February 21st, 2008

Style Off: Shine vs Shinier

Take heed, all.  If you have not yet succumbed to the shine trend that is taking over the high street and department stores alike, it’s best you give in now. 

We implore you to take inspiration from the fashion stylings of Coleen McLoughlin (on a night out at The Living Room in Manchester) and Alex Curran (on the red carpet at the Brits.)
images: BIG Pictures/KEYSTONE Press

We’ll pause for you to quickly lather up a roll of aluminium foil with bacon grease and dust it with seven shades of glitter for extra sparkle.  Pop that around your mid-section and don’t forget to turn a large bag of crisps inside out for a stylish (and delicious) handbag.

How does one choose between these two outfits for the Shiny Style Off?  You don’t – you find a way of wearing them both – wrap Alex’s dress around your head and you’re good to go with a rather delectable headdress of sorts. 

Or, not.

Side note: after the Brits, Alex hit London clubs Movida and Paper with her mate Gary Cockerill.  There are shots of Ms. C’s under-carriage on circulation (unfortunately taken by paparazzi whilst she was getting drunkenly out of a car), but we’re not posting ‘em. She is wearing underwear, though so that’s something to be thankful for.

Oh, okay, you can see one here.

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32 Responses to “Style Off: Shine vs Shinier”

  1. rihanna says:

    Both dresses are awful.

  2. I think alex looks gorgeous, love the dress, love the oversized clutch, LOVE the shoes and love the hair.

    Hillary Duff looks nowhere near as nice as alex in this dress.

    Coleens dress isnt exactly amazing but i think she looks good, better than rihanna did in her stupid silver thing at the brits.

    As for alexs crotch flashing, she was drunk, we have all been there dont that at one point!!!

  3. klyn312 says:

    now if you would all excuse me, I must go poke my eyes out!
    <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/shade_cheese.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="cool cheese" style="border:0;" />

  4. thee_gerrards says:

    wooooow i luv alex’s dress its soo fabulous and coleen has to much fat on her upper arm like sumone sed b4 i duno y i but the first time i saw alex’s dress i thought okk… not to good but then i started luving it its really nice i am a bit shoked bout the pants thing <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/bigsurprise.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="big surprise" style="border:0;" /> but i think the press r really stupid its obvious they r always looking to do sumthing like tht and take pictures of embarrassing stuff its really shameful i hate the press <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/exclaim.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="excaim" style="border:0;" /> i luv her hair and shoes and dress im not sure bout the bag i like it but its too big for a small dress i prefer wen she has a purse.

  5. LFCgal says:

    coleen’s dress looks like it came from outer space – the less said the better

    alex looks rather gorgeous in a blonde bombshell way – I like the hair and the sheos, but not with that dress, shoes with that high buckle cut off your legs although as hers are so frikkin long that’s not much of an issue, but I still would only wear them with trousers

    the dress is meh, the bag hideous, but she looks good tbf, jeez how does she get these tickets, I’m guessing she wasn’t rung up and begged to come along

    In this case I’m very glad I can never see all of the piccy links from kickette cos the pictures come up so large, all I could see was the top of her head (not that I purposefully clicked on the link <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/wink.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="wink" style="border:0;" /> <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/mad.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="mad" style="border:0;" /> ) which for a second I thought was her pubic hair <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/bigsurprise.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="big surprise" style="border:0;" />

  6. Becca x says:

    I dont like either of these outfits.
    But i do love Alex’s shoes and i agree with you on the fact that if i had them i would wear them all the time too!! <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/smile.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" />

  7. Sarah x says:

    Coleen Looks Like A Drag Queen.
    That Said, Alex Doesnt Look Much Better <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/raspberry.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="raspberry" style="border:0;" />
    Im Loving The Shoes Though

  8. Rusty says:

    after seeing Hilary Duff on the Much red carpet, I just have to give some love to Ed the sock.

    And yes, Hilary does the dress much better than Alex.

  9. RedGirl says:

    God! Are they ever going to learn?! One is wearing candy wrapping (for the second time <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/shock.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="shock" style="border:0;" /> ) and the other one dressed herself with a curtain…

    And the whole ‘flashing’ thing… Stevie knows how to choose them , right? <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/rolleyes.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="rolleyes" style="border:0;" />

  10. Eveline says:

    Hilary Duff looks so much better in that dress! Better color too.

  11. Claire says:

    woops lol
    but i think alex is absolutely gorgeous!

  12. April says:

    Alex, hon. Hilary Duff has already done your dress.


  13. Robin says:

    I just can’t decide if I like Alex’s dress. It’s not absolutely horrible. I just can’t imagine wearing a dress like that if I had huge boobs.
    The bag, however, is really WAY too large. If you’re going to make a statement – don’t do it with a gigantic clutch.
    I don’t know – I’m just not certain if it’s a thumbs up or a thumbs down. At least it’s not see through.

  14. SuzyQ says:

    Agreed with nicola above – hell yes I would be wearing my YSL’s to bed every night if I had a pair.

