September 10th, 2010

Style Files: Alex Gerrard For Forever Unique

Can’t say we’re surprised by this WAG/Fash collabo, Kickettes.

Alex Gerrard has partnered with online clothing boutique Forever Unique for a 16 piece fashion collection. Alex considers herself a fashionista, even writing a weekly fashion ”column” for OK Magazine.

Admittedly, Alex has put together some fabulous looks in the past. She’s also scored some spectacular fashion own goals.

Let’s take a look at her creations and see how Alex measures up as a “designer”.

The collection boasts two distinct groups we call Alex Glam and Alex Rock. The prices range from £30 to £270, and includes a wide array of dresses, jackets, and leggings.  Of course we have no idea how involved Alex actually was in the designing of each piece, but we’d say they are pretty standard high street pieces that have been doing the rounds for a while.

Our favourite: this red, asymmetric dress with ruffle details. Cute, no?

Of course, it may look a tad familiar, but taking inspiration from a designer one wears often is kind of par for the course… right?

Our least favorite has got to be this bizarre fur gilet (yes it’s real sheep’s fur). Didn’t our favourite 90s chick flick make it clear that skinning a Collie to make a backpack, or in this case a waistcoat, was a big fashion no-no?

Click here to check out the rest of Alex’s collection.

What say you, Kickettes? Will you be purchasing anything from Mrs. G’s line? Do you think her fellow WAGs will be donning these duds any time soon? Furthermore, how do you think her design ability compares the only successful WAG/fashion designer to date?

Images via Forever

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57 Responses to “Style Files: Alex Gerrard For Forever Unique”

  1. Jules says:

    It's all so ugly! How on earth could dresses so hideous cost so much? Some of them just look like sacks!

  2. Solida says:

    she looks breathtakingly gorgeous!
    love her to the bones!!
    no wonder Stevie fell in love with her.

  3. Steph says:

    Went and looked at the rest of the stuff. Some of them are pretty cute, actually. I’d probably consider buying one or two if I could, but it’s kind of the same as a ton of other stuff already out there. :/ And maybe it’s just me, but it doesn’t really seem like she tried to put her touches on any of these clothes. I mean, if she designed it, and I’m using this term loosely, shouldn’t it resemble her own style a bit? Doesn’t really look like it to me.

  4. Matt says:

    Well said Mandy – it’s defo not skin, the sheep has just been sheered. What’s the big issue?!

  5. sheila says:

    ok – the gold dress with the blobs across the chest – I just wish the whole blobs across the chest thing would go away and soon… just like those stupid clunky shoes EVERYONE wore in the 90's. yuchhhhhhhkkkkk! fashion should be simple and undistracting, never stealing beauty from the wearer. said as I sit here in a muumuu house dress… Speaking of distracting… has anyone else noticed how stupid those big flower headbands really look? REally folks- c'mon now…

  6. Lee says:

    I'm so over every person who has had their picture taken once getting a fashion line. It all looks the same, there is no creativity or quality to the product. Just stick to posing and clinging to your man, Alex, and leave the REAL fashion to the designers.

    This also goes to calling these girls "stylish". It drives me completely mad when people call Cheryl a "style icon". She PAYS someone to dress her. She PAYS for her style. If she didn't have a stylist she'd look like the chavvy mess she used too.

    • Scarlet says:

      I totally agree with you. Alex's job is to stick to her husband in good and bad times, to depend on his money, to look after the kids, to look after the house and garden, to shop day in day out….

      As she really likes the spotlight as a fly, she should enjoy the moments girls / paps taking her pic, as long as girls /paps are still around to take her pic….

      Fashion is something you need style and sense for, so don't touch this vehement challenge Alex. This goes also for your weekly column. Please let the gost-writer write it…. Or at least let him correct it, so you may get the spelling right….

  7. aekhan says:

    i love her style and all but she messed up.i like the beige silk number though,and shes pretty..XO

  8. Zahara (Spain NT lover) says:

    i dont mean to be to be mean…but doesnt she look like a merengue in the first picture? im not too sure about her but i adore stevie g!

  9. cindy says:

    Forever unique = cheap. i bought a dress last year and the colour ran, far to over priced, the quality isnt the greatest either, come on Alex up your goal!!!!

  10. luckylou says:

    I hate ruffles, bows and all those little girlie trimmings. The red one is the best of a bad lot. The meringue nightmare is the worst, even worse than the sheepskin rug.

  11. goalkeeperette says:

    Most of the dresses are not only ugly but waaaaay too short! That first dress must merely cover your butt! The sheep monstrosity…no comment.

  12. rubyqueen says:

    i really like alex's design's.:)and if i had the money i would run straight out and snap up that blue ruffled dress.:)it's super yummy.

