December 20th, 2010

Style Off: Adventures In Menswear

Image via PacificCoastNews.Com/Zimbio

Most men, correct us if we’re wrong, are just happy to leave the house in clothes that don’t smell or have too many wrinkles. As women, though, we require more.

Of course, expecting footballers to dress themselves well and not get stains on their clothing on a night out is a horse of a different colour.

It’s the holiday season, and this means that footy teams and players are partaking in various forms of festive cheer and celebration. These parties range in debauchery levels somewhere between your gran’s knitting circle and criminal mischief so anything is possible, really.

Ashley Cole made his way from London’s Dorchester Hotel this weekend. He looks good. From the feet up. Our friends at have a term for the phenomenon: The Scroll Down Fug. We don’t think Ash was shoveling any manure or mucking out horse stables in that get up, so what’s with the giant clunking boots?

Ashley was not alone in committing crimes of fashion this weekend. Click through to see the rest.

Frank Lampard’s issues with clothing are myriad and well-documented. For every time he looks all put together and of clean trouser, there have been at least five instances where he got dressed in the dark and a left hip, trendy London nightclub with stains of unknown origins on his jeans.

Here’s Frank exiting Boujis nightclub in the wee hours of Sunday morning. He’s wearing brown shoes with a black belt. We suppose in terms of Frank’s track record with dressing himself this is a lesser evil, but really men. Just make them the same colour! Pay no attention to that woman on his left. (Image via

Chelsea’s Salomon Kalou chose London’s Whiskey Mist to get his holiday celebrations on at. Nothing much to complain about here. He matches. There are no visible deformities to his clothing. How do you feel about his man scarf, though?

Should the fun, colourful scarves be left to the womenfolk or does he pull it off? We think he pulls it off. Help Frank, Sal.

We saved the worst crime for last. Liverpool’s Raul Mireles wore the worst men’s jeans we have ever seen to the team’s holiday party at San Carlo on Saturday night. They’re almost jeggings. We just can’t.

As U.S. late night comedian Conan O’Brien proved to the universe, men’s jeggings are NEVER okay.

What do you think girls? If you take one component from each outfit you might be able to make something decent. Who’s the worst offender here?

And since we have little shame when it comes to plugging ourselves, pop on over to our new fashion blog – Style Files – for lots more fashion goodies!

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14 Responses to “Style Off: Adventures In Menswear”

  1. Moda31 says:

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  2. rachelle says:

    remember the raul meireles with slightly sun bleached hair? mmmmmm, revisit that look raul. i do like me some portuguese chicken, but his chicken legs really shouldn't be highlighted in such a manner lol.

  3. Summer says:

    1)Lamps was drunk when these photos were taken…And was drunk when he took with him Christine Bleakley!!!
    2) I don't like Ashley shoes but yesterday was his birthday, so I think that I could forgive him
    3)Personally I think that the scarf of Kalou is simply too much
    4)Surely there is no one like Xabi in the world for the sense of style (and not only), so my dear guys you should take lessons from Xabi and may (or surely) you improve!!!

  4. blake2108 says:

    None of these men do anything for me.

  5. GAHH Ashley is so ugly. No stylist could chance that unless they hide his face completely

  6. Niina says:

    Oh man, I thought I could take anything Raul Meireles threw on and still lust after him, but this is too much.
    I could take the bald head, because it brings out his lovely eyes, but those pants bring out nothing. Except maybe a horrified response.

  7. Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

    Kalou has a sweet smile to go with that scarf. I like it.

  8. rachelle says:

    OMG! More pics of the Liverpool party pleaaaaase!!!!

  9. Mobsy says:

    Har, har. Mireles looks soooo tacky. Loving his T-shirt, though. ;)

    Honestly, I have to say that I only half-agree with the Kickette… That scarf would be cute if my baby nephew wore it, but– It just doesn't vibe with me. Heck, I didn't even know it was a scarf, till someone said so. I thought it was a wooly ManMoo (Man MooMoo.) That smile is sooo cute, though. So, I have no choice but to forgive him, even if it's just this once. LOL!

  10. ashmenon says:

    Don't blame Mireles, kickette, he's merely trying to camouflage in the snow. See? Being smarts, he is.

  11. Bri says:

    Of course this is one of the only times Meireles gets mentioned in Kickette. I love the man but those trousers are quite horrible! Raul please give Kickette positive reasons to mention you because I think you are sexy as hell! PS. Please grow your hair back.

  12. Maria says:

    My goodness. These men could surely learn a few lessons from Xabi.

  13. IrishBlue says:

    Kalou's scarf doesn't do it for me, but his cheeky smile does ;) on the other hand, mireles looks awful.