October 6th, 2010

Style-Off: Spain National Team Arrivals

Apparently still reeling from our scathing review of their training camp arrival wear in March, the Spanish NT have adopted a more diplomatic approach for their  Euro 2012 qualifier against Lithuania on Friday.

A casual tees and jeans combo seem to be the order of the day and although Iker Casillas (below) appears to have undertaken a little decorating before setting out, overall we count this as a win. Especially when you take into account his record with denim. (via conlaroja)

Boys, we don’t mean to inhibit your right to express yourselves through fashion.

It’s just that without our gentle hands to guide you, your decision making can be devastating.

Who wore it well, Kickettes? Let’s hear your thoughts.

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202 Responses to “Style-Off: Spain National Team Arrivals”

  1. @NicAllan1 says:

    Xabi is someone I would describe as the perfect man. Gorgeous, abs, hairy chest, talented footballer and all round nice guy.. ok I have to stop now, drooling too much x

  2. a gossip girl says:

    I love Iker for ever, but Pepe Reine is so deliciousssss in this fotos.
    Spain realy is the land of the amazing men

  3. ZaharaSpain NTBarca* says:

    hmm its terribly hard to decide..
    but i pick xabi! oh dear lord that boy has got it going on..and the best thing is that he doesnt know it!
    pepe comes second (congrats to him and his wife.she is pregnant again!yay!)
    iker,there are no words left anymore. meh i dont care, coz i will always love you!

  4. MissTorres says:

    Iker could look better but Xabi's style is just like WOW! So perfect! I love how good-looking he is with his RayBan.

  5. Arbelova says:

    You gals aren't giving Arbeloa enough credit. I appreciate Sergio, Iker, Xabi, Pepe (OK, the entire SNT minus one or two), but Arbeloa's been rocking some great style and hotness this year (and always solid football). In my dreams, he's returned to Liverpool with Xabi. Maybe some day…

    • Dru says:

      Arby is underrated, I feel- he's looked great before, in photographs with his (gorgeous) wife he worked the hell out of a suit. He's got pretty decent casual style as well- which, in the Spain NT, must be treasured.

      As for Xabi, the man is perfect. Just perfect. How is he so perfect?

  6. BarcelonaFan says:

    xabi just can't do any fashion wrong. delish daddy alert!

  7. SoccerDuckie says:

    XABI!!!!!! No one else even comes close in the lineup… *panting heavily* He's faffers hawt for eff's sake! The ginger beard is coming back, yeah baby! =D

  8. Rainstar says:

    Xabi Alonso is delicious…..hes just delicious…no other words to describe it. :)

  9. VS1986 says:

    Just wanted to add that I am glad that Xabi's scruff is growing back! Also…he can be wearing a garbage bag in this photo for all I care and he would still look GOOD!

  10. lyricm9 says:

    oh pepe…

  11. Sydney says:

    Wow, Iker looks like he’s channeling Spock with that hairdo.

    Xabi is absolute eye candy

  12. Sydney says:

    Wow, Iker is kind of channeling Spock with that hair.

    Xabi is pure eye candy.

  13. Abby says:

    God Bless Spain, indeed! It can hardly get better! But where is the picture of Sergio? If anyone saw the news video (like I did!!) this is a major omission! Video is great, but I feel a picture will better capture our need for his hotness to be frozen in time! Please Kickette, do it for the greater good! Can't wait till the match tomorrow!!!

  14. DutchGooner89 says:

    You don't understand the feelings i get when i see Xabi i swear i get teary eyed he's that gorgeous and knowing he wont be gracing every other weekend at the premier league and is sooo far away in spain is painful, at one point the EPL was littered with gorgeous men but slowly and surely its dwindling…he needs to return to the EPL at once, his beauty has even made Torres get all emotionally depressed knowing if he looks next to him in the changing room the empty spot Xabi vacated…..

    Someone pass me a big chocolate cake am in need of some sweet loving lol.

    And God has defo blessed spain when it comes to their men i mean sweet jesus how many fine men is even legal to be in ONE team, i mean they should be fair and share them with us right ladies! lol

  15. chefdi says:

    STOPPPPPPPPPPP! (whine) ~ Gorgeous!!!

  16. Dutchess says:

    and yes..furthermore..Reina and Xabi are carrying some classy luggage. Just look at the hand carries and Iker on the contrary is stuck with that ugly man-bag in one hand and what appears to be a Real Madrid garbage bag he borrowed from a junkie in the other. You're CAPTAIN Iker, have some XABI ALONSO (Class).

