December 8th, 2009

Style-Off: A Night At Rosso

Stephen and Jessica What kind of shine spray are you using, girl? Damn.

Some of the local Manchester-based footy couples popped out for a bite to eat at Rio Ferdinand’s Rosso this weekend. As you can see, fashion was not a priority for some.

We give you: Stephen Ireland (City) and Jessica Lawlor, and United’s Federico Macheda and his gal, Martina.

Usually this is the part where we ask which couple you think has better style selections. Should we bother?

We will give two snaps to Stephen for coming out to support a fellow ‘baller, even if he plays for a rival club. But that doesn’t excuse the jacket and matching hat plaque.

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18 Responses to “Style-Off: A Night At Rosso”

  1. Martina is so cute! Well done, Kiko!

  2. jessie says:

    Martina does look nice, but very…..professional. Heehee. I like Kiko, but don’t think he’s really attractive. Atleast he dresses way better than Stephen!

  3. liv4footy says:

    I WANT KIKO. i so think that kiko & martina are better dressed, but you knoow….. he's only 18!!!!! live a little, mate. go out and have some fun, get a new girl. ie; ME.

  4. FootballerChick43 - says:

    Have to say Macheda's girl wins. Love, love, love the outfit.

  5. Ted Knott, Droylsden says:

    Who is Frederico Macheda? Honesly, i've never heard of him. I presume he plays for Yoonited's academy or something?

  6. Ryan says:

    Ireland looks like a ghetto bird.

  7. HiL says:

    Stephen’s jeans is too weird!
    I’ll go with Kiko and his gal.

  8. Manna says:

    i actually threw up a little in my mouth when i saw that picture of … well, i don't know what to call that. poor steven, so many bad choises.

    but i do like martina's office chic outfit.

  9. LizB (Mrs. Vucinic) says:

    Oh Kiko…. your face is as shiny as Martina's hair. Please wash it more often.

  10. Ella says:

    Obviously, Kiko and his GF are the better dressed, and Martina has gorgeous hair. To me the funniest thing about the other couple is that Stephen is wearing the warmest coat and a hat and Jessica is wearing a thin sleevless top. She must be freezing her a$$ off! LOL!

  11. carly says:

    Martina looks surprisingly chic. The other couple makes me cringe every single time.

  12. Lolinha says:

    This is going to sound really mean, but to me Kiko looks like a fake-Cris and his girl (though stylish and shiny-haired) reminds me of a fake-Caroline (Kaka's wife).

    So my vote goes to Jessica Lawlor and mister pouffy jacket.

    (This mental lapse was caused by a chocolate overdose, it'll take me a while to recover)

  13. Boston Red says:

    Aside from those horrid leggings, Stephen's lady doesn't look half bad. Stephen looks ridiculous, as always.

    Kiko's lady is adorable. The couple that tans together stays together.

  14. TB says:

    Martina's only carrying a speedy? I do love her sleekness and simplicity, though.