  13. Suzie says:

    Her collection does offer variety given that it’s hard to be original these days. The fur vest is the conversation piece whether you like it or hate it. The first dress says, “This is as bad as it gets.” It’s atrocious, making her look like there are two of her in it. The color-blocked dress makes her look curvy in a good way. I agree that the coral dress is the loveliest but also the most “been there, done that.” The khaki Neeve (looking more gunmetal gray) is ugly, the Ibiza is a a wrinkled two-ply garbage bag, and the Saori is surprisingly flattering and hippy glam. The fact is that she will make money from this venture and will probably make the brand money, a win win for both. Will the relationship be long-lasting? Probably not, but it’s a fun little “hello,” isn’t it? We’re talking about it after all.

  14. batso says:

    why everyone thinks that is fashion designer??
    let it to the professionals, girls ;) (please)

    • Kylie says:

      I agree so much!

      It’s one thing to love fashion and have great personal style (no comment on whether I think Alex has this or not), but to think this fact alone makes you qualified to be a designer…NO! True designers study the art extensively and gain experience and knowledge needed from much more than just their love of clothes. This isn’t a rant specifically towards Alex…there are tons of “famous” women who attempt to launch clothing lines.

      • JV says:

        So true! Liking clothes and being able to afford the nicer lines does not make you the next Coco Chanel. It's not just Alex (though her stuff in heinously bad), either. I just found out Jessica Simpson will be the guest judge on the finale of Project Runway! Jessica Simpson who always looks like she got dressed in the dark by a chimp???!!!

        • batso says:

          agree, I have seen several sportwomen make designs, such as serena williams,
          YUK :( ,her designs are the most horrible clothes for tennis.
          And now Madonna’daughter Lourde,// OMG, They don’t give something unique for the fashion indusrty.

  15. LB says:

    Not really sure what’s going on with the wierd uni-boob in the first dress. Sorta looks like my granny

  16. Raley says:

    Hmm…. I will most definitely be buying some of them.

    I think it’s silly to say you won’t buy something b/c Alex Gerrard helped design it- or whatever.

    If you saw the dress elsewhere and liked it would it really matter if Alex’s name was on it?

    No, no I don’t think it would. The dresses are cute. If they aren’t your style, they aren’t your style.

    There’s no need to bring your personal feelings towards Alex into it anyways. It doesn’t matter whether you think she has class or not. A dress is a dress.

  17. Abbie says:

    Anything for money. Looks like tack to me.

  18. Kokonut says:

    Cheap and brutal. I defy anyone, man woman or child, to feel attractive in the beige dress. It’s a tent yo.

  19. aps says:

    The red one is my favourite as well. The first one does not fit her and the last one…no comment.

  20. Liv says:

    Good for you Alex! most of the design are looking good, accept for that gold number very distracting, my eyes!

  21. Violets says:

    Her style is pretty unique, and thank goodness for that. I don't know if my eyes could take two Alex Gerrards. She's really pretty–she doesn't need all of that makeup and the over-the-top wardrobe.

  22. c8h10n4o2 says:

    Nothing earthshattering, but cute enough. The skull stuff is a little cliche.

    As for the sheep “fur”, if you’re OK with wearing leather on the principle that they use the animal for food as well, sheep skin isn’t any different, especially in Mongolia (where the website claims that it’s from). Mutton is a staple of the cuisine there, and many other places that sheep skins are produced. Ethically, there’s not really a difference. And since there’s no way I’m giving up my good shoes, I’ll only protest the vest on the grounds that it’s butt-ugly.

    • Elsebeth says:

      I’m a vegetarian and I don’t wear leather for shoes either. I’m a little missy goodie 2 shoes :-)

      • mandy says:

        "Sheep's fur" roflmao is more commonly known as wool and it's common in a thousand garments because a million different fabrics feature wool.

        I am a NZ'er the fact you call it 'fur' simply because it's in the unprocessed state – is the biggest laugh I have had this week. I think you will find vegans, vegetarian and pretty much people everywhere of all beliefs us wool :-)

        • Thea says:

          Fashion industry has only ever had a passing nod to ditching fur (much to PETA’s disdain!) rather like the Beauty industry which still allows testing on animals… it’s too widespread and accpeted to stop.

          • mandy says:

            What part of it’s NOT fur – it’s wool – are you not getting? Wool is not considered a fur. It is not part of Peta’s campaign. People who work for Peta wear and use wool! What rock do you live under… I mean seriously I have explained this 5 ways… do you really not know what wool is?

            • Gang – we are quoting directly from the website, which describes this as 100% Mongolian sheep fur. Let's move on and remember personal insults towards other readers is not acceptable on our site when expressing your opinion. Thanks all!

              • mandy says:

                So? Your source is inaccurate. And you are making it sound like Alex curran is using ‘fur’ which is such a politically loaded word when as it is fleece from a sheep it is wool – I don’t suppose you could correct it is the interests of fairness? Seeing as you are so motivated about playing nice?