  17. Johanna says:

    Pepe is the best looking one for me out of the bunch.

  18. Dutchess says:

    What the hell happened to Iker Casillas?
    He looks terrible! OMG! you used-to-be lovely, lovely San..! He looks so drained and his hair! WTH!

  19. ohhhhhhyum says:

    Mr Alonso TAKE ME NOW!

  20. ThatWelshOne says:

    Xabi wears it best. Everytime. I cannot describe my love for this man. Seriously, even if I spoke 100 languages I still wouldn't be able to

  21. Luc says:

    Does anybody have any information about when the Spanish NT are arriving in Scotland? i live in Glasgow but i am unable to attend the football match! :(
    i REALLY want to see them in person even if it is only for a sec, it would compete my life! :) lol
    im not sure when they are arriving or when they are going to the stadium at. the game starts at 8pm i know that but that is all!
    i would really appreciate any help
    thanks x

  22. Simone says:

    Still love my Iker though

  23. izzy says:

    Xabi is so adorable. Love the jeans and jacket look. Hot.

  24. Dru says:

    You know the great thing about scoping the Spanish NT for hot men? You get ones to suit every taste- and I mean literally EVERY kind of taste- from the baby-facedness of Nando (though he's not here, boohoo), to the astounding beauty of Iker (and to those of us who like geek boys, the fact that they are kind of adorkable just makes them hotterx1000).

    I mean, think about it. You want sexy bald men? Fine. Have Pepe and Valdes. You want soul-patch-wearing bitchfacers? David Villa's your man. Love men with cracktastic wardrobes and abs to die for? Ladies, Sergio Ramos is the one for you. Killer blue eyes on nice boys are your thing? When he's around, Jesús Navas is exactly what the doctor ordered. Is your type a curly-haired, slightly older sexy beast? You can't wish for better than Carles Puyol, then. Super-classy, mature men who should probably have their photographs stuck in the dictionary next to the definition of the word "gentleman"? Xabi, take a bow. You like adorkables who are yummier than hot chocolate sundaes? There you go, take a good look at Cesc. And so on….I'd never be able to shut up if I didn't have supreme self-control…

    • mrs GP! says:

      omg u hav forgotten all about PIQUE!!!!!!!!!!

    • YouNeverWalkAlone says:

      Eeeeeeeeeee!!! You have just expressed my thoughts EXACTLY, Exactly!!!!! I TOTALLY agree. Dorky boys, Bad boys, cute boys, classy boys, intense boys…you want it, they've got it!

      Haha, we seem to have a lot in common: a common love for Fer, Morata, and Canales…
      Speaking of which, KICKETTE YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABT CANALES. But then again, maybe if fewer girls know abt him I'll have less competition?

      • Dru says:

        Haha, I've adored Fern for donkey's years and I do find Alvaro and Canales utterly adorable- but I think it's a sign that I'm getting old that I just think the kiddies are super-cute. I'd happily marry Fer in a fantasy universe, but like I said before, Morata and Canales make me feel maternal, like I do when I see puppies or kittens. I'm not slamming anyone's taste tho- I love them but not THAT way, it's just that I'm kind of an oldie (a touch younger than Torres) and teenagers, no matter how attractive, don't push those buttons for me now. I'll still feel free to lust over Fern's babyface though- he grew up nicely, the boy did.

        But yeah, Kickette needs to put Canales on the main page SOON. He's a dead cert for La Roja in the future, and he's already playing with the Real big boys (I hope for a long time)- boy might be young but he's earned his spurs!

        • YouNeverWalkAlone says:

          Looool "a touch younger than Torres"…then you ain't that old, girl!! Haha, it's okay, you can have Fer…he's my first love, but age-wise Canales and Morata are perfect for me.

          And Canales is defintely gonna b on La Roja…he's already on La Rojita!
          COME ON KICKETTE!!!

          • Dru says:

            Mmm yeah, Fer's the perfect age for me though I did have a major crush as a child on Diego Maradona who's thisclose to being twice my CURRENT age.

            I'm looking forward to Canales's La Roja debut- he's a cracker for La Rojita so we know it's gonna happen!! Psst Kickette..a Baby Ballers post on mini Sergio would be nice- 19 is v. young but still legal for, er, appreciation!

