September 17th, 2010

Style Off: WAGs At The Launch of Alex Gerrard For Forever Unique

Alex Gerrard launched her new collection for Forever Unique at the Barton Arcade in Manchester last night.  An after party followed at Manchester’s Circle Club and a slew of Northwest soap stars and WAGs turned up to decimate the champagne supply. Lucky.

Alex wore a black asymmetric mini dress from her line with an over-sized clutch and black ankle boots. A cute look, but we can definitely do without that bizarre peacock feather pin that looks like it came from your gran’s “Sunday best” hat. Click through to see how the rest of the ladies fared.

Sheree Murphy, (Hollyoaks actress and wife of Galatasaray’s Harry Kewell), came out sporting a pair of Stella McCartney studded trousers and black jacket. Sure, the trousers just look like tracksuit bottoms with studs, but you can’t go wrong with a Stella blazer. Apparently, Sheree didn’t fash confirm/coordinate with the lady of the hour, as she wore the same boots as Alex.

Chantelle Tagoe (Emile Heskey) and Jessica Lawlor (Stephen Ireland) also couldn’t resist the lure of fashion and free drinks whilst supporting a mate. These two appear to be fast friends after their stint on Come Dine With Me, no?

Chantelle wore a Carven ruffle dress and a pair of Versace booties with mega platforms while Jessica opted for a flowy black dress and peep toe boots. Jessica easily takes this mini-style off as the only thing that comes to mind when looking at Chantelle is cupcake frosting applied before it’s properly set. Cupcake frosting should always be happy and well set. It’s law.

Lastly, Leanne Brown (wife of Manchester United’s Wes) attended. We give her props for being the only one to actually wear something from Alex’s line. She’s got on the studded “Keely leggings” with studded boots and an over-sized black top.

Our take on who looked best: much like the respect shown to a bride on her wedding day, we think none of the girls even dared to try and look better than Alex – we give her the win.

Who do you think wins this red carpet style-off, Kickettes?  More importantly, tell us how many crates of bubbly you think they all went through? Mmm. Bubbly.

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46 Responses to “Style Off: WAGs At The Launch of Alex Gerrard For Forever Unique”

  1. Max says:

    I have a question. always been wondered.
    Is Alex considering beautiful in Britain?
    I mean just her face. not body or anything else.
    First time I knew she's Gerrard's wife, I was astonished.
    I know it's a totally shallow ,superficial idea, shame on me, but think about other WAGs.
    (like Cole, Clancy)
    but her? I actually think she's sort of ugly.
    whenever I saw WAGs hot list kind of things, her name's in it.
    and I saw her in Vogue for a while ago. Vogue…Really?
    It makes me wonder.

    so, do you think Alex got pretty face?

  2. Jessi says:

    Alex looks really pretty. I like the dress & shoes, the peacock feather adds a little color to the outfit which is nice. Everyone else is just mayor FAIL. They tried to hard not to dress better than Alex.

  3. Zinny says:

    Dress is nice. Peacock brooch is okay. Clutch is ridiculous. But someone, for the love of all that is pure and holy, teach her how to do sublte makeup. Her face looks like a shiny, orange, greasy mess!

  4. Alone says:

    Rubbish, as she dresses badly is impressive as she has a bad taste scandal is crying and worse still selling this pile of rubble called clothes. If I were Steve Gerrard would not leave beside her!

  5. cherryboomboom says:

    Sheree murphy is the best out of all of this mess !!
    The others are just creepily hideous !!!!!
    Sheree's look would have been better if she wore more open shoes and a bag of color.

  6. sheila says:

    I just followed the link to AG's Forever Unique store. clearly, one person's trash is another trend whore's treasure. but is any of it even worthy of a 'trend'?

  7. Fallon says:

    She will never be Victoria Beckham and well respected like her in the fashion industry. She's such a try hard.

  8. Jules says:

    It's a pity. These women all look so desperate and cheap, they're such fashion victims. Lots of money but no taste.

  9. mamaly says:

    that clutch looks plastic , so ugly.

  10. AEKHAN says:

    im sorry i really likealex's look..and the peacock feather adds a slight amount of colour..the clutch is wee bit too big..but man,wes's wife is SCARY!!!

  11. Hayley says:

    i really like alex's dress, but as for everything else any of the girl's had on, i think it should all be burned!

  12. Solida says:

    love Alex's look. anyway, since everyone has freedom to choose their own style, they can wear whatever they want as long as they don't hurt anybody. which means it's better to leave them alone and stop ctitizing them because of your jealousy.
    by the way, each and everyone of them look very nice and original.
    thank you.

    • Pinkrose says:

      Solida you are right , everyone has the freedom to choose their own style, however just because some of us dont like their style does not mean we are jealous ! just remember we are all allowed freedom of speech and to have our own opininos .If someone looks nice i am always the first to pay a compliment but this bunch look horrendous , thats just my opinion . i am expresssing it and not hurting anybody . Thankyou !

  13. Daniela says:

    good for her!
    but i'm not really a fan of the line.

    and i hate what everyone is wearing. Alex does look nice in that dress but everyone else….FAIL.

