February 17th, 2010

Style Files: Victoria Beckham’s Fall 2010 Line

Earlier this week, Victoria Beckham presented her A/W 2010 collection in New York to rave reviews. Indeed, Posh looks to have found her groove with fashion – her dresses have been worn by dozens of celebrities to some seriously high profile events.

Strangely, though – no WAGs as yet have stepped up in fash-support of Lady V to wear her body-con, structured looks. So, let’s get the support going by asking: WWWW? (What Would WAGs Wear?)

Best for: Alex Gerrard. She’s got the body and her legs would look bananas in this. B-A-N-A.. oh, you know the rest.
Situation: Attending a gratuitous awards show just for the free bubbly and canapes. Also handy for hiding champagne bloat.

Best for: Coleen Rooney.
During her presentation, Victoria said this dress was made to resemble a comfy sweater; perfect fit for Coleen’s easy style.
Alternative: Alena Seredova would pull this off effortlessly.
Situation: Paired with high boots for an afternoon’s of looking chic while shopping with the gals – and looking best when facing the stroller mafia outside Baby Gucci.

Best for: Cheryl Cole – just the sort of flirty skirt she likes to wear time to time. She’s much more willing to work the legs than the bust in her attire.
Situation: Looking fabulous while saving her marriage.

Best for: Claudine Keane. Hot Mess Barbie would look stunning in this dress as long as she keeps her leather jacket at home.
Situation: Her debut as a Celtic WAG at the annual Celtic charity do.

Best for: Glam goddess Sylvie van der Vaart
Situation: We’re quite sure our Sylvie dresses like this even when she just pops down to the market for milk and bread.

Best For: Olalla Dominguez. This colour would look awesomesauce with her dark brown hair and fringe.
Situation: A night out at Liverpool’s Circo bar with her BFF Yolanda Reina.

Best for: Abbey Clancy
Situation: Hanging out the top of a limo after a night on the tiles, (because the top half of the dress is the prettiest part and really all you need to see.)

Images via Style.com

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29 Responses to “Style Files: Victoria Beckham’s Fall 2010 Line”

  1. aps says:

    I love Cheryl’s outfit! The dresses are ok too. Not all my style.

  2. Ofeily says:

    Olalla is pretty…sometimes (…No! I'm not Jealous!!)

  3. Minerve says:

    Alex’s got stunning legs, I envy her so much! Olalla isn’t that shapely, but for sure she’s pure cuteness. And the dresses- great.

  4. Daniela says:

    I want all of the dresses for myself. they are gorgeous!!

    also, right on the target with all the match-ups Kickette! love it.

  5. FT9FTW says:

    A+ on the WAG choices and associations, Kickette!!;)

    I'm in love with the first VB dress; it's so cute and perfect for the upcoming spring season.<3

  6. Erin says:

    I continue to be very impressed with VB’s clothing. Haven’t seen anything I dislike! And I think your WAG-matching is spot on, Kickette!

  7. aristeia says:

    Way to go Victoria. Love all these dresses. Think the WAG/dress matching makes sense too.

  8. abbie says:

    loving VB new collection x

  9. kenita says:

    i love the dresses and i agree with the WAGs thingy

    wow those models look so thin D:

  10. sounderslove says:

    I wish I could hate Olalla but it is actually impossible.

    I would totally wear that first dress. And the last one. Not so sure about the others.

  11. FootballerChick43 - "Mrs.Ballack" says:

    Am impressed. I don’t see one I dislike. I see a couple I would alter a bit if I bought them, but none are terrible. She says she tries to go for “investment” pieces that aren’t dated. And she actually succeeds with some of these. Nice Victoria!

  12. Missy Manchester says:

    Who knew there were so many VB Boney Clones? Yikes. Eek. Scary.

    Nice designs though.

    Olalla has a great name to match her great looks.

    And Kickette…kudos to you for a well-written/researched feature. Thanks! :D

  13. Homeskillet17 says:

    aww! love Olalla! she’s my favourite! :)

  14. Riya (Come on you Reds!) says:

    I adore Olalla. She’s just so naturally beautiful.

    These are some great dresses by Vic. Fav is the black one.

  15. Lorelei says:

    VB's dresses are pure retro elegance. The WAGs won't wear these because they want Page 3 type raunch rags. Agree Alex could wear them as could Abby. Colleen is a lump, a nice sweet sugar lump, but still a lump. . The whole reason for having a coat hanger model is not to draw attention away from the dresses so she gets a fail. Both Colleen and the model should cover their legs as the eyes get drawn to them and not for a good reason

  16. Molly says:

    Lol "Hot Mess Barbie". I love you Kickette you always make my day. I love Victoria's line. All the dresses are cute but that model is scary skinny. She doesn't even look good.

  17. XaviFan says:

    I Like The First One (with Alex).

    The Models Look Ridiculously Thin.

    And How Old Is Olalla? She Looks About 30?

  18. Ella says:

    I am actually pretty impressed with VB's line. And I've liked all her dresses that made it onto the red carpet lately too!

  19. Lucy says:

    I hate Victoria but I loove the dresses

  20. Dreamgirl says:

    A fab collection of dresses. They are all very wearable, not necessarily by me but by a lot of women. Well done Victoria.

    On a sidenote: I was not aware how naturally beautiful Olalla is. That's a lovely picture of her.

  21. suzie says:

    I want all of the dresses (but would never be able to afford one) especially the 1st one. Spot on choice for the wags too kickette.

  22. monsterdoll says:

    wow, i want all of Posh's designs in my closet

    and good choices, only Sylvie, i don't know, i can't see her in that dress hmm

  23. tammyv says:


    I like a few of the dresses but some looks like cheap knock-offs

  24. kil says:

    Posh is doing such a good job with her clothing line. I like all alot too bad amma working girl! lol at mrs Cole one.

  25. Wow! Fabulous choices for all the WAGs. Victoria's designs are stunning.