            • YouNeverWalkAlone says:

              Haha, then I guess I don't feel so bad abt loving Capdevila

              XD yeah i forgot the legality thing…i guess Morata's not then? He's only 17 almost 18…heehee. Too bad! Who says we have to be legal? >:)

    • cescanto says:

      I like your description of the different type of spanish boys for every girl's tastes! Do u mind doing a comprehensive one? With descriptions for all of them? Would be great! :D

      • Dru says:

        I'd love to, but the prob is that my brain sort of short-circuits and dies from their combined hotness every time I look at the Spain NT for too long- look what happened above, I managed to forget Pique! Would love it if someone could pick up and fill in with their own descriptions of their favourite players tho!

        That said, I miss Marco Senna- he was tailor-made for any girl who likes a man with a sweet smile who manages to make a bald head look cute (tho I luuurve Pepe and Victor, their shaven heads are more "sexy beast" than 'cutie')

        But yeah. You like a funny boy who will help you plot pranks and be the life of the party and also simultaneously a manly-man? Pepe's the one you need (I know I talked about him before, but it's not enough!).
        You're a sucker for freckles, and a bigger sucker for nerdy (his fav website is WIKIPEDIA!!!) nice boys with babyfaces (who'll explode your ovaries when they become dads)? Fernando Torres is your man (again, repeat mention but srsly, he's adorable+hot)

        Like men who are every bit as cute as their newborn babies, and who can make you want to pinch their cheeks even after they've grown facial hair? Raul Albiol is tailormade for you.

        Don't mind your boy being a bit absentminded? Even if he calls himself a "bad boy" in a Twitter farewell to Guti? Or you just find the combination hilarious-but-cute to the max? You'll love Alvaro Arbeloa, then.

        And I know he hasn't been part of La Roja in years now, but if a glorious head of curly hair, gorgeous brood of kiddies, and long-standing club loyalty+mad football skillz at his best (understatement, I know) are your thing, Raul is your one and only.

        Oh, and if what tickles your fancy is a man who can wear a bucket on his head and cuddle the World Cup (and even wear it while giving an interview to Pastasauce!) and manage to make it look adorkable, you really can't ask for better than Joan Capdevila.

        Want a tall, blue-eyed drink of water who's been pining for years for the chance to carry his one true bromance (Cesc) into club time and not just NT time? I forgot about Gerard Pique, but you shouldn't.

        And if you have a thing for really silky-looking hair on serious cuties, take a good look at David Silva.

        Ladies ( and gents, whoever reads this in fact), feel free to fill in your own take on how the Spanish NT caters to every kind of taste- if you think I've left off someone (and I probably have, too), tell us about it!

        • YouNeverWalkAlone says:

          Ahhhh oh I love ur description!!! Couldn't have said it better myself!
          lol I especially love the one abt Joan Capdevila since (as I'm sure I said at some point), he's my secret/guilty crush because I mean, obviously if lm young enough to be perfect for Morata/Canales, Capdevilla is a few years short of TWICE as old as me!

          …And I have one to add: Like big, tall boys (like someone said, worth the climb!) with beautiful blue eyes second only to Jesus Navas? Chocolate eating, clarinet playing, bouncey bubble rolling Fernando Llorente is ur man!

          Ah, I'm not as good at this as you are. hehe u should do one for all of them.

          • Dru says:

            Oooh that was a good one!

            I'll have a go at a few more (will not try Llorente tho, can't do better than you!)

            Like your men rock steady, intense and grounded (both off the field and on) and prefer dog lovers with sexy voices? Xavi's the one for you!

            If you have a thing for pale, compact men who are shy about fame, loyal to their deceased friends and steadfast in their defence of their questionable taste in swimsuits (must wonder if the Ramos rubbed off on him here), I present to you…. Andres Iniesta!

            On the other hand, if you like your men tall, young and a little dorky (which in Kickette-land translates to—–>adorkable) not to mention sweet enough to return to La Rojita after winning a World Cup with La Roja- something that's practically unheard of!- Javi Martinez is what you want.

            If you've got a thing for tall young men who look mature beyond their years and act it too- guess who consoled a very emotional captain when they were two minutes away from winning the World Cup while everyone else was busy making a manpile (I love manpiles, don't get me wrong)? You'll find Sergio Busquets 100% perfect, then.

