May 4th, 2010

Style-Off: 1950s Glam At The Ndoro Children’s Charities Gala

Last last month, some of our favorite North London-based ‘ballers and their ladies attended the Sunset Boulevard style charity gala for Ndoro Children’s Charities at the Mayfair Hotel.

The theme of the gala was “1950s Glamour” and guests were encouraged to dress as such.  The WAGs in attendance certainly looked lovely, but we are going to have to slap a big FAIL sticker on every one of ‘em for not dressing to theme.

(Of course, if they did think they were dressing in 1950′s glamour then that is an entirely different issue; one that we don’t have the strength for on a Tuesday, nor the proper backlog of vintage Vogue magazines at Kickette HQ to tackle.

So join us in a martini (we don’t need a ’50s theme to do that) and let’s have a looky.

Going up in the style-off today are Spurs’ Jermaine Jenas and his girlfriend Ellie Penfold (above);

Arsenal’s Bacary Sagna with his wife Ludivine (left); and

Team-mate Andrey Arshavin and wife Yulia (below). Who do you think was best dressed on the night?

We’re giving three olives up to Ellie for her cute strappies and champagne-colored dress (matching clothing to your choice of alcoholic beverage is both fun and clever!).

Ludivine Sagna is too full of ice-queen gorgessity for us to criticize in any way (plus she looks like she’s got a side eye that would make David Villa cower). As for Yulia, we would need a few (thousand) more martinis though, to make sense of the velour opera-length gloves and why they exist.

Do you think we should take issue with Andrey and Jermaine for not wearing ties to a charity gala? Just say the word and we’ll do it.

Over to you, Kickettes!

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12 Responses to “Style-Off: 1950s Glam At The Ndoro Children’s Charities Gala”

  1. wayne says:

    Sleek suit on that fella. Goes with his woman's dress perfectly. i need fashion tips for showcasing real estate for clients

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  3. Pet Coat says:

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  5. Elin says:

    Am I the only one noticing that Yulia's dress is see through?

  6. carly says:

    hahah I missed the Arshavins.

    Terrible dresses, too much black, hmm Jenas ;)

  7. Its crazy how much Jenas’s girlfriend looks lyk Danielle Llyod. They’re soooo separated at birth!!

  8. Venice says:

    Haha as you said, a big fail. Even if they copied Mad Men, it would've been much better.

    Just the other day I watched recaps of World Cups in 1954 and 58. All the men in the crowd wore suits and ties. If men in 1950s wore ties to football games, then surely men supposedly dressing like 1950s should wear ties to a charity gala.

    Yulia and Andrei can't be real people, more like house elves or something.

  9. senora ramos says:

    i want ellie's shoes and dress. very nice. the other 2…meh