July 9th, 2010

Style Upgrade: Carly Cole

We know what you’re thinking, Kickettes: we should have done this years ago.

Carly Cole has brought some truly perplexing outfits out of her closet over the years, but it was the reappearance of the dreaded Fendi sandals that finally sent us over the edge. Since Carly has now been tasked by the universe with teaching another lovely little lady how to discern her Prada from her Primark we think it’s high time for an upgrade.

By all accounts, Carly is a lovely girl. She has a gorgeous baby and a gorgeous husband with a magical, bottomless wallet. Why then, does she walk around in clothes that look like rejects from the lost-and-found bin at the local elder care center?

Let it be said: we hardly expect Carly to strut around in couture every chance she gets. We just think Carly needs a little nudge. And perhaps a leave-in hair conditioning masque once or twice a week.

Here’s how we would upgrade Carly to sassy, stylish London mummy:

Shopping Guide:

1. Winter Kate Waistcoat £133.00/$219.45

2. Twenty8Twelve Ramone Skirt £75.00/$123.75

3. Forrest & Bob T-shirt £36.00/$59.40

4. House of Harlow 1960 Ankle Boots £100.00/$165.00

5. Mulberry Alexa Bag £695.00/$1,146.75

6. Lucy Hutchings Neon Flash Necklace £40.00/$66.00

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18 Responses to “Style Upgrade: Carly Cole”

  1. Isabella says:

    Picture on the left: looks like a petite brunette barbie! the shoes I don't like, but who knows… maybe she feels uncomfortable wearing the type of heels that the other attention-seeking wags wear… um? stop hating b*tches! she's got nice hair, body, looks nice without makeup… What many other women would like to have… and in regards to the fashion sense, well, it's better than Katy Price's fashion sense XD

  2. chefdi says:

    I LOVE those clothes you styled for her, fabulous! (If she prefers to change nothing, can I have them??????)

  3. aps says:

    She needs to stop wearing these grandma shoes cuz they look HIDEOUS. Does she have a problem with her foot where she can’t wear certain shoes? or she just hates shoes?

  4. Luna says:

    The bouffant makes her look like she belongs in a polygamist compound in Utah

  5. Luna says:

    The bouffant makes her look like she belongs in a polygamist compound here in Utah

  6. Eli aka NC says:

    I don't think her style is that bad, the only thing I don't like is her hair, she seems obsessed with bouffants, to a Alex Gerrard level

  7. rubyqueen says:

    carly is without a doubt my all time fave wag.she’d look gorgeous in a bin bag.:)but i do agree that she really does need a stylist.not to fit in with everyone else but just cos she need’s help fashion wise.!!

  8. Six says:

    I like that she wears flat shoes. Makes her seem more grounded, down to earth.

  9. dss says:

    Style not with standing, I think she is still the prettiest of the WAGs and one of those lucky rare individuals who looks better without makeup than with.

  10. mochababe73 says:

    While the purle outfit is horrendous, I think that she looks better than most of the so-called fashionistas. Several come to mind that I just don't get why people ooh and aah over-Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, and Agness Deyn. Most of the time THEY look more of a boiling, hot mess than anyone

  11. Lisa says:

    Carly's fashion sense (or lack thereof) is part of her charm. To me she is Noemie-level beautiful where she could wear a potato sack and still look good. When you are so much better-looking than the rest of us, having normal-people qualities makes me like you more. Like when I discovered Sarah Brandner drinks like a fish and 'mistakes' her boyfriend Schweini with his teammate. Happens to all of us. Don't ever change Carly, I love you just the way you are.

  12. susie says:

    im surprised no one said anything about cheryl in the hospital

  13. suzie says:

    So her fashion choices are a bit diferent …..leave her alone. A person who changes the way they like to dress just to please somebody else or to fit in is just feeble and weakminded in my opinion. If she's happy then who cares what anyone else thinks.

  14. Syrian! says:

    ouch! that girl needs a stylist asap! gosh her shoes are awful, so are the shorts btw Yukk