            Lastly- do you like your men scorchingly beautiful but seemingly missing whatever synapse in the brain governs the ability to dress themselves? (and do you think that lack of styling ability on such a gorgeous man just adds a level of adorkability you find irresistible?). Don't mind getting PDAs on the house because he won't give a rat's ass about sneaky paps if he really loves you? Do you like that he's in touch with his softer side and cries a lot on the field? On top of it, does it help if he's supremely down-to-earth and a nice boy all around? He's a repeat mention but it has to be said- ladies, you'll never do better than Iker Casillas.

            So here you see it- the Spain national football team will (as Fernando said in that cheesy spoof ad of his) cater to literally every need or taste a girl could have in her men- short boys, tall boys, mature men and cutie babyfaces, men who can dress themselves and men who can't, intense men, dorky boys, bald men, men with a great head of hair, strong and silent or slightly emo (Iker!), bad boys, good boys, funny men, you have something for everyone! And if you like seeing hot men with babies, you'll be spoilt for choice!

            Anyone care to add/improve on this? I still feel like I've left ppl off- but the new La Roja call-ups I haven't seen enough of to say anything about them.

            • YouNeverWalkAlone says:

              I think they only ppl ur missing are Pedro and Juan Mata, but I can't think of anything to say abt them so I'll leave it to you.

              Wonderful job!
              May I have permission to quote this amazing description on my blog? I will put ur name, of course (www.theuselessrantblog.wordpress.com)

            • YouNeverWalkAlone says:

              Oh haha how ironic…I think you're missing Xabi Alonso…

              Like your men quiet, friendly, full of class, and willing to sacrifice for you (he ditched a Champion's League final to stay at his wife's side while she was giving birth to their first child!)? Xabi Alonso, the very definition of classy, is the one for you!

              (Feel free to improve as necessary)

              • Dru says:

                No I didn't- he's mentioned right up there in my first comment! But he's so perfect. How does he manage to be so perfect?

                I can't believe Liverpool were so good just two years ago- Xabi's great no matter where he goes, but I miss the sight of him in the red shirt (not the Spain red shirt, the Liverpool one).

                • YouNeverWalkAlone says:

                  haaaaaahaaaa damn, i forgot…lol my brain cannot think abt the spanish team and other things simultaneously! sorry! lol

                  So do I! there must b a curse on them for selling Xabi…

    • LosAngeleno says:

      So true it hurts! (In a good, heart-tugging way). Thanks for this.

    • señora Casillas says:

      Dru , I lost my control forever and ever…
      Is the best of the hot players in the same selection in many, many and many years.
      In Brazil is only very UGLY players…deplorable

  25. Maya says:

    Xabi looks the best BY FAR!!!!! Love Spain's National Team–I want to party with them!! LOL.

  26. Summer says:

    Until you will not come, I will remain to the thresholds of the wakes, of the flights, of the dreams, because I know that where I have been don't exist neither wheels, neither tow, neither rudder; they have all lost the way… Because I know that where I have been, it is reached only with you, through you…Sorry but I haven't any more words to describe how I feel for you… Sorry but I haven't choice, you're simply the best, and simply marvellous!!

  27. Nipsy says:

    Xabi, naturalmente. But my Canadian heart will always appreciate Pablo in a Canadian hockey D Squared shirt.

  28. tsidi says:

    Hey Kickettes. One word comes to mind: Jalepenos. Hot! Hot! Hot!

  29. torres4ever says:

    torres and ramos are the hottest players <333

  30. nessy says:

    OMG. pablo hernandez looks like a spanish mesut ozil. D:

  31. Julie says:

    God bless Xabi Alinso!!!

  32. Dru says:

    Xabi, what a classy man- you exude cool through and through, can you please take a moment and sit Iker down for a lesson in dress sense? (on second thought, maybe not- the hideous clothes just make him adorkable and make me want to get them off him). That said, this is still an improvement over past stuff he's worn.

    V. sad for no Nando, though- gorgeous as the Spanish NT are, it's not at all the same without him :( . Really, REALLY hoping he gets well soon.

  33. Mrs. Humphreys says:

    Xabi is the best… that probably just an ordinary casual clothes, but he make them sooo … yummy…

  34. orangerie says:

    iker's bag. speechless.

  35. littlegirl says:

    there isn't my love, so i'm forced to vote Xabi…
    i still don't understand what you find in Pepe Reina…

    • Summer says:

      I agree with you again girl… Despite of I'm a Liverpool and Spain's fan I don't like Pepe Reina… I don't like bare men!!

      • littlegirl says:

        meno male, pensavo che fosse già cominciata la "condanna virtuale"!!!!

