight here and there isn't going to change that.

  8. Erin says:

    Still hard to say what really happened. It’s all rumours at this point. It definitely doesn’t sound good. But apparently the man is a local businessman and was hit with a bottle, but not by Stevie. This is the most current info I could find:

    No worries, TB. If it was another team I disliked, I’d be laughing too. It’s to be expected. Those who dish it out need to remember that they’d better take it like a man when it comes back! :)

  9. Erin says:

    Oh Stevie. Not good. He was never an angel, but he usually behaves himself pretty well. But I also imagine this will turn out to not be nearly as big a deal as people are trying to make it. Like aristeia said, I’m waiting to hear the whole story. But I’m not happy that I was out in Liverpool that night and missed it!!! :)

  10. lose that girl says:

    I read that Stevie hit the DJ in the face with his elbow. RED CARD! Doofus. No excuse for such behaviour.

    If he was just a regular Pool lad, he’d get the sentence that fits the crime but he’s not, so no need for Pool fans to worry. He’ll get off – guaranteed. Celebs get different treatment, plain & simple. It’s so wrong.

  11. LoveLamps says:

    I’m so tempted, but I’ll behave. Everyone knows I’m not a fan of Stevie G. I do hope, for the sake of those lovely children alone, that this blows over soon.

  12. FootballerChick43 - says:

    Hm. Not exactly a fan of Stevie G, but I don't dislike him either. So I'm gonna waste a comment and say that I choose to make no comment.

  13. 70-649 says:

    I have read few stories related to this

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  15. man utd lass says:

    There have been so many stories about this in the papers. I suppose we will find out more on the 23rd January.

  16. Rummy says:

    It’s hilarious, did you note the part of the story that said 4 of the men were from Huyton? aka the rough bit of Liverpool Stevie comes from. it’s a clear case of a bunch of lads going out on the lash and getting in a spot of bother, i can’t wait to hear what happened!

  17. UUUUU says:

    response to HiL:HE HAS A LIFE FOR GOD’S SAKE! I’m pretty sure he didn’t forget about his little ones. And Alex is always out partying, while he’s at home taking care of the little ones. He’s probably not playing against PNE next weekend, so he has every right to be out for a laugh

  18. livealittle says:

    Stevie G? really? i kinda dig it. it's nice to know that even the nicest of nice boys can have a bit of a tough streak. go Stevie.

  19. Moonie says:

    Ive been on the wrong end of this with my City boys too often to gloat over another team's misfortune – as Erin says – what goes around, comes around!

  20. Nina (Mrs Gerrard) says:

    Ah Stevie, what were you thinking? I can't believe what I've read about this incident, at least 6 different versions.. call me biased or whatever you want to, but I refuse to believe anything that's written in newspapers. When there will be an official statement from either police or Stevie himself then I'm listening. From where I come from, drunken people start a fight everyday. With no particular reason. And people get hurt, broken nose, few cuts and bruises and noone gives a damn. But when high profile celebrity is involved, everything changes. All of a sudden being drunk is wrong, fighting is wrong. Don't get me wrong, I don't think Stevie is a saint and, god forbid, I don't support fighting and drinking, all I want to say is, don't believe everything you read. We should first get to know what have really happened and then make our judgements. also I sympathize with the little ones. Hope they aren't much troubled about it..

  21. The Fourth Official says:

    If the Daily Mail is to be believed, Steven wasn't provoked by an insult to his manhood, his wife, his mother or even his team, but because the DJ is a United man and wouldn't play Steven's musical request. *chortle*

  22. Pau de Silva (aka Sa says:

    Jesus! as soon as I found out I came here! Steve, what were you thinking? lets hope everything gets right soon.

  23. carly says:

    If anything, it makes him even less appealing to me, if that's possible…

  24. MrsXabiAlonso says:

    Someone needs to photoshop some boxing gloves onto this picture. As for the story – Meh, Scousers get into fights all the time. I'm choosing to believe Kickettes version of events.