      • Claire says:

        I’m a vegetarian, too. And I also don’t wear leather shoes, bags or anything. I simply can’t stand it.

      • Homeskillet17 says:

        how does not eating meat make you a goody two shoes? smh…

      • DebS says:

        “I don’t wear leather for shoes either. I’m a little missy goodie 2 shoes”

        No pun intended, right ;)

  23. mamaly says:

    Not exactly cutting-edge

    And what’s with the sheep???
    You just don’t wear fur.

    • mandy says:

      hahahaha man is this place just full of hillarious city slickers. It’s wool – 100% pure wool is what all quality suits, carpets, blankets etc etc etc are made from – there is no such thing as “sheep fur”

      • Jo says:

        Yes, insulting the posters is a brilliant way to get them to acknowledge your point.

        • mandy says:

          I just thought it was hillarious – srsly I really didn’t realise there would be people in the world who are so cut off from where our food and clothes come from and the processes etc

          I am not trying to get them to acknowledge my point haha – it’s a fact the wooly stuff that grows on sheep and is shorn off is called wool – go figure – it’s not a question of acknowledging anything.

      • mamaly says:

        and what about uggs, knitted???

  24. cliu says:

    Nuff said about the fur/skin controversy ladies — I wouldn't wear anything designed by this completely clueless women even if it all her clothing were made out of angel's breath and morning dew. She has no taste. I think that is the real crime here. It makes me sad, and even sadder that the kickette army is certainly home to more design talent that a thousand Alex Gerrards. Eligible, attractive, intelligent, tasteful bachelorettes, of which I am not one — being happily married and a mom, I mourn for you.

    Sheepskin is the tanned hide of a sheep, presumably not alive any longer, but wool is the textile made from shearing sheep's "fur" which in fact is painless and non-violent. Be that as it may, Alex still looks as if she came home from a fancy tannery with furry mammary protectors. Terrifying. Why Stevie? Why?

  25. mandy says:

    Just an advisory for the 'sheeps fur' fraternity. It's usually referred too as wool in all forms and as fleece when still on the sheeps back. The sheep are shorn and they are not hurt or injured in the process – in fact they grow there wool through winter and are shorn in spring when it's getting hot and they are quite happy about it.

    • Erin says:

      Mandy, I do think you are mistaken. By referring to it as a "fur", it is presumably a pelt. Like shearling. Whereby the pelts are tanned with the wool fibers still attached. This does necessitate killing the animal, obviously. It is impossible to tell from the photo, but given their wording, I assume that is what this garment is.

  26. Melaniee says:

    I lovee the pink one

    it's reaally cute (:

  27. Red_Girl says:

    They look really cheap. Mme Voronin will like that leopard skin number. I can imagine Sheree Murphy in the dead sheep. Personally I'll stick with Marlene Birger.

  28. Thea says:

    Alex is not a good fit for this classy brand – as she makes damn near everything she wears look like MK One and Primark. I usually love Forever Unique but you really can't mix class with no class.

    • Thea says:

      And I think she important to add that Victoria Beckham studied fashion before she designed clothes.

      • liz says:

        are you sure she studied fashion, because I think she may have just had experience from wearing and working as a clothes horse for all these designers that have dressed her over the years, I defy how anyone would not have the knowledge she has if they had spent their days dressing, walking and getting papped as if on the catwalk for the last 10 years, am sure she knows her stuff but i very much doubt she is trained and qualified to be the designer that she is.

  29. Scarlet says:

    Must say, when I had a look at the alex g. fashion pieces during my coffee break, I was disappointed with her ideas:-(. Honestly it looks like primark to me. But to be honest, that's her style, your husbands money can't buy you style….

    Besides I ask myself why she tries to appear as a designer, if she isn't talented at all. May she has some other talents they would be less a sore for my eyes?

  30. Elle says:

    nothing special, but at least it's not horrible

  31. Elsebeth says:

    She uses fur, and I will never wear fur. Nuff said

    • mandy says:

      lololol oh man this post is full of so much FAIL

      • Elsebeth says:

        I seriously can't see why it is a fail. This doesn't look like its only wool but also the sheep skin :…
        And if I look up mongolian sheep fur ( both in english and danish) I find lots of pics of fur with the skin. Please don't call me stupid, it's totally uncalled for.

        • mandy says:

          a sheep in mongolia is still a sheep and the fleece on a sheep's back when shorn is still wool. What do you think Fleece off all the different long and short haired sheep breeds looks like when it is first shorn from the sheeps back? and no wool can appear like that without the skin.

          I didn't say you were stupid, calm down, fail – just means when people have something wrong and saying Curran is using 'fur' when it's in fact sheeps wool is inaccurate.

          Feel free to hate on her as a designer but to make a deal out of the 'fur' aspect is mountain outta molehill stuff. k