        • Summer says:

          Beh quello che è da dire è da dire, non so proprio dove abbiano gli occhi tutte queste qua che hanno il coraggio di dire che Pepe Reina è bello, ma su non esageriamo adesso!!! Dove li hanno gli occhi?? Li hanno nel culo!!! Alla fine non è vero che è non è bello ciò che è bello, ma è bello ciò che piace, perché i belli li vedono tutti così come i brutti… Comunque anche se cominciano la "condanna virtuale" hai il mio sostegno contro di loro!!

          • littlegirl says:

            calma, calma… : )
            io sono per il "è bello ciò che piace" e poi il divertimento di questo sito è proprio che ognuna puo esprimere il proprio pensiero in tranquillità…la cosa della condanna virtuale era una piccola battuta, perche già me le sono prese, ma sempre con simpatia e rispetto…
            però apprezzo sempre il sostegno!

            poi insomma, non è che è un mostro, solo non mi fa" bollire il sangue" come certi altri!

            • Summer says:

              Scusa mi sono espressa male, non sto dicendo che è un mostro, ma non è poi così bello… Sono d'accordo anch'io con la libertà di pensiero, perché chiaramente c'è a chi può piacere e a chi no e lo rispetto, ma anche se ci sono persone a cui Pepe Reina piace e anzi ci vanno pazze, non potranno però chiaramente negare che oggettivamente Fernando Torres è molto, molto, molto più bello di Pepe Reina… Poi se a loro piace Pepe Reina, per tutta una serie di motivi che francamente non so, allora meglio per loro. Non so se ancora adesso mi sono spiegata meglio, però hai capito almeno un pò quello che cercavo di dire?

  36. Caitlin says:

    They all look gorgeous, but I'm still upset that Nando isn't there. Hope he makes a speedy recovery!

  37. Mrs.FernandoTorresAustralia says:


    Beautiful and gorgeous, hot accents, talented: THE TRIFACTOR :)

  38. Ines del Sol says:

    THANK YOU Kickette. I saw those pics tagged and now…


  39. cyd525 says:

    I love Pepe Reina. I love him. I. LOVE. HIM. To steal an idea from George Costanza, I want to dip his bald head in oil and rub it all over my body.

    …'scuse me, I'm going to need a moment alone…

  40. VS1986 says:

    Xabi you are looking ridiculously good!!!

  41. Izzy says:

    WOW XABI can he ever not look hot? again WOW!

  42. Ziddy says:

    Xabi ! Hot Damm. The guy is simply gorgeous. So far, I think he has the best style on the team. He needs to help out Crissy & Iker though. I thought the one guy was Dahveed, but it’s not. Who’s the new addition? * googles *

  43. Emme says:

    Since it seems we are pretty much all on the same page that Xabi Alonso is the victor in this challenge, I was just wondering if anyone else wonders this: Does he know how ridiculously, totally absurdly hot he is or is he just that humble?

  44. Nando y Geri 4ever says:

    Xabi wins! Iker actually looks really good with his shave and his hair looks so soft!!!!!!!!!!!!! But where are Gerard PK, Sex-Fabregas, and the others in this Kickettes?????????

    PS: I know this is probably stupid, but on the pic of the 4 spainards, is the 1st one Daveed with a virgin Mary tattoo? if it is, I never knew he had one!

  45. Rezia says:

    Oh my. Xabi Alonso just gave me a total hiney tingle. Num num num. Me wantee! Wish you had Pique also though.

  46. footiecoug says:

    Pepe without a doubt….. but if Nando was in the mix… it would have to be him. Xabi is totally totally lush but I love my boys in Red! It's no wonder… he used to be a Red!

  47. rupster says:

    oh xabi without a doubt: perfection! and yes pepe reina is a very close second, but xabi jus looks like sex in a jacket!
    poor iker…u need help…
    and where's sergio??? i miss him!!!

  48. Dylulu says:

    Xabi is obviously the winner in this fashion contest, as usual. The man is just beautiful!

  49. Rossanera says:

    Xabi wins. Class all the way.

    Also, my Kickette amori, this will be my last post until sometime after November 6th. I'm writing the first portion of the bar exam then and I need to eliminate this distraction/procrastination method that is Sergio Ramos/the internet in general. I need to be vigilant in case my plans to be a WAG fall through; I may need to fall back on my career as an attorney.

    Adios, chicas! I will miss you all horribly!