  25. TammyV says:

    FINALLY December comes through for me!! is it wrong this makes me giggle in delight?

  26. Avenath says:

    So much for a year-end cheer, sigh….according to The Telegraph, he's been charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm and affray…if found guilty, he can end up in jail for 5 years….nooooooo!!!…i hope this all blows over soon…

  27. lose that girl says:

    Any time something like this happens in the footie world, someone will stand up with glee. Hmmmm…I recall some folk around this hood getting all in a lather & laughing their faces off when the United boys had that skankified Christmas ho-down last year. Yeah, you're right…what goes around, comes around. We've had it happen to our boys, now it's someone else's turn. You have to laugh. If it was a family member, then I'd be all serious – but it's not. It's a celeb who should know better…regardless of team affiliations.Rules unfortunately get made for celebs and not for the rest of us — hence some feel that they can do what the hell they please and get away with it. Steve will get away with it. Maybe some community service to be completed on non-match days. As a famous celeb, he should be doing such tasks anyway, giving back to the community (which I'm sure he already does). Sadly, this tussle will not go away with the arrival of a signed #8 Pool jersey for the victim & his family.

  28. lose that girl says:

    Yeah, play the crappy Phil Collins tune or my pals & I will break your face. Real classy. Horrid taste in music too. He should be chucked in jail for that alone!lose that girl blog

  29. lose that girl says:

    We need evidence! Where are the hush-hush mobile phone pix of the fists flying and blood splattering! The article I read on the Daily Mail site mentioned blood and shards of glass all over the floor as seen through the bar's windows. But in this age of people with cameras in the tiniest of electronic devices, I'm *really* disappointed we don't have any pictures. Other than that, I find it HILARIOUS!! hahahahahahahaha! Haven't laughed this hard in ages. lose that girl blog

  30. HiL says:

    It really doesn’t sound like him at all! he always seemed the relaxed, polite kind of guy. definitely a shocker. besides, what is he doing out so late? he forgot about Alex and the little ones? :P

  31. Dreamgirl says:

    The fact that they are still being held and are not out on bail doesn’t look too good.

    And it’s fair to say that lads (and girls nowadays) from everywhere get into fights all the time. Not only scousers.

  32. Louise says:

    This is what you wear to get up your man out when he’s landed in jail, Alex? Really? Or did you think they were going to give you a conjugal visit with him?

  33. aristeia says:

    Well, I’m not dumbfounded. He’s definitely calmed down since he became captain, and it seems like he doesn’t like to go out that much anymore, but I’m sure the right thing could set him off. I’d really like to know what the circumstances were and hell yes, it somehow makes him hotter. *is mental*

    I remember a few BAMF Stevie G moments and not involving his skill. Regardless of how hot it makes him, I sure hope it gets resolved soon. O_O

  34. Meriam says:

    Wow I haven’t been on Kickette in AGES! At least, I’ve been on but haven’t commented. This makes me laugh. I always knew he had it in him :D

  35. Tres Bien says:

    Advanced apologies to my ‘Pool-lovin’ friends…

    Upon hearing about this story today, this was me:

  36. carly says:

    If anything, it makes him even less appealing to me, if that’s possible…

  37. MrsXabiAlonso says:

    Someone needs to photoshop some boxing gloves onto this picture.

    As for the story – Meh, Scousers get into fights all the time. I’m choosing to believe Kickettes version of events.

  38. TammyV says:

    FINALLY December comes through for me!! is it wrong this makes me giggle in delight?

  39. Pau de Silva (aka Sambu) says:

    Jesus! as soon as I found out I came here! Steve, what were you thinking? lets hope everything gets right soon.

  40. lose that girl says:

    Even if he’s guilty, he’ll get off. No judge in Scouseland wants to be responsible for landing local golden boy Stevie in prison.

    The victim was the DJ, apparently. He must have played some bad tunes!