March 11th, 2010

Style Upgrade: Caroline Celico

It’s not often you find a WAG who likes to dress ten years older than her actual age, but Caroline Celico is master at rocking the matronly look, stepping out in clothes that pensioners wouldn’t be caught dead in.

There’s no denying she’s a gorgeous girl (with an equally beautiful husband and bubba to match), but her sartorial skills have us banging our fists on our laptops in exasperation.

We did the only thing we could: contacted the fashion police for an emergency restyle to preserve our sanity.

Here’s how we would upgrade Caroline Celico from prim and proper to fresh and young. Damn it, let’s infuse some much needed youthfulness into her wardrobe.

You likey? We’ll have our people contact her people.

Shopping Guide:

1. Helmut Lang Double Contrast Layer Blazer
2. Helmut Lang Stretch Leather Leggings
3. Paul & Joe Sister Como Cowl Tassle Top
4. Agent Provocateur Gold New World Order Sovereign Pendant
5. Vivienne Westwood Red Chancery Clutch
6. House of Harlow 1960 Sunburst Cocktail Ring
7. Jaeger London Metallic Heel Peep Toe
8. Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Black Satin

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23 Responses to “Style Upgrade: Caroline Celico”

  1. Einah says:

    Guys, heads up! Im not sure if you've seen this but for all Kaka fans, let's petition to clone guys like him to make this world the best place possible hahaha :)

    Basically, this link said that Kaka took a cab (yes the regular cab) to the recent CL game AND (im not so sure about this – but he apparently needed to borrow loose change from one of his buddies to pay the cabbie (maybe he had bills with him, i really don't know))

    Thank God for guys like him :)…

    • Einah says:

      PS I hope this is not any kind of publicity stunt because IF it is – this is beyond cruel :(

  2. Pamela. says:

    I dont care, I'm not gonna hate on her. She is likeable. I cant stand other fashions wags like Alex Curran, Claudine Keane, Victoria Adams Beckham or any of those other fashion bimbos. This girl Carolina keeps it real and she seems like a genuine nice person, unlike the other superficial biatches.

  3. Toni says:

    She is so gorgeous that it matters not what she wears!

  4. Alexandra says:

    First thought seeing this clothes: Where are her legs?

  5. carly says:

    Leather leggings? *puke* I'd rather have her granny style, to be honest.

  6. liv says:

    I like the kaka’s normal and God fearing! carry one like that Caroline sweet and classy, but if ever you need to spices it up here and there kickett have got you cover!

  7. Susana says:

    I don't think she looks that bad, although the outfit looks too large for her. I can't help noticing every time I see them photographed together that she looks like she's 15 years old.

  8. FootballerChick43 - says:

    DEFINATELY an improvement, though I think taking her shawl collection hostage would help as well.

  9. Aisha says:

    Caroline is a gorgeous women with very good class, she should dress how she pleases. Some of her outfits aren’t exactly tres bien. Kickette, I’m loving the suggestions, but they are a bit Alex Gerrard on cash-flow, so lets leave it for now.

    Love you Kaka and Carol!!

  10. Molly says:

    Lol… I had to laugh at this one because I don't think she dresses like that because she deosn't have a sense of style/fashion but she is a devout Christian and they believe in modesty when it come to both personality and what they wear. My mum's Aunt (my great Aunt) and her husband our devout Christian too and she and my mum's cousins dress very modestly and she has a fit when she sees me in some of the clothes I wear lol. So I wouldn't really blame Carol because it may be part of her beliefs :) .

    But on a side note I love those Jaeger London Metallic Heel Peep Toe you pick out for her. I would wear them!!!

  11. truly_thata says:


  12. Azezah says:

    then she wouldnt be caroline but colen or alex, no? I think she looks fab most of the time. very decent and classy.

    • Einah says:

      Agree. Plus I think they're both devout Christian and simplicity is part of their main core. Something which i think we should all admire amidst verything worldly about football :)

      Go Caroline & Kaka <3

    • Zo.acm says:

      Totally agree with both of you. While it won't hurt to dress down a bit every once in a while, I love how she always looks so elegant. she almost reminds me of Queen Rania in that aspect, and she complements Kaka perfectly, much as I hate to admit it. Also, she's such a breath of fresh air after all those label obsessed WAGs who are nothing without their stylists.

    • Alessandra says:

      thank you!!!!:D

      i love and admire caroline for who she was and still is today; that's why she is one of the very few WAGS i strive to be (even though she's younger than me :P ). i love her style. it doesn't bother me that she dresses older for her age. imho, a lot of "OTHER" WAGS could learn a few tips here and there from her. anyway, her current style suits her very well because it tells a lot about who she is and she IS a wife and mother after all, so it's very appropriate and it can't get any classier than that for a lady with such title, brains, and beauty.

  13. Blair says:

    Yes, those would definitely be improvements.

  14. Lucy says:

    I think she has a cute style, you guys chose maybe the worst picture of her anyway, I´m glad she didn´t dress like a 18 year old student, yes I´m talking to you Alex Gerrard or like someone who needs to wear clothes of her size, I´m talking to you Coleen Rooney

  15. suzie says:

    If she dressed any differently i don't think it would match her personality and she'd end up just looking awkward. She is extremely pretty and sweet though.

  16. Merel says:

    Such a boring style… The perks of being a priest.. Ah well, probably better then ugly huge tits hanging out of a B-cup push-up bra.

  17. Trisha ( Mrs Casilla says:

    Ahhh, she looks okay. She is wearing a long skirt and shirt. I think its the way she draped that shawl that makes it look bad!!!

    She is so pretty. :)

    If she dressed any better, she would really be competition for the other WAG's. She would take 1st prize cos anything would suit her.

  18. Redgirl says:

    Not the leather leggings, please. a McCartney or Chloe dress, perhaps?

  19. KW says:

    I think she'd suit a bright floral dress, nice and girly! :)