    • @DebStimson says:

      yes…so many distractions here aren't there? Not that I'm complaining…AT ALL :)

      Best of luck on the bar exam…we'll still be here when ur get back. :p

    • BarceLisa says:

      lots of luck on your exam!

    • Taskeen says:

      girl i feel your pain, i may have to do the same, although i'm far away from doing my bar, the law exams are a killer… and it seems that when i'm on the brink of writing all i want to do is flip through the many pages of kickette lol.. All the best :) … and just think, when you get back, there'll be pages upon pages of The Ramos plus all the hilarious comments to make up for lost time

    • littlegirl says:

      i wish you all the best! i will miss you!!
      even if i think you can't stay away from this kind of distraction for such a long time…you'll need some pause from writing and then you will remember your kickette-friends…or you will remember Sergio Ramos…

    • Summer says:

      I will miss you Rossanera, we will miss you.. It's horrible, but good luck for your exam!!

    • Emme says:

      Lots of luck & best wishes, chica! Hope all goes well!

  50. YouNeverWalkAlone says:

    Good Lord! I can't decide! They all look so hot!
    Even Joan Capdevila (my secret guilty crush)
    Xabi is the winnnnnerrrrr!!!! Amazing, classy, and casual at the same time.
    Iker looks ggrrrrrrrrrreatttt! (incredible, I know)
    Pepe looks wonderful too…the others look great as well….La Roja scored this time in the fashion area!

    • Emme says:

      Joan is not something to feel guilty about…..I find him to rank pretty high in the fine category. He's hot! Wish we would see him more on Kickette :)

      • YouNeverWalkAlone says:

        Ah good! I find a fellow Joan lover! Yes, he is hooottttt.
        Yes, I do wish we saw more of him on Kickette.

        • Emme says:

          for sure! He has this whole crooked nose thing. very sexy. I like him. I think I liked him before Xabi if anyone can believe that.

          • YouNeverWalkAlone says:

            Yes!! and the whole bucket-on-head-while-being-interviewed by Pastasauce moment….also i found a video where another reporter asks him if he's gonna kiss her like Iker kisses Sara and he's like nooooo hahah he says something funny after that but my spanish sucks so :P i dont understand it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJk1SqZ9qlE&fe…

            Ahhhh just so hot and adorkable at the same time! <3

  51. @AgnesWonka says:

    you know what's missing there? …..Cesc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
    wait…where's David V?

  52. Jen says:

    i definitely got half way through xabi’s picture and was like “woop, xabi won”

  53. ShayeLee says:

    Hands down Xabi, if he has to quit football one day he can always fall back on his excellent sense of fashion and become a stylist. He's teammates surely could use his help. (Although an entire Spanish team dressed as well as Xabi could cause some serious heart failure.)

    May I add that Pepe keeps getting more delish looking every time our lovely Kickette team posts a picture of him.

    Oh yeah one more thing: Iker! For the love of God, bring back the beard! I know you have a contract with Phillips and all, but it's just not the same. These new pictures of you kinda ruin my fantasy's. :P

  54. oh was david silva not called up for this game?

  55. Xabi Alonso is pure perfection like sseriously. he is super hot really classy nice humble person awesome in football like the only thing i find wrong in him is that he is married to Nagore and not me lol

  56. Kaya says:

    Xabier wins by a landslide. Definite no brainer on that one.

    As for Iker, he looks better naked no?

  57. Pam says:

    Where are the Barcelona boyz? There isnt a single pic of any of the guys. Shame Kickette!! :/

  58. bar says:

    Xabi Alonso have the best style, always each time!!

  59. @chercerise says:

    Everytime I see a picture of Xabi I just melt. Pepe looks pretty badass, I like it.

  60. moomin says:

    As per usual the hotness of Xabi leaves me only capable of a series of random squeaks. Words cannot describe how lush he is. As classy and effortlessly stylish as ever, with the added bonus of the return of the ginger stubble..

  61. Zinny says:

    Haha oh my god…Why did "Beautiful Girls" start playing in my head as soon as I saw these pictures?
    "I could be chasin' but my time would be wasted…They got nothing on you, Xabi…Nothing on you, Xabi"

    Wow, these Spanish men have seriously messed with my head.

    • Georgina Sanders says:

      I know you didn't ask but the actual title of this song is 'Nothing on You'.. :-)

  62. Hannah (Mrs Gerrard-Lampard-Torres-Terry-Fabregas) says:

    Xabi alonso all the way :)

    Note the dudes hand on the far right of Xabis pic, maybe he is cursing how gawjuss Xabi is

  63. D0li says:

    # 1Pepe
    #2 Xabi
    #600 Iker

    where do they get these clothes? honestly! Iker looks like a stoner, and is that sara's bag?