  14. I love what Alex is wearing especially the shoes. The only downside is the peacock feather brooch.

  15. Steph says:

    Alex looks good, I really like the dress, but not so much the boots with it. :/ I kind of agree with the comment about the peacock brooch thing. lol. I guess she did it for a bit of color, since she's wearing a lot of black, but she could've done something else. Just saying. Not really a fan of Sheree or Leanne's outfits, but Chantelle looks good. I love her dress, but not the boots. I don't think they work with the dress. Jessica looks cute, too.

  16. I despise Alex Gerrard, but I think she actually looks okay here…EXCEPT the clutch…and her shoes are UGLY!!!

  17. luckylou says:

    Leanne Brown looks old enough to be Wes's mother. All of them look ultra-cheap. They each have the money to hire a stylist or personal shopper who could give advice, and it's pretty obvious everyone of them is dressed like a child turned loose in the world's biggest dressing-up box.

  18. redwhiteblackforever says:

    I adore Alex' look. Exept for the clutch from hell…

    Plus Jessica looks great, I really like her dress!

  19. BarceLisa says:

    They all look terrible. Jessica looks okay but only by proximity. Which brings me to Chantelle. Oh Chantelle tsk tsk. You are my favorite England WAG and you are capable of looking so much better. This is just sad.

    Sheree Murphy what were you thinking? lucky for me I clicked on the picture before reading the caption and the first thing that popped into my mind was "Is she wearing tracksuit bottoms???".

    Leanne Brown… I… am speechless.

  20. Pinkrose says:

    leanne brown looks so cheap and chavvy !!!! With the money she's has access to there is no excuse for dressing that way. i mean i love designer gear but with my budget i do buy a lot in primark ,but it's knowing what to buy and how to wear it, and i can honestly say i never look chavvy or cheap ,it's such a shame this woman has no clue.
    Leanne if you read this ,please hire a stylist , you can afford it ! Either that or get down specsavers babes ,HORRENDOUS !!!!!

    • Primark is a great shop. I was in Ireland last summer and i bought iike a whole new wardrobe for 30 €. It's so great. Alex should try shoppng there, maybe she can find nicer things

      • Leya says:

        I visited a friend studying abroad in London 2 years ago and we went to Primark…I'm still wearing jeans now that I bought there for like 8 Euro each, and I always get compliments on them. Love it!

        • Pinkrose says:

          Yeah leyla , this is exactly my point we dont have to spend a fortune to look good. It just goes to show it doesnt matter how much money some people have they will never have style or class. These photos are solid proof of that.

          • rubyqueen says:

            i so agree with you.i love primark.:)it's not cheap and chavvy like everyone makes out!!their's no need to look so hideous when you have tons of money and their is so many beautiful dresses out there.!!:( just goes to show you can't buy class.

      • Pinkrose says:

        Couldn't agree more Elsebeth . These girls have unlimited budgets and still some manage to look like a bunch of cheap chavvy tarts . my fave wag is stacey giggs , she is so natural and classy .

  21. jellenp says:

    I can see why they will need crates and crates of bubbly for the other guests.

  22. Ellie says:

    Chantelle Tagoe, those shoes are hideous! I "heart" the dress tho. Oh dear, how can all that money be spend on clothes so bad!

  23. aps says:

    Only Jessica looks decent minus the shoes and Wes Brown's wife's pic SCARED me when she popped up on my computer. Her face is scary. Wes could have done better

  24. Georgina Sanders says:

    I'm not really loving how everyone looks in these pics.

    Alex's peacock feather, I can live with but the clutch is so huge that it's distracting the attention that needs to be paid to the dress. Sheree looks like she's just going out for grocery shopping while wearing that outfit because it's laundry day. Kickette best described Chantelle Tagoe's look. Jessica Lawlor needs to read the back of the bottles of the tanning application she used more carefully on how to apply an even coating of "sunkissed" tan in your body. From the neck up her color is fair but her legs look roasted.

    But the 'Worst WAG Look of the Night' goes to Leanne Brown. Hair and makeup makes her look like a drag queen. Earrings and bag are tacky and not suited for the subtlety of the black dress. And the leggings and shoes are too blinged out it's just HORRIBLE! And did she also try to apply some blingy nail art in her big toe?

  25. @McBatso says:

    what a cheap gathering!!

  26. Kylie says:

    I can't say I'm a fan of any of their looks. Alex or Sheree's is the best, if I had to choose one. Alex's clutch is distracting though. But what's the deal with the WAGS copying each other, showing up in the same shoes, outfits, etc? This seems to happen a lot. Either they're all conforming to one another's style (lacking their own) or there is someone styling them, who isn't keeping track of who is wearing what.

  27. Elle says:

    They all look tragic

  28. rubyqueen says:

    i don't agree kickette i love the peacock feather.:) it adds a certain something to the drab all black outfit.she could of added some gold jimmy choo's instead. where was sexy stevie.?if he was my husband i'd be stuck to him like glue.mmmm

  29. Lee Sharpe Roy Keane says:

    can't believe wes brown is married to THAT ! and why is a lovely gal like sheree socialising with this bimbo ? i mean , her OK ! columns are pretty much all you need to know about her . . . eeek

  30. How can clothing and shoes and bags and jewellery that expensive look that cheap. My eyes!! They all look completely horrendous.

  31. Zahara (Spain NT, Ba says:

    again with the melting face look, alex?

    when will she learn?