July 23rd, 2012

Style Off: Alex Gerrard & Abbey Clancy At Playground

If we had beer goggles on, which we often do, we don’t think we’d be able to tell these two apart from 50 meters away. Are they morphing into each other? Are they joining forces to become one Super WAG that will take over the universe? The thought is scary.

Alex Gerrard and Abbey Clancy were both at Liverpool’s Playground night club on Saturday seeing who could out tan the other. We’re not sure if these two get on so we’ll let you make your own assumptions.

Alex still fancies herself as a “rock chick” so she brought out her best pair of leather shorts and a black sleeveless blazer. We’ll commend her for wearing such a minimalist look since she’s got a massive metal eagle round her neck.

Said eagle comes courtesy of Lanvin and retails for more than two months of our rent. We do hope she picked it up in the Net-a-Porter sale. She may have gone hungry otherwise.


Not to be outdone by her Liverpudlian mate, Abbey Clancy wore he best LWD.

Her Alexander Wang cut out mini dress is on sale as well. Such bargain shoppers, these girls. Abbey’s YSL clutch and Louboutin heels finished off her perfect summer clubbing look.

We’re not really sure who to pick here. Both ladies look pretty good. Neither appear to be stumbling about nor are there any major wardrobe malfunctions visible. After much deliberation we’ve decided to go with Alex because she’s got the best accessory of all: alcohol.

Who gets your vote?

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25 Responses to “Style Off: Alex Gerrard & Abbey Clancy At Playground”

  1. sohbet says:

    very blog thanks admin

  2. Yuri says:

    No offence to UK ladies but this seems to be the makeup style of practically every girl here. It looks so fake and plastic. The girl in the small picture modelling that dress looks better than both those women…

  3. coleen says:

    for some strange reason both look like trannies

  4. mina says:

    I love Alex Gerrard´ legs!

    Abbey looks allways like a skinny Drag Queen, sorry… She was so pretty couple a years ago…

  5. Carvivlie says:

    I don't hate either of their outfits. Alex's looks comfy and Abby's seems minimalist for her. I wish they felt the need to wear less makeup. I think Alex doesn't have a naturally pretty face so she wears a lot but Abby is a more natural beauty and would look less "hard" if she toned it down.

  6. Mari says:

    I don't see anytrace of elegance and style in these two….ehm women?!?

  7. Lady Bella says:

    They both look a hot ass mess. I like Clancy's shoes though. And Alex, that necklace? It is not the business…at all.

  8. Cella.xx says:

    Are they joining forces to become one super WAG that will take over the universe?

    Hahahaha you’re killing me!!

  9. Phédre says:

    I prefer Alex's look. Although I love Abby's shoes I hate it that her toes are hanging over it. Just buy a bigger size! And I agree with Fiona: cleavage OR legs!

  10. Caro says:

    I love Alex unashamedly, although usually not for looking the way she does here, i.e., appropriate, relaxed and not THAT orange. Can we just stop for a moment to remember she's popped out three kids? So I approve of her leg flaunting.

    Abbey's the cheap looking one this time. The streetwalker look could have been toned down with a bit less make-up, but alas…

    Gerrard all the way! (And it's not just my enduring love for Stevie talking here, his true WAG is Xabi Alonso as far as I'm concerned.)

  11. Sara says:

    I don’t like how both of them looks.If I have to choose,I would say Abbey.Her dress is nice.Alex looks cheap for me,she had better looks on other nights out. :)

  12. Ph├ędre says:

    I love Alex’s look! The necklace makes it really edgy. And although I love Abby’s shoes I hate it that her toes hang over it, just buy a bigger size!

  13. xoWinnie says:

    Abbey, hands down. she favours Kylie Minogue a bit here. too bad Kylie's about twice her age, and if anything Abbey looks older than her. yikes…

  14. Blake says:


  15. Scoop says:

    Clancy (1) Gerrard (0)

  16. sarah says:

    the necklace is ugly
    the dress is ok

  17. Katie says:

    I'm not a fan of Alex's at all, but I think she looks pretty good here. She's dressed for the occasion and was smart to have a simple outfit since the necklace is such an eye-catcher. Sure the shorts could be a tad bit longer, but she has the legs for them. Abbey looks good as well.

  18. Red_Girl says:

    The words street-walker chic spring unbidden to my mind…

  19. TAMMYV says:

    Abby looks amazing

  20. Elizabeth says:

    Too much makeup!

  21. Jayy says:

    Neither of them.

  22. HiL says:

    I agree with Fiona, they do look a bit cheap…
    Abbey's shoes and Alex's necklace are ginormous :S

  23. tiff says:

    that lanvin eagle is everything. love it more as a belt piece though, a la emma stone circa 2012 golden globes. http://www.vogue.co.uk/spy/celebrity-photos/2012/…

  24. FootyFanUSA says:


  25. Fiona says:

    They both look a bit cheap to me… Though if Alex cut back on the make-up, she'd get my vote. Remove the necklace that would have worked without the waistcoat (it's such an eyecatcher on its own) and it's a nice outfit. As for Abbey: the golden rule one never taught her is to either show legs or cleavage, never both.