  64. Jen says:

    Pepe is looking GOOD!! But again the award goes to Xabi—-the man CAN'T look bad!! Seriously, what a man, what a man, what a mighty fine man!!

  65. Zhenya says:

    Did he cuff his jeans?LOL! He looks good , but of course we don't know what's going down at the hem! I can't see the link. WTH does he do this?!

  66. Tora says:

    The most handsome national team in the world! :) Xabi is sooo hot. :P

  67. aps says:

    Who is the guy in the white shirt and mohawk in the second set of pictures? He looks tasty.

  68. CarmenFoxe says:

    I have never found Xabi Alonso more attractive than at this moment. What. A. Babe. Not digging Casilla's look of constipation though…

  69. JVD says:

    Xabi looks jet set and amazing… Iker looks like an angry school boy. I know he's shilling a razor, but I miss the beard.

  70. MadridistaJenn says:

    Oops: http://i762.photobucket.com/albums/xx268/unamadri… or i762.photobucket.com/albums/xx268/unamadridista/unamadridista2/2010-10-0503.jpg

  71. Lolinha says:

    Iker looks like a handyman who did a bad paint job on someone's house and was consequently run over. Still, sex-on-legs.

    • Dru says:

      I know! He's so beautiful, not even his hideous clothes can ruin his sex appeal- they only make me want to get the clothes off him!

  72. Tess says:

    Pepe looks best! I love Xabi but I think he looks a bit geeky here. Iker looks likes he's just been painting somebody's hallway.

  73. @vinivia says:

    oh xabi, those ray-bans are killer

  74. JMM says:

    Pepe! always Pepe. He manages to be casual, yet still GQ at the same time. His outfits are always well pulled together. plus, i mean….ayyyy, he is just so beautiful.

  75. elylovesfootball says:

    Xabi always looks stunning and classy :)

  76. JulieFromParis says:

    Jaja, was dying to tell u i was so relieved about the back of that shirt!
    Sweet Sergio, and just when we were accusing him of fallin' for the Captain Serious style!!!! Born to be wild Baby;)

  77. Emme says:

    Hands down, Xabi Alonso wears it best. He is just spectacular. My love for him actually hurts. The best part is that it looks like he hasn't shaved in a few days :)

  78. C16 says:

    Xabi. Period.

  79. poprockprincess says:

    Yum, Yummier and Yummiest. Xabi gets Yummiest….LOL

  80. @orionstorm says:

    holy moly.. XABI! lol yes, he gets my vote for sure!
    coming in tied for second though — Alvaro Arbeloa & David Villa. :D

  81. Eebza says:

    okay. wow.
    but really, kickette
    why reina getting all the glory on the front page?
    errr… yeah.
    no pics of ramos.. who from the front looked amazing… a pity the same couldn't be said about the back…
    (of the shirt i mean…his ass is always a winner…)

  82. peppy says:

    I love Iker but his outfit is really hurting my eyes.

  83. Alisha C. D says:

    without any doubt.. XABI ALONSO..!!! he will always win..

  84. Jules says:

    This question is meant to be serious: are the white paint flecks on Iker's shirt intentional? If so, why?

  85. Pique_Xavi says:

    Hot! Hawt! Caliente! Goody I love this page. Its like a parade of does it get any better? and the answer is ALWAYS yes! I do gotta admit the one to capture my eye of the ones pictured above is Xabi, the man is just whoa! Does anyone else think in the picture Pepe Reina looks like Vin Diesel? Me like because I love that guy! :) Oh and where is Pique? And I hate knowing MY Xavi won't be there. Maybe on the stands? But its just not Spain Hot dNational Team without him :( I'll miss my little diamond shape head, a.k.a Xavi Hernandez.

