August 1st, 2007

Style Files: Henry/Hilfiger, Dolce/AC MIlan


WWD recently announced that Dolce & Gabbana will be designing the Chinese Olympic soccer team uniforms, and they’re sounding rather fabu.  The boys will be rocking a ‘Martini’ suit – black, slim fit with just a single button on the jackets.  They’ll also have bombers and sweaters with satin-lined hoods.  Link: The Fashion Olympics

Keeping with Dolce & Gabs, this is not the first time the designers have delved into the footie world with their clothing.  In fact, let’s take a moment to reflect on how much this brand has done for football.  Ah, good, half-naked times.  Dear Kickettes, we implore you, if you are loyal to any label, this is the one to pledge your life to.

Let us continue our style reflection by checking out the AC Milan collabo with D&G. You might want to do that as a matter of urgency/vicarious letcherousness.

Also, our little fashion birdies out there tell us that the Tommy Hilfiger/Thierry Henry relationship is moving to into new territories. This September, Thierry will have his own capsule line released worldwide.  Hilfiger has designed a collection inspired by newly-single Thierry – think sophisticated urban cool.  Link: Hilfiger Kicks It Up A Notch


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9 Responses to “Style Files: Henry/Hilfiger, Dolce/AC MIlan”

  1. super slim says:

    Hi,you are very handsome!

  2. BIG DADDY COOL says:


  3. ballack's missing hair says:


    um. i forgot what i was going to say. doesn’t matter.

    *resumes staring*

  4. carly says:

    They should be ashamed of being so stylish…:)

  5. uneditedmara says:

    Where are we?

  6. Cate says:

    Did it scare you to walk in on the Maldini love-fest, Mara?

    Oh my God, Ballack’s Missing Hair. Did you see this set of photos of him? I died a little inside.

  7. ballack's missing hair says:

    *stares at god*

    you were saying something, cate?

  8. Cate says:

    Oh Paolo, the only Italian I love.


    He’s so hot. He’s like a fine wine, or Harrison Ford/Sean Connery. He just gets better with age.

  9. RAFET says:

    hi. you are very beatiful.lets meet