    That said, the rest of Alex’s outfit is cack.  Coleen’ is even worse.  Doesn’t bother me much that the WAGs were at the Brits… so were a lot of people who don’t work in the music biz…

  15. nicola..x says:

    Gawd whats the matter with some of yaz above? Does it matter if someone has a night out on the town WITHOUT their kids? To be honest if we could all afford or get our hands on a ticket to the brits course we’d bloody snap it up..duh!

    The dresses are both a bloody eyefull with no shape but Alex’s is the better one as it atleast has colour in it. Oh and if i had a pair of 6” YSL tributes id wear em all the time too. Course i wud seeing the price—whats the point in having em if they wont get used? Think b4 you say^^^

  16. RomanM says:

    Why is Alex wearing a shower curtain? Actually, to be fair, why are both of them wearing shower curtains?

  17. helena says:


  18. xlxcx says:

    … Tell me again why Alex is at the Brits?


  19. cassie says:

    i really don’t care for either dress.  coleen’s has better shape because it at least fits on the top and the trapeze dress alex is wearing makes her, and everyone else who wears them, look shapeless and pregnant.  alex doesn’t look god-awful (even though the bag is definitely not red carpet material due to shear size) and the dress would have been cute had it been fitted, as i do like the pattern.  all that being said, both need a stylist, stat.

  20. carly says:

    LOL you’re funny!

    I like Alex’s dress for once, though it’s a bit shapeless. But I can’t see her in those shoes any more – what is wrong with her?

    Coleen’s dress is all wrong for her.

    <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/shock.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="shock" style="border:0;" /> @ Alex in the car!

  21. The Fourth Official says:

    Oh gawd.

    Both dresses look like very very bad gift wrap.

    The panty link?  The best I can say is that Alex has a good wax artist.

    If you’re going to wear a mini-skirt, learn to slide out of a car without exposing your girly bits to the paps.

  22. Eveline says:

    Look what has become of this world if we can say: “At least she wore panties”
    It seems so natural to put on underwear. I’ve honestly never considered going out without any underwear. But maybe that’s just boring me.
    (But ‘at least Alex is wearing panties’ and that’s the only good thing to say about that outfit)

    I wonder what Stevie thinks about this ..  <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/ohoh.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="oh oh" style="border:0;" />

  23. Elise says:

    I really like Alex’s look, minus the horrid handbag. I love her big hair, too.  Very 60s, sex kittenish.  Coleen really needed a wrap or something to go with her dress.  Then it might rate higher.

  24. paris says:

    I really like alex’s dress its suits her.

  25. Johnna says:

    Why is it that I can’t ever seem to do the whole sliding out of the car in such a horrible way as to flash the whole world? I must be too ladylike. Need to work on that.

  26. Kaya says:

    I forgot to mention that I’m not sure why Colleen always tries to pull off stuff she shouldn’t. I know a lot of girls like her because she’s more “everygirl” than the others, but she’s got too much meat on her bones to go strapless. She’d look far better wearing something tailored that covered some of her upper arm hamminess and landed on the right place on her legs (which aren’t bad, btw).

  27. tammyv says:

    Seriously leave the Shiney to the Lampard/Rives they hae it mastered and now y’all look like posers.  And Alex, knees together then you get out of a car or loonger skirt.

    Alex is at the Brits because welll, yeah got nothing

  28. Sara says:

    Both dresses are awful. Alex looks as if she wearing my grannie’s curtains. As for the ‘under carriage’ shot..yes Kickette. Thank gawd she was wearing panties. I bet her daughters will be proud.

  29. brandy says:

    Ok, Alex, you are naturally 8 feet tall. Why do you think you need 6-inch platform stripper shoes? And please, PLEASE, step away from the teasing comb. The early 90s called DEMANDING that that bouffant be returned! Her body is looking hot though (just wish she wasn’t orange and white-blond).

    Re the “shower curtain” dresses – there is a site that has coined them “tit curtains” which I think is awesome <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/smile.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" />

  30. Kaya says:

    Well… I actually kinda like Alex’s outfit minus the ginormous bag. What is it with huge purses these days? I’d rather carry a cute duffel bag to get that volume rather than trying to pretend I’m carrying a lady-like purse. I suppose she didn’t need to carry diapers that evening, so a purse is in order… but then what the hell are you carrying in there, lady?
    Anyway, her dress is kinda shapeless, but she pulls it off in spite of the boobs. I guess it helps to be 10’ tall. Sigh. I suppose to console myself I just need to look at most of the rest of her pics where she looks like a tranny <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/smile.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" />

  31. MrsXabiAlonso says:

    Ooooh what a choice!!!! I’m going to go with Coleen for the simple reason that Alex’s hair is scaring me! Not sure why she needed a huge clutch when she could have stored her credit cards and lippy in her barnet!!

    And why oh why did I click on the link ?!!  <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/shuteye.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="shut eye" style="border:0;" />

  32. Ella says:

    Alex looks pretty hot, I think. Except the shoes and the handbag, but I mean, she can’t have a normal skintone AND choose decent accessories at the same time. A girl can only handle so much.

    I’m not commenting on LiLo-incident. Maybe she’s desperately seeking attention? Lost too many brain cells? Either way, it’s very unattractive (oh look, I commented on it anyway).