May 30th, 2012

Stewart Downing & Friend: Shopping, Not Swotting

Stewart Downing and his girlfriend (?) went shopping in Manchester city centre on Monday, the 28th, which doesn’t sound like normal form for a player in the midst of prepping for the Euros alongside his international teammates.

We loathe ourselves for even saying this but, per The Daily Mail, England’s first official day of training was two days ago, held at Arsenal’s London Colney grounds.

Although Tuesday in London ain’t the same as Monday in Manchester, let’s not lose sight of what’s really important here: Downing’s mystery girl. Based on outward appearances only, she seems like the low maintenance kind of gal.

Good for him. He of all people could use less dramz in his life.

UPDATE: His mystery gal is apparently his sis, Natalie. Cheers for the spot, DSS & Sophie!

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15 Responses to “Stewart Downing & Friend: Shopping, Not Swotting”

  1. j89 says:

    he has 2 sisters so it could be the other sister

  2. Ruby22 says:

    I think that is his girlfriend i am sure his sister natalie is pregnant?

  3. Scoop says:

    Pretty girl. Take her to the Euros instead!!

  4. DSS says:

    I believe that is his sister Natalie

  5. Katie says:

    Not an LFC fan but poor boy's been getting so much stick from people. Let's hope he finds form for the Euros.

  6. jen says:

    hope that's his gf, cos they look adorable together. stewart downing seems very sweet; i appreciated that whenever liverpool did any charity work this year he seemed to be involved. hopefully next season will be better for him as i always like to support the nice guys.

  7. Mumtaz says:

    Her zebra skirt really likes my friend's. :) ) FYI, iIt's now common in Indonesia for wearing that kind of skirt.

  8. tashy says:

    He is fine as hell
    I like her outfit its neat she’ll be giving alex g a run 4 her money soon ,now 2 his outfit I’ll say this once soccer players should neva wear short they hav that wired calf thinggie ewwwwwwww nd his is so big (whoa that sounds wrong)

  9. yessmama says:

    looks like his sister…

  10. blake2108 says:

    Hope he bought some goals and assists with Euro 2012 in mind, being as he couldn't seem to buy any for his club this season…

  11. Jayy says:

    He took part in the friendly and was present for all training sessions? C'mon Kickette, Im sure they're allowed out now and again ;)
    Why am I fighting his corner? Is it because he is LFC property? Is it because he's hot? Maybe.