October 13th, 2009

Style Files: Silver and Shiny

Claudine Palmer Jamie Redknapp

You know something is a true fashion trend when it moves from the WAGs (see Claudine Keane out in Dublin) to the footballers. Or, in Jamie Redknapp’s case, the ex-footballers/pundits.

We would have pegged Lampsy to be the first to rock a silver blazer out on the town (after all, he’s not one to shy away from shiny nor creating his own trends), so well done Jamie for giving this a go.

But, sadly, it’s a no. Send it off to an army surplus store where they can put it to good use as a reflective shield or landing pad for helicopters.

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8 Responses to “Style Files: Silver and Shiny”

  1. don’t be so mean to the big cousin! you have to admit it’s pretty courageous of him to wear that and he looks darn good in anything he puts on. p.s. hey, jamie, don’t be a stranger, take louise and come have dinner with me and frank tonight, lad!

  2. Boston Red says:

    Oooh Claudine looks amazing! Usually she needs to take off about 5 accessories before she looks decent, but not here! Well done Mrs. Keane!

  3. Lala says:

    I AM SHOCKED! Jamie normally dresses well, but the silver blazer is just wrong, wrong, wrong. What was he thinking??? And why is Louise walking so far behind him? She’s all smiles, but he looks like he has either had a few too many, or been crying… That is a truly disturbing photo. I’m going back to my happy place now.

  4. FootballerChick43-&q says:

    Thats the fugliest blazer I've ever seen. Unless you are wearing it on stage while singing rock ballads… it shouldn't be worn in public. Ever.

  5. Uggh, Jamie. NO. Didn't he try something similar earlier in the year – a long scarf or something that was equally cringe-inducing?

  6. Baby Freya says:

    I don't like the silver trend either but I think Claudine has managed to pull it off with a gorgeous jacket and boots. Jamie could look good in a bin bag, my love for him is so, but it's nothing to set the world on fire.

    And why is Louise a mile behind Jamie? Hmmm…