September 7th, 2011

Style Off: WAGs at GQ Men Of The Year Awards

You have 10 seconds to guess what designer Louise Redknapp is wearing. This isn’t hard. There’s really no way to get this wrong. Images via Chris Jackson/Getty Images Europe.

GQ hosted some of Hollywood and Londontown’s finest last night at their annual Men Of The Year awards and the WAG presence was nearly palpable. Really, they wore dresses with textured fabrics. Too early for that? Let’s move on.

Yes, Louise Redknapp wore Stella McCartney for the 1 millionth time. But you know what? She looks pretty bloody fabulous. Her velvet contrast dress hits her in all the right places, her accessories are spot on, and her tan is far below the radio active orange level. Well played, L.

Now, on to the scantily clad elephant in the room…

Abbey wore some underwear. And not much else.

Some Ungaro underwear to be exact, but still underwear nonetheless. We are certainly able to recall all parts of Mrs. Crouch’s super hot bod from memory thanks to photos such as this one, so we ask: is this necessary? Men, don’t answer.

Ungaro is designed by Abbey’s friend and wedding dress designer Giles Deacon so we understand she’s doing her mate a solid by wearing his garment, but we spy many lovely things in Giles’ last two collections to choose from that would not have one reaching for a slanket as soon as the cameras are put away. We’ve yelled at Shayk for doing this so fair is fair. Class it up, mama!

Lastly, Frankie Sandford attended with her Saturdays band mates. She looked beautiful and pixie-ish (we just made that word up) wearing a backless asymmetric black dress and silver heels. We scoured the fashion depths, but haven’t had any luck with finding Frankie’s dress.

The Kickette Army comes through again! Frankie is wearing a dress from the Fall 2011 TOSHA collection of emerging London designer Tamara Sariachvili.

Thx Charlotte!

Image via

So who wins the night for you? Louise and her beloved Stella, Abbey and her pants, or Frankie’s cute dress?

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25 Responses to “Style Off: WAGs at GQ Men Of The Year Awards”

  1. Love the Tosha dress Frankie is wearing. Very glamour line and amazing designer.

  2. Mrs. Q.Borri says:

    Frankie really nice.. simple yet classy and fun! (:
    Abbey… keep trying, not helping yourself here! You are for sure the humongus elephant in the room!
    Louise love that she took a risk with textured fabrics, she did it nice for beeing textured fabric. It suits her body shape and skin, very nice! Love the black sude pumps, fierce! :)

  3. Agnes Wonka says:

    well done Frankie! you look very elegant :)
    Abbey doesn't look classy, but let's admit her body is hot! she's very fit

  4. Faz says:

    Well, it's just as well that that the Crouches are moving away from London, otherwise JT and fellow mate Ashley would be over in a flash wouldn't they?

  5. Eleanor says:

    I always defend Abbey cos she's genuinley gorgeous. I can't today.

  6. [...] WHEN WAGS GO TO AWARDS BANQUETS, DON’T EXPECT UNDERSTATED. Abby Clancy-Crouch and the mystery of the incredibly not-at-all-there dress. // Kickette [...]

  7. GlamGooner says:

    Why do I feel like boyleg panties could have helped Abby's "outfit"

  8. elsebethynwa says:

    Abbey, you already bagged a footballer, you don't need to looking this desperate!

  9. xoWinnie says:

    i never realized Louise Redknapp had such a NICE body!
    dayuum! the woman is STACKED!

    • xoWinnie says:

      and as for Abbey, those Loubutin Pigalle pumps are the only things working for her as far as this outfit goes. they are positively ferocious.

  10. ChelzB says:

    Abbey looks really ridiculous!….she usually dresses really nicely but now she looks more like a lady of the night…lol

  11. Emma says:

    to think Abbey was one of my more respected WAGs, how times change.

  12. Charlotte says:

    Frankie's dress is Tosha :) She is so adorably beautiful! Yes, adorable and beautiful is allowed.

  13. JA7 says:

    Seriously Abbey?!

  14. Jen says:

    Frankie is so cute!! What is Abbey thinking?? Seriously, new mums, or anyone for that matter, should cover up a bit more outside of the bedroom!! Why is she SO desperate for attention that she goes out in her underwear??? Completely unacceptable. Louise's dress is nice too, except for her boobs looking a bit odd.

  15. Hot4Spurs says:

    Abbey is so desperate to show off her body after baby! She looks ridiculous! You're a mother now so cover yourself a little more please. Frankie is a doll as always. Louise's dress is really showing off the curves but her boobs look funny. Otherwise, she looks lovely.

  16. WendyT says:

    Oh please, don't let Mrs Terry see Abbey's dress!!

  17. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Let's just say my mouth dropped when I saw Abbey!!…did I miss the memo whereas there is new fashion trend " going out with just your underwear on"?!

  18. Miss Lampard says:

    Frankie is just fab..I'm speachless for Abbey's underwear!

    Also there's a bonus for you girls, a funny thing that I've found on the Internet recently. Would you know how our beloved footballers, like Cesc, Nando, Xabi, Stevie G., Lampsy, Zlatan, David Beckham, Nasri, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lio Messi and many others were like when they were young? And also there're pictures of little Mourinho and Sir Alex, click here!….

  19. IrishBlue says:

    Frankie FTW! Abbey just looks ridiculous.

  20. Now @ says:

    All the other Wags look great, now to that Abby she have got a Fab Body, but if she was looking for attention in that Negligee excuse for a dress than she most certainly got it! I've seen Victoria secret models cover up more.

  21. up the lads says:

    Frankie all day!