  86. stellardente says:


  87. IM09653 says:

    This team has the essentials of everything…
    Good football – Check
    Nice guys with twitter who post randomly and often – Check
    Hotness Brigade – Thank God we can Check that too :P (Iker and Xabi… they can kill people like that)

  88. Eiro I says:

    My, my, Alonso my, my… Now if only they had included Sergio Ramos, yum :)

  89. bri_saldana says:


  90. Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

    I´m going with Xabi, but i think his jacket is a little small. But omg i´m missing these boys! I want to see them in action (any kind of action;))! It will hurt to not see Xavi, Jesus, Pedro and Nando, though. It´s just not the same without Xavi…

  91. Berbie's Barbie says:

    Have we forgotten a certain Sergio Ramos? I must say, he looked good until they showed the back of his shirt…

  92. heythereivannah says:

    Xabier is sheer perfection and flawlessness. And he does it so effortlessly. As put together as he always looks, it never looks contrived or overly thought about. He wakes up in the morning and exudes the essence of a truly perfect man with his class, style (classy style?) and just utter being. Thank you for making the perpetual search for a man worthy of my time that much more difficult, Xabi Alonso.

    Runner Up: Pepe Reina. San Iker looks better than usual but neither hold a candle to Xabi's perfection.

  93. Leá says:

    Oh Iker, you need to get Xabi to take you shopping. He is the epitome of class and taste, and you would be even more attractive if you began dressing like him. There are no words to describe how delicious Xabi is is this picture.

  94. Nandoschiquita says:

    Pepe looks hot!!! Yum!

  95. lorena_yGp says:

    Ladies I think that we are privileged to watch these gorgeous La Roja boys in their best days !!! Who knows if we will EVER have these kind of hotness&sexiness in one Campeones del Mundo_selection!? To me they are probably the best team on&off the pitch EVER!!! They should really be put in Hot H.O.F Kickette!!! :-)

  96. Mar says:

    Xabi is always classy, it's just a done deal when it comes to him :D

    Wish we could've seen some Ramos and Torres in this mix…but all in all very delectable!!!

    • Nando y Geri 4ever says:

      sadly, Fernando Torres withdrew from the match against Lithuania because of that groin injury he got in the Liverpool match :( I wish him and his amazing self was here as well :( :( :(

  97. Keri says:

    Xabi is perfect, I can't even deal with it.

  98. jellenp says:

    Judging from the tire tracks imprinted across the front of Iker's shirt, maybe he and Pastasauce are having some relationship problems!!! (Who wouldn't have run over that tee in a fit of rage? Although, on second thought, maybe it was an act of love.)

  99. Sara P says:

    I can't believe that there aren't any pictures of Senor Ramos. He was looking very "Suavemente!"

  100. LosAngeleno says:

    How is Pepe 28 years old? He looks like some hot 45 year old Jersey Mafia guy here (never thought I'd write those words in the same sentence) and it somehow works. Would normally choose Xabi but the best things on him are the shoes and Ray Bans– everything in between seems a little ill fitting. I guess I hold him to a higher standard.

  101. Daisy says:

    I think part of their contract should state that they aren't allowed to wear shirts. Ever.

  102. blitzenTO says:

    Xabi, as always, wins hands down. He even makes running shoes look classy. But Pepe Reina is a very close second with his casual-sexy look. And you can't see it in this pic, but his man-bag is personalized! :)

  103. Amandinha says:

    god bless spain

  104. Stacey Marie says:

    I think they all look good :) Xabi looks really, really good as usual :) but I have to say… PEPE REINA COME TO MAMMA! Oh the things I would like to do with that gorgeous bald headed man.

    • tracy765 says:

      Stand down. Pepe is mine. MINE, I say.
      (Actually, I am fairly confident there would be enough of his awesomeness to go around. Because, like 1/10th of Pepe is about 150% of lesser men.)

  105. May says:

    it's painful how beautiful Xabi Alonso is…like actually painful

    • Leya_S says:

      THAT'S what I'm feeling!!!!
      I couldn't quite put my finger on what that feeling was when I saw Xabi's gorgeous GORGEOUS picture, until you so eloquently put it into words…
      Thank you.

    • Maria V says:

      He's perfect… honestly, like 'Hollywood' perfect… only better :D

    • checali says:

      I'm in pain right along with you. Every time he breaks out those glasses, he reminds me of Marcello Mastroianni.

    • Emme says:

      Thanks for articulating so well what we are all feeling. Whenever pics like this turn up, it feels like my heart crumbles and falls out of my chest cavity…wait, that doesn't even make sense. Oh well, that is the power Xabi Alonso has. He is becoming way too not safe for life.

  106. Azizah says:

    Definately Xabi!

  107. @meljustfell says:

    pepe reina or xabi alonso for sure
    reina pulls of the casual look way better then the other guys
    but xabi looks good in like anything and has amazing style.
    its a toughie.
    i guess i gotta say xabi but reina a close second.