June 17th, 2010

Sun Bathing ‘Ballers: Francesco Totti, Sebastian Giovinco, Guti

There is a God and for the time being, his name is Francesco Totti.

Not to detract from the tumultuous week one midsection war, but may we tickle your taste buds with whatever Totti’s pink cocktail cups are serving?

Yes, Kickettes, there is life outside the World Cup and it involves the sun, sometimes the sand and (always) sneaky paparazzi. Unfortunately, only Totti’s holidays involve banana hammocks. Just so we’re all clear, we purposely chose to use this exclusive photo of him alone because the shots featuring his wife, Ilary, effectively killed-off our mojo.

Image credit: ÊROGELIO PINATE via Bellazon

Miami – it’s a footballer magnet. We know this, but does the city of Miami?

No shocker here but tatted up Juventus star, Sebastian Giovinco, is enjoying the Miami heat/overcast weather with his girlfriend. Our fingers and toes are crossed for when he removes his sunnies to reveal the ultimate side-eye stare.

Half-way across the world, and away from the ‘baller safe haven that is South Beach, Guti was seen strolling  the beaches of Ibiza in board shorts. Turns out that yes, his piggies can talk, and they chose Paula Noelie.

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14 Responses to “Sun Bathing ‘Ballers: Francesco Totti, Sebastian Giovinco, Guti”

  1. GG says:

    OMG I really need to stop staring at Totti….OMG!!!

  2. MrsNesta says:

    Ok decided to leave a comment instead of just staring at photos LOL Totti, what you do to me and what I’d like to do to you ;) Seba you looking fine and yes love the towel lol although tighter shorter shorts like Totti’s would be appreciated :) Guti – I still have my secret crush on you :)

  3. Andrea Nunes says:

    hey there!

    guti’s girl’s name is noelia lópez (spanish model), not paula.

    he did have a girlfriend named paula shortly after breaking up with his ex-wife, arantxa, but they’ve broken up long ago…

  4. Gorgeous. A classic that, seemingly, will never get old.

  5. aristeia says:

    Aó, er mio capitano é sicuramente un dio. Un dio romano. Uffffffffa.

    Look @ Seba’s booty pop! Damn youngling!

  6. Regiii says:

    Ai ai ai!!! What a nice gift from Kickette!!! Thanks girls!!! Nothing better than Totti to cheer me up today!!! I’m not so sure I’d rather see him in South Africa anymore!!! hahaha :)

  7. Amber says:

    Really need to be in Miami next off season.

  8. ItaliaLoveJuve says:

    Seba is Juve thru and thru…just look at the beach chair! Bianconero! HA!

    • juventina says:

      OMG I JUST NOTICED THAT! vaffa he can’t leave! I’m gonna be soooo madddd!!1 ARGH!! Marotta will be on my list, and that is a place he wants to be LMAO

    • SunnyK says:

      LMAO! That’s a beautiful thing!

  9. ItaliaLoveJuve says:

    Yay Sebastian made the main page!!!! I<3 <3 <3 <3 him! I have half a mind to drive 4 hours away to Miami and hunt his fine ass down. The girlfriend won't be a problem, who wears those hats anyway?!

    • MrsNesta says:

      At first I thought it was you HAHAHA hiding your face so you didn't get recognised LOL

  10. Molly says:

    HELLO FRANCESCO!! And Seba should pull his pants down a little more haha!

    Is that Guti